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It is normal if it falls within the range of -4/+6 seconds per day. It is important to bring it to an authorized Rolex Air King Replica dealer to have it serviced. If you are losing more than six seconds per day then this is a problem.

Tips for Maintaining Your Rolex Air King Replica Watch's AccuracyOne of the most common misconceptions about Rolex Air King Replica watches is that they will run accurately without any thought. A mechanical watch is not powered by a battery, but rather by a machine. This is part of the appeal.

Rolex Air King Replica watches are amazingly accurate, but there are many variables that can affect their accuracy. The accuracy of your watch is affected by factors such as where you live, how often you wear it, and where you store it.

You can play a role in the accuracy of your timepiece. Here are four steps to help.

Wear your watch every day to keep the mainspring topped up.Rolex Air King Replica pictured: Rolex Air King Replica President Day-Date Yellow Gold Diamond Dial Bezel Mens Watch1. Rolex Air King Replica's perpetual motion is maintained by the subtle movements of your wrist while wearing the watch. The perpetual rotor is powered by the wrist movement of the wearer to keep it running.

When your watch is at rest, you can adjust it by laying it on its side or flat. pictured: Rolex Air King Replica Datejust Diamond Dial Bezel Watch and Rolex Air King Replica Cosmograph Daytona Yellow Gold Chronograph2.Calibre de Cartier Replica Watches While there are variations in the accuracy of your Rolex Air King Replica, its COSC-certified movements maintain consistency. It will either stay consistently fast or slow. The rate of a clock also changes slightly depending on the position.

Keep your Rolex Air King Replica away from electronics and sunlight. Rolex Air King Replica Cosmograph Daytona3 pictured. The components in your Rolex Air King Replica are made of tiny metals. Exposure to magnets can shorten the balance spring and speed up your watch. Newer Rolex Air King Replica models are equipped with Parachrom Hairsprings, which are resistant to magnets.

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