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Scottish research.

Listed below are links relating to general Scottish research.

  • National Library of Scotland Digital Library of hundreds of Scottish books
  • www.theoriginalrecord.com Original records scanned and available online. The Edinburgh Gazette of 1846 is the official publication in which various Scottish legal notices are issued, as well as promotions and casualty lists as a whole. A key source of tracing details of Scottish bankruptcies, insolvencies and dissolutions of business partnerships.
  • Scottish Sequestrations - a sequestration is a Scottish legal term for personal bankruptcy where you are formally declared bankrupt by the Court. Selected dates only ( December 1850, Jan-June 1851, Jan-May 1856, Apr-June 1886, May-June 1900 ).HappyHaggis. Happy to Help.
  • Open University - Demographics - how typical is your Scottish family?
  • Chronology of Scottish key events - ranges from 7000BC to 1955. a LIST OF Events which define the development of Scotland and help us understand the social, polical and ecomonic turns which affected our ancestors' lives and influenced their decisions.
  • Charting The Nation - The Charting the Nation image collection includes a wide variety of single maps and maps in atlases and other bound books, together with important manuscript and printed texts relating to the geography and mapping of Scotland from 1550 to 1740 and beyond.
  • The Scottish Association of Family History Societies - a list of Scottish, English and Overseas societies.
  • The Federation of Family History Societies - UK-wide federation of genealogy societies.
  • Ancestral Scotland - a site containing useful hints, features, ancestral and surname searches, which links into the www.Scotlandspeople.gov.uk database.
  • BBC Scotland - the clan system - tracing Scottish roots brings about its own peculiarities. Here we help you get your head round the clan system, and point you in the right direction for some roots in the Gaeltach.

  • ScotsGenealogy.com - Scottish library index with more than 6,000 titles.
  • The Statistical Accounts of Scotland - an essential source for the study of Scotland's past. The 'Old' Statistical Account (1791-99), under the direction of Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster, and the 'New' Statistical Account (1834-45) offer uniquely rich and detailed parish reports for the whole of Scotland, covering a vast range of topics including agriculture, education, trades, religion and social customs.
  • Scottish Documents - allows you to search for your ancestor's will or testament by name. It is free to search the database of over 350,000 names covering the period 1500-1901. If successful in your search, you will be charged 5GBP to download a digitised colour copy of the original document. The website also hosts a variety of research tools including help with Scottish handwriting, unusual words, names and occupations as well as a selection of the testaments of 'Famous Scots' which are free to view.
  • National Archives of Scotland adoption information.
  • www.historyscotland.com - covers Scottish history, archaeology and genealogy, with many links.
  • The Great Storm of February 1856 - if your ancestors lived in Central Scotland at this time, there would have been no way they couldn't have experienced this storm. Brief reports from Ayrshire, Renfrewshire, Dunbartonshire, Lanarkshire, West Lothian, Mid Lothian, Fife, Perthshire, Stirlingshire and Angus. File is 732kb in size and is in .zip format. HappyHaggis. Happy to Help.
  • www.24hourmuseum.org.uk - The National virtual Museum has news, listings and features from over 3,000 museums, galleries and heritage sites throughout the UK.
  • www.ancestralscotland.com contains clan, surname and placename searches which provide general information and links.
  • Gaelic Scotland - offers some background on the language but focuses mainly on providing you with the means to source required information for yourself. The genealogy page has some information and gaelic-related links.


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