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Old Crailing Churchyard
Crailing, Roxburghshire.

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The following key should be read in conjunction with transcriptions:

# = unable to read letter or number
(?) = unclear but best interpretation
... = words or lines unreadable



... died 1720 aged ... ROBERT ... children ...ROBSON his spouse who died #.4/173#

... ANNA CARNES spouse of ROBERT ROBSON tenant in S... who died 27.11.1726 also their children ... MARGARET ... JEAN ROBSON.

... spouse of ROBERT ROBSONE in Crailing who died 1.10.1716 aged 55 years.

... ROBERT ROBSONE in Yet who died 16.3.1697 aged 77 years.

... ROBERT ROBSON tenant in Bonjedward who died 11.3.1772(?) aged 58 years also five of his children who died in infancy.

... MARGRET ROBSON spouse of ANDREW ...in Crailing who died 16.7.1717 aged 43 years also JAMES and ISABELLLA their children ...

[stone depicts scissors and goose] Hear lyes the corps of ROBERT DICKSONE in Crelin who died 30.3.1703 ...

... WILLIAM ROBESONE tenant in Crailing who died 4.7.1710 aged 58 years.

... W.W. 1664

[stone depicts blacksmith's tools] ... JOHN WOOD smith in Eckford(?) ... 1699 ...

In memory of ELIZABETH SMITH spouse of the Rev. Mr. JOHN WOOD at ... who died aged 30 years also their son JOHN who died 3.4.1781 aged 9 weeks.

[stone depicts blacksmith's tools] WILLIAM WOOD smith in Crailing who died ... also MARGARET MATHESON his spouse ...

Here lyes JAMES WOOD porshiner in Crealing who died October ## 1694(?) and of his age (43)...

Here lies HELLEN WEIR daughter of MUNGO WEIR weaver in Crailing who died 1727 aged 18 months.

[stone depicts image of a man with a dog at his feet] ... in Crailing ...

In memory of JEAN SMAIL spouse of JOHN ROBSON in Nether Crailing who died 8.1.1780 aged 55(?) years also their daughter CHRISTIAN(?) who died 17.12.175#

Their son THOMAS ROBSON ...

Here lies THOMAS CRANSTOUN who died 25.4.1751 aged 55 years also his son WILLIAM ... also ... 24.4.17## aged 30(?) years.

Here lies ROBERT CRANSTOUN la...Kidhaugh also ANDREW, JEAN ANN children of JAMES CRANSTOUN who died #.8.1756 aged 44 years.

[stone depicts a skeleton surrounded by symbols of death] ... JOHN ROBSON tenant in Crailing ...1758(?) also THOMAS, GEORGE and WILLIAM their children.

THOMAS ROBSON tenant in Crailing ... and his spouse MARGARET HAIG...

...ROBERT ROBSON tenant in Oxnam Kirk-Style(?) who died 20.4.1730 aged 29 years.

...died 6.6.1747...

...ROBERT CRANSTONE died April? 1749(?) aged 66 years.

... his spouse AGNES HOGG died ...


...WILLIAM BUCKHAM son to WILLIAM CRANSTON portioner in Houston died 1719(?). WILLIAM CRANSTON portioner in Houston who died 3 8 1725(?) aged 43(?) also JANET DOUGLAS his spouse who died 4.3.1748 aged 64 years.

Here lies ANDREW McLEAN gardiner in Crailing who died 19.3.17## also ANN ... his spouse who ...