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Ross & Cromarty

Ullapool, Shore Street, 1950's.

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  • Glasgow & West of Scotland Family History Society
  • Highland Family History Society
  • Clan Donald Centre, Armadale - library and study centre.

    Crofters house, Stornoway, 1923 (left), Cromarty fish market (right)


  • Highland Council - home page.


  • The Highland Clearances - dedicated to the remembrance of the massive 18th & 19th century evictions.
  • Highland Clearances chronology - a list of significant dates between 1762 and 1856 from the excellent book 'The Highland Clearances' by John Prebble (1969).

    Cromarty 1923.


  • ACHENDREAN & STRATHCANAIRD - various genealogical notes.
  • ACHILTIBUIE - transcripts and notes from census records 1841-1891.
  • ALTANDHU - transcripts and notes from census records 1841-1891.
  • ALTANDOW - 1851 census.
  • BADENSCALLIE - various genealogical notes.
  • COIGACH - parish of Lochbroom. Annotated census transcriptions for all of Coigach, with links between families, and different census years, also history and gazetteer of the area.
  • COIGACH - miscellaneous records. File is based on a previously unpublished article entitled "Coigach", which is also known as "the Mitford manuscript".
  • CROMARTY - Courthouse Museum List of householders in Cromarty 1744.
  • GAIRLOCH - parish death records.
  • ISLE MARTIN - transcripts and notes from census records 1841-1891.
  • LOCHBROOM - parish 1825 Militia List.
  • LOCHBROOM Parish - Reiff 1841 , 1851 , 1861 , 1871 , 1881 , 1891 censuses.
  • LOCHBROOM Parish - Altandu 1841 , 1851 , 1861 , 1881 censuses.
  • POLBAIN - transcripts and notes from census records 1841-1891.
  • POLGLASS - notes built around transcriptions of various Polglass censuses.
  • REIFF - Camusglassellan & Faochag - various genealogical notes.
  • TANERA - various genealogical notes.


  • Ordnance Survey maps - free online maps covering the period 1860-1870.

    Ross and Cromarty county map.


  • Militia List for the parish of Cromarty, 1814 - Cromarty Courthouse Museum.
  • Highland Archives : North of Scotland - local & military history from 13th Century.
  • Grave Location for Holders of the Victoria Cross in the Highlands
  • Ross & Cromarty Roll of Honour
  • Lochbroom parish 1825 Militia List

    Point Street, Ullapool, 1909 (top left), Big Vennel, Cromarty (top right), High Street, East End, Invergordon, 1920's (bottom left), Invergordon (bottom right)


  • GENUKI's pages for Ross & Cromarty
  • List of Cromarty Householders 1744
  • "Some Coigach History" - Lochbroom Parish, Coigach.
  • Census Transcriptions - includes 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 & 1881 censuses, listed by parish.
  • Terry's Relative Finder - various 1841 census transcripts from Ross & Cromarty.
  • 1891 Census Rosemarkie & Tain.
  • Ship passenger list - Liverpool to Tasmania on the Sir Allan McNab, 1853/4. includes 15 families from the Coigach Barony (Parish of Lochbroom).
  • Ships passenger lists - from Cromarty by Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild.
  • IGI Batch Numbers for Ross & Cromarty
  • Cape Breton, now part of Nova Scotia in Canada was the destination of more Hebridean Scots than any other part of the then British Empire. There were to be emigrants from England and Ireland in Gabarus and Margaree, and Acadian settlers in Cheticamp and Isle Madame, but otherwise, Cape Breton was to become another Hebrides, on the other side of the Atlantic. (part one) and (part two).
  • In 1772 the first organised emigration from the Hebrides to Canada took place, not on the 'Hector' to Pictou in Nova Scotia as is usually assumed, but on the 'Alexander' to Prince Edward Island. For more information please CLICK HERE.
  • The earliest major emigration from the Western Isles of Scotland was to Virginia and the Carolinas, but this was not, as it is often pictured, the flight of impoverished and demoralised peasantry, forced to leave their land. On the contrary, it was a well-prepared move by some of the wealthier classes in the Highlands and Islands to set up a New Highlands in a New World. For more information please CLICK HERE.
  • Genealogy in The Outer Hebrides - Over the last three centuries many thousands of people emigrated from the Western Isles or Hebrides of Scotland, and a large part of the work at Co Leis Thu? involves trying to trace the earlier history of these emigrants, and making the attempt to link them to families presently in the Hebrides.
  • Miscellaneous Ross & Cromarty 1841 census records.
  • Ships in Ross & Comarty - also Caithness and Sutherland 1881 census.
  • Annotated census extracts from various locations around Ross & Cromarty.


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