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Paisley UP Church
Thread Street,
Paisley, Renfrewshire.

Paisley UP Church map

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Thread Street no longer exists. The former church and burial ground was located just to the north of the current Renfrewshire Council building. The modern Thread Street is an access road to a Morrisons supermarket and the Anchor Mills building, and bears no relationship to the original street.

The following key should be read in conjunction with transcriptions:

"###" indicates text difficult to read or missing



1. (On south wall) Peter Lang causeyer, w Margt Paul, chn; 1820

2. #13; Walter Blair here; 1842

3. David Barr grocer here 14.12.1841 44, w Isabella Anderson

4. #28; John Mack 22.8.1843 60, w Mary Crawford 15.3.1842 59, chn; 1821

5. (Long, low)#31; John Laird hairdresser here

6. Jas Thomson esq. late brick manufacturer here in Williamsburgh 27.11.1848 49, by widow and chn

7. (on wall) Rev Jas Thomson DD professor theology to relief synod and Minister here. b. 21.11.1775, ordained Campsie 22.11.1798, translated here 23.12.1808, appointed Professor Theology 12.5.1824, d 25.6.1841 (small ii 157 & 521)

8. Wm McIntosh dyer here, w Margt Buchan, s Robt 8.7.1832 6, Wm 20.7.1840 16

9. (on wall) Robt Caldwell merchant d(Melbourne) Australia 61, w Mary Macalister d here (18).8.18(4 or 5)5, da# Marion Dougall ###s Jas###

10. (on wall) Robt Jackson farmer Halees .8.1836 58, w Margt Lochead 12.1.18## 89, s Robt farmer Dubbs .6.1851 52, da Mary 18.8.18## 15, w Mary - Russell? .11.18(8)9 74, da Margt .6.1903 60

11. (on wall) Rev Archd Baird of St. James Church here, w Margt Moodie 31.1.1795 24.10.1837, Aunt Margt Aitken 30.8.1846 94 (wid of Robt Tod of Urquhart), da Robina Tod 27.4.1829 12.3.1836 (small ii 522)

12. (before 7) John Kerr, w Jean Wylie, chn; (1883)

13. (on wall, grey granite) Jas Miller merchant Glasgow formerly shawl manufacturer here 22.6.1873 83, w Janet Gibson 3.3.1881 83, chn Thos & Alex 1835 inf, Thos 1837 inf, Jessie 26.6.1837 19, Wm Gibson 15.6.1842 22

14. Matthew Muri, (w?) Margt Stevenson d 18##, chn John, Janet, John, Matthew, (fa) (Jas Muir) and his chn Alex, Wm, And, Ann

15. Wm Muir, w Mary Dunlop, chn Wm 1826 (2-1/2), Robt 1826 1, Mary 1827 2mos, Wm 1834 4; (Robe)rt Millar and Eliz Muir now in Australia, da Eliz inf

16. (grey granite, smashed) John Mer### manufacturer b. 8.8.1874 d 9. ####, w Agnes Gibson 4.8.1795 9.3.#### s Robt & gs Jas Miller both inf

17. (iron headstone, laid flat) Robt McNeil .12.1833 48, w Mary Kennedy 21.5.1855 78