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War Memorial - St. Matthew's Church of the Nazarene, Paisley, Renfrewshire.
( Formerly Paisley Pentecostal Church )

St. Matthew's and War Memorial stained glass window

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Roll of Honour 1914-1919.
Those who fell and to whose memory the window in chancel is dedicated.

Daniel Leitch David Caldwell Edward Cunningham
Joseph M. Lochhead William Paul William Love
James Reid James Gemmell George Macintyre
William Storrie James Miller John G. Scott
Daniel Millar Campbell G. Thomson George M. Hunter
William Wandrum William Raphael Edward Young
Duncan Mackintosh A. Abercromby Gardner James Whiteford
Robert C. Macintyre Robert Knox James Millar
Joseph Willis

Those who also served

James Brownridge A M Pollock William Harper Jr.
James Ferguson R Provan Thomas Orr
Robert Balfour John Balfour James McLachlan
M H Stevenson Lewis Russell William Macintyre
R A Muir John P Boyd E Sutherland
Thomas Maccallum James Forrest A L Cowan
Andrew Provan William Harper Snr. Gavin Kennedy
James L Ferguson John Campbell A Mackintosh
John Macmillan Archibald Macpherson W Stillie Walker
James F Stevenson James Cunningham R A Johnston
John Ashworth William Carruth William Gray
David Service Thomas Walker R E Carruth
D Brisbane Robert Crawford William Munn
David Millar R Macpherson Robert Kyle Snr.
Andrew R Munn H Dickson James Munn
J B Pollock C C Macintyre John Vernal
James Fulton Edward Macintyre Thomas Nairne
J Macfadyen James Carruth J M Munro
Alexander Macbride Andrew Millar J H Crawford
William Beaton R Maccallum Robert Paul
Robert Kyle Jr. R R Ginson N Maclennan
A R Macnaughton Hugh Anderson Alexander Johnston
John F orr D B Hunter Thomas Crawford
Thomas Whyte William Young John Finlay
James Curruth Robert Macvey Dorothy M K Tait
Elizabeth Lindsay James Maxwell Thomas Knox
John Hill Charles Arnott Mrs Jessie Douglas
George Miller William Wood John Wandrum
Robert Gibson R Macewan L Mackintosh
H C Miller William Picken Alexander Macdowall
Alexander Malcolm H B Arnott John Clark
R Cunningham William Eastlick David Fulton
Margaret M Scott Mary B Pollock William Neil
Margaret B Urquhart James Currie J A Mackenzie
Archibald Faulds A M Gardner R Renfrew
John Thomson Peter Cumming Matthew Whiteford
David Cambell John Service R Mathieson
N F Paul Robert Munn James Jordan
John Neilly William Russell James Caldwell
A Caldwell David Anderson James Macarthur
Robert Campbell W R Stuart


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