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Paisley Oakshaw East
(also called Oakshaw Street United Free Church & France's Kirkyard)

Paisley Oakshaw East

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The first congregation of the Secession church in Paisley was established in 1750. In 1762 they built a church at this site at the head of an alley, and was called Meeting House Lane. The church was enlarged in 1781 and rebuilt in 1826. The current church building is a Grade-B listed building and has been turned into flats. The adjoining former church halld ates from the early 19th century. Surviving inscriptions were recorded in April 2010.

The following key should be read in conjunction with transcriptions:

# = unable to read letter or number
(?) = unclear but best interpretation
###….### = words or lines unreadable
Inscriptions are listed as spelled on headstones. If a place name is spelled differently from today’s spelling, the modern name will appear in [brackets] to assist in searches.

The 4-digit numbers next to each inscription are used for photographic cross-reference purposes only. It does not relate to the grave location or plot number.


1106 No, 113. Erected by Agnes Murdoch in memory of her husband John Tennoch who died Dec 11th 1805 aged 48 years. This burying place is heirs and their heirs.

1109 Here lies interred Elizabeth Okey the much beloved wife of William Harper also Janet and Elizabeth Harper their children and Hetty Okey her sister ###...### their children Janet and Elizabeth of the above William Harper who died the 21st October 1795 being the 25th year of his widowhood and the 72d of his age.

1111 The property of John Muir, merchant, Paisley.

1112 No. 12. The property of Matthew Wyle, and Isbell Gibson, his spouse and their children 1817.

1113 Robert Morris, painter, placed this stone in memory of Margaret King his wife who died 22d July 1788 aged 28 years.

1115 No. 3. Here lyes the dust of James Waterston, painter in Paisley, who died in the eighty-sixth year of his age, on the 10th of July MDCCCXII.

1116 Agnes Bell died 4th Octr. 1788 in the 23d year of her age. Is death at distance, No he has been here, and given sure earnes of his final blow, those hours that lately ###...###

1117 This burial place belongs to William Bell, school-master in Paisley and his family 1772.

1118 This stone was erected in memory of Robert Brown late stockingmaker in Paisley who died on the 10th of May 1806 in the 73d year of his age.

1119 No. 122. Erected to the memory of James Cunningham late manufacturer who died 14th March 1832 aged 45 years and Helen Adam his spouse who died 12th of April 1839 aged 49 years and Mary their daughter who died 25th of May 1834 aged 21 years. Margaret and Christina their daughter who died in infancy and their son John, late manufacturer, who died 13th July 1847 aged 34 years.

1121 The property of Robert Craig, grain merchant in Paisley and Agnes Young his spouse and their heirs Robert Craig died 4th Nov 1828, Agnes Young died 14th Nov 1830. Here lie the remains of Mary Craig their daughter who died 10th Janry 1828 and William Craig their son, surgeon in Paisley, who died 13th January 1829. Here are interred five of their infant children & James Craig their younger son who died 10th Feby 1826 aged 2 years.

1123 Jean Douglass erected this stone in memory of John Anderson her husband who died the 13th of July 1791 aged 47 years. James Anderson their son who died the 23d of Febry 1788 aged 2 years.

1126 No. 129. This is the property of Thomas Niel and Margaret Reid his spouse who died 4th November 1793 aged 59 years and their children.

1128 This is the property of James Riddle and Isobel Cochran his spouse and their heirs.

1129 This burying place belongs to Alexander Holmes and Janet Smith his spouse and their heirs 1786.

1133 Erected in 1836 by William, David and Alexander Wallace in memory of their cousin David Wallace Esq., late merchant in Paisley, who died on the 18th May 1835 in the 58th year of his age. Here also lie the remains of Mary Dunlop wife of Alexander Wallace who died 13th March 1849 aged 64 years. "The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance".

1136 This burying place is the property of James Gilmour 1781

1141 Thomas Gilmour. In memory of Margaret Watt his wife who died 27th January 1834 aged 44 years. Also his daughter Margaret, wife of George Coats, who died 11th November 1843 aged 32 years.

1143 No. 47. This burying place is the property of John Swan and his heirs.

1144 This is the property of Alexander Hill & Elizabeth Boyd his wife. Erected in memory of their two sons Hugh who died 24 decr 1825 aged 20 months also James who died 10 Feby 1834 aged 11 years.

1145 No, 139. 23rd December 1793. This is the property of Thomas Patton at Hawkhead and Isabel Mathie his spouse and their children, Aprile 1809. Also Jean McNight his spouse and their children.

1148 This burying place belongs to William Kirkwood and his children Nov 14th 1804.

1149 Saxtim hoe pre familia & seipso, Posuit. Alexander Pattison 1785. Ob. Janet Smyton uxor carissima 20 Apr 1864 aet. 34, Ob. James Pattison 10 Mar 1785 aet. 1

1155 No. 145. This is the property of John Blair and Margarat Moodi his spouse and their children 1810.

1156 This is the burying place of John Cochran & Jean Cochran and their children 1781.

1158 No.74. This property belongs to Hugh Gould and Thomas Minto and his children.

1159 In memory of John Cars reed-maker in Paisley who departed this life the 13th of Oct 1786 aged 62 years, Helen Hervie his spouse who died July 10th 1776 aged 54 years, Helen Cars their daughter who died Mar 10th 1776 aged 21 ye. also William Cars their son, died 13th of April 1786 in the 21st year of his age. John Cars Junr died on the 25th of Octr 1788 in the 32nd year of his age.

1162 Elizabeth Young erected this stone in memory of Matthew Watson her husband who died 12th July 1798 who died in the 44th year of his age. "###...## of Christ".

1166 No. 91 This burying place belongs to John & Thomas Gemmelland their families.

1171 This is the burial place of James Young who died 10 Novr 1780 aged sixty two years & of Elizabeth Carswell his spouse and their family 11th April 1798.

1173 This is the property of William Kerr and Janet Craig his wife and their heirs. 1838.

1175 This bureing place is the property of Alexander Smith, shoe maker in Paisley, and his family 1783(?)

1176 Here lies the body of David McLerie, weaver Paisley who died May 28th 1767 aged 57.

1178 Here lies the remains of Robert Biggar, cutler late in Kilmaurs who died Decr the 9th 1773 aged 75 years.

1180 Erected by Catherine Smith in memory of her husband John Wallace, slater in Paisley, who died on the 29th day of April MDCCCXXIV [1824] aged 51. This burying place is now the property of his widow and children.

1181 No. 154. The property of William Hannay, silversmith, Paisley ###...### 1826.

1183 No. 156. The burying place of George Muir. here lie the remains of Martha Muir, spouse of George Muir, who died in her sixtieth year, on the 28th of July 1815.

1184 This is the property of Thomas Carswell, manufacturer in Paisley, and his heirs, lie interred here. Hugh Anderson Carswell his son who died July 10th 1828 aged 3 weeks, also Thomas Carswell his eldest son who died on the 3d Sept 1831 aged 4 years and 11 months, and ###...### spuse who died #th Feby(?) ###...###


James Stevenson, baker Paisley and wife Janet Renfrew and their children.

James Baird, and his wife Agnes Young, 12th March 1849 aged 69 and their 4 children who died in infancy.

James Yool and ###...###

31. 1782. Joseph Fowler and his family

33....the late Hugh Whyte in Causeyside, Paisley, and heirs 1835.

William Melvin who died 26th November 1781 aged 55, his wife Elizabeth Young and their children.

1782. This is the burial place of Andrew Muir, late wright in Paisley, died 9th October 1782 and his family

1782. James Goudie, weaver Paisley, Humphrey Goudie, engineer, died 5th June 1885 aged 60.

44. Reverend William Ferrier.

...by Thomas Gilmour, in memory of his wife Margaret Watt who died 27th January 1834 aged 44, and his daughter Margaret who died 11th November 1843 aged 32.

John Swan and his heirs.

Samuel Walker, merchant Paisley, who died 11th November 1801 aged 74 years, and his wife isabella Payne who died 28th March 1798 aged 73.

13. John Muir, merchant Paisley.

James Smith died 18th January 1816, aged 86, erected by his children.

56. Erected by John Robertson in memory of his wife Jean Johnston, ssnd January 1784 aged 23.

Erected by Thomas Stephenson in Paisley in his return from India in memory of his mother Margaret Main who died 3rd November 1781 aged 75.

William Thomson, his wife Janet Wylie and their children.

Gabriel McLean, wife Margaret Stewart and their heirs, 1782.

71. John Cochran, late merchant Paisley, died February 1791 aged 38, by his wife Janet Russel.

75. Thomas Leitch, Paisley, died 22nd September 1815 aged 62.

Erected by Robert Paton, wright in Paisley, in memory of his wife Janet Marshall who died 9th June 1843 aged 45, his son James 29th December 1829 aged 6 years, and his son Robert who died 27th March 1838 aged 3 years.

84. James Stevenson, seed merchant Paisley, wife Ann Holms.

90. Robert Brown, wife Jean barr and their children 1835.

94. William Wallace, shoemaker Paisley, wife Elizabeth Biggar and their children 1766.

108. Allan Glen, wife Margaret Carswell and their heirs 1803.

Erected by James White, in memory of his wife Margaret Russsell who died 3rd July 1807, and their children: Helen March 1795 aged 11 months, Nathaniel August 1800 aged 14 days, Samuel August 1807 aged 2 years, John September 1815.

Mungo Whyte and his children.

120. James watson, manufacturer Paisley, his wife Jean Armour and their children.

122. James Cunningham, late manufacturer, died 14th March 1832 afed 45 years, his wife Helen Adam died 12th April 1839 aged 49 years, daughter Mary died 25th May 1834 aged 21 years, daughters Margaret and Christian died in infancy, their son John, late manufacturer, died 13th July 1847 aged 34 years.

123. Robert Craig, grain merchant Paisley, died 4th November 1828, his wife Agnes Young died 4th November 1830, daughter Mary died 10th January 1828, son William, surgeon Paisley, died 13th January 1829, their five children who died in infancy, and their youngest son James who died 10th February 1826 aged 2 years.

130. John Anderson died 13th July 1791 aged 47, his wife Jean Douglas, son James died 23rd July 1788 aged 2 years.

132. Erected by William Philips, merchant in Paisley, in memory of his father Robert Philips who died 25th November 1830 aged 74 years, mother Mary Clark died 18th March 1838 aged 67 years, sister Mary died 12th June 1808 aged 3 years, brother Robert died 2nd June 1844 aged 42 years, brother James Philips died Port au prince, Hayti, died 6th June 1836 aged 30 years, brother David Clark died 10th April 1836 aged 18 years, wife Jane Forbes died 30th November 1840 aged 22 years.

133. Alexander Hill, wife Elizabeth Boyd, son Hugh died 24th December 1825 aged 20 months, son James died 10th February 1834 died 11th years.

William Ritchie died 8th September 1821 aged 47 years, wife Mary Smith died 2nd February 1812 aged 34 years, son Robert died Dalry 26th May 1821 aged 21 years, daughter Christian died Inverary 10th April 1826 aged 22 years, son David merchant Paisley (wife Mary Brown geddes died 24th June 1830 aged 31 years, children: Mary Smith 28th October 1826 aged 6 years, Christian 7th August 1826, Elizabeth 29th September 1827 aged 16 months).

John Ferguson and family 19th April 1791.

136. John Smith, wife Sussanna Hamilton and their heirs 1799.

140. James Craig, wife Margaret Gilmour and their children.

141. John Hyslop died 1st July 1825 aged 67, by his widow.

144. Robert Watson, manufacturer Lylesland, wife Margaret Chalmers and their heirs, William Watson died 19th July 1810 aged 75 years, wife Jean Stewart died 25th January 1810 aged 73 years.

145. John Blair, wife Margaret Moodie and their children, 1810.

147. James Drummond, wife Agnes Stevenson and their children.

149. James Carrick, wife Janet Logan, daughter Annabella died 18th January 1802 aged 12 years, daughter Agnes died November 1795, July 1797 and their heirs.

152. James McGavin formerly of Dumlaw, par. Auchenleck Ayrshire, came with his fife to reside here in 1783, wife Mary McMillan died 4th February 1814 aged 74 years, son James, accountant, died 10th May 1840 aged 69 years, having been paster of the Scots Old Independent Church, Paisley, for 45 years, erected by family in 1842.

John Murdoch, born Kilmarnock 1st June 1782 died Glasgow 22nd April 1861, three children died in infancy, son David Wilson 9th November 1867 aged 30.

Robert Fisher died 12th April 1897 aged 81, William Elizabeth Philips died 27th January 1863 aged 63, children Robert, Jane, Isabella and Hugh died in infancy, Helen Fisher Thomson died 7th december 1881 aged 31 years.

James Waterson died January 1853, wife Mary wallace died 1st May 1881 aged 59.


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