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Paisley Methodist Central Hall,

Paisley Methodist Hall

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To the Glory of God and in lasting and Reverent Memory of the Members & Adherents of this church who gave thier lives in the Great War 1914-1918.


James Brown
James Cashmore
John Cathcart
Thomas Dickson
Joseph Gallacher
Thomas Hunter
William Innes
George McKendrick
John Murray
James McMorran
Fergus McMillan
Malcolm Leslie
Alexander McLean
William Pattison
Robert Rankine
Alexander Reid
John Speirs
Graham Tytler
William Trushell
John Vange
James Webster
James Whiteford


"Their Name liveth for Evermore"




In Memoriam. The illuminated sign over the main entrance was erected by the congregation. In memory of -


John Brown
William Buchanan
Frederick Foster
John McDowall
James MacLeod
William Mitchell
Ronald Sprott
Sister Jean McNair ( Poplar Mission )


Who lost their lives in the World War 1939-1945




The Memorial Stones of this Central Hall were laid on 10th Sept. 1907 by


Mrs AW Black
Mrs Josiah-Nix
Rev. JW Butcher
Miss Ribbons
Mr S Day
Mrs J Robertson
Mr J Dennis J.P.
Mrs J Robinson
Mrs J Hawley
Mrs WH Rolls
Mrs HB Law
Mr John Slack