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Paisley Laigh Kirk

Paisley High Kirk

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Paisley Presbytery decided that there was a great need for another Church other than Paisley Abbey in Paisley, with the building completed in 1738. The original building still stands and is now the Paisley Arts Centre in New Street. From 1756 the Minister of the Laigh Kirk was Rev. John Witherspoon. During the ten years of his ministry he added to his already established reputation as a scholar and writer. His reputation as a thinker and Churchman had extended far beyond the narrow confines of Paisley. In 1766 Princeton University invited him to become the President of the University and on 4 July 1766 John Witherspoon added his signature to the American Declaration of Independence.

# = unable to read letter or number
(?) = unclear but best interpretation
###….### = words or lines unreadable
Inscriptions are listed as spelled on headstones. If a place name is spelled differently from today’s spelling, the modern name will appear in [brackets] to assist in searches. The numbers by each listing are used for our text-photo cross-reference purposes only and do not indicate a plot number or location. These inscriptions were made in 2010.


0134 Thomas Lochhead, Causeyside, his burying place.

0136 This burial place is the property of Robert Tarbet and Jane Fulton his spouse and their children 1781.

0137 Sacred to the memory of John Millar, teacher in Paisley, and his heirs.

0138 This is the busial place of Andreu [Andrew] Spioul, schoolmaster, and Janet Craig his wife May 13th 1783.

0139 J.T. 1756 and W.G.

0240 Erected in memory of the Rev. George Muir D.D. Minister in Paisley. He was a faithful minister, a loving husband, an affectionate parent, and an agreeable companion. Beloved while he liv'd, and at hus death left in the minds of his family, of his friends, and of his flock. A monument which time cannot destroy, he died the 21 of July 1771 aged 47. Here is also intered the remains of Isable Wardlaw his spouse who died the 2 of July 1772 aged 48. The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.

0244 ###......### the church was ### burning and shining light, this place this place of an useful and excellent paster, his friends & aquaintance of a safe & sweet counseller and his family of an admired and affectionate head, upon the 9th of March 1746 when about the 50th year of his age he fell asleep in Jesus. But, his life, how labourious, his death, how victorious, his state, how glorious, no chisel can tell.

0250 [partly broken slab] ...sitaesun ##iquiae petri scot U.D.M. et Anne Millar uxoris Ejus.

0328 Here lies the remains of Francis Buner, lace manufacturer in Paisley, who died 19th July 1771 aged 37 years. This stone is erected by Isabella Buner in memory of her much respected brother.

0330 This is the burying place of William Brock, wright in paisley, and his son Robert Brock 1747 now belongs to Mrs John Holms and her children.

0331 This burial place is the property of Archibald Campbell and Agness Matthie his spouse and their children 1780.

0332 This is the burial place of #re###(?) Barr ###Walton his wife and children 1750

0333 1757 This is the buryll place of William McNair & Ann Barr & their children I William McTaylor.

0334 1763 This is the burial place of James Thomson, merchant in Paisley.

0335 This burial place is the property of James Giffen and Margaret Peock his spouse and their Children 1783.

0438 This is the burial place of #### #### &(?) Margaret ### there(?) children.

0439 1760 John Waddl M B

0439 Janet Waterfield who was a faithful servant to James Carlisle Esq. for 46 years died 1831 aged 86 years.

0440 Sacred to the memory of John Tarbet died 1797 aged 83(?). Sophia Houstown died 1793 aged 74(?), Ann Houstown died 1822 aged 94(?), James Smith died 1801 aged ##, and of Miss Sophia Tarbet who died at Barshaw 20th February 1840(?) aged 79(?) years.

0442 The property of John Hart, merchant, and Elizabeth McGoun his wife 1828(?).

0442 This burial place is the property of John Niven & Janet Peock his spouse and their children 1782.

0443 J.S.

0443 This burial place belongs to John Marshall, manufacturer in Paisley, and his children 1783.

0444 This is the burial place of Matthew Moody, merchant in Paisley, Dec 1763

0445 This burying place is the property of William McKeenie, merchant in Paisley and Agnes McCandlish his spouse and their heirs 1782

0520 This burial place is the property of Robert Boyd January the 12th(?) 1779.

0521 1749 (?) This is the burial place of Charles Cammeron and his spouse Marion McLint#ach(?) and their children.

0522 This is the bury place of James Byne who departed this life April 8th 1748 his wife and children.

0523 1756 This is the burial place of Patrick Croo(?), snith in Paisley & Kattrien(?) Napier his spouse & their children.

0524 1758(?) This is the burial place of William Mountgumrie(?) and Isabel Fisher his spouse and their children.

0525 Erected by Jane, Margaret & Barbara Thomson in memory of their father John Thomson and of their mother Janet Tarbet and of their Brothers James, Hugh & William Thomson. 1838.

0526 This is the burial place of Hendre Gri(?) Wright & the decesed Margaret Pecok(?) his spouse. 1782.

0527 This monument was erected July 16th 1785 by John Mair, of London, merchant, in memory of his respected parents William Mair, late mason in Paisley, who died Jan 25th 1765 aged 46 and Marion Swan his spouse who died Feby 17th 1779 aged 72 and whose remains are deposited near this spot. The said John mair & Margaret Thomson his spouse have likewise had the affliction of leaving here in the dust. Four of their children who died in infancy William & Marion, twins, Alexander & William with whom they hope to be found in the resurrection of the just.

0528 1770 This is the burial place of John Houstoun, wright in Paisley, & Janet Gay(?) his spouse & children.

0529 1776(?) This is the burial place of Duncan Macnair & Ann Cochran & their children.

0530 Hear lays the body of Jenat Marchbnk spouse to Thomas McNish, gardner, who departed this life Janry 4th 1752 aged 39 years.

0531 This is the burial place of John King & Jean Robertson his wife and William King & Elizabeth Adam his spouse and their children 1780.

0531 This burial place belong to John Pattison, Mercht., Sneddon, Paisley 1780.

0532 This is the burial place of George Smith & Janet Cummin his wife and children. [headstone includes the symbol of a mason]

0533 1778(?) This is the burial place of William Bisket, taylor in Paisley, & Janet Lochead & Robert Bisket & Margaret Einlston (?) & their children.

0534 This burying place is the property of William R#####y and Elisabeth Erskine his spouse and their children 1777.

0534 1750 This is the burial place appointed for Robert Maxuell, Ma##m# his wife and children.

0535 1750 This is the burial place appointed for Robert Maxuell, Merchant.

0535 This is the burial place of Thomas Love, merchant in Paisley, July 1769.

0637 This ### burying place appointed to Robert(?) ###...### his spouse and their children

0640 In memory of Mr James Thomson, late merchant in Paisley, who died 10th August 1792 aged 65(?)

0642 This is the burying place of John Craig who died 3d(?) Jan(?) 1780 aged 83 years and Margaret Carswell(?) his spouse who dies Dec 26th 1784(?) aged 83 years. Likewise John Craig of Lounsdale their son who died the 28th of Feby 1789 aged 51(?) years and is now the property of Robert Craig and Janet Carswell his spouse and their children.

0645 This is the burying place of John King, weaver(?) Gordons Lone who died 18th Feby 1773(?) aged 62 years

0660 This is the property of James White, moulrerer(?) in Seedhill Miln, Paisley & Elisabeth Birkmyre his spouse who died 25th Feby 1777 aged 49 years & matthew White his son who died 20th Feby 1778 aged 24(?) years. An humble simplicity of manners were conspicuous in the whole of their deportment they lived the life of the Righteous and died #### in the me## of their Savious.

0652 This is the property of James White, moulrerer(?) in Seedhill Miln, Paisley 1777 who died 24th Decim(?) 15#(?) 1786 aged 68.

0654 This burying place belongs to John Neilson and Elisabeth Sclater(?) his spouse and their children 1782(?). John Neilson merchant Paisley died 8th Decer 1814 aged 77 years.

0656 To the memory of Archibald Martin, thread manufacturer, Paisley, who died 21st(?) March 1842 aged 24(?) years also his wife Anne Hutcheon and several children who are interred here.

0759 Erected by James Stevenson, silk manufacturer in Paisley, in memory of Janet Niven his wife who died 1st Nov 1779 aged 39(?) years and James, Janet, John and James their children who died young. Here also repose the remains of James Stevenson who died in Glasgow 24th Feb 1806 aged 67 years. John their son who died 15th May 1826(?) aged 18 years. Mary who died 3rd Jan 188# aged 76 years and of Jane their eldest child who died 18th(?) March 1862 aged 94(?) years.

0763 The burying place of Robert Barclay, merchant in paisley, and his family. Robert Barclay died 31st July 1831 in the 71st year of his age and Jane Moody his wife died 10th(?) Augt. 1841(?) in her eightieth year also Elizabeth(?) who died 8th Feby 18#0 in the 63rd year of her age.

0763a This burial place is appointed for B#(?) William Orr and his spouse, their children & grand children ## 1781 ##

0764 Here lies the remains of Robert Speir who died the 18th of Sept 1781 aged 76 years and is now the property of Robert Speir his nephew and his heirs.

0765 John Carlisle, merch., died 4th(?) October 1775 aged 76 (?), Janet Birkmyre his spouse died June 2d 1803(?) aged 81 they with seven of their children and ### grand children were buried in this place. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord. Mrs Janet Birkmyre spouse to William Carlile esq. died 7th May 1826 aged 75. William Carlile Esq. and late Provost of Paisley died 20th October 1829in his 84th(?) year. Also died on the 3rd October 1828(?) Agnes Irving wife of Warrand Carlile, manufacturer in Paisley, died on the 5th October 1829, Agnes their infant daughter, James Carlile died 28th(?) Octr. 1833(?) aged 83 years.

0767a ###...### stone is placed ###...### of George Birkmyre who died ## March 1781 aged 60 ###...###

0767 Erected to the memory of Alice wife of Robt. Carswell, surgeon, Paisley, who departed this life 3rd Aug 1811 aged 52 years, Robert Carswell, surgeon, died 25th January 1828 aged 75 years, Robert Carswell father of the above died in April 1782 aged 79 years.

0768 Sacred to the memory of Thomas Whitehead who died Janaury 4 1828 and of his wife Jane Orr and their daughter Mary who died March 19, 1853. Janet Whitehead died 8th December 1871.

0772 Robert Stevenson died 20 Octr 1755 aged 74 yrs Mary Alexander his wife died ###...### 1765 ##### William ##### their ####....#### at Belfast ###...### Nov 1788 aged 52(?) years and El#### Stevenson H#### ##### died the 2#th(?) July(?) 1781 aged 48 years.

0776 This is in memory of Matthew Moody(?) late merchant in Paisley who died 18th March 1784 aged 73(?) years.

0780 This burying place id the property of John Bell(?) and Janet Orr(?) his spouse and their children 1786(?)

0783 This is the burial place and property of Hugh King, baker, who died the 11(?) March 178# and Marion(?) ### his spouse and their children.

0886 This is the burial place of William Jameson Feby 19th(?) 1779


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