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Paisley Abbey
Paisley, Renfrewshire.
(inscriptions from the interior of the building)

Paisley Abbey interior with the 16th century Claud Hamilton monument

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The inscriptions below represent around half of the inscriptions and many need to be checked for missing details. The following key should be read in conjunction with transcriptions:

# = unable to read letter or number
(?) = unclear but best interpretation
###….### = words or lines unreadable
Inscriptions are listed as spelled on headstones. If a place name is spelled differently from today’s spelling, the modern name will appear in [brackets] to assist in searches. The numbers by each listing are used for our text-photo cross-reference purposes only and do not indicate a plot number or location.


0101 To the memory of Robert Corse Esqr. of Greenlaw. He died aged LVI May XXI MDCCXCVII. 0102 Sacred to the memory of ###...### spouse of Herbert(?) Buchanan of ###...### of Robert Fulton(?) of Hartfield she died Jan ## MDCCCXXIII(?)

0103 In memory of William James Hovstovn [Howstown (?) ]: born 25th October 1848 died 6th September 1866. Erected by his brother.

0103 John Witherspoon 1723-1794. A man of God. Minister President Patriot Statesman. Ordained Church of Scotland, minister Laigh Kirk Paisley 1757-1768, President College of New Jersey 1768-1794, member Continental Congress, signer Declaration of Independence, convener first General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the USA. "If your cause is just you may look with confidence to the Lord and entreat him to plead it as his own" John Witherspoon 17th May 1776.

0104 To one of their founders Robert Archibald Smith(?) a notable(?) composer in Russia(?) ### a pioneer ###...### his church ###...### of Tannahill(?) ###...###



0106 To the glory of God and in everlasting remembrance of the officers, non-commissioned officers and men 6th (Renfrewshire) Battalion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Lou###) Territorial Force who gave their lives for King and country in the Great War MCMXIV MCMXIX.




10623 Her lys Agnes Fife daughter to Thomas Fife who died August 2d 1766 aged 36 years.

10625 sacred to the memory of Janet Lowndes his wife who died 24th August 1846 aged 52 years, universally regretted and to William Lowndes Esq. of Arthurlie who died in London 1st Novr 1840(?) aged 72 years.

10628 Sacred to the memory of Thomas Lowndes Esq. who died the 26th Decr 1767 at the early age of 29 years. Universally regretted: likewise of John Lowndes Esq of Arthurlie who died the 20th of July 1781 aged 46 years: and to whose memory a monument is erected in the church: also of his grandson Henry Thomas, son of John & Frances Lowndes who died the 23d of March 1819.

10630 To the memory of William Wilson, Blacklandmill, who died 15th October 1791 aged fifty three years and Catherine Marshall his spouse. This stone was erected by their daughters Mrs Hugh S. Mercer and Mrs Robert Maxwell 1827.

10634 To the memory of James Neilson, merchant in Paisley, who died July MDCCCXXXI [1831] and of his brother John Neilson of Nethercommon, founder of the John Neilson Institution Paisley, who died VIth November MDCCCXXXIX [1839] aged LXI [61] years and their nephew Archibald Gardner of Nethercommon who died XVIIth [17th] January MDCCCLXXII [1872] aged LXXII [72] years, and their great grand-nephew and his grand-son Archibald Gardner who died XXIIIrd [23rd] January MCML [1950] aged LXVI [66] years.

10640 The burial place of John Corse, Corsemiln, 1691 & Robert Corse, merchant, obt. Septr 1888 eratis 76.

10641 Houstoun of Johnstone. Family burial place. Anne Douglas Stirling born 7th December 1865 died at Kyrenia, Cyprus, 15th January 1950 wife of George Ludovoc Houstoun.

10664 To the memory of Mr John Lownds, merchant in Paisley, his mild and engaging manners endeared him to his friends his integrity and candour commanded general respect and esteem. He died aged 46 years the 20th day of July MDCCLXXXI [1781].

10665 To James Lowndes of Arthurlie #### and Katharine Lowndes his wife. The best of parents this monument is erected by their affectionate sons - James Lowndes died 27th July 181# aged 69(?) years. Katharine Lowndes died 24th(?) Octr 1815(?) aged 62 years.

10666 In memory of non-commissioned officers and men of 4th ## Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders ### Renfrew Militia(?) who lost their lives on active service South Africa 1900-1901(?). This monument erected by officers past and present, NCC's and men 4th A and s Hdrs.
Staff Sergt. J Hogarth
Staff Sergt. J Connolly
Corpl A. Kidd
Corpl H McKendrick
Corpl J O'Neill
Corpl C Reid
Corpl A Watson
Staff D R Robertson
Pte. J Ball
Pte. T Barbour
Pte. H Campbell
Pte. D Campbell
Pte. J Cowan
Pte. W Faulds
Pte. J Forrest
Pte. R Kennedy
Pte. M Kerr
Pte. J Lennon
Pte. W McDermott
Pte. J McGuire
Pte. J McKay
Pte. J Quigley

10668 This is the burying place of John Corse, Corse Mill 1460, and is now the property of Robert Corse, in Corse Mill, and Elizabeth Airston his spouse and their children 23 December 1800. The above Robert Corse died 21 Novr 1821 and his spouses Elizabeth Airston died 23 Dec 1800 and Ocella Perston August 1841, David Corse Airston son of Robert Corse and Elizabeth Airston died 4 January 1849, Janet Corse their daughter died 22 September 1855, William Glen her husband died 5 August 1864 and are all interred here.

10669 Erected to the memory of James Slater(?) who died in the 22nd(?) year of his age(?) ###...### Janet Love his spouse who died in the ###...### MDCCCXXII [1822]. Erected by their son John Slater(?)

10672 [translated from Latin] To God, the Greatest and Best. Erected by Claud Hamilton, Lord Paisley, and Margaret Seton his wife, with tears, to the pious memory of the infants Margaret, Henry and Alexander Hamilton, their beloved children who died - Margaret on the 23rd December in the year of grace 1577 aged 3 months twenty two days; Henry in the 15th March 1585 aged three months two days; Alexander on the 21st November 1587 aged eight months three days. Happy Souls! to you your parents pay the last rites, which ye should have paid them.

10674 The Right Honorable James Earl of Abercorn Viscount Hamilton Viscount Strabane, and Duke of Charelherault in France obiit October 9th 1789 Aeat 76 years.


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