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Paisley Abbey
Paisley, Renfrewshire.
(inscriptions from the exterior of the building)

Paisley Abbey and grave example

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All headstones have been removed from the Abbey cemetery, and the vast majority of slabs are now covered by turf. Below are a small fraction of these inscriptions.

# = unable to read letter or number
(?) = unclear but best interpretation
###….### = words or lines unreadable
Inscriptions are listed as spelled on headstones. If a place name is spelled differently from today’s spelling, the modern name will appear in [brackets] to assist in searches. The numbers by each listing are used for our text-photo cross-reference purposes only and do not indicate a plot number or location.


0101 In memory of John Wilson of Thorney ### who died 27 Feby 1847 aged 8#(?) years, Elizabeth Swanston his wife died 19 Jany 1801 aged 38(?) years, helen his daughter died 25 Sept 1819 aged 26 years, Charles Farquharson M.D. husband of his daughter Margaret died 2 Sept 1837 aged 41 years, Margaret Wilson wife of his son John Wilson of Aucheniden died 14 May 1838 aged 30 years, Christina their youngest daughter died 2 Jany 1835 aged 3 months, George Wilson of Aucheniden his brother died 19 March 1834 aged 69 years, Mary his sister died 29 Sept 1840 aged 80 years, Christian his sister died 6 Feby 1842 aged 72 years, William his eldest son died 8 August 1852(?) aged 64 years, Jane eldest daughter of the above John Wilson of Aucheniden, born 5 April 1828 died 16 July 1861, Elizabeth his second daughter wife of the Revr. Thomas Hill born 17 Oct 1829 died at Dundee 18 March 1862, John his only son born 26 December 1835 died 20 Feby ###...### [text worn away] March ###...### son ###...### Oct 1872.


0103 In memory of his children: James died November 9 1841 aged 4 years 4 months, John died August 22 1843 aged 2 years, Robert Campbell died Decr 16(?) 1872 aged 75 years, Helen Shaw wife of the above died August 23 1868 aged 60 years.

0104 I.R. E.I. M.R. I.A. 1697

0105 ###...###(?) Fulton McKerrell of Brabloch 1767-1840(?) Master of Lodge, Renfrew County Kilwinning in 1801, youngest son of John McKerrell of Hillhouse his wife Mary McCall(?) 1782-1820, their daughter Margaret 1813-1828, their sons John and James who died young.

0106 Sacred to the memory of John McKerrell of Orchardbank, second son of John McKerrell of Hillhouse died 15th May 1856 aged 78 years. John McKerrell Junior, his eldest son. died 6th December 1831 aged 35 years. Archibald McKerrell Morris his youngest son died 24th March 1861 aged 54 years.

0107 1748. This is the burial place of Thomas Moffat and his spouse then Gibson(?) and their chldren.

0108 This burying place(?) belonged to John King(?) and #### his spouse ###...###

0109 No. 242 & 243 is the property of William Langmuir 1817(?).

0110 John MacRobert honoured and beloved 1884(?)-1947 and his son John Carmichael Thomas MacRobert, admired and respected 1918 to 2000.

0111 ###...### and his spouse Margaret ### and their children 1689.

0112 In commemoration of the vision and enthusiasm shown by Thomas MacRobert Junior, honorary secretary for 35 years of the Abbey and Town Hall surroundings improvement scheme which achieved for these these buildings their present spacious and dignified environment. 1899-1934 Circumspice

1624 Sacred to the memory of Janet Jamieson, spouse of Andrew Brown of Auchintorlie, who died 6th August 1824, aged 32 years. Matthew, their son, who died 14th June 1818, aged 20 months; Margaret their daughter who died 31st March 1837 aged 17 years; Mary Brown relict of Matthew Stewart of Lochridge, Ayrshire, who died at Auchintorlie, 12th February 1844, aged 73 years; Andrew Brown, of Auchintorlie, who died 17th September 1856 aged 69 years, Eliza Stewart his widow, who died 19th March 1871, in her 80th year.

1625 Sacred to the memory of Matthew Brown of Auchintorlie, who died 8th April 1836, aged 80 years; Helen Davies, his spouse, who died 13th August 1824 aged 64 years; Robert their son who died 27th February 1791, aged 2 years; Janet their daughter who died 5th February 1806, aged 9 years, Helen their daughter, who died 6th september 1865 aged 74 years, Mary their daughter who died 3rd January 1869 in the 76th year of her age, Matthew their son who died 8th May 1876 aged 77 years, Elizabeth their daughter who died 29th December 1881 aged 80 years.

1626 ###...### Robert(?) Farquharson of Allargue and Breda 57 years resident in Paisley died at Breda Aberdeenshire 14th february 1863, in the 81st(?) year of his age interred in Strathdon churchyard ### his children who are buried ###. Died: Margaret 7th April 1813 7 months, Eliza(?) 12th(?) May 1822 8(?) years, ##an 27th April 1823 7 years, Jessie 3rd May 1823 3 years, Robert 9th April 1824 6 years, Frances 2nd April 1838 7 years, Mary Anne 27th May 1841 14 years, Alexina 21st February 1845 11 years, Robert 9th(?) November 1858 30 years. Erected by his widow Jean Nairn(?) 1863 who died at Breda 14th April 1870(?) interred in Strathdon church.

This is the burying place of Robert CHILLAS, plumber, and Alison ANDERSON, his spouse


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