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Abbey Close Cemetery
(Henderson's Kirkyard)
Paisley, Renfrewshire

Abbey Close Cemetery

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The church with a burial ground was built in 1769 opposite Paisley Abbey. The church once had a door and furnishings designed by Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson. The building was demolished in 1965. The details below were recorded during the summer of 2008.

The following key should be read in conjunction with transcriptions:

# = unable to read letter or number
(?) = unclear but best interpretation
###….### = words or lines unreadable
Inscriptions are listed as spelled on headstones. If a place name is spelled differently from today’s spelling, the modern name will appear in [brackets] to assist in searches.

The numbers next to each inscription is used for photographic cross-reference purposes only. It does not relate to the grave location or plot number.


Some inscriptions were checked with older records. Headstones and graves no longer visible are marked as ****

0101 Erected by Margaret Allan in memory of her husband John Allan who died in India 2nd March 1858 aged 25 years. Also their son John died 19th May 1882 aged 26 years. John Allan Senr. died 2nd Sep. 1844 aged 54 years, his wife Margaret Allan died 18th May 1868, aged 74 years, also their daughter Isabella died 28th June 1869 aged 44 years. Charles O'Hara her husband died 6th Jan 1874 aged 50 years, John Allan son of James Allan died 18th June 1882 aged 12 years & 2 months. "We mourn their loss In sorrow, yet "not without hope".

0102 Sacred to the memory of William Hardie Esq., Tobacconist in Paisley, who died on hte 4th May 1839 in the 66th year of his age. He was conscientious & uncompromising in his Principles, unostentatious in his Charities & steady in his attachments - a loving Husband, an affectionate Parent, and a kind Friend, while in this world he lived superior to the Perishing enjoyment of Time, and now he is made a Partaker of the Inheritance of the Saints in Heaven. Mrs Hardie died 19th January 1857. William Hardie their son died 5th January 1852.

0103 In memory of William Simm, feuer Williamsburgh who died 5th August 1881 also his children Mary, Jane, Robert, Ann and Jane and his wife Margaret Renfrew who died 19th Feby 1897.

0104 In memory of David Coats Niven (Calcutta) who died 30th Novr 1909. In memoriam David Coats, Ferguslie 1795. John Coats and his son David Coats, his daughter Agnes Coats Niven, and her Husband William Niven. Erected by David Coats Niven (India) on his mother's death 1st May 1885. [W Robin]

0105 Sacred in memory of Henry Fleming feuar Seedhill who died 23d Feby 1826 also his wife Janet Ferguson died 6th July 1866 and their family William died 15th Feby 1834, Catherine died 18th April 1835, Margaret died 12th May 1839, James died 8th May 1840, Janet died 7th Feby 1844.

**** William Fleming in Seedhills, Paisley 1784.

0106 No. 1824 Charles Baird, manufacturer Paisley

0107 Erected by Andrew Ferrie in memory of his wife Margaret Reid who died 25th August 1860 aged 67 years. The above Andrew Ferrie died 11th December 1862 also his daughter Janet wife of William Ewing died 18th March 1866 aged 55 years. William Ewing died 9th June 1866 aged 35 years.

**** James Whyte and Margaret Templeton and their heirs 1782.

**** James Muir, grocer, Charleston and family 1838

0108 This is the burial place of William Kelly merchant in Paisley who died the 12th of December 1784 aged 72, Margaret Orr his spouse who died the 27th of March 1784 aged 71 years. Robert Peden and Janet Hunter and their heirs 1784 ###...### the property of Robert Peden ###...### Her wife ### Katharine Maltman ### 22nd May 1790 ### to Robert ###...### 18## ###...### years.

0201 This burial place if the property of William Inglis who erected this stone in memory of Margarat Black his spouse 15th April 1781.

**** John Clark 26th February 1792 aged 52 years.

0202 This is the burying place of William Gilchrist and Elizabeth Crawford and their children 1790.

0203 This is the property of John Lang Dyer near Greenock 1781 now the property of John Lang, dyer, Pailsey 1823.

0204 This is the property of John Henry and Rachel Barkley his spouse and the children 1791.

0205 No.24. This is the property of Mathew Clark and Ann Clark his spouse and their children.

0206 Erected by the United Associate Congregation of Paisley to the memory of the late Revd Samuel Kinloch who was ordained their pastor 14th June 1769 and died 21st November 1808 in the 73rd year of his age and in the 40th year of his ministry, by congregation.

0207 In memory of the Revd William ### Minister ###...###

0208 Erected in the memory of the Reverend William Smart for 35 years the mimister if the United Associate Congregation Abbey Close born 6th March 1776, ordained 9th February 1802, died 11th July 1837. He made full proof of his ministry the diligence and fidelity of his pastoral labour. He adorned the Gospel which he delighted to preach by the fervour of his piety and the blamelessness of his life while the warmth of his generous heart his sterling and fearless integrity his ###lly peaceful disposition and the uniform dignity of his department, endeared him in the ordinary degree to general respect and love; in the ## of his activity and usefulness he was suddenly called away by death to be received it is humbly trusted, into that rest which remains for the people of God. With the concurrence of the Congregation the young of his charge have erected this monument in memory of their veneration for the memory of a beloved pastor and the lasting gratitude which they will cherish for his able, faithful and affectionate instructions.

0209 Erected by James & Robert Clark, in memory of their father James Clark, Chapel House, who died 19th October 1865 aged 82 years, their mother Agnes McFarlane, who died 11th September 1836 aged 26 years and their sister Jane who died 10th April 1836 aged 19 months. Sacred to the memory of James Clark, thread manufacturer, Paisley, who died 6th ((OR 9TH)) October 1829 in the eighty-third year of his age and his spouse Margaret Campbell who died 6th November 1825 in the seventy-fifth year of her age.

0210 The family burying place of John Thomson, manufacturer Paisley, 1821.

0211 This burying place No.43 is the property of David Thomson and Jean Nicolson his spouse and their children 1779.

**** James Whitehill, taylor, wife of Mary Stewart and their heirs 1788.

0212 Sacred to the memory of ### Clarke(?) who died ##th ###.

0213 This is the burying place of James Watson who departed this life on the 7th of May 1796 in the ###…###

0214 No.40 Dundas Smith, Agnes Jamieson and their children.

0215 This is the property of John Hutchison and his heirs 1781. His son Archibald Hutcheson died 12th Octr 1836 in the 68th year of his age. His life was cheerful and pious his death peaceful and happy.

0216 In affectionate remembrance of James Murray who died 13th July 1884 in his 87th year for 40 years Abbey Church Officer. Also his wife Marion Miller who died 3rd June 1879 in her 72nd year and of their two children who died in infancy. Erected by their family.

0217 Erected by James Murray in memory of Elizabeth Robson his spoufe who died April 3rd 1780 aged 38 years.

0218 This is the property of Thomas Gardner Junior, cutler in Paisley, Elizabeth Black his spoufe and their children 1829.

0219 This is the property of John Leitch and Elizabeth Clark and their children. No.59.

0220 The memory of James Tannoch(?), merchant in Paisley, and his children. In memory of Janet Miller his wife who died 11th Novr. 1832 aged 43 years.

**** Allan Clark died 28th April 1798, wife Janet Wotherspoon died 14th April 1784 aged 24, and their children Allan and Agnes.

**** John Hamilton died 3rd January 1851 aged 54 years, wife Isabella Ersking 11th March 1846 aged 39 years, son Hugh died 6th December 1846 aged 2 years.

**** Archibald Cook, farmer, Alton, wife Agnes Millar and their heirs.

**** James Tannoch, merchant in Paisley, wife Janet Millar died 11th November 1832 aged 43 years and their children.

0221 This burieal place is the property of Charles Gillroy, baker, his wife and children 1785.

0222 The burying place of William Brown and Janet Knox his wife. In memory of their children Janet, Margaret, Janet and John all died when young and of his father and mother. William Brown died 10th April 1846, Margaret Mair died 29th November 1842. The above William Brown died 24th November 1851 aged 44 years. Janet Know his wife died 1st June 1888 in her 80th year.

0223 In memory of James Park, late cabinetmaker in Paisley who died on the 3rd of July 1806 aged 54 years and of Isabel Jamieson his spoufe who departed her life on the 18th September 1806 in the 52nd year of her age. Also of John Park their son who died on the 27th June 1806 aged 21.

0224 [front inscription] No. 69 is now the property of William Hart farmer in Penaly [Penilee?] and John Hart grocer in Paisley 1829. [rear inscription] This is the burying place of Robert Hart and Catharine Campbell his spoufe and their children 1799. No.69.

0225 [front inscription] No.71 this is now the property of William McKimm weaver in Lylesland. To the memory of Jean McArthur his wife who died 16th June 1825 aged 70 years. [rear inscription] This is the burying place of Robert McHutchson who died on the 7th of Jany 1789 aged 52 years also Samual McHutchson his son late teacher who died on the 15th of June 1798 aged 28 years and Marion McHutchson his daughter who died June 1784 aged 7 years.

**** John Good, wife Anne ###, son John 16th January 1815 aged 14 years and their children by Hugh Hamilton with permission of John Good in memory of Hall McLatchie, mason, 6th ### 1828 aged 47 years.

**** Robert Young, his wife Jean Thomson and their children.

0226 In memory of Gavin Cuthbertson who died 4th August 1837 aged 82 years and Janet Borland his wife who died 26th January 1846 aged 79 years also their children, Janet died April 1813, Christian died May 1817, David died October 1823, Agnes wife of James Telfer, July 1845, Mary died Feby 1849.

0227 No.83 This is the property of Thomas Hart and Janet Crawford his wife and their children 1826. T. Hart ### Niddry Street ###...###

0228 This is the burying place of Daniel McEuen, wright, and Margaret Adie his spoufe and their children 1788.

0229 ###...### burying place of James Munn, manufacturer, Paisley. 1829.

0230 No.89. Erected by David Dowie in memory of his wife Elisabeth Nairn who died 31st March 1815 in the 54th year of her age. Of their son David who died 31st May 1795 aged 15 months and of their son William, a promising youth who died the 7th of June 1810 aged 20 years and 7 months also of their daughter Ann ### 20th May 1818 in the 15th year of her age. Her life was pious and her end was p###.

0231 This is the property of Patrick and Daniel Camerons and their heirs 1781.

0232 Erected by Hugh Hamilton in memory of Hale McLatchie, mason who died Ju# 6th 1828 aged 27 years.

0233 Sacred to the memory of James Robertson, merchant Paisley, who was born at Lochwinnoch 7th March 1776 and died at Paisley 3rd December 1842 and of his children Isabella and Mary born 7th June ///OR JAN /// 1801 and died on the same day, William born 27th December 1813 died 2˝ years old, Ellen born 21st October 1825 aged 2 years and 1 month.


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