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War Memorial - Paisley Abbey:
406th (Renfrew) Field Company Royal Engineers.

Paisley Abbey and War Memorial

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To the Glory of God and in grateful remembrance of the officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the 406th (Renfrew) Field Company Royal Engineers who gave their lives for King and Country in the Great War 1914 - 1918.

Corpl. J Aird
Sapper. W E Ancill
Corpl. H Anderson
Driver M Biggs
Corpl. A K Boyle
Lieut. R Brand M.C.
Capt. G A Brown
Sapper. J Caddy
Sapper. G L Campbell
Corpl. P Campbell M.M.
Pioneer. A Cole
Sapper. W Coll
Sapper. S Connell
Sergt. J Cowan
Sapper. R Crawford
Sapper. J Cunningham
Sapper. J Faulkner
Sapper. J Ferguson
Driver. S Fulton
Sapper. W J Gardner
Sapper. J Grieve
Sapper. W Hamilton
Major M Hodgart M.C.
Sapper. T Jardine
Corpl. W Kyle
Sapper. W Laing
Corpl. J Lauchlan
Sapper. W Love
Sergt. P Lyon
Sapper. J McEwan
Corpl. S McKee
Sapper. H McKenna
Corpl. W McKenzie
Sapper. T McLellan
Sapper. W McMillan
Sapper. E Mann
Sapper. T Paterson
Sapper. T Patterson
Sapper. H T Roberts
Sapper. A Robinson
Sapper. F G Scarsbrook
Sapper. R Smith
Sapper. W Taylor
Sapper R Thomson



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