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Hawkhead Cemetery
Paisley, Renfrewshire (incomplete).

Hawkhead Cemetery

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Hawkhead Cemetery opened on the 13th April 1891, and covers 23 acres of ground. There is a memorial to the 70 children who were crushed to death at Paisley's Glen Cinema in December 1929. There is also a memorial to the 92 people wo died on the night of 7th May 1941, when a parachute mine hit a First Aid post in Paisley. Many of the dead were buried in a mass grave at the cemetery."To the memory of the civilians and personnel of Paisley First Air Post No. 5 (west) who died in the course of their duty May 1941."

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0001 In memory and honour of the men from these worls who fell in the Great War 1914-1919
D Adams 1/6th A & SH
R Adamson 1st Batt. Scots Guards
W Baillie 6th Batt. cameron Highlanders
D Barr 8th Gordon Highlanders
W Bauchop School of Musketry
W Baxter R.E.
D Caldwell 6th A & SH
J Campbell 11th A & SH
J Ewing 16th HLI
D Galbraith 7th Royal Scots Fus.
A Grant 17th HLI
G Hunter 1st Batt. Scots Gds.
A Lafferty 12th Royal Scots
T Laughlan ##..## Batt.
M McCallum ###...##
H McKay ###...##
D Mcnaught ###...##
J Monaghan ###...##
J Robb ###...##
R Rowand ###...##
A Weir ###...##
[ rest of monument weathered and unreadable]
This tablet originally erected at the works of Doulton & Co. Limited in Hawkhead Road to the memory of the men employed there who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1919 in the closing of these works was re-erected by the company on this site AD 1939.

0101 In memory of Mary Jane O'Kane died 3rd Dec 1936, John O'Kane died 17th Jan 1946, Patrick Joseph O'Kane, died 26th(?) Jan 1964, Catherine Jane O'Kane died 1st ### 1967, James Fitzpatrick died 10th(?) Sep 1980(?), Catherine Gween(?) O'Kane died ## Jan 1985(?)

0102 In loving memory of Maggie Sweeney wife of Joseph Dillon died 16th(?) Nov 1920 age 20, also their son L/Cpl Joseph Dillon RE, MM, killed on active service 3rd Oct 1940 in his 20th year, Margaret Menzies wife of Patrick Sweeney died 29th Sep. 1944 aged 65, the above Patrick Sweeney died 15th Feb 1957 aged 84.

0103 In loving memory of Joseph Dillon from his sweetheart Nancy.

0104 In loving memory of Mary W Cook who died 15th Sep 1926 aged 16 years. A tribute of respect from the female employees of Spinning Dept. Anchor Mills.

0105 In loving memory of our dear mother Margaret McVean, died 20th July 1927 aged 59 years our dear father Alexander Wishart died 24th August 1947 aged 91 years.

0106 In memory of our dear mother Margaret McVean beloved wife of Alexander Wishart who died 10th July 1927 aged 58(?) years.

0110 In loving memory of James Glen who died May 1931 aged 68 years, also his sister Elizabeth wife of Peter McAlpine, who died 7th June 1931 aged 77 years.

0111 To the memory of Robert Rodger, shawl manufacturer, Paisley, who died 8th Jany 1932.

0112 In loving memory of James M Miller died 28th July 1950 his grand mother Lucinda Porter died 18th Nov 1932.

0113 In memory of Cathie Sweenie died 10th Feb 1933.

0114 Erected by Isabella Woods in loving memory of her mother Catherine Sweenie died 10th Feb 1933 aged 80 also her daughter Isabella Burns died 5th July 1948 aged 62 also a loving and giving gran Isabella Muir died 25th April 1984 aged 69, also a loving mum and gran kathleen Rose Caldwell died 9th December 1995 aged 59.

0115 In loving memory of james McConnell husband of Margaret Haveron died 8th May 1933 aged 49 years. The above Margaret Haveron died 24th Jany 1952 aged 68 years.

0118 In loving memory of Jeanie Galbraith wife of AW Walkley died 15th November 1933 aged 65 years, the above Alfred W Walkley, died 25th July 1939 aged 74 years. "Till we meet again."

0119 In loving memory of Ruth Taylor wife of Alexander Corbett, died 15th April 1934. The above Alexander Corbett died 26th Novr 1944. "At Rest".

0120 In loving memory of Cecilia Swan wife of MJ Mulligan who died 10th decr 1934, the above NJ Mulligan who died 1st Novr 1943, their daughter Margaret who died 19th March 1988. "Till we meet again".

0123 In loving memory of our father Robert T Ballantyne, died 25th Jan 1948(?) aged 76 years, our mother Margaret McAusland, died 18th Oct 1938 aged 70 years.

0124 In loving memory of our father Patrick McGoldrick who died 29th Oct 1932 aged 58 years, and our mother Elizabeth McKinney who died 10th April 1941 aged 56 years their grandson Allan Doyle who died 27th July 1948 aged 6½ years, James Boyce who died 21st August 1966 aged 59 years, his wife Helen McGoldrick who died 5th May 1957 aged 71 years.

0125 In loving memory of my dear husband Archibald McKinven, died 17th September 1933 aged 65 years, also our dear sons Alastair Stewart died 1st January 1938 aged 24 years, Charles Stewart died 1st Feb 1977 aged 80 years, and the beloved wife and mother Margaret E Struthers, died 6th(?) May 1977 aged 101 years.

0126 In memory of Malcolm McKay beloved husband of Margaret McKay died 12th Feb 1935 aged 67, the above Margaret McKay died 6th April 1936 aged 67, their daughter Elizabeth McKay beloved helpmate of William Rae died 26th Feb 1939 aged 28. "At Rest".

0127 In loving memory of my dear son James Porter died 18th June 1936 aged 38 years. Loved by all.

0129 In memory of Margaret Macfarlane, died 27th Oct 1936 aged 25. R.I.P. A tribute of respect from her fellow workers in Tube Dept. Ferguslie Mills.

0131 In loving memory of Francis Quinn, husband of Elizabeth Hutton, died 15th June 1935 aged 74 years, the above Elizabeth Hutton died 1st May 1938 aged 75 years, their son Daniel died 24th April 1955 aged 67 years.

0132 In memory of Agnes Burns beloved wife of George AF Alison who died 1st July 1934, the above George AF Alison who died 19th Octr 1941, their daughters Georgina Alison who died 30th April 1977, Jane Alison who died 18th Decr 1986, Isabella Burns Alison who died 9th August 1983 wife of William Mathieson.

0133 In loving memory of Susan Campbell died 30th April 1934 her dear husband Robert Black who died 23rd June 1934.

0135 In memory of Ellen Smellie beloved wife of Robert Cunningham died 8th Oct 1936 aged 63 years, the above Robert Cunningham died 14th July 1942 aged 71 years, their daughter Janet Sinclair died 15th Dec 1964 aged 68 years.

0136 In loving memory of Robert McIntosh who died 17th January 1914 aged 45 years, his wife Jane Craig, who died 27th October 1934 aged 62 years, their son Daniel who died 28th November 1909 aged 15 years, all interred in Auld Isle Cemetery Kirkintilloch, and their daughter Elizabeth who died 25th February 1936 aged 33 years, Jean McIntosh who died 27th December 1958 aged 67 years, their son Irvine who died 27th March 1979 aged 86 years, their daughter Marion who died 20th September 1995 aged 97 years.

0137 In memory of Margaret McCutcheon, beloved wife of Andrew Adam, died 15th Novr. 1933 aged 52 years, the above Andrew Adam died 1st Novr 1954 aged 77 years.

0138 In memory of our dear father Pater Kean who died 16th May 1933 and our dear mother Sarah Taylor who died 23rd Nov 1939.

0139 In loving memory of William Templeton, beloved husband of Mary Douglas who died 7th October 1930 aged 73, also their daughters Jean who died 13th June 1930, Mae beloved wife of Thomas M Burgess who died 18th June 1933, the above Mary Douglas who died 30th January 1934 aged 76, their son Robert who died 6th March 1959, their daughter Grace T Templeton who died 22nd May 1975 aged 87(?)

0140 In memory of John Cunningham beloved husband of Annie Greenlees died 3rd Dec 1931 aged 68 years also their sons John died 7th Aug 1934 aged 29, Neil died 14th Dec 1935 aged 28, the above Annie Greenlees died 27th Nov 1953 aged 78. [separate memorial] In memory of John A Cunningham, plumber, who died 7th Aug 1934 aged 28 years. A tribute of respectn from the workers of Messrs. Brown & Polson Ltd., Manufacturing dept.

0141 In memory of Charles M Smith who died 19th April 1934 aged 30 beloved husband of Margaret Nelson.

0142 In Memory of Mary Williamson beloved wife of Thomas Simpson died 19th May 1950 aged 48 years the above Thomas Simpson died 12th May 1956 aged 61 years. Sadly Missed.

0143 In memory of John Millar 1863-1941 his wife Agnes Donaldson 1877-1958 their family William 1901-1929, James 1903-1976, Janet 1897-1977.

0144 FORAN. In loving memory of Isabella died 17th Feb 1939 John James died 11th Oct 1940 their son, our dead dad Francis B Foran died 21st Sept 1989 beloved husband of Mary died 26th April 1995. Born to Eternal Life.

0145 In loving memory of our dear sons Thomas J Conaty died 17th March 1964 Francis died 15th March 1932 also their dear grandmother Elizabeth Fitzpatrick died 30th April 1947 also their dearly beloved father Thomas Conaty died 30th Oct 1979 and mother Mary Fitzpatrick died 12th Nov 1985.

0146 In memory of John Nelson died 16th June 1946 aged 56 his wife Jeanie Fram died 12th Sept 1960 aged 70 their daughter Jeanie died 21st Decr 1938 aged 15 and his mother Sarah Turner died 7th June 1930 aged 73.

0147 In loving memory of Margaret dearly beloved daughter of William & Margaret Pennie who died 17th April 1930 aged 5 years.

0149 In loving memory of William Bell Calvert died 16th Dec 1928 also his beloved wife Mary A Kirkpatrick died 21st March 1963.

0150 In memory of Brother Alexander Rankin who died 30th Novr 1928, past patron of Paisley Abbey Chapter No. 22 C.E.S.

0151 In loving memory of Thomas Paton died 13th Sep 1963 aged 67 beloved husband of Isabella Walker died 4th Sep 1978 aged 75. [separate monument] In loving memory of Alan John Watkins 30th June 1966 aged 10 weeks, dearly loved son and brother forever in our hearts.

0152 In memory of Agnes Gilchrist Ferguson died 16th Novr 1926(?) aged 58 years beloved wife of John Couser their daughter Elizabeth Ferguson died 29th Sept 1926 aged 19 years & 11 months the above John Couser died 2nd April 1942 aged 76 years.

0153 Erected by Elizabeth McLeod in loving memory of her husband William Lawson who died 27th September 1921 aged 65. The above Elizabeth Mcleod who died 9th January 1932 aged 73.

0154 Erected by James Howie in loving memory of his wife Ann Kirkwood who died 5th June 1928 aged 71 years, their son-in-law William Farrell who died 20th October 1921 their son James K Howie who died 10th June 1931 aged 40 years the above James Howie wh died 16th Novr 1936 aged 78 years their daughter Annie W Howie who died 14th Feby 1943 aged 55 years loved wife of the above William farrell.

0155 In loving memory of our dead son David Brown who died 17th Dec(?) 1921 aged 17 years also my dead husband James Lapsley(?) died ##th August 1931 aged 57 years and our wee nephew William Morris died 15th Dec. 1928 aged 3 months. [B.132]

0156 Lapsley. Erected by Georgina Brown in loving memory of her husband James Lapsley died 11th August 1931 aged 57 also my dead son David died 17th december 1921 aged 17.

0157 On memory of Matilda Nelson beloved wife of Thomas McCracken died 5th Dec 1928 aged 34 years their daughter Margaret died in infancy, the above Thomas McCracken died 23rd Feb 1949 aged 65 years, their grandmother Maureen McCracken died 24th June 1998 aged 43 years.

0159 In memory of our dear mother Usabella L Sharpe died 2nd Decr 1921 aged 76 years, ### ### ###, also her husband William Mackie died 14th Dec 1924 in his 80th year. "Until the Day Break".

0160 R Reid, Fireman, SS Archangel, 16th May 1941 age 34.

0161 Elizabeth Reid died 21st feb 1998 aged 70 years deloved wife of John Reid.

0162 In loving memory of Margaret McMullen beloved wife of John Reid died 11th Nov 1921 aged 42 years also my son Robert Reid beloved husband of Mary Richardson killed by enemy action at sea 17th May 1941 aged 34 years also our son Rovert died in infancy 25th Jan## ###

0163 In affectionate remembrance of Robert farmer husband of Catherine Taggart died 1st Nov 1927 aged 42 also their son John died 7th Aug 192# aged 21 years the above Catherine Taggart died 26 April 1953 aged 78 years, their daughter Catherine died 27th Sep 1951(?) aged 73. Sadly missed.

0164 In loving memory of my mother and father Agnes McNair Miller and William Miller also my dear sister Williamina who passed peacefully away on August 3rd 1948. Erected by Mrs McArthur and family Durban South Africa.

0165 In loving memory of Matthew McLuskie died 3rd December 1948 aged 63 years.

0166 In memory of Agnes Crawford beloved wife of Alexander Cameron died 24th April 1930 aged 64 also their son Samuel killed in action at Loos 25th Sept 1915 aged 20.

0167 In Loving memory of Thomas Stirling who died 18th Aug 1921 aged 63 years, his wife Margaret Robertson died 25th April 1934 aged 74 years also their son Richard killed in action 27th Sep 1916 aged 21 years.

0168 In loving memory of James Kerr died 5th Augt 1921 in his 60th(?) year sadly missed a token of love from his daughters and a few friends. [B.102]

0169 In loving memory of Catherine Law wife of Thomas Forrest died 2nd July 1976 aged 51 years also their sons Tom died Novr. 1907 aged 7 years Robert died 25th July 1921 aged 13 years the above Thomas Forrest died 11th Oct 1957 aged 81 years.

0170 In loving memory of my grandparents Mary & James Gourly 1864-1039 + 1870-1934 my dead mother Annie Mulholland 1909-1934 also my beloved husband John Hollenbeck 1921(?)-19##

0172 In loving memory of James Aitchison husband of Jean Brodie died 20th Jany 1947 aged 71 years also her mother Elizabeth Brodie died 5th May 1932 aged 64 years Sarah Boyle died 20th Jany 1921 aged 46 years Jean Brodie(?) died 2# Oct(?) 1927(?) ###-###

0173 In loving memory of my dear husband William McCracken O.M.S. Gordon Hldrs., died 21st Dec 1921.

0174 To my dear mother Agnes Dillon died 21st Jany 1922 aged 36 years. Remembered by her daughter May.

0175 4/9176 Private JW Jackson Durham Light Infantry 28th October 1918.

0175 4857 Private EJ Lane Essex Regiment 30th January 1919 age 41.

0176 76148 Gunner D Ison Royal Garrison Artillery 18th September 1918 age 44. God be with you till we meet again peace perfect peace.

0176 S/8022 Private T Stevens The Black Watch 20th October 1918.

0177 1943 Private G Mugford Royal Newfoundland Regt. 24th February 1916.

0177 1905 Private JH Thorne Royal Newfoundland Regt. 21st February 1916.

0178 204557 Private M Murphy Seaforth Highlanders 4th August 1918.

0178 2906/A Private D Graham 20th BN Australian Inf. 7th July 1917 age 45.

0179 T/344105 Private C Chubb Royal Army Service Corps 24th April 1918 aged 35.

0179 27123 Private A Aldred Duke of Cornwall L.I. 9th JUly 1918.

0180 8138 Private J Macdonald Highland Light Infantry 19th March 1918 aged 33.

0180 26200 Private WT Walker Royal Scots Fusiliers 4th April 1918 aged 47.

0181 46691 Private E Strahan The Kings Liverpool Regiment 11th November 1917 aged 31

0181 267512 Private A Marcantonio The Black Watch 4th February 1918 aged 21.

0182 ss/17876 Private G Newell Royal Army Service Corps 16th August 1917 age 45

0182 21461 Private J Gerachty York & Lancaster Regt. 15th September 1917 age 37.

0183 135713 Pioneer SJ Brown Royal Engineers 30th March 1917 age 31

0183 S/25358 private E Macdonald Cameron Highlanders 9th July 1917 age 39.

0184 1955 Private J Ford Royal Newfoundland Regt. 26th February 1916.

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