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Glen Cinema fire, Paisley.

Memorials at Hawkhead Cemetery, near Paisley

31st December 1929

Tragedy struck on 31st December 1929 at Paisley's Glen Cinema when a film in the spool-room began to smoulder. The smoke resulted in panic, and a stampede began for the back entrance, which was locked. Children were trampled and overcome by smoke resulting in 71 deaths and 40 injuries. For more information please see www.glencinema.org.uk .

(H) = buried at Hawkhead Cemetery, Paisley.

Robert Adams (H) James Gatherer (H) Robert McConnell (H)
Robert Alexander (H) John Geilty Margaret McEnhill (H)
John Bell (H) James Geilty Edward McEnhill (H)
William Black (H) Margaret Gibson (H) James McEnhill (H)
Hugh Blue Norman Gillies Dennis McGarrity
John Bowes (H) John Goodwin (H) Williamina McGran (H)
David Boyd (H) Mary Green (H) Jeanie McGrattan
Caroline Brain (H) Henry Green (H) Robert McGrier (H)
Lily Buchanan Archibald Grogan (H) Mary McWattie
John Cairns (H) Annie Hamilton (H) Margaret Morrow (H)
Daniel Corbett (H) George Hammond (H) Robert Niven (H)
Elizabeth Corrigan Elizabeth Hart (H) Georgina Peacock (H)
Agnes Coyle (H) Peter Houston (H) Thomas Perkins
Robert Craig Thomas Howard (H) John Pinkerton
Francis Curran (H) Julia Irvine (H) William Pinkerton
Elizabeth Dempster (H) William Irvine (H) William Rae (H)
Leah Dixon (H) Thomas Jackson (H) Thomas Renfrew (H)
Mary Dolan (H) James Johnston (H) George Scott (H)
George Elliot (H) George Kennedy (H) William Spiers (H)
Henry Elliot (H) Thomas Kilkie (H) Jane Stevenson (H)
Elizabeth Finlay (H) Helen Kilkie (H) Alexander Telfer (H)
Enzo Fiori (H) Elizabeth Leonard (H) Robert Wingate
Janet Fitch (H) Samuel McBlane (H)
William Fitch (H) Sarah McCafferty (H)


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