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Scottish national newspapers.

The first edition of The Scotsman - 25th January 1817.

Newspapers are an ideal way to supplement your research, whether birth, marriage and death notices, or for researching events which may have affected your past families.


  • www.ancestry.co.uk permits a search of certain newspaper databases, including American Data from the Aberdeen Journal 1748-1783, Edinburgh Advertiser, Edinburgh Courant, Edinburgh Weekly Journal, The Scotsman, The Edinburgh Chronicle, The Edinburgh Evening Courant and several English publications.
  • The Scotsman online archives - you can view every issue of The Scotsman from 1817 to 1950 (fee applies). The first edition, dated Saturday 25th January 1817, is available free of charge.
  • The Herald - Scotlandís morning broadsheet newspaper. Archive section dating back to Jan 1998 only.
  • Scotland on Sunday and The Scotsman - Scotlandís daily broadsheet newspapers. Archive section back to 2002.
  • The Sunday Herald - Scottish broadsheet newspaper. Archive section dates back to Jan 2002 only.
  • The Sunday Post - a Scottish tradition. Sunday tabloid with no known archive section.
  • British Library newspaper collection - the national archive collections of British and overseas newspapers is located at the British Library. The collections, which include popular magazines and periodicals, are made available in hard copy, in microform, and on CD-ROM in the Newspaper Reading Rooms in Colindale, north west London.
  • Google newspaper archive - a fully searchable archive of historical newspapers, some dating back 200 years. Much is US-based, but The Guardian and The Times are included from the UK.
  • Historical Newspapers - provides reference material for 19th and 20th century history. Subscription site only, although a free trial period is available.
  • The Guardian - This archive will eventually contain the digital reproduction of every page, article and advert published in the Guardian (since 1821) and the Observer (since 1791 Ė the oldest Sunday paper in the world). This is generally a pay-to-view service.
  • Olive Software - newspaper archives which are free to view. The only newspapers listed so fare are Daily News, News of the World, Penny Illustrated, The Manchester Guardian and the Weekly Dispatch. Only a few years have been made available, and each year is restricted to only a few months.

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