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Old Kirk Graveyard
Nairn, Nairnshire. (incomplete)

Old Nairn Map

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Erected by Mary Ann Fraser as a Tribute of Sincere Affection to the Memory of her Beloved Parents whose mortal remains are interred here. Jane ROSS her mother died 28 July 1825 aged 39? and Daniel? FRASER her father died ####.

Mary Ann FRASER wife of Charles MACWATT (Editor of Nairnshire Mirror) died 12 July 1856 son Donald Fraser MACWATT erected this stone Charles MACWATT (Editor of Nainshire Mirror) died 12 March 1859 aged 52.

Erected by John ELDER in memory of his parents John ELDER & Euphenia FRASER 1837?

Alexander TULLOCH, merchant, Nairn died 28 September 1855 aged 59. and his wife Margaret FRASER 17 August 1857 aged 52 Also daughter Christina FORBES died 17? October 1861

Erected by William ROSS, Rose Street, Nairn in memory of his beloved wife ANN FRASER who died in Nairn on 17 April 1849? aged 80?

In loving memory of John ROSS, carpenter, who died at Acre St Place, Nairn 29 July 1897 aged 77 And of his beloved wife Catherine MANN who died 26 August 1875 aged 50 and of their family who died in Nairn. William who died 1857 aged 7years. Annabella who died 1859 aged 14 years Catherine who died 1861 aged 15 months. Donald who died 1880 aged 31 years who sculptured this stone but died before it was finished. Also Robina faithful daughter of the above died 4 July 1930 aged 73.

In memory of Donald FRASER also his wife who died January (1870 or 1890)

In loving memory of William DALLAS, Newton of Cawdor, who died 15 June 1892. A Kind and Indulgent Father. And his wife Margaret FRASER who died 17 March 1865 A Gentle Loving Mother Also their daughter Jessie who died 25 January 1854 and Margaret who died 18 January 1867.

In loving memory of ##### FRASER of Kingilly Cottage who for many years ##### Office of Provost Marshall ##### Jane ##### beloved ##### 1855?