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Gorbals, main street looking south

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  • Glasgow & West of Scotland Family History Society
  • Lanarkshire Family History Society
  • The Lanarkshire Surname List


  • Glasgow City Council - home page.
  • North Lanarkshire Council - home page.
  • South Lanarkshire Council - home page.


  • GLASGOW - newspaper clipping on the Glasgow plague from News of the World 23 December 1900 HappyHaggis. Happy to Help.
  • MOTHERWELL Heritage Centre - includes local studies page.
  • Caledonian Railway - historical details. Also St. Rollox Railway Works (Glasgow) and the Gretna railway accident at Quintinshill (22 May 1915).HappyHaggis. Happy to Help.
  • Shipbuilding on the River Clyde HappyHaggis. Happy to Help.
  • Scottish tenement buildings HappyHaggis. Happy to Help.
  • SS Daphne disaster occured 3rd July 1883 at Linthouse, Govan. While being launched the ship capsized, killing 124 person on board. History page including most names. HappyHaggis. Happy to Help.
  • the 1849 Cholera outbreak A few articles from the Glasgow Herald of January 1849 which indicates the fear of this disease.. HappyHaggis. Happy to Help.

    Fairfield Ship Yards, Govan 1911 (left) and Water Row, Govan (right)


  • Glasgow University Archives and Business Records Centre - preserves academic, business, and health records for the west of Scotland.
  • Greater Glasgow Health Board (GGHB) Archive - archives of the hospitals in the Glasgow area held by Glasgow University.
  • Scottish Brewing Archive (SBA) - repository for past and present business records from the brewing industry at Glasgow University.
  • South Lanarkshire Council - researching family history in South Lanarkshire libraries.
  • Heatherbank Museum of Social Work.
  • National Museum of Rural Life .
  • New Lanark Trust also at www.robert-owen.com

    Lanark High Street c1937 (top left), Station Road, Low Blantyre ( top right), Dalzell Steelworkers ( bottom left), harvesting at Biggar, 1923 (bottom right)


  • AIRDRIE - history website.
  • CLYDEBANK - (Dunbartonshire) list of civilians killed WW2 page 1 ,  2 ,  3 ,  4 ,  5 ,  6 .
  • CAMBUSLANG - Parish Memorial Inscriptions 1722 - 1854 (incomplete) HappyHaggis. Happy to Help.
  • GLASGOW - 1927 Directory.
  • GLASGOW - Ramshorn Cemetery inscriptionsHappyHaggis. Happy to Help.
  • GLASGOW - A Municipal study, from The Century Illustrated Magazine Nov 1889-April 1890. Pages 1-8 and Pages 9-16. Each file contains 8 scanned pages and is in .zip format. File sizes are around 1.0MB. HappyHaggis. Happy to Help.
  • GOVAN - Part directory of 1909. Covers Govan Road, Helen Street &
    Queen Street only. HappyHaggis. Happy to Help.
  • HUTCHESONTOWN - diary of a U.P. Church Elder 1853-54.
  • MARYHILL - Maryhill Parish Church,Old Burying Ground Inscriptions. HappyHaggis. Happy to Help.
  • STRATHAVEN - cemetary inscriptions.


  • Ordnance Survey maps - free online maps covering the period 1860-1870.
  • Town Plan of Airdrie - surveyed 1858
  • Town Plan of Coatbridge - surveyed 1858
  • Town Plan of Glasgow - surveyed 1857-8
  • Town Plan of Glasgow - surveyed 1892-4
  • Town Plan of Glasgow (south east part) and Rutherglen - surveyed 1857-8
  • Town Plan of Hamilton - surveyed 1858
  • Town Plan of Lanark - surveyed 1858
  • Map of Glasgow - around 1560.

    Lanarkshire county map


  • Caledonian Railway - names from WW1 war memorial at Glasgow Central Station.HappyHaggis. Happy to Help.
  • Glasgow & South Western Railway - names from WW1 war memorial at Ayr StationHappyHaggis. Happy to Help.
  • K13 Fairfield War Memorial located at Elder Park, Govan. 32 deaths occurred while the K13 submarine was undergoing trials on 29th January 1917. HappyHaggis. Happy to Help.
  • Grave Location for Holders of the Victoria Cross in Glasgow
  • Grave Location for Holders of the Victoria Cross in Strathclyde
  • Lanarkshire Roll of Honour
  • RUTHERGLEN - war memorial

    Castle Street opposite Glasgow cathedral (top left), Broomielaw, Glasgow 1945 (top right), Glasgow Green 1848 (bottom left), Broomielaw, Glasgow c1820 (bottom right)


  • Cess Book for the County of Lanarkshire 1724-1725 - Cess was a 17th century land tax.
  • IGI Batch Numbers for Lanarkshire
  • Ship building - Genealogy Name Index listing steamers, build dates, owners, masters, etc.
  • Clydeside rent strikes 1915-16 - a gateway to images and information resources on the history of Red Clydeside and the Scottish Labour movement of the early 20th century.
  • Ship database - information about ships built on the River Clyde.
  • Despite being close to Glasgow, and on the north side of the River Clyde, Scotstoun, Jordanhill, Whiteinch and Yoker were actually part of Renfrewshire. The vast majority of this county was located on the south side of the river.


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