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Maryhill Parish Church,
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By JOHN RUSSELL in memory of his grandson JAMES RUSSEL who died 2nd July 1865 aged 4 years. ANNIE ANDREW MUIR his granddaughter died 4th February 1868 aged 2 years and [5] months. JOHN RUSSELL MUIR his grandson died 16th July 1868 aged 1 year and 2 1/2 months. The above JOHN RUSSELL died 14th April [1886] aged [8]1 years. JEAN GILLIES wife of JOHN RUSSELL ... September [1899 aged 91 years. Their son WILLIAM RUSSELL ...aged 67 years. ... JOHN RUSSELL ... aged [78] years. ... JANET aged 75 years

Erected by the inhabitants of Maryhill in memory of WILLIAM YOUNG, M.D. as a tribute of respect to his memory and as a mark of sympathy to his bereaved widow and family. He died 10th February 1865 aged 30 years GEORGIANA FRANCES JULL his wife died 2nd February 1878. WILLIAM MONINS YOUNG their son died 14th May 1872 aged 12 years JACOBINA MEGGAT YOUNG sister - of WM. YOUNG M.D. died 25th June 1896 GEORGIANA FRANCES YOUNG died 14th September 1835 aged 71 years daughter of the above WM. YOUNG MARY TODHUNTER YOUNG his daughter died 23rd July 1938 aged 76 years. “I know that my Redeemer liveth”

In memory of WILLIAM MEIKLEM who died 10th ... 185- aged [56] years. WILLIAM his son died 6 Jan ... aged 20 years. MARY [PATERSON] his wife’ died 6th Sept ... 80 years. CHRISTINA MEIKLEM his ... who died 10 June aged 3 years. Also his [son] JOHN PATERSON MEIKLEM who died 13th Jany ... aged 72 years. M.D. late of Pollokshields. [WILLIAM MEIKLEM (son), CHRISTINA MEIKLEM, MARGARET MEIKLEM I

Erected by WILLIAM MILLER In memory of MARGARET WILLISON his wife who died 23rd October 1864 aged 64 years. Their daughter MARGARET WILLISON MILLER wife of ROBERT LAIRD died 1st October 1910 aged 76 years. Their grandson THOMAS LAIRD died 7th Jany 1870 aged 13 months. Also ROBERT LAIRD husband of the above MARGARET W. MILLER who died 11th April 1913 aged 81 years. [MARGARET LAIRD, JOHN GIBB ]

The property of JAMES PAXTON To the .., of his wife MARGARET DUNCAN who died 3rd April 1863 after 64 years. The above JAMES PAXTON died 20th November 1871 .aged 72 years. His son JAMES died 8th October 1879 aged 10 years His grandson JAMES PAXTON HUNTER died 23rd March 1889 aged 3 weeks. Also his wife ELIZABETH AITKEN died 27th July 1900 aged 5[9] years.

Erected by his widow in memory of WILLIAM SWAN Shipbuilder died 19th May 1891 aged 74 years HELEN BELL SWAN his daughter died 23rd Feb 1890 aged 37 years. Also of HELEN MORRISON his wife died 20th August 1854 aged 30 years and JESSIE MEIKLE SWAN his daughter died 5th Novr 1855 aged 20 months MARGARET MARSHALL his widow born 7th Oct 1839 died 27th April 1922 ARCHIBALD MARSHALL her brother born 6th Dec 1843 died 2nd May 1908. “The memory of the just is blest”


The property of DAVID SWAN Shipbuilder. In memory of his son PETER born 20 April 1846 died 25 Oct 1846 His daughter HELEN BELL born 17 Nov 1847 died 7 Nov 1848 His brother ROBERT born 2 March 1852 died 5 Jan 1853 His son THOMAS ROBERT born 6 Oct died 30 Nov 1862 His mother-in-law HELEN BELL MORRISON born 29 Nov 1796 died 25 May 1873 His grand-son DAVID born 13 Oct 1870 died 22 Aug 1876 His son PETER MORRISON born 19 April 1849 died 22 Oct 1879 His wife JESSIE MORRISON born 10 June 1818 died 12 Jan 1886 DAVID SWANN born 4 Sept 1807 died 28 May 1894.

ARCHIBALD ALEXANDER SWAN born 6 February 1857 died 12th February 1911

In memory of ROBERT MENZIES beloved husband of AGNES GARDINER who died 2nd August 1908 aged 70 years. The above AGNES BOWIE GARDINER died at Aberfeldy 21st August 1926 in her 89th year

The property of JAMES ALLAN 1865.

Erected by MALCOLM FISHER in memory of his mother ELIZABETH WALKER who died 8th Aug 1855 aged 64 years. Also his father DANIEL FISHER who died 21st Dec 1880 aged 90 years. The above MALCOLM FISHER died 1st October 1895 aged 83 years.

The property of MALCOLM McINTYRE Shoemaker Maryhill and CATHERINE McARTHUR his wife and their children Sacred to the memory of JOHN their son who died 6th July 1839 aged 9 years and four months and ANN their daughter who died 5th Sepr 1851 aged 17 years Also ARCHIBALD who died 6th April 1852 aged 21 years. The above CATHERINE McARTHUR who died 7th July 1857 aged 62 years. The above MALCOLM McINTYRE who died 12th August 1877 aged 86 years.

Erected by JOANNA McINNES in loving memory of her husband JAMES SHAW J.P. Ironfounder Provost of Maryhill who died at Shawfield Kelvinside 22nd July 1895 aged 25 years and also JOANNA McINNES who died 14th February 1902 in her 80th year.






Erected by W[M]. MITCHELL in memory of his wife and children AGNES died 24th Jany 1857 aged 4 weeks GEORGE died 31st May 1858 aged 9 days JAMES LEGGAT his spouse died 11th Decr 1861 aged 38 years ISABELLA died 20th Sept 1863 aged 21 months ANN died 4th Decr 1867 aged 19 years. ALEXANDER died 23rd June 1868 aged 3 months. ANNIE OPIPHUNT died 10th Feb 1873 aged 6 months The said WILLIAM MITCHELL died 26th November 1877 aged 57 years. Also his wife MARIA STIRRAT died 7th May 1902 aged 68 years.



Erected by HUGH NIVEN senr. in memory of JANE McFA[RLAN]E his wife who [died ... Aug]t 1857. [Aged ... years]. [MARY DEWAR]

ANDREW STENHOUSE, who died at Maryhill -0th June 18[3 or 5]7 aged 59 years. CATHERINE RUSSELL his wife who died at Dumbarton 29th August 1882 aged 85 years. JOHN STENHOUSE their son died at New Zealand in 1876 aged 46 years. And their grand-children; CATHERINE RUSSELL STENHOUSE aged 1 year. ISABELLA STENHOUSE born... d[ied]... EL[IZABE]TH... ON his wife born 20th [May] 18-3 died 15th Sept. 1[9]15. (sculptor - D. Fleming)

Erected by ROBERT WINGATE in memory of ROBERT his son who died 5th Oct l83[6) aged 7 months. JAMES WINGATE killed at sea on the 22nd January 1858 aged 20 years. ROBERT WINGATE died 1st Sept 18[6]2 aged 38 years. JANET URIE wife of ROBERT WINGATE who died l[8]th Augt 1877 aged 52 years.

Erected by MARGARET CARMICHAEL in memory of her husband JOHN MUNN who died 18th July 1875 aged 27 years. Their son WALTER who died 12th April 1871 aged 2 years and their son WILLIAM WEIR who died 21st February 1875 aged 3 years and 6 months. The above MARGARET CARMICHAEL died at Dunoon 23rd April 1830 aged 82 years.

... in mem ... wife ANN ... who died 3rd December 18[5]1 aged 41 years. And his daughter MARGARET who died 27th June 1868 aged 2 years 11 mos. Also the above WILLIAM AITKEN who died 16th Sep 1894 aged 67 years. When we at death must part, How keen, how deep, the pain, But we shall still be joined in heart, And hope to meet again. [Mrs JOHN MUNRO ]

Sacred to the memory of his sister MARY MARTIN died 2nd March 1855 aged 22 His mother ROSEANN McGRATH or MARTIN died 7th Dec. 1857 aged 63 His father DAVID MARTIN died 29th Jan. 1864 aged 70 His sister SARAH MARTIN or McDONALD died 21st April 1876 aged 50 His sister AGNES MARTIN or McKAY died 5th april 1877 aged 40 His niece MARY McKAY or CRAIGIE died 23rd April 1891 aged 47. The property of JOHN MARTIN (Sculptor Scott & Rae)

Left hand half:- Erected by ALEXANDER ADAMSON in memory of his son JAMES who died 31st October 1855 aged 14 months. This lovely bud so young & fair, Called hence by early doom, Just [pause] to show how sweet a flower, In paradise would bloom.

Erected by JAMES GALLOWAY. In memory of ANN McMILLEN his wife who die the ... [February] 1855 aged ... and SA ...ter who died ...year.

[Erected] by WILLIAM & [JOHN S.] NEIL in memory of their father WILLIAM NEIL who died 6th March 1854 aged 32 years His son WILLIAM NEIL who died 27th Jany 1881 aged 32 years Also MARGARET GIBB wife of [JOHN S.] NEIL who died ... aged 55 years. The said [JOHN S.] Neil died [24] Decr 18-- aged 65 years. [WILLIAM McNEILL, JOHN BARR NEILL]



...died ... his wife AGNES AGNEW died 24th July 18[9]0 aged [76] years WILLIAM SWAN BUCHANAN the beloved husband of AGNES MEIKLE died [21st] July 1894 aged 49 years The above JAMES MEIKLE died 30th August 1898 aged 79 years His grand-daughter MARY BUCHANAN died 21st July 1900 aged 2(0] years and 7 months.

The property of JOHN McGREGOR, Smith, Possil and JANE MOODIE, his wife. [MARY McGREGOR]

The property of ALEXR McLUCKIE and ELIZABETH SMITH his wife and their children In memory of ELIZABETH their daughter who died 2nd June 1828 aged 21 months. And of AGNES their daughter who died 22nd Feby 1837 aged 14 days. And of ELIZABETH their daughter who died 3rd March 1840 aged 11 years. The property of ANTHONY SMITH and ELIZABETH ROWAN his wife and children In memory of GRACE their daughter who died 3rd March 1840 aged 10 years. And of JAMES their son who died on the 8th Sepr 1841 aged 16 years. And of ANTHONY SMITH their father who died 28th Novr 1841 aged 62 years.

RICHARD WATSON In memory of JANE his daughter who died ... August 1839 aged 1- months, ELIZABETH LENNECA[R] his mother who died 21st July 1841 aged (70]. And JOHN WATSON his father Lithographic printer who died [8]th August 1841 aged [71] GEORGE LENNECAR his brother in law who died 9th Nov 1861 aged [71] The above named RICHARD WATSON who died 6th Nov 1861 aged 64, JOHN WATSON his son who died 1st May 1880 aged 44, FLORENCE BLUE (wife of RICHARD WATSON) who died [3rd] April 1883 aged 82. [P.WATSON]

Rest in hope In memory of JAMES AITKEN Ironfounder who died 27th Novr 1847 aged 51 years. Also DAVID AITKEN his son who died February 1841 aged 13 months. MARY AITKEN his wife who died 19th Feby 1873, aged 70 years

In remembrance Rev WILLIAM SPEIRS SHANKS died at the Manse, Maryhill 19th November 1887 aged 52 years. His wife AGNES ALLAN died at the Manse 10th August 1865 aged 28 years Their son GAVIN ALLAN SHANKS died at Uddingston 15th May 1934 aged 69 years [THOMAS ALLAN SHANKS, JAMES BRYCE]



WILLIAM LEES In memory of his wife JANE (T]ARLTON who died [May 13] 1887 aged 59 years [and their children] WILLIAM ... Oct 185- aged 1,1/2 years MARY ... Nov 185- ... MATILDA ... Oct 18-- ... ELIZABETH ... 9th April ... AGNES ... 1870 ... 30th July 18-- ... [JAMES GIBSON] WILSON died ... August 1873 aged -- years The above WILLIAM LEES died ... aged 76 years (Sculptor - D. Fleming) [JOHN SINCLAIR, EDWARD STEDE]

JAMES WILSON In memory of his beloved children HUGH died 8th Feby 1874 aged 16 months. JOHN died 3rd Oct 1884 aged 17 years. “Farewell dear mother for a while, I must resign thy plaintive smile, May angels watch thy couch of wo, And joys unceasing round thee flow.” (Sculptor - D. Fleming)


The property of JOHN McGOWAN and brothers. Sacred to the memory of DAVID their brother who died 27th January 1868 aged 25 years. “A-sleep” [DAVID WILSON, JOHN BARCLAY]

Sacred to the memory of DUGALD McCOIG who died --th March 1869 aged (66] years. And ALECK his son who died 7th April 1868, aged 22 years. And CATHERINE his daughter who died 20th July 1875 aged 41 years. AGNES McLEAN his wife who died 11th Dec 1881 aged 73 years. JOHN his son who died at Cosford, N.S.W. 14th August 1893 aged 49 years. JESSIE his daughter who died 16th November 1906 aged 49 years. JOHN SIMPSON who died 31st Dec 1941 aged 87 years beloved husband of the above AGNES SIMPSON "Asleep in Jesus"

Token of respect from the Teachers of Maryhill U.F. Church, Sabbath School and Crusaders. In memory of Mr JOHN SIMPSON who died 11th Decr 1915

Erected by JOHN and CHARLOTTE AITKEN in memory of their son ROBERT who died 14th Jan 1878 aged 3 years & 9 mos. Their daughter AGNES who died 5th October 1893 aged 16 years The above CHARLOTTE PATON AITKEN who died 28th June 1904 aged 63 years The above JOHN AITKEN (who died] 17th [Dec] ... [8]1 years. "With Christ which id far better" (Sculptor - R. Gray, Glasgow) [JAMES REID]



Erected by JOHN PICKEN, Balgray in memory of JEAN HOWIE his wife who died 17th December ---- aged [-0] years JOHN ... who died 17th ... [25] years ISABELLA ... died ... years JOHN PICKEN who died December ... aged 2 years MARGARET MUIR... who... DAVID ... JOHN PICKEN died ... JANE PICKEN his daughter died 24th Nov [1880] aged 68 years. [KENNEL]


[In loving remembrance of 3 ALIS-N YOUNGER wif ...AWFORD. ... 78, ORD ... AGNES YOUNGER CRAWFORD ... died ... “Thy will be done” (Sculptor W. Martin, Glasgow) [JOHN CRAWFORD] (marker stone on either side) J.C. No 47

In memory of JOHN MOIR, Slater, Maryhill, who died 17th May 1875, aged 70 years, superintendent of the Sabbath School in the parish church for 20 years. MARGARET STEWART, his wife who died 24th June 1840. JANET MOIR, his daughter, wife of THOMAS YOUNG, who died 22nd April 1868, ALEXANDER, their son, who died 6th May 1868 aged 8 months.

Erected by JAMES SIM ... aged - years. The above JAMES SIM who died ... May ... aged ... years. [JAMES WELSH]

NEIL NICOLSON died 24th April 1877 aged [6]1 years. JOHN NICOLSON, died 23rd Dec 1878 aged 24 years. JAMES NICOLSON died 22nd June 1863 aged 1 year and 9 months. MARY TAYLOR, died 29th May 1872 aged 5 months. NICOL CAMPBELL died 29th Oct 1877 aged 3 years. [GEO. WATSON]

[BETHIA] ... JOHN ... J-NET ... JANE [born 14th June] ... 1- February ... BETHIA born 30th June ... died 1[8th] April 18-- AGNES wife of the above WILLIAM S. SHANKS Minister of this... born 12th Januar ... died ...August 1865 Revd WILLIAM SPIERS SHANKS died at the Manse Maryhill 19th Novr 1887 in the 53d year of his age and the 29th year of his ministry in this parish. [JOHN McDPMA;D. ALEX McDONALD, GEORGE McGAFFIGHAN, CHRISTINE McGAFFIGHAN, JANE McDONALD, ALEX McFARLANE]

Erected by MARION BARR. In memory of her husband WILLIAM DAVIS, who died 2nd Feb 1872 aged 73 years Also their daughter JANE JEFFCOTT, who died 12th Aug 1864 aged 4 years 4 months The above MARION BARR or DAVIS who died 22nd Oct 1896 aged 73 years “The righteous hath hope in his death” Prov XIV 32 [J. MILLAR]

Erected by ARCHIBALD McINNES In memory of his parents ROBERT McINNES who died 2nd June 1856 aged 72 years and his wife ELIZABETH DOUGLAS who died 28th Dec 1873 aged 86 years Natives of Lorne, Argyleshire The said ARCHIBALD McINNES who died 15th October 1893 aged 76 years Also ELIZABETH SHAW daughter of (the late Provost Shaw of Maryhill) who died 6th September 1876 aged 31 years “I know in whom I have believed”

In memory of JAMES ROBERTSON Merchant, for 3 years Provost of Maryhill, who died 17th November 1879 aged 70 years His wife JEAN LENNIE, who died 8th July 1847 His children JAMES who died 8th February 1834; THOMAS who died 28th October 1845; ANN who died 1st April 1858 (Sculptor - R. Gray Glasgow)

Erected ... JOSEPH [DUNCAN] died ... May ... and his wife JANET ROBERTSON died ... (Sculptor D. Fleming) [DAWSON, JANET ROBERTSON, D. GREENLEES, THOMAS JOHNSTONE]


[McLUCKIE] (Marker stone next to it) W. McL.

Erected by ROBERT JOHNSTON In memory of ELIZA STENHOUSE his wife who died [18th] ... aged 27 years also his daughter JANET aged ... years

Erected by ROBERT SCOTT in memory of JANET WATT his wife who died Decr 26th [1851] aged [33] years MARGARET their daughter who died ... 23rd ... 1846 aged ... JAMES [WILLIAM SCOTT]

JAMES DUNLOP In memory of his children JAMES died 20th Decr 1841, aged 2 years CATHERINE died 4th Decr 1849, aged [5] years. MARGARET, died 12th Novr 1855, aged 1 year. JANET died 13th August 1866, aged 7 years JAMES [died] 17 April 1871 aged 2 ... [A]RCHIBALD died 14th August 1884, aged 27 years MARY DUNLOP wife of ROBERT GUTHRIE, [di]ed 4th October 1886, aged 33 years MARY WALKER, beloved wife of JAMES DUNLOP died 21 March 1889, aged 68 years JAMES DUNLOP died 3rd May 1895, aged 80 years.



In memory of JAMES HUNTER died 5th April 1868 aged 39 years Also of his children; ALEXANDER RENWICK died 30th Dec aged 7 months, AGNES AITKENHEAD died 29th July 1868 aged 10 years, HELEN WEIR, died 25th May 1879 aged 19 years, ISABELLA RENWICK, died 9th May 1880 aged 17 years, MAGGIE, died 3rd Augt 1880 aged 16 years, JOHN, died 18th June 1887 aged 37 years, ANDREW RENWICK, died 7th Feby 1888 aged (35] 1/2 years, ISABELLA RENWICK wife of the above JAMES HUNTER, died 13th January 1919 aged 84 years (ANDREW WILSON]

In memory of dd DAVID IMRIE, Fossoway died 1835 aged 97, JAMES IMRIE, Cader Cuilt died 1857 aged 89, ANNE WILKIE or IMRIE died 1848 aged 89, DAVID IMRIE died 1828 aged 29, ELIZABETH IMRIE died 1810 aged 9, GEORGE IMRIE died in Tobagoe died 1828 aged 25, WILLIAM IMRIE Blackhill died 1880 aged 77, HELEN LOVE or IMRIE died 1850 aged 39, MARGARET INMRIE died 1849 aged 1, WILLIAM IMRIE died 1863 aged 30, JESSIE IMRIE died 1864 aged 24, ANNIE IMRIE died 1870 aged 43, DAVID IMRIE Redbog died 1925 aged 76, JANET MILLAR IMRIE died 1936 aged 68, JESSIE 1892, JANET 1897, WILLIAM 1905, children of DAVID and JANET IMRIE. “I know that my Redeemer liveth.”




...by W & - [McLU]CKIE in memory of their father WILLIAM McLUCKIE, portioner died 8 May 1854, aged 47 years their daughter ELIZABETH BENNIE died 14th March 1837 aged 36 years their brothers JAM[ES] died 6th March 1836 aged 3 months MAT[THEW] died 1- ... June 183- aged 8 years their sister ... June 1837 aged 6 months [T]HOMAS ANCRUM ... WILLIAM McLUCKIE junr... aged 4 months ... LUCKIE ... ... 33 years ... -4 years [HARP]ER teacher ... -- years ... LUCKIE jun... [W. MURRAY]

Property of DAVID THOMSON, and AGNES BRYCE, his wife In memory of MARY TH[O]MSON his [siste]r [who] died 2-st June 1--4 aged -8 years [D]avid T...MS... [di]ed 11 ~ age ... [A]GNE[S]... [di]ed 4 ... aged...

The property of AWALTER McLeod, Maryhill, and MARY McALPINE his spouse. Sacred to the memory of their son JAMES who died on the XXVII April MDCCCXXVII, aged VII years.

The property of WILLIAM LENNIE In memory of MARY M.... his wife, who ... 1830, ... GEORGE ... 1835 AGNES ... 1848 MAR... 185(1] JOHN ... son in law died ... years MARGAR... HILL died 7 ... years WILLIAM LENNIE died 12th March 1872 aged 72 years WILLIAM LENNIE died 20th [June] 1882 aged 44 years His grandson WILLIAM LENNIE died 31st August 1895 aged 31 years His daughter in law MARY DUNLOP RUSSELL died 28th December [1909] aged 72 years

The property of ... PURDON. [M]aryhill ... ted by... Erected by h ... Memory... PURDON ... [husband] who died [20]th ... A. D. [1822] aged ... years [J. PURDON, WM. LANG, ISABELLA LANG]

The property of WILLIAM ANDREW Wright Maryhill Sacred to the memory of HUGH ANDREW his brother who died l[3]th January 1827 aged 21 years and of JOHN his brother who died August ... 18[3]1 aged 28 years

Erected by JOHN and MAGGIE BAIRD in loving memory of their daughter Wee POLLY who died 5th Apl 1900 aged 2 years and 6 weeks Also of his father ROBERT BAIRD aged 55 years; His mother ANN SCOTT aged 52 years; His sister MAGGIE BAIRD aged 8 years; And his brothers ANDREW and ROBERT who died young “Where your treasure is there will your heart be also”

Erected in memory of JAMES HENRY, Mason who died 23rd Feby 1865 aged 46 years Also his children CHARLES died 18th Oct 1848 aged 15 months ANNIE died 26 Novr 1850 aged 10 years BELLA died 26th Feb 1858 aged 10 weeks JOHN HENRY Mason who died 16th June 1878 aged 35 years ISABELLA McFARLANE wife of the above JAMES HENRY who died 23rd Octr 1890 aged 76 years Erected by the family


...RAITH Erected by AGNES PATERSON in memory [of her] husband WILLIAM ...RAITH who died ... 1869 ... AGNES PATERSON died 20th March ... [7]0 years [C. IRVINE, ANNIE BROGAN, MAY BROGAN, G.C. NEIL, THOMAS NEIL]


Erected by JAMES ORR, in memory of his son, ANDREW, who was drowned 4th Decr 1861, aged 20 years 9 months. The above JAMES ORR, died 3rd Decr 1871 in his 71st year. AGNES HAMILTON, wife of the said JAMES ORR, who died 13th of May 1903 in her 97th year. [JANE ORR]

Erected by ROBERT TULLIS & JANET CRAIG, in memory of her father JOHN CRAIG, died July 21st 1827 aged 66 years Also her mother JANET GRAHAM who died 16th Oct 1848, aged 74 years. Also JAMES CRAIG who died Septr 5th 1861 aged 61 years. Also THOMAS GIBSON their grandson, died 29th Mar.ch 1875, aged 5 weeks. Also JESSIE REID their grand-daughter, died 28th July 1875, aged 3 years. Also ROBERT TULLIS, died 21st October 1875 aged 60 years. Also ANDREW GIBSON their son in law, died 2nd June 1876 aged 30 years. Their daughter ELIZABETH TULLIS, died 4th Septr 1879 aged 30 years. JANET CRAIG wife of ROBERT TULLIS died 30th December 1881 aged 67 years. Their daughter JANET TULLIS wife of JAMES GRIEVE died 21st July 1916, aged 71 years. [M. GRAHAM]

THOS ALLAN, in memory of DAVID ALLAN, died 3rd August 1873. JESSIE SHAW SHANKS, died 21st July 1875, JANET SHAW, wife of THOMAS ALLAN, died 28th July 1875. THOMAS ALLAN, born 12th January 1809 died 27th October 1876. AGNES SHANKS, died 22nd March 1884. ISA FORBES, died 11th May 1884 aged 10 1/2 years, daughter of THOMAS ALLAN junr. Mrs THOMAS ALLAN junr. died 21st Septr 1884. THOMAS ALLAN junr. died 17th Novr 1884.

To the memory of DAVID ALSTON, apprentice engineer aged 17 drowned at Rockvilla Nov 26 1886. “Ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the son of man cometh” [D. McINTOSH, JESSIE ALSTON]

In memory of ANDREW RENWICK, Farmer Gairbraid died 20th Dec 1862 aged 60 years AGNES AITKENHEAD, his wife, died 21st May 1874, aged 66 years MARGARET ORR, his mother, died 13th Feb 1837 aged 79 years MARGARET RENWICK his daughter, died 29th August 1861 aged 31 years SAMUEL WALLACE his grandson, died 21st July 1874 aged 15 months LILLIAS AITKEN BRYCE wife of ANDREW RENWICK died 7th Feb 1881 aged 25 years MARY SMITH HARVEY wife of ANDREW RENWICK died 14th Dec 1886 aged 25 years JOHN RENWICK, his father died 7th March 1840 aged 81 years ANDREW RENWICK his grandson, died 31st Dec 1874 aged 5 1/2 years AGNES PATERSON AITKENHEAD, only daughter of ANDREW RENWICK, died 7th Nov 1895 aged 16 years

Sacred to the memory of the Revd ROBERT MacNAIR WILSON, born 21st September 1799, Ordained first Minister of Maryhill 17 Aug 1826, where he laboured in the Established and Free Church till 3d April 1874, when he departed, “To be with Christ, which is far better" and of MARY MUIR his wife, born 25th November 1808 died 21st September 1885 Also in memory of his children, ARCHIBALD STERLING born 18th of April 1842 died 26th December 1842, ROBERT born 25th July 1835 died 18th July 1843, JOHN MUIR born 11th August 1833 died 20th November 1843, ALLAN GRAHAM born 5th October 1853 died 26th October 1856, JAMES GIBSON M.A., M.D. Demonstrator of Anatomy in the University of Glasgow, born 14th April 1840 died 10th June 1865, MARJORY born 12th of July 1829 died 3rd November 1892, DAVID MUIR born 10th February 1849 died 7th March 1829 "Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him" MARGARET ELIZABETH born 16th March 1846 died 13th March 1932 MARY MUIR died 5th May 1939


The property of A. FERGUSON. Erected by ANDREW FERGUSON in memory of his children. AGNES died 27th Novr 1839 aged 16 months. JAMES died 27th Decr 1841 aged 6 months. JAMES died 3rd March 1850 aged 2 years. MARY NEILSON his wife died 20th July 1858, aged 47 years. WILLIAM FERGUSON died 24th Jany 1869 aged 27 years. ANDREW FERGUSON died 28th Nov 1871 aged 61 years. [N. McDOUGAL]

In memory of ANDREW MILLER Farmer died 18th Jany 1880 aged 63 years His wife CATHERINE CALDERHEAD died 15th Augt 1863 aged 50 years Their daughter CATHERINE CALDERHEAD died 29th Decr 1880 aged 30 years Their grand-son ANDREW MILLER died 28th Decr 1881 aged 18 years Their son JOHN MILLER died 21st Oct 1882 aged 33 years JOHN STEWART beloved husband of MARY MILLER died [30]th Decr 18[8]l aged 53 years MARY MILLER beloved wife of JOHN STEWART [died 11th] July 1922 [ELIZ. STRACHAN, ISABELLA STRACHAN, WM, STRACHAN]


Erected by JAMES McFARLANE “Thy will be done”

In loving memory of his mother JANET ABERCROMBY MACKIE who died 23rd Feby 1877 in her 37th year. His sister HELEN THOMSON born 22 Jan 1877 died 5 April 1878. His father JOHN McFARLANE died 30th May 1894 aged 64 years. [M. AULD, MATTHEW AULD, ELIZ. AULD, MISS WILSON]

Erected by ALEXANDRER HENDERSON Maryhill In memory of his wife JANE BUCHANAN JENKINS who died 28th Decr 1887 aged 60 years Also of their children ALEXANDER, GEORGE, PETER , and JANE AGNES who all died in infancy The above ALEXANDER HENDERSON who died 3rd May 1902 aged 68 years.





Erected by ELLEN DURHAM in memory of her husband ANDREW WHELDON died 12th July 1884 aged 68 years. Also of their children, JAMES, died 3rd April 1862 aged 3 years. JOSEPH died 29th July 1886 aged 27 years. The above ELLEN DURHAM died 26th February 1906 aged 68 years. “The dear familiar face is gone We’re left behind to watch and wait But sweetest comfort leeds us on You’re waiting for us at the gate” [WM. YOUNG, J. BURN]


In memory of the Rev WILLIAM SPEIRS SHANKS for 28 years Minister of Maryhill Parish who died l9 November, 1887 aged 52 years. Beloved by all and friend of the poor. Erected by his congregation and friends.

Erected by the inhabitants of Maryhill and ... in memory of JAMES [CARLAW] Surg ... who died 21 Nov 1832 ... aged 30 years [CHAPMAN]

Erected by SAMUEL NEIL Maryhill in loving memory of his son SAMUEL who died 2[8]th Dec 18[89] aged 18 years His father THOMAS NEIL died [29th] Sep 18[98] aged [11] years “A little while to live on earth then pass away Friend are you ready, for you do not know the day” (Sculptor - D. Fleming) [HUGH CUNNINGHAM, JESSIE CUNNINGHAM]

In loving memory of JOHN Beloved son of JOHN ROWAN who died 28th Feb 1902 aged 15 years

1833 This ... ty of JOHN ARBUCKLE, MATTHEW ARBUCKLE his son died 18 Sep 1854 aged 49

In [memory of] JOHN [STEWART] ... Maryhill who died [19th March] 18-- aged also his daughter CHRISTINA STEWART who died [28th] Feb aged ... years and his daughter JEAN STEWART wife of WILLIAM McLUCKIE who died ... May ... aged [27]years

...[GE]ORGE MILLER... [To the memory of GEORGE MILLER, who was mortally stabbed at the age of Nineteen, on the 24th February, 1834, by one of those put to the Calico Printing Trade for the purpose of destroying a Union of the regular workmen, formed to protect their wages. This monument is erected by his fellow operatives.]

By the good ... and oth ... Sacred to th ... JOHN PETER of Maryh... and ... RT STRUTHERS of [H]avock ... aged 18 years [Mem]bers of Kelvin Lodge, No. 271, 1.O.of ... [W]ho were drowned while bathing ... ether in the River Kelvin, ne ... [Bl]ackhill on Friday 21st June 18-- ... mpanions in life in death they w not divided. “We shine in the light of ... His lightness stamps our br... Through the valley of death our feet have trod and we reign in Glory now". “Oh friends of mortal years ... the trusted and the true, Ye are watching still in the Valley of Tears but we wait to welcome you” (Sculptor - D. Fleming)

The property of JOHN PETER Garscube Quarry Erected in memory of JEAN McILQUHAM his wife who died 4th Dec 1827 aged 46 years JOHN Peter junr died 5th Jany 1850 aged 33 years ANNIE ORR died 6th Feby 1857 aged 16 years JOHN PETER senr died 14th Jany 1864 aged 83 years ROBERT his son died 15th June 1848 aged 16 years. ANDREW died 8th May 18[53] aged 12 years



JOHN ALLAN, in memory of his wife AGNES PRICE, died 30th May 1879 aged 75 years. JOHN ALLAN, died 24th May 1883 aged 79 years. ALEXr HAXTON, died 26th June 1888 aged 42 years ELIZABETH ALLAN [6]7 years. [ANN ALLAN]


Erected by ELIZABETH COMRIE in loving memory of her husband JOHN McMASTER, died 18th February 1901 aged 80 years Also their children JOHN died 7th April 1875 aged 17 years ISABELLA died 15th April 1886 aged 32 years The above ELIZABETH COMRIE died 18th May 1911 aged 80 years “Home with Jesus, Home at last” (Sculptor - R. Gray)

In memory of ARCHIBALD JOHNSTON Farmer, Lochburn died 14th August 1881 aged 77 years MARGARET NISBET daughter of JAMES JOHNSTON born 15th October 1785 died at Ciairmont, Bishop Auckland, England 23rd November 1889. The said JAMES JOHNSTON Farmer, Lochburn died 18th Oct 1906 aged 55 years (Sculptor - R. Gray)

... property ... MUSHAT ... erected to the memory of ANN ROBERTSON his spouse who died ... April A.D. 18- [8] aged [50] years

The property of JOHN STRANG Maryhill erected in memory of his son ROBERT who died April [11th] 1828 aged -- years.


In loving memory of ANN CAMPBELL wife of WILLIE [DELLEVINE] [friends meeting] ANNIE ISLAND HALL] May 13 1902. Her last words “Jesus I love Thee ... Thou art mine of Thee all the of sin ... loved Thee Jesus is now”

Erected by WILLIAM LIDDLE in memory of his father WILLIAM LIDDLE who died 22nd June 1854 aged 34 years and his mother AGNES CAVEN who died 29th March 1872 aged 55 years and his mother-in-law CATHERINE McNEIL died 25th Decr 1885 aged 75 years and his beloved wife ANN CAMPBELL died 13th May 1902 aged 62 years The above WILLIAM LIDDLE died 2nd February 1904 aged 63 years “Til the day break and the shadows flee away Be ye also ready”

The property of ALEXR. WEIR died 15th Septr 1867 aged 66 years Sacred to the memory of his wife MATT. XXIV. 44 “Therefore be ye also ready” ELIZH. WILSON who died 15 June 1842 aged 50 years ROBT. their son died 15 March 1834 aged 5 years ELIZH. died 26 Feby 1835 aged 22 months MARY died 9 April 1844 aged 9 months ALEXR. died 31 Jany 1847 aged 20 years SARAH died 8 March 1847 aged 23 years WILLM. died 9 Decr. 1847 aged. 7 years JANE, daughter of JAMES WEIR, died 16th Novr 1872 aged 18 months MARY DUGALL his wife died 6 Octr 1886 aged 49 years JAMES WEIR died 28th April 1911 aged 80 years



Erected by WM. TOPPING in memory of his son JOHN born 16th Feby 1876 died 25th Feby 1877. His son HUGH born 12th April 1872 died 7th June 1876. His nephew HUGH TOPPING JOHNSTON born. 26th June 1861 died 8th Feby 1887. His mother-in-law AGNES MOIR EWING died 20th Sept 1888 aged 58 years. His brother-in-law WILLIAM EWING died 6th Dec 1888 aged 20 years. His father-in-law WILLIAM EWING died 19th April 1897 aged 71 years. “Not lost but gone before” [J. THOMSON]

In memoriam HECTOR MUNRO Garrioch Hall died 26th June 1899 aged 56 years CHRISTINA McINTOSH his wife died 28th July 1887 aged 53 years MAGGIE REBECCA their daughter died 11th February 1883 aged 9 years “Until the day break”


Erected by ROBERT HASTIE His wife MARY STEWART who died 17th Jan 1896 aged [51] years and their children HUGH who died 1896 aged 10 months HUGH died 12th July 1888 aged 15 years [W. McEWAN]

The property of JAMES McLACHLAN. Possil and his family 18-2 In memory of JAMES McLACHLAN, Possil who died on the 6th December 1832 aged 67 years [JOHN MILLER, MGT. FISHER, H.M. GORDON]



Erected by JAMES CALDWELL in memory of his children MARGARET died 4th March 1881 aged 17 years ELIZABETH died 3rd July 1881 aged 19 years Also his wife ELIZABETH MILLER died 8th March 1895 aged 62 years Also his son JAMES died 9th April 1898 aged 25 years Also his grand-daughter HELEN BROOKS died 28th August 1903 aged 11 years The above JAMES CALDWELL died [11th] Decr 1915 aged 83 years "Jesus only" [WM. LINDSAY]

Erected by ROBERT SOMMERVILLE in memory of his son ROBERT who died 11th Nov 1865 aged 10 years MARGRAT his daughter died 7th May 1866 aged 5 years ROBERT SOMMERVILLE died 19th April 1904 aged 78 years CATHERINE SOMMERVILLE died 6th May 1908 aged 79 years “When the weary ones we love, Enter on their rest above, When their words of love and cheer, Fall no longer on our ear, Hush be every murmur dumb, It is only till He comes” (Sculptor - A. McEwen)

Erected to the memory of WILLIAM BROWN tailor Maryhill [WM. MUIR, GEO. CORBETT, JOHN COWE, HELEN COWE]

The property of JOHN BERWICK Erected in memory of MARGARET CRAIG wife of JAMES DENHOLM who died May [19] l8[36] aged [50] years Also JAMES DENHOLM who died June ... 18-0 aged ... Also JANET DENHOLM wife of JOHN BERWICK who died ... 1861 aged ..years 123s [P. CARRIGAN]

Erected by ANNABELLA McGREGOR in loving memory of her husband ROBERT MILLER who died 7th January 1906 aged 66 years ANGUS their son who died 30th Jan 1868 aged 9 months JESSIE their daughter who died 9th Dec 1875 aged 6 months WEE JOHNNY their grandson who died 18th April 1894 aged 8 years The above ANNABELLA McGREGOR who died 8th March 1908 aged 68 years “Nearer my God to Thee”

Erected by MICHAEL HENEGAN in memory of his son WILLIAM who died 19th June ... aged 3 years

In memory of MARION CRAWFORD wife of JOHN WALKER died 27th Aug aged go. years and of ISABELLA their daughter died 7th years also of the above JOHN WALKER died 14th ... years [JAMES QUINN]

Erected by JAMES BUNTING in memory of his father MOSES B. BUNTING who died 11th Feby 1883 aged 83 years Also his mother EUPHEMIA MILLER who died 8th March 1874 aged 70 years Also his brother MOSES who died 2-.. March 1859 aged [2]l years and his two daughters EUPHEMIA died [22] ... 18-3 aged [16] months BETHIA died ... July "Not lost but gone before" (Sculptor - D. Flemi ...)




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