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WW1 War Memorial
Glasgow & South Western Railway
Ayr Railway Station, Ayrshire.

G&SW Railway War Memorial, Ayr Station.

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This memorial war originally located at St. Enoch's Railway Station in Glagsow. The station was demolished and the site developed as a shopping area in the 1980's. The memorial was then relocated to Ayr station.

The Glasgow and South Western Railway was a compactly arranged medium sized railway company which served the triangle forming the south west of Scotland to Carlisle and Stranraer, with its headquarters in Glasgow. It became the third largest in Scotland and was formed by the amalgamation of earlier railways in 1850, when the line from Glasgow and Carlisle was completed. The earliest constituent (although it was not taken over until 1899) was the Duke of Portland's privately financed Kilmarnock and Troon Railway of 1800 - 1812. Built to carry coal from the Dukes pits near Kilmarnock to Troon harbour on the Ayrshire coast. This line had several "firsts" for Scotland - the first railway viaduct (which still stands), first fare paying pasengers, and first steam locomotive - although it was too heavy for the primitive tram road track, otherwise horse operated. (text by the Glasgow & South Western Railway Association website at www.gswrr.co.uk ).

In proud remembrance of the men of the Glasgow & South Western Railway who gave their lives for their country in the great war.

Godfrey Adams John Adams Archibald Alexander
Charles W Alford Sam Allison Alexander Anderson
George Anderson Peter Anderson William Andrew
John Armour Robert Armstrong Alexander Banks
David Barbour William Barrie George Beatson
Llewlvn Beattie John Blackwood George Blair
James T Blair Hugh Boyd Thomas Boyd
William Breckenridge Charles F Brinkworth Alexander Brown
Andrew Brown Hamilton Brown John Brown
Andrew T Brownridge Herbert Bunce John Burgers
William Burgoyn Charles Byers James Callander
Andrew Cameron William Cameron George Campbell
Thomas Campbell John Carl Robert Carswell
John Cassels Andrew Chalmers James Chalmers
William Charteris William Clark Charles Coid
Robert Cole James Connell Bernard Connelly
Robert Conning William Couper Thomas Craig
James Craik Frank F Craven David Crawford
Peter Crawford George Cunningham William Cunningham
Robert Currie Isaac Davidson James Davidson
John Dempsey James Dempster William Dick
William Dick John Dickson Joseph Dickson
Thomas Dobie Donald Docherty James Docherty
John Docherty James Douglas Richard Douglas
Alexander Downie John Downie Frank Downs
John Drysdale Archibald Duff Harry Dunlop
Thomas McT. Edgar John Fell Alexander Ferguson
George Ferguson John Ferguson Matthew Ferguson
James Findlay George A Fisher Stuart F Forbes
Alexander Frater Alexander Fulton George Galbraith
George Garven William F Gavin Charles Gibson
Joseph Gillies Thomas Golden James H Gordon
John C Gordon James T Graham James Graham
Peter Grassick Alexander Gray Duncan Gray
James Hackett Duncan Hail Daniel Hamilton
Robert Hamilton Thomas Hannah Geo. Stanley Hewitt
George Hind Albert Hindson Stewart Hogg
William H Holmer John C Houston Joseph Howie
Robert Hutton William Ireland William Jamieson
David Jardine James Johnstone Robert L Johnstone
Peter Kane James R Kean Henry Keeling
Robert Kerr Thomas Kerr William Kerr
William Kerrigan John C Kiddie James King
Francis J Kirk James Kirkpatrick Robert Kirkpatrick
Richard Kissell William Lamberton Thomas Lapraik
James Leslie William C Ligat James Little
William Lockerbie Alfred T Logan William Logan
Alexander Love Henry E Macadam James McAdam
Patrick McAleavey Alexander McAllister William McBride
Alexander McBurnie Alfred W McCall Richard McCartney
Thomas McCluskey Richard McCreadie David McCulloch
Archibald McDonald John McDougall James McEwan
John McEwan John McEwan James McEwan
James McGenn Patrick McGhie Ian Macgillivray
Daniel McGowan John McGregor James McIntosh
Robert McKean John Mackie William Mackie
George McKie William McKie Fergus McKinnell
Daniel McLean John McLean John McLean
Malcolm McLeod James McLure James McManus
James McMurtrie Robert McNeillie Donald McVey
John McWilliam John Mair David Marjoribanks
Daniel Martin John Martin Henry Matthews
Andrew Maxwell James Maxwell Matthew R Maxwell
Thomas Maxwell William Meehan James Millar
Charles Miller Robert Miller Henry Milligan
Robert Milligan John Milner John Moffat
William Morris Hugh Morrison Hugh Morrison
Robert Morrison Robert Morrison Robert Morrison
William Mossman George Moulder Walter Muir
John Mullen William Mundell Alexander Munro
John Murdoch Robert Murray George Neil
Robert Neil John Nicol Thomas Nish
James O'Donelly Henry O'Neil John Orr
Thomas Paterson James Paton William G Paton
Joseph Peoples George Phair William Phillips
Robert Porteous James Porter Edwards Potts
John Provan Hugh Queay Harry Quigg
William Rae Somerville D Ramsay Patrick Reilly
George Richard Joseph Richardson Andrew G Richmond
John Richmond James Riley David Ritchie
Albert Rivers James Robertson William Robertson
David Robson William Robson William Rodger
George Rogerson Robert Ross William Sargenson
George Sarsfield Henry Sawers Alexander Scott
William Scott Thomas Selves Robert Semple
John Shanks Hugh Sharp Alexander Sim
Peter Simpson Archibald G Sinclair John Smillie
George C Smith James Smith James F Smith
John Smith Robert Smith William H Smith
Thomas Smyth Robert Spiers David Stweart
George McC Stewart John Stewart William Struthers
Peter J Swan Thomas Tait Stephen Telfer
William Telford Charles Thomson Hugh P Thompson
John Thompson Neil Thomson James Tinney
George Tinto Harry Townson Alexander Turner
Charles Veitch James Wakefield John R Walker
Andrew Walsh James Walsh Wilfred Warnock
Walter Warrick William Waugh Robert Wemyss
William White William Williamson James Wilson
Fergus Woodside Joseph Wright Daniel Young
William A Young


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