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Cambuslang Parish
Memorial Inscriptions
1722 - 1854 (incomplete)

Old Cambusland Map

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1. Here lyes the corps of Robert Admiston who deied March 10 1722. His age is 42 years. The is the burial place appointed for his wife and their children 1724.

2. This is the burying place of William Mason, merchand, Cambuslang and Janet Ferguson, his spouse, and their family; and to commemorate the death of John Mason, their first born, who died 8th May 1831 aged 4 months; Magdalene, their daughter, died 30th September 1832 aged ( ) months; Elizabeth, their daughter, died (18th January) 1839 aged 3 months; Janet, their daughter died...18(44) aged (2) years and 8 months; Mary Ann, their daughter, died twenty ninth April 18(50) aged one month; also William Mason, late merchant, Cambuslang, died 22nd (March) 18(61) aged (54) years.

3. Erected in the year 1844 upon the appointed burying place of James Mason, (far)mer, Eastcoats, who died ( ) December 1847; and Agnes Stirling, his wife, and their family. Robert, their son, died on the 23rd October 1832 in the third year of his age; James, their son, died on the 13th Sep 18( ) in the ( ) year of his age; Allan, their son, died ( ) October 18( ) aged 25 years.

4. Sacred to the memory of Archibald Gibb who died April 1782; John Gibb who died Dec 1825; Francis Gibb senr. who died November 1827; Alexander Dougall who died February 1833; Agnes Dougall who died April 1836; Minnie Dougall who died April 1841; James S. Dougall who died November 1842; Agnes Lindsey who died June 1850, relict of the late Francis Gibb senr.; Margaret Gibb who died January 1851; Marion Gibb died July 1874 aged 2 years; Archibald Watson died Decr 1879 aged 6 months; Macgregor Hill died August 1881 aged 3 years; John Graham died December 1881 aged 7 years.

5. This is the (appoint)ed...(a)nd (Is)abella Thom(son), his wife, and their children 1833.

6. Erected by their sister Agnes in memory of the Rev. Henry Galloway, parochial schoolmaster of Cambuslang, born 18 Feb 1796 died 5 Feb 1823; John Galloway, writer in Glasgow, born 6 Jan 1803 died 23 Feb 1846; and Mary Galloway born 19 Nov 1806 died 16 Aug 1850.

7. In memory of Robert Sommers who died 16th of February 1822 in the 82nd year of his age.

8. Erected by David Ferguson of Brae, Avondale, in memory of James Ferguson, his father, who died at Brae on 29th November 1853 aged 65 years; and Magdalene Buchanan, his mother, who died at Brae on 30th September 1861 aged 72 years; also in memory of Susan Crawford, wife of David Ferguson, who died at Brae on 11th December 1862 aged 25 years; also the above David Ferguson, who died at Foxton, Cupar on the 20th August 1905 aged 73 years.

9. Erected by Jas. Farguson in memory of Jno. Farguson, late grocer in Cambuslang, who died June 7 1818 aged 80 years.

10. John McF(ar)lane... 180( ).

11. James Craig died 1st October 1843 aged (8)1 Years. (on reverse:) The burying place of James Craig and Elizabeth Strang, his wife, who died 21st Octr 1828 aged (6)8.

12. This is the burying place of James Smillie and his family 1824.

13. This is the burying place of Andrew Arbuckle and Mary Shaw, his wife, and their family 1844. (on top edge:)AA MMc.

14. The bodies of Wm. and Alex. Kirkland, sons of Mr. Wm. Kirkland, schoolmaster of this parish... The former d(ied)... 13th day of May 17( )... (in) the sixth... the latter... in the (7)th month of his age. Borgie's Lair.
(on reverse) The b(ody) of William Kirkland, (school)master (of this) parish, burie(d) here. He died on the 2(7)th day of April... in the (35th?) year of his age.

15. The burying place of George Bennie, his wife and family (19th century).

16. The burying place of Thomas Buchanan and his family 1831.

17. Erected by Robert Murdoch, Hallside, in memory of his wife Agnes Coats who died 14th Sepr. 1878 aged 62 years; also his father James Murdoch who died 21st of Feby. 1852; and his mother Mary Findlay who died 16th April 1877; also his brother Alexander Murdoch who died 6th June 1861; and his sister Agnes Murdoch who died 13th Dec. 1830(or '50); also his daughter Anna Crawford Murdoch wo died 8 Sept 1888 aged 34 yers; also the above Robert Murdoch who died 13th April 1899 aged 81 years.

18. James Aitken (19th century).

19. Sacred to the memory of James Dyer who died 21st Octr 1867 aged 39 years; also of his family: John who died in infancy; James who was accidentally drowned while bathing 22nd June 1875 aged 18 years; also his wife Grace Lochhead who died 28th June 1879 aged 44 years; Agnes Lochead who died 14th April 1869 aged 24 years; his father James Dyer died 14th Augt. 1849 aged 59 years; his mother Mary Lindsay died 25th Sepr. 1854 aged 54 years; his brother William died 13th July 1850 aged 25 years; his brother John died 9th Augt. 1854 aged 34 years.

20. Janet Rankin died March 3d 1814 aged 70 years.

21. Here rests the remains of the Revd William McCulloch, minister of this parish, who died 18th Decr. 1771 in the 80 year of his age and 41st of his ministry. He was eminently successful in preaching the Gospel.

22. Sacred to the memory of the Revd Archibald Hamilton, minister of the parish of Cambuslang. Licensed by the Presbytery of Glasgow 6th December, 1687. Ordained to Cambusland 13th of June 1688, died 3rd January 1723 in the 63rd year of his age and 35th of his ministry. Re-cut 1885 (Inscription work. Completed from an earlier transcript in James A. Wilson: A History Of Cambuslang, 1929. p. 92)

23. Andrew Cochrane and Janet Ranken, spouses 1814.

24. Erected in memory of (Jo)hn (Ha)milton who died 2( )Aug 1821 aged 80; Agnes Ritchie, his wife, 27 Sep 1820 aged 73; and their son Archibald 1792 aged 21.

25. Here rest the bodies (of) Janet Reid (aged) I(3?) years, (an)d of James Reid aged ( ) who were interred... (th)e grave Sept (9th) 17( ).

26. Sacred to the memory of the Revd. John Robertson D.D., minsiter of the parish, who died on the 2d Feb 1843 in the 75th year of his age and 46th of his ministry. He was eminently distinguished as a scholar, a divine adn a Christian. and of Sarah Shaw and Elizabeth Gibson, his wife and daughter who died in 1831 and rest in the same grave.(...) Sacred also to the memory of Alexander Riddell Robertson, Dr. Robertson's younger son, who died at Glasgow on the 15th of June 1845 in the 23rd year of his age.

27. D 1837. The burying place of John Dick, farmer, Lettrick, his wife and their family.

28. The burying place of William Barr, Flemington, and Ann Park, spouses, 1831.

29. Erected by J. and C. Glen in memory of Francis Glen who died 5th June 1842; also Mary Glen, the beloved wife of James Smith, who died 16th December 1885 aged 48 years; and their son Matthew aged 1 yr.; also William Glen, son of Chs. Glen, who died 26th October 1906, the result of an accident, aged 47 years.

30. Erected by Alexander Wood to the memory of Elizabeth McKinlay, his wife, who died 15th July 1863 aged 65 years; and their children Elizabeth, James and Elizabeth who died in infancy; Jane, wife of John Ramsay, died 5th July 1854 aged 18 years; and their son John aged 7 months.

31. Erected by Thomas Whyte, shipowner, Glasgow, 1861 in memory of his wife Mary Steel who died 23rd Octr 1854 aged 32 years; also his aunt Eliza Whyte who died 19th June 1856 aged 63 years; also his wife Jessie Taylor who died 11th Decr 1860 aged 31 years; also his father John Whyte who died 11th Dec 1825 aged 33 years. Thomas Whyte, shipowner, Glasgow died at Pau, France 11th Jan 1868 aged 44 years.

32. James Bruce Jardine born 9th April 1809, died 20th August 1845; Isabella Palmes, his wife, born 21th June 1815, died Decr. 1856; Margaret Lindsay Jardine born 17th November 1835, died 19th December 1838; a son born 25th May 1838, died 6th June 1838; George Charles Jardine died 23rd July 1899 aged 63 years.

33. The burying place of Andrew Millar, parochial schoolmaster, 16th Octr. 1820, and his heirs.

34. Erected by Andrew Fyfe in Memory of Mary ( )nt, his wife, who died (25) Oct 1843; and also five of their family.

35. Erected 1861. The burying place of James Boyd, farmer, Lettrick Hills and Christina hay, his wife, and their offspring. Christina Hay, his wife, died 3d April 1848 aged 56 years; Elizabeth, their daughter, died 6th July 1856 aged 15 years; Joseph their son, died 5th Sept 1912 aged 77 years; Janet Stewart Young, his wife, died 26th Oct 1881 aged 34 years.

36. Erected by Thomas Willet in memory of his daughter Helen who died 21st May 1846 aged 21 months; his son John died 21st April 1853 aged 6 yers adn 9 months; his son David died 19th Augst 1870 aged 17 years and 4 months; his son Thomas died 18th Augt. 1872 aged 14 1/2 years.

37. Th(is is the) burying place of Archibald (Lamond? and Isab)ella fyfe, his spouse, and their family 18(31).

38. Here lyes interred Alexr. Thomson & Betty Thomson who lived 44 years together in the married state, and both died in the year 1809; also three of their children, a son and two daughters, who died in youth in their family.

39. The burial place of Charles Brownlie, Agnes Allsion, his wife adn their children 1814.

40. Erected by James Wylie in the memory of his beloved wife Mary Bringin who died 17th August 1866 aged 55 years; also his daughters Mary died 9th August 1849 aged 3 months; Jane died 13th July 1851 aged 5 years. The above James Wylie died 15th June (1886) aged (77) years.

41. This is the burying place of Alexander Wilson, residing at East Greenlees, Elizabeth Winning, his wife and their family. Janet, their daughter, died 6th Sepr 1843 aged 3 years; John, their son, died on 8th of the same month and year aged 5 years.

42. Sacred to the memory of Andrew Orr who died 1st March 1843 aged 72 years; and the burying place of Helen Hamilton, his wife, and their family. Helen Hamilton died 28th January 1849 in the 72nd year of her age.

43. Erected 1859 (masonic emblem). The buring place of James Tudehope and Margaret Cameron, his wife, and their offspring. Elizabeth, their daughter, died 11th Jany 1856 aged 30 years; Alexander Manderson, their son-in-;aw, died 22nd Jany 1847 aged 33 years; also his grandson Alexander Manderson who died 25th Jany 1878 aged 36 years.

44. The burying place of James Tudehope 1840.

45. Erected by John Murdoch and Marion Moffit, his wife, in memory of their son William Murdoch who died 20th January 1838 aged 4 years. The above John Murdoch died 15th March 1842 aged 46 years; his wife Marion Moffit died 10th Sepr 1851 aged 47 years.

46. This is the burying place of John Eadie who died 12th Feb. 1837 aged 38 years; and of his wife Janet Eadie and their family. Catherine their daughter, died 28th Feb 1841 aged 8 years; John Eadie junr. died 5th Feb 1846 aged 25 years; his son John died 9th Jany 1845 aged 3 months.

47. Sacred to the memory of William Gray who died 1 Dec 1839 aged 45 years; and his son Archibald who died 6 (Oct?) 1835.

48. Erected (by) John Mc(Cormick) in memory of his father, mother and brother: James McCormick died 21st January 1849 aged 36 years; Elizabeth McKirdy died 2nd December 1872 aged 60 years; James McCormick died 1st December 1851 aged 6 years.

49. Erected by James Hamilton in memory... Turnbull... (19th century).

50. Here lie the remains of R(ob)ert Turnbull, late farmer in Bogend, who die May 23rd 1803 aged 75 years.

51. JP JY, JP JT, 1746 (sdze?and compasses).

52. Sacred to the memory of James Aitken, late of Parkhead, who died 28th January 1823 aged (63?) years.

53. Erected by Elizabeth Johnston in memory of her sister Janet Johnston who died 23 Aprile 1829 aged 76 years.

54. The burying place of William Whyte - who died 1828 - and his offspring 1858. Alexander Whyte died 14th May 1861 aged 40.

54a. Sacred to the memory of William Whyte who died 21st Novr 1866 aged 44 years; also his wife Elizabeth Hay who died 27th May 1900 aged 72 years; also two of their children, William and Robert, who died in infancy.

56. Erected by Margaret Thomson in memory of her father Andrew Thomson who died 9th April 1850 aged 60 years; also of her mother Jane Barrie who died 18th Decr 1873 aged 82 years.

57. The family burying place of Robert Findlay who died 24th July 1846 aged 78 years; & Margaret Brownlie, his wife, died 18th July 1827 aged 53 years.

58. The burying place of Samuel Brown who died Octr 1826 aged 67 years; and of Mary Gregg, his wife, and family. Mary Gregg died 9th of June 1833 aged 61 years.

59. PC . LF 1772

60. Agnes Buchanan in memory of Matthew Maxwell, her husband, who died 15th May 1856 aged 73 years; also William, her son, who died 29th October 1839 aged 11 years; also her granddaughter Agnes Buchanan Gardner who died 11th January 1871 aged 10 years.

61. Erected by Jane Jack in memory of her husband James Wier who died 11th Feby 1850 aged 62; Jane, their daughter, who died 29th April 1846 aged 25; Thomas, their son, who died 28th May 1853 aged 27; also John, their son, who died 27th of June 1869 aged 41; also the above Jane Jack who died 17th May 1880 aged 88 years; Alexander Lindsay Weir, grandson of the above, born 12th May 1858, died 17th March 1866.

62. Erected by John Weir in memory of May Pettigrew, his wife, who died 18th January 1828 aged 72 years.

63. Erected by Mrs. Lochhead in memory of William, her son, who died August 1834, aged 26 years; and Agnes, her daughter, died July 1841 aged 24 years.

64. The burying place of Peter Davie who died ( ) Feby 1831 aged ( ) years and... Duncan...

65. This is the burying place of Thomas Rankin, his wife & family (19th century).

66. G M I Q (capital A within O).

67. M S H L 1751.

68. Erected by James Johnston, farmer at Land End, and Agnes Pettigrew, his spouse, in memory of Catherine Johnston, their daughter, who died 15th April 1819 aged 8 months; James Johnston, their son, who died 17th May 1829 aged 3 months: and Jane Johnston, their daughter, who died 17th December 1832 aged 5 months.

69. The burying place of John Pettigrew, his wife and their family 1833. on reverse:) Margaret Pettigrew, aged 2 years & 9 months, 1795.

70. Erected (by) John So(mmer)ville in ( )farmer... (Sommer)ville... 1829 ag(ed)( ).

71. Sacred to the memory of William Sommerville who died 26th December 1874 aged 41 years; also his children Robert and Agnes who died in infancy; his mother Ann Jackson who died 4th December 1870 aged 60 years; his father William Sommerville who died 1st August 1874 aged 74 years; his sister Isabella Sommerville who died 20th December 1844 aged 1 year.

72. Erected by John Ettershank in memory of Agnes McDonald, his wife, who died 18th Augt 1852 aged 49; Christina Eaglestone, his daughter-in-law, who died 13th Jany 1862 aged 32; his son James Glason who died 9th June 1873 aged 33; the above John Ettershank who died 6th Jany 1882 aged 81 years.

73. Here Lyes Jean Maxwel who died July 23 1755. (on top edge) Alex. Linday 17(72?).

73a. Erected 1858 by Alexander Lindsay...

74. Erected by James (Mc)Intosh... (19th century)

75. Erected by John Arbuckle in memory of his father John Arbuckle who died 1841 aged ( ) years; also his tow sisters Isabella and Susan who died in infancy; his brother James who died 184(1?) aged (5?) years; his sister Agness who died 184( ) aged ( ) years; also his mother Agnes Tho(m)son who died 2nd Dec 1889 aged 77 years.

76. Erected by John Richerdson in memory of Margaret, his daughter, who died 1st December 1845 aged 20 years. Consumption proved her friend and took her home to Christ.

77. Erected by the family in memory of their father William Hamilton who died 2nd August 1852 aged 39 years; also their sister Mary Hamilton who died 15 August 1853 aged 21 years; also their mother Ann Hendry who died 25 October 1874 aged 59 years.

78. Erected by James Paton in memory of his son James who died 19th june 1837 aged 15 years; and also of two daughters. The said James Paton deid 20 March 1866 aged 92 years; Margaret Scott deid 16 August 1867 aged 83 years; also their grandson Charles R. Sneddon who died 15 Sept 1882 aged 19 years.

79. Sacred to the memory of John Hall, for 44 years parochial schoolmaster of the parish of Cambuslang, who died 1st March 1867 aged 67 years; and of his spouse Elizabeth Macfarlane who died 20th May 1863 aged 68 years; also of their sons Robertson Hall who died 11th February 1850 aged 18 years; Archibald Glen Hall, merchant in Montreal, who died 1st November 1866 aged 28 years.

80. Erected by John Glen in memory of Margaret... 19th century.

81. John Meek died Decr 1790 in the 19th year of his age; Elizabeth Meek died 10th Jany 1799 in the 25th year of her age; Dr. James Meek deid 21st June 1810 in the 71st year of his age and the 45th of his ministry; Grizel Weir, widow of the Revd Dr Meek, deid 4th May 1815 aged 69 years; Thomas Meek, writer in Glasgow, died 6th March 1817 in the (41st?) year of his age; Mary B. Davidson, relict of Henry Gray Esq. of Oxgang, died July 1852 aged 56; Luisa H. Davidson died 31st August 1862 aged 52; Francis Steuart Meek died 28th June 1867 aged 88.

82. Erected by John Sinclair in memory of his father James Sinclair, late ( ) and farmer, who died... 1862 aged 69 years; his (sister?) Margaret died 1834 aged 2 years; his ( ) Robert died... his mother... ( )guson died ( ) Jan...

83. The burying place of John Barr and Janet McLean, his wife, and children 1843(or '45).

84. W W (18th century).

85. The appointed (buria)l place of ( )h Stuart and Janet Hunter. May ( ). (19th century)

86. Erected in memory of John Orr who died May 20 1819 aged 72 years; also his son James Orr who died 28th June 1867 aged 74 years; and his wife Janet Thompson died 11th Decr 1871 aged 84 years; and also Catherine Easton Cochrane who died 1st March 1887 aged 69 years, the beloved wife of John Orr jun., son of the above James Orr; Also Mary Paterson, wife of the above James Orr who died 23rd Feby 1881 aged 60.

86a. Erected by James Orr in memory of his wife Mary Wilkenson who died 22nd April 1859 aged 32 years; also their two sons: Peter Dallas who died 3rd Feby 1859 aged 15 months; James who died 10th Nov 1875 aged 19-1/2 years; the above James Orr who died 23rd Feby 1881 aged 60.

87. the buring place of William Jackson and Elizabeth Johnston (his spouse and their children?). William Jackson (born)... died ( )March 18( ) aged (4) years; Elizabeth, their daughter, died... Isabel, their daughter, died 6th July 1842 aged 19 years; and their father William Jackson who died 31st March 1851 aged 54 years; Elizabeth Jackson (rest of stone buried).

88. To the memory of Archibald Whyte, shoemaker, who died 14th April 1846 aged 80 years; and Elizabeth Wilson, his wife, who died 5th October 1846 aged 72 years; and the burying place of their family.

89. This is the burying place of James Dick, his spouse and their children 1777.

90. Erected by Marion Galbraith in memory of her husband James Anderson who died 17th Feb 1844; and her son William Anderson who died 15th May 1844; also her daughter Jessie who died in infancy 4th August 1837.

91. This is the burying place of Thomas Duncan, farmer, Wellshot, who died 14th June 1837 aged 75 years; and of his wife and family.

92. This is the burying place of William Anderson, late smith in Kilbride, who died Oct 27th 1822 aged (39?); and also the place appointed for Isabel yuill, his spouse and their family.

93. Erected by James M( ) in memory of ( ) Morrison, his spouse, who died May 20th 1833 aged 33 years.

94. Erected to denote the burying place of William Eadie, his wife Margaret Pollock and their offspring. William Eadie died 17th Dec 1845 aged 77 years; Margaret Pollock who died in 1854 aged 85 years.

94a. Erected by James Eadie in memory of his wife Marion Lang who died 6th January 1886 aged 51 years; also the above James Eadie who died 4th June 1891 aged 54 years.

95. This is the burying place of James Weir and Isabel Faulds, his wife and their children ISII.

96. Erected by Christina Lindsay, in memory of her affectionate husband John Wilson who died 9th April 1876; also their son, Alexander Linday Wilson born 24th July 1857 died 15th March 1858; grandchildren James Lindsay Miller died 1855; Thomas Lindsay Miller and Christina Lindsay Miller died 1887. Transcribed from old stone; The burying place of Samuel Wilson, Cambuslangtoun, died 1841; his wife Margaret Thomson died 1838; and their family.