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Elie Parish Church cemetery
Elie, Fife.

Elie Parish Church and a few headastone features

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The Church in Elie was built and endowed by William Scott of Ardross. It was opened for worship on 17th April 1639, and the Parish of Elie was disjoined from that of Kilconquhar on 11th September 1641. The steeple was not part of the original church: it was added by Sir John Anstruther in 1726. Elie Church is one of many examples of T-plan buildings which were erected in Scotland in the 17th and 18th centuries. In these buildings we see the Reformed emphasis on the Preaching of the Word with the pulpit being the centrepiece in the middle of the long wall. The above text is from the Elie Kirk website.

You can find a list of burials, but not full inscriptions, from 25th April 1799 to 1st June 1822, at www.eliekirk.co.uk/history/burials. This was during the time William Clark was the Secretary.

The incomplete inscriptions below were recorded by HappyHaggis. The following key should be read in conjunction with transcriptions:

# = unable to read letter or number
(?) = unclear but best interpretation
###.### = words or lines unreadable


In memory of Captain Robert Forrester of the Barque Florence who died at Rankeillor Street, Elie, 11th February 1849. Also his wife Janet Cumming Forrester who died 25th March 1867 and their daughter Isabella Forrester who died 19th January 1924.

Here lie James Kyd, of Elie Lodge, Lieutenant R.N. died 1795 aged 72, Hannah Beavis his wife died 1757, Katharine their fourth daughter died 1772 aged 15. Also James De Cardonell Lawson their grandson died 1757 aged 9. Also Thomas Kyd, merchant, Leith, who died in his nephew's house, Elie Lodge, in 1777 aged 93.

In memory of Frederick Patterson, Bothwell, Tasmania. He died at sea near Aden on the 22nd June 1860 when on his passage home from Australia.

Sacred to the memory of Rev. Geo.Milligan D.D. for 26 years minister of the Parish of Elie, who died 15 October 1858 aged 65 years. "In malace be ye children, but in understanding be men". Also to that of Janet Fraser his wife who died 16 April 1873 aged 80 years. "Her children arise up and call her blessed".

His ag 61 hear laeis the body of William Rainkillor of Youerin Elie who depred this lif May the 6 1755.

In memory of the Rev. John Campbell Rae B.A. died 4th December 1950, dearly loved husband of Margaret Murray Ross died 28th December 1971.

In affectionate remembrance of John Adamson, for many years Provost of Earlsferry, who died 22 March 1889 aged 68 years.

Sacred to the memory of Janet Calman, who died 11 November 1856 aged 59 years, in testimony of sincere conjugal affection. This stone is erected by her husband Walter Guthrie, ship master.

In loving memory of Andrew Scott Dixson, late of Hong Kong, who died at Elie 6th June 1873, and of Jane Brown, his wife, who died at Edinburgh 26th October 1896.

Erected by Mr James Kidd or Port Philip, Australia, in memory of Mary Hutchison his wife, who died at Elie on the 2d Dec 1818 aged 86 years.

In loving memory of Allan Jamieson for many years factor on the Elie estates, died 25th March 1891 aged 66 years, and of his wife Janet Shaw died 2nd December 1905 aged 75 years, also of their son William Jamieson for 51 years factor on Elie estates died 18th December 1939 aged 84 years and of his wife Mary Shaw died 10th November 1957 aged 96 years.

Sacred to the memory of John eldest son of William Ranken Fortune of Muircambus, died 29th Decr 1853 aged 7 months. Barbara Thompson, eldest daughter died 4th October 1874 aged 20 years, Alexander Adamson youngest son died 17th March 1882 aged 15 years, William Ranken Fortune or Muircambus, died 15th January 1887 aged 71 years, William Ranken his third son died 28th April 1890 aged 30 years, Mary Helen Gibson wife of William Ranken Fortune of Muircambus, died 10th December 1897 aged 69 years, Mitchell Gibson their second son, died March 31st 1911 aged 54 years. George Robert Fortune their fourth son died March 6th 1917 aged 51 years, Mary Helen Cecilia their third daughter died 29th December 1925 aged 63 years, Mary Isabel, wife of Mitchell Gibson Fortune died 31st January 1934 aged 78 years, buried at east Finchley. Emily Janet wife of George Robert Fortune died January 3rd 1950 aged 81 years.

In memory of Janet Martin Ketchen widow of Adam Ketchen who died 22nd May 1871 aged 83 years, also Isabella Ketchen wife of William Robinson Ketchen, solictor & Town Clark, Elie, who died 2nd Sept 1899, also the said William Robinson Ketchen who died 8th October 1901 aged 72 years, Henry Martin Ketchen died at Ipplepen 27th Oct 1950, Alexandra Roberta Ketchen died at Ipplepen 25th Dec 1952, William Harold Ketchen died at Sudan 8th Dec 1928, Roberta Euphemia Ketchen died at Ipplepen 22nd Dec 1978.

In loving memory of Margaret Inglis Duncan, wife of James Keddie, who died at Earlsferry, 13th Sep 1903 aged 66 years, also Robert their fourth son who died at Earlsferry 24th March 1891 aged 32 years, also their second son George Duncan who died at Kennoway 7th Jany 1861 aged 3 months, also James their third son who died at Earlsferry 12th April 1901 aged 39 years also their youngest son David Duncan (Dow) who was drowned while skating on Kilconquhar Loch, 31st Decr 1892 aged 11 years, also the above James Keddie who died 7th August 1913 aged 76 years.

Erected by Robert Scott, ship master Elie, in memory of his daughters Annabell died Nov 10, 1854 aged 17 months, Ann died Jan 15 1858 aged 12 months, and also of his father George Scott, mariner Elie, drowned at sea Feb 27 1841 aged 47 years. Likewise of his oldest brother Alexander drowned at sea Jan 21 1846 aged 19 years, his younger brother George died Sep 15, 1848 aged 18 years and his sister Isabella died April 29, 1854 aged 50 years, and of his wife Ann Watson, died July 4th 1869 aged 47 years, Robert Scott, shipmaster, drowned at sea 1870 aged 47.

At peace. Maxwell Ranken Bow M.B., C.M., who died on 5th Mar 1922 aged 53.

At peace. Alexander Findlater, widow of John Donald Martin of Liverpool who died on 4th Jan 1924 aged 74.

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Mackay spouse of John Ovenstone, mariner in St Monange, she was born at Newburn 27 March 1801 and died in St Monange 14 Aug 1859. This stone is erected by her husband and children as a memory of her excellent character. David their fourth son born in Elie 2 Oct 1822 died in infancy and is also interred here. John Ovenstone died 11 June 1875 aged 78 years. Thomas Gray, Professor of Technical Chemistry, Glasgow , at rest Sept 26th 1932. "Of upright heart and stainless purity".

In memory of James Paterson who died at Colinsburgh 31st Octr 1824 aged 69, Margaret Durie his wife who died 29th July 1850 aged 75, James Paterson their son who died 13th Feby 1829 aged 36, Ester Thom his wife who died 7th Sept 1831 aged 28, Charles Paterson who died 27th May 1844 aged 38, Alison Glendinning Thomson their granddaughter who died 22d March 1850 aged 4 years, John Paterson who died 29th Decr 1853 aged 40, Catherine Paterson or Thomson who died 8th Feby 1875 aged 67, Janet Paterson died 26th Augt 1877 aged 74, ### Paterson died 27th June 1880 aged 69 years, ###...###a Thomson died 8th Decr 1883 aged 40, Ja### Thomson died at Colinsburgh ###...### 1886 in his 80th year, Margaret Paterson died 18th January 1897 aged 92 years. [headstone weather damaged]

In loving memory of Isabella Raimes wife of Charles Orr Paterson who died at Lyons on the 14th May 1904 on her return from visiting the Holy Land and is buried here. Also the above named Charles Orr Paterson who died at Elie on the 16th October 1916(?) aged 82 and of their eldest son William, Major The East Lancashire Regiment, died 20th Feb 1949, also his dearly loved wife Jessie McAllum died 17th April 1958. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints" PSL 116.V.15

In ever loving memory of my mother Jemima Fraser daughter of David Fraser, Grange and Grange Hill, Elie, and widow of William Kirkaldy, Anstruther, who died at Gillespie House, Elie 11th Dec 1926 aged 72 years, also my father William Kirkaldy who died at Anstruther 6th June 1905 aged 63 years. Also of their daughter Jemima Fraser who died at Kantara, Elie 14th May 1946 aged 51 years beloved wife of David Barclay Greig.

In memory of William Simpson, residenter in Elie, who died 19th(?) February 1825 aged 72 years and Janet McLaurin / spouse who died 23d July 182# aged 72 years also David their son who died 3d Septr 1810(?) aged 25 years and Christian their daughter who died 15th Octr 1910 aged 16 years.

In memory of Isabella Simson relict of Walter Ovenstone died 17 December 1862, Janet Ovenstone wife of John Foggo, died 27 July 1859, Mary Ovenstone wife of Alexander Dalzell died 17 May 1871 aged 50 years, Thomas son of John Foggo died 11 October 1869, Walter Ovenstone Foggo died 28 August 1871 aged 24 years, John Foggo died 7 October 1874 aged 58 years, Isabella Simson Foggo died 10 July 1876 aged 23 years, John Foggo died 13 April 1914 aged 57 years.

In loving memory of John Fairweather, farmer, sometime at Barnyards, Tannadice, Forfar, and thereafter at Ovenstone, Pittenweem, Fife, who died 25th March 1897. Isabel Robertson his wife who died 9th Dec 1859 buried at Tealing, Forfarshire, Ann Young his wife who died 30th Jan 1896, also of the children of the above John Fairweather and Isabel Robertson, Robert died 22nd Feb 1896 buried at Walla Walla, Washington, John died 5th April 1907, Jessie Deuchar died 30th Sep 1910, Marion Ann Robertson died 24th May 1913, William died 30th Sep 1913, David Brown died 20th Jan 1918 buried at Glasgow, Hannah Mudie Fairweather or Balfour died 21st May 1920 buried at Carnbee, Isabella Robertson died 13th May 1926.

In memory of James Patterson J.P. born Sept 14th 1815(?) died Octr 30th 1984, Agnes Dall his wife died 3rd Novr 1935(?) aged 82.

Erected by Euphemia Yunnie, in memory of her beloved husband Charles Thomson, chemist in Elie for 40 years, who died 19th March 1899 aged 58 years and of his first wife Elizabeth Allan who died 11th Octr 1883 aged 40 years also of their family Elizabeth who died 30th Septr 1889 aged 25 years, John who died 13th March 1899 aged 25 years, James who died 16th May 1933 aged 60 years.

George Tilfourd, Master R.N., in grateful remembrance of his many valuable qualities as a husband, a parent, a friend and a Christian who died Novr 30th 1833 aged 48 years, also two infant sons. This stone was erected by his afflicted widow Margaret Tilfourd.

Erected by Peter Simpson, seaman, in memory of his son Peter who died Jany 1847(?) aged 17 years.

Erected to the memory of Agnes Scott spouse to Thomas Jervis, tenant in Bowhouse, who died Augt 1 1731 aged 33 years also to the memory of Thomas Jervis who died March 3 1737 aged 45 years, also in memory of Isabel Richard spouse to Peter Jervis, tenant in Balmount, who died May 15 1794 aged 63 years, also in memory of Peter Jervis who died June 26 1806 aged 76(?) years.

In memory of William Cumming, farmer, Elie, who died 17th April 1846 aged 72 and of his wife Isabella Sime, died Decr 13th 1857 aged 82 also four of their children, Agnes died 11th April 1808 aged 3 years, Agnes died 17th Novr 1817 aged 6 months, George died 21st Octr 1823 aged 10 years and Peter died at sea 25th July 1850 aged 29 years, and also their son William, ship carpenter, who died at Elie 15th March 1889 aged 82 years, Isabella Cumming died 23 Novr 1891 aged 41, Ann Cumming died 18th(?) January 1933 aged 64.

In memory of John Russell at one time tenant of Abercrombie. He died May 1st 1838 at Elie aged 71 years in one of the three houses he built, Nos. 12, 14 and 16 ###th Street.

Erected in the memory of Peter Jervis ### tenant in Balmount, Margaret Richard his spouse ###...### also to the memory of ###...### James Jervis son(?) ###...### who died ###...###.

Erected in loving memory of Samuel Rumsey ###...###

In memory of Charles Fox Catanach, wife of James Smith, Ship Master, who died at Elie 25th March 1872 aged 67 years. "Her end was peace". Also of james Smith, above named who died August 15th 1878 aged 77 tears. !He is gone to his desired haven".


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