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War Memorial - Hermitage Park
Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire

War Memorial at Helensburgh

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Adam Andrew Private
Allan George M. Private
Allan John Private
Anderson George Private
Armstrong James Private
Bain Walter Private
Battison Walter Sergeant
Black James Private
Blaney Joseph Lance Corporal
Blaney Robert Private
Bonnar James C. Lieutenant
Boyce Connell Private
Boyle Neil Private
Brown Herbert B. Sergeant
Bryson Fife Trooper
Burdon Thomas R. Private died 1915
Burns Lawrence Private died 1914
Burns Patrick Private died 1917
Cameron T. Private died 1918
Cameron William Second Lieutenant died 1918
Campbell Alexander Leading Seaman died 1914
Campbell Angus Corporal died 1917
Campbell Ian S. Corporal died 1917
Campbell John F. Second Lieutenant died 1917
Campbell Peter Lance Corporal died 1915
Carson James Private died 1916
Cavana Hugh Private died 1918
Cavana Simon Private died 1918
Cole Emily H. Nurse female died 1915
Comrie Alexander K. Private died 1916
Copland Hugh Private died 1918
Cunning John Private died 1917
Cunningham John Sergeant died 1917
Currie John E.H. Second Lieutenant died 1915
Dempster William Private died 1918
Dewar Peter Bombadier died 1917
Dickson W. Fireman died 1917
Docherty Thomas Private died 1916
Dodds Charles H. Corporal died 1918
Don J.G. Private died 1917
Don James Private died 1918
Donald William S. Private died 1917
Donaldson J.A. Private died 1915
Dorward David Private died 1915
Drummond David Private died 1915
Drummond James Private died 1917
Duncan Harold F. Lieutenant died 1917
Easton W.W. Private died 1919
Elliot John Private died 1917
Elliot Thomas Private died 1917
Ferguson Duncan Private died 1918
Ferguson William P. Bombadier died 1918
Fraser J. Ships Steward
Gardner Norman Captain died 1918
Garrity Michael Private died 1916
Gibson James Second Lieutenantd died 1917
Gillies Murdoch Private died 1917
Gillies William Private died 1916
Gilmour David Private died 1917
Graham Alva A. Private died 1915
Graham James Private died 1917
Graham John Corporal died 1916
Hall D. Sydney Captain MC died 1917
Hall John Private died 1918
Halsey Roderick Corporal died 1916
Hamilton A. Leslie Lieutenant died 1918
Harvey John G. Corporal died 1915
Healey John Private died 1916
Hewer Charles W. Lieutenant died 1917
Hosie W. Private died 1917
Howie Thomas Private died 1916
Hughes J. Private died 1918
Inglis William D. Private died 1918
Jenkinson James Private died 1918
Jones John Private died 1918
Keith Harold J.M. Corporal died 1915
Kelly James Private died 1918
Kerr William Gunner died 1917
Kidston William H.C. Captain died 1917
King David M. Sergeant died 1918
King Douglas R. Lieutenant MC died 1917
Laird Alexander Sergeant died 1916
Law Charles J. Lieutenant died 1917
Law James K. Captain died 1917
Loan Hugh Private died 1917
Lowrie Kenneth Corporal died 1917
Lyle Hedley R. Second Lieutenant died 1916
MacDonald J. Second Lieutenant died 1918
Mackay George Lance Sergeant died 1915
MacKay Murdo Lance Corporal died 1918
MacKenzie John Private died 1917
MacLachlan Donald Private died 1916
MacLachlan Gordon Private died 1915
MacLay James W. Lieutenant died 1915
Marsland James F. Lieutenant died 1915
McBryde Malcolm Private died 1916
McClymont Frank Private died 1917
McCormick E. Private died 1919
McCready Thomas Private died 1918
McDonald Brine Private died 1918
McDonald Donald Private died 1919
McDonald W. Private died 1917
McDonald W.P. Private died 1918
McDougall J. Lance Corporal DCM died 1918
McDougall W. Private died 1916
McFarlane John Driver died 1915
McFarlane Peter Private died 1918
McGeachy George Lance Corporal died 1915
McGhee David Driver died 1918
McGhee J. Private died 1917
McGinlay T. Private died 1917
McGregor Christopher Sergeant died 1917
McHardy John Lance Corporal MM died 1917
McIlvane John B. Captain Reverend died 1918
McInnes Duncan Lance Corporal died 1918
McInnes Gilbert Lance Corporal died 1918
McKechnie A. Private died 1917
McKechnie John Private died 1918
McKechnie Michael Private died 1917
McKellar Archibald Private died 1918
McKellar Hugh Private died 1918
McKillop A. Private died 1916
McKillop Archibald Sapper died 1918
McLachlan A. Private died 1919
McLaren W.B. Company Sergeant Major died 1915
McLaughlin Hugh Private died 1916
McLaughlin James Private died 1917
McLennan J. Private died 1917
McMillan D.S. Captain died 1917
McMillan Dugald Private died 1917
McNair Andrew Gunner died 1918
McShee A. Private died 1917
McSkimming Vincent Private died 1918
McWilliams Samuel Private died 1916
Milne Alexander A. Private died 1918
Milne Herbert W. Captain died 1915
Milne William Private died 1917
Morgan Dennis Private died 1917
Mundie James A.B. died 1916
Neil Robert Private died 1919
Neish Alexander Gunner died 1917
Nicholl Alan H.S. Second Lieutenant died 1918
Nicholson Peter G. Private died 1917
O'Brien John Private died 1915
Paterson Duncan Private died 1915
Paterson Joseph Private died 1914
Paterson Roy Private died 1917
Paton John G. Private died 1916
Pirret Edward Staff Sergeant M.M. died 1917
Pratt Joseph Private died 1915
Proudfoot Thomas G. Corporal died 1917
Rae John A.B. died 1918
Raeburn Alfred A.D. Second Lieutenant died 1916
Ramsay Frank L. E.R.A. died 1915
Richardson Alex A.B. died 1917
Robb R.G.C. Lieutenant died 1915
Robertson David Private died 1915
Robertson James Private died 1916
Robertson Samuel L. Private died 1915
Robertson William A. Corporal died 1915
Robinson Harold R. Second Lieutenant died 1918
Robley John P. Lieutenant died 1915
Rock Patrick J. Private died 1915
Rodger Mathew F. Lieutenant died 1916
Ronald George H. Corporal died 1919
Ross J.H. Gunner died 1916
Russell William Lieutenant died 1918
Sharkey Con. Private died 1918
Sharkey Neil Sergeant died 1917
Sillars George A. Second Lieutenant died 1917
Sinclair William S. Major died 1919
Smith Albert W. Private died 1916
Smith E.C. Lance Corporal died 1919
Smith Leslie P. Second Lieutenant died 1915
Smith Malcolm Private died 1915
Speirs James Private died 1920
Spy Bruce C. Sergeant M.M. died 1918
Stark Harold Private died 1915
Steven William H. Trooper died 1915
Stewart A.L. Captain died 1918
Stewart James Sergeant died 1915
Stewart James R. Private died 1915
Stone F. Seaman died 1917
Sutherland James McF. Private died 1919
Sweeney Edward Private died 1918
Taylor Jack Private died 1917
Thomson George E. Captain DSO died 1918
Thomson H. Private died 1915
Thomson J. Private died 1917
Thomson William Private died 1918
Todd Hugh Sapper died 1916
Ure Ian Captain MC died 1918
Ure William A. Lieutenant died 1917
Walker George Bruce Lieutenant died 1919
Walker William Lance Corporal died 1916
Ward Daniel Private died 1919
Watson J.H. Digby RN died 1914
Webster Harry Seaman died 1917
Welsh Patrick Private died 1916
White James A. Sergeant died 1916
Wilson David Private died 1918
Wilson John Second Air Mechanic died 1918
Wright William M. Second Lieutenant died 1918
Young G.W. Lieutenant died 1918

Adam J. L.A.C.
Aitken J. Steward
Allan G.P. Junior Corporal
Anderson A.W. Lance Corporal
Anderson W.T. Storekeeper
Andrews W.H.T. Pilot Officer
Antonelli A. Driver
Barr R. Flying Officer
Black H.F. Lance Corporal
Black W. Private
Boyle D. CQMS
Brough G. Chief Engineer
Brown J. Private
Buchanan J. Private
Butler R. First Radio Officer
Cairns J. Lance Corporal
Caldwell J. Private
Callaghan J. Private
Campbell H. Gunner
Carrigan W. Leading Stoker
Cowap J. Sergeant
Crombie D.J.
Cruickshank J.Private
Davie D. Rifleman
Donaghy J.
Donnelly J. Lance Corporal
Duchan J.J. Corporal
Dunlop T.R. Flight Sergeant
Elsdon G. Sergeant
Evans A.J. Petty Officer
Falconer C. Sapper
Farquhar I.G. Leading Airman
Fee D.
Fee J. Lance Corporal
Fee M. ATS
Forsyth D.C. Leading Stoker
Gallacher J. Corporal
Gallagher H. AB
Galloway P.J. Private
Gibson A.H.C. Pilot Officer
Gunning B. Stoker
Hamilton R.T. Corporal
Hamilton W.T. Gunner
Henderson J. Seaman
Henderson R.W. Flight Lieutenant
Hislop W. Private
Horn D.G. Lieutenant
Hosie I. Leading Bombadier
Hunt M. Private
Hynd D. Royal Navy
Kennedy R. Private
Kerr J.B. Second Lieutenant
Kidston A.A.O. Lieutenant
Lawson W.D. Bombadier
Lowrie C. Sergeant Air Gunner
McAlister B.F. Lieutenant
McAree J. Lieutenant
MacConnell J.L. Second Lieutenant
McConnell A.K. Driver
McCrindle E.J. Captain
MacDonald C. Gunner
McDonald D. Leading Stoker Royal Navy
McEwan J. Flight Sergeant DFM
MacFarlane C. Private
McGherrie J. Merchant Navy Second Officer
Mackie P. Royal Navy Stoker First Class
McKell N. Royal Navy Petty Officer
McKinlay J.A. Merchant Navy Second Officer
McLaren T. Fusilier
MacLellan A. Sapper
McLean A. Private
McNiff J. Private
McPhail W.S. Marine
MacPherson R. Sergeant Pilot
McShane D. Private
McWilliam F.O. Driver
Maltman J. Aircraftsman
Marshall W. Private
Martin J.A. Private
Milne G.M. Second Lieutenant
Monoghan T.
Muir J.R. Private
Muir W.W. Pupil Pilot
Omnet W.H.P. Sergeant Navigator
O'Keefe J. Merchant Navy Seaman
Orr W. Royal Navy Engineer Commander
Park A. Corporal
Polmont J.E. Royal Navy Lieutenant RNVR
Rice J. Gunner
Rodger R.B. Second Lieutenant
Sloan L.C.P. Second Lieutenant
Smith W. Private
Spence A. Intelligence Officer MA
Strang G.B. Flight Lieutenant
Taylor J. Gunner
Thomson C.D. Leading Air Craftsman
Tiernan E. Bombadier
Todd J. Merchant Navy Stewardess

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