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Annan Cemetery (New)
Headstone inscriptions (incomplete)

Annan Cemetery

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In Memory of James Tweedie McMillan, of Criffel View, Annan, died 14th November 1914, aged 63yrs. Also Margaret McLean Clark, his wife, who died at Criffel View, Annan, 25th February 1938, aged 84yrs. Also their daughter, Jemima Tweedie McMillan, beloved wife of John Little, who died at Whita Cottage, Annan, 10th July 1963.

Sacred to the Memory of John Park Robertson, who died at Criffel View, Annan, 14th September 1947, age 63yrs. Also Grace McLean McMillan, wife of the above, who died 4th November 1962, age 74yrs.

In Memory of Edward McLean, Draper in Annan, died 8th June 1886, age 80yrs. Also Margaret Johnston, his wife, died 12th Sept 1875, age 77yrs. And John, their son, died 21st July 1843, age 10yrs. Also David, their son who died 4th April 1864, age 28yrs. And Jane, their daug, died 28th March 1843, age 6mths. Also Edward McLean, their grand-son who died 2nd Oct 1882, age 20yrs. And Margaret McLean, their daug who died at 6 Ednam Street, Annan on 22nd Sept 1907, age 78yrs.

In Memory of William Clark, who died at Lochfield, Annan, 28th March 1889, age 66yrs.. Also Grace Clark, wife of the above, died at Criffel View, 24th June 1909 in her 82nd year.. Also David, second son of the above, died Dumfries 7th February 1933, age 81yrs.. Also John Clark, nephew of the above, died at Annan, 17th May 1933, age 68yrs.

In Loving memory of a dear brother Robert McMillan, (Bobby) died 15th Nov 1992, age 67yrs.

I.L.M. of Robert McMillan, dearly beloved husband of Margaret Ramsay, died at Broomhill, Collin, 29th March 1979, age 81yrs.

In Loving Memory of John Sherriff Irvine, husband of Marion Munro MacMillan, who died at 9 Cumberland Terrace, Annan, 11th June 1936. Marion M. MacMillan, his wife, died there 3rd Dec 1937. Also Neil, their son, beloved husband of Jean Murray, who died at 16 Addison Place, Annan, 27th Dec 1943, age 43yrs. Also J.E. Murray, his wife who died at 16 Addison Place, Annan, 17th Aug 1998, age 95yrs.

Thomas McLean, Merchant, Annan, died 29th March 1860, age 80yrs. Also Janet Annan, his wife, who died there 18th Aug 1862, age 85yrs. And Jane McLean, wife of Andrew Johnstone, shoemaker in Annan, died 15th May 1862, age 29yrs. Also Janet Johnstone, died 3rd June 1882, age 26yrs. Also the above Andrew Johnstone, who died at Annan, 20th Jan 1885, age 62yrs.

In Merory of David William McLean, Draper, Annan, died 21st July 1885, age 60yrs.. Also Thomas, his son, died 14th Nov 1858, age 9mths. Also David, his son, died 12th June 1868, age 17yrs. Also Agnes Geddes, his wife, died at Annan, 30th June 1899, in her 75th year.

Loving Memory of William, son of Thomas McLean, Quarrybank Cottage, who died at Carlisle Infirmary, 15th April 1897, age 21yrs. Also the above Thomas McLean, died 15th Nov 1929, age 83yrs. Also Jane Dirom, wife of the above Thomas McLean, who died at Brownmoor Farm, 17th March 1941, age 91yrs. Also John Dirom McLean, their son, died at Brownmoor Farm, 19th April 1953, age 84yrs.

In Memoriam of James McLean, who died at Carlyle Place, Annan, 26th Feb 1889, age 49yrs. And Jessie and Tom, children of the above who died in infancy. Sarah Margaret Thomson, wife of James McLean, died 14th Oct 1906, age 62yrs. William Sharpe McLean, son of the above who died at Bournmouth, 27th July 1914, age 30yrs. Also Campbell McLean, died at Valparaiso, 18th Jan 1920, age 55yrs. James T. McLean, died at London, 19th Feb 1922, age 45yrs. Robert B. McLean, died at Alexandria, Egypt, 10th May 1922, age 50yrs. Also Sarah Margaret Sh####, their daug, died at London, 2nd June 1936, age 54yrs. George W. McLean, who died at ####, 1932, age 90yrs.

In Memory of The Infant Son of James and Maggie McLean, who died at East Bretton, 15th April 1923. Also Maggie Tinning, wife of James McLean, died at Dumfries Infirmary, 25th March 1962, age 79yrs. Also the above James McLean, died at Brownmoor, 21st Sept 1966, age 85yrs.

In Loving Memory of Lizzie McLean, wife of Robert Beattie, who died at Chaplehill, Annan, 25th Sept 1924, age 37yrs. Also the above Robert Beattie, died 19th Feb 1923, age 42yrs. Also their son David Beattie, who died (The result of an Accident) 14th May 1952, age 37yrs.

Mary Tweedie, wife of George Byers, shoemaker, Annan, died at Beckhead, Parish of Cummertrees, 25th June 1875, age 37yrs. Also Mary, their daug, died 8th July 1865, age 6yrs. Also James, their son, died at Toronto, Canada, 6th Nov 1895, age 32yrs. Also Thomas, their son, died 20th May 1911, age 41yrs. Also the above George Byers, died at Annan, 21st Jan 1904, age 68yrs. Also Jane Bell, his wife, who died at Brydekirk, 9th Aug 1930, age 81yrs.

Thomas Tweedie, who died at The Elms, Annan, 17th March 1895, age 62yrs. And of Margaret Tweedie, his wife died 5th Sept 1905, in her 69th year.

In Loving Memory of Evan Tweedie, Architect, who died at Annan, 14th Feb 1928, age 56yrs. Catherine McInnes, his wife, who died at Glasgow, 6th Oct 1928, age 44 yrs.

In Loving Memory of James Irving Tweedie, beloved husband of Annie Carrick, died at 26 Buchanan Street, Dunfermline, 23rd Sept 1950, age 69yrs. Also their youngest son James Tweedie, Sgt. Air Gunner, Killed in Action over Germany, 24th July 1944, age 20 yrs. Also the above Annie Carrick, died at Dunfermline, 20th Jan 1969, age 82yrs.

In Loving Memory of Alexander Tweedie, died in Annan, 3rd April 1917, age 72yrs. Also David, his son who died 31st Oct 1894, age 7yrs. Also Susan Rankine McNight, his wife who died at Annan, 14th Dec 1927, age 78yrs. Also George McNight Tweedie, third son of above who died in Liverpool, 10th June 1943, age 65yrs and Intered here 15th June. Also Mary Ann Wilson Tweedie, daug of above who died 12th July 1952, age 72yrs. Also William McNight Tweedie, son of above who died 24th Dec 1954, age 72yrs. Also Mary Ann Irving Tweedie, daug of above, died at Liverpool, 26th Jan 1968, age 77yrs. Also their son Alexander Tweedie, Second Lieutenant, 1/5th K.O.S.B. who fell in action at Gaza, 19th April 1917, age 34yrs. Also his son Cunningham (Kimmen) B. Tweedie M.C., Captain 6th K.O.S.B. who died of wounds at Etaples, 17th April 1917, age 24yrs. Also Francis Tweedie D.S.C., Commander R.N.R., son of Alexander Tweedie, who died at Kirkcudbright, 22nd Sept 1957, age 70yrs, Intered here.

In Affectionate Remembrance of Jane Graham, beloved wife of Thomas S. Tweddle, who died at 14 Queensberry St, Annan, 22nd July 1953, in her 72nd year. Also the above Thomas Swan Tweddle, who died 14th July 1956, age 77yrs.

In Memory of Elizabeth Graham, wife of George Telfer Tweedie, who died at George St, Annan, 24th Feb 1897, age 34yrs. Also Catherine Dempster Tweedie, their daug, who died 13th May 1895, age 7yrs.

In Memory of William Francis McGlasson, died at The Loch, Eastriggs, 20th Aug 1940, age 69yrs. Also Jeanie, his daug, died at Annan, 11th May 1914, age 5yrs 9mths. Also Jane Irving Tweedie, his wife, died 2nd Oct 1950, age 75yrs.

In Loving Memory of Gilbert Guy Shortridge Tweedie, died at Rampton, Cambridge, 19th June 1990, age 84yrs. Dearly Loved Husband of Phyllis Hooper, died at Ely, Cambridge, 16th Jan 1987, age 80yrs. Dear Parents of Helen, Sylvia & Philip.

In Memory of Clara Tweedie, beloved wife of Daniel B. Thompson, 32 Scotts St, Annan, died 26th Oct 1961, age 64yrs. Also the above Daniel Thompson, died 9th Jan 1984, age 88yrs.

R90126 Flight Sergeant H.R. McMillan, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, Royal Canadian Air Force, d. 25th Aug 1942, age 23yrs.

In Memory of John Swan, son of Thomas and Jane McLean, Annan, died 4th Aug 1870, age 5mths. Also their infant son who died 5th Oct 1871. Also the above Thomas McLean, died at Annan, 12th Aug 1878, age 40yrs. And Jane Swan, his wife, died in Annan, 31st March 1880, age 59yrs.

In Memory of William Clark, beloved husband of Jane Clark, died at 4 Greencroft Wynd, Annan, 22nd June 1904, age 57yrs. Also Jane Clark, died at Lady St, Annan, 5th Oct 1909, age 63yrs. Also of John Clark, son of the above William Clark, died at Newdyke, 7th Dec 1899, age 33yrs. Also Janet Clark, their daug, died at Dumfries, 8th Feb 1936, age 68yrs.

In Memory of James Clark, who died at 31 Moat Rd, Annan, 10th April 1909, age 74yrs.. Also Marth Farish, his wife, who died at Moat Rd, 10th June 1910.. Also Mary Jane, daughter of the above, who died at Lady St, Annan.. Also Thomas, son of the above, who died at Great Marlo, London.. Also James, third son of the above, who died at Dumfries, 27th Nov 1941. Also Agnes Sceiuch, eldest daughter of the above, who died at Moat Rd, 13th Dec 1941. Also John, youngest son of the above, who died at Moat Rd, 5th Jan 1952..

In Memory of Joseph Clark, beloved husband of Helen McKie, who died at Railway Terrace, Kirtlebridge, 4th Feb 1927, age 64yrs. Also Helen McKie, his wife, who died at Dumfries, 1st Feb 1937, age 70yrs. Also their daug Marth Farish, who died at Alloa, 25th May 1951. And Annie Kennedy, their daug, who died 1st Oct 1971.

In Memory of William John Clark, died 17th March 1965, age 80yrs. And his beloved wife Mary Jane Johnstone, died 12th March 1950, age 72yrs.

In Loving Memory of James Hart Glen, died 28th Feb 1955, age 73yrs. beloved husband of Grace Clark, died 25th May 1960, age 71yrs.

Treasured Memories of Robert Clark, dearly loved husband of Moira Graham, who died 25th Dec 1978, age 46yrs, dear dad of Kevin & Debbie.

In Memory of Robert Johnstone Clark, 24 Three Trees Road, Newbie, beloved husband of Frances Steel Kirkup, who died 17th Feb 1954, age 57yrs. Also the above Frances Steel Kirkup, who died 9th March 1963, age 66yrs.

In Memory of Robert Robison, 17 Scotts Street, died 6th April 1953, age 72yrs. Also his wife Helen Clark, died 3rd May 1955, age 66yrs. Also their son Robert (Skeg), who fell asleep on 21st Jan 1997, age 75yrs.

In Loving Memory of Agnes Jane Clark, dearly beloved wife of Alexander Clark, died at 12 Ednam Street, Annan, 13th Sept 1960, age 72yrs. Also the above Alexander Clark, died 28th Aug 1962, age 78yrs.

In Memory of Jane, daug of Peter Smith, born at Annan on the 8th and died 25th Nov 1865. Also Agnes Irving Clark, his wife, who died at Annan, 10th Jan 1893, age 56yrs. Also the above Peter Smith, who died at Ballantrae, 3rd Aug 1917, age 81yrs. Also Williamina Clark Smith, daug of the above, who died at St Johns Villa, 9th March 1945, age 75yrs. Also Euphemia Bell Smith, daug of the above, who died at 6 Annan Rd, Gretna, 14th Dec 1966, age 91yrs.

In Loving Memory of William F.C. Barron, who died at Windemere Farm, Annan, 3rd Feb 1948, age 84yrs. Also his wife Margaret McLean, who died at Windemere Farm, Annan, 8th Sept 1949, age 83yrs. Also their only son Thomas McLean, who died 26th Jan 1951. Also their younger daug Mary, wife of T.S. Murray, who died 3rd Jan 1968.

In Memory of John MacLean, died 12th Jan 1936, age 78yrs. And Hannah Brough, his wife, died 7th Nov 1953, age 89yrs. And Elizabeth Brough, her sister, died 9th Aug 1942. And of their Son-in-Law Archibald Bridger, beloved husband of Christina MacLean, died at, Inverlea, Scotts St, Annan, 28th March 1960, age 70yrs. Also the above Christina MacLean, died there 25th Dec 1974..

In Loving Remembrance of Matthew S. MacLean, beloved husband of Mary Anderson, died at Dumfries Infirmary, 7th June 1972, age 77yrs. Also the above Mary Anderson, died 19th March 1982, age 87yrs.

In Loving Remembrance of Alexander Donald, youngest son of Alexander & Ann MacLean, Annan, died at the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, 8th Sept 1929 in his 25th year. And Christina, their eldest daug, died at Burnside, 11th August 1893, age 2yrs. And of Alexander Donald, their second son, died at Dumfries, 11th Oct 1902, age 5 weks. Also the above Ann MacLean, who died at 134 High St, Annan, 1st April 1934, age 67yrs. And Annie Jessie, their youngest daug, died at The Royal Infirmary, Dumfries, 2nd June 1943, age 36yrs. Also the above Alexander MacLean, who died in Dumfries Infirmary, 12th Jan 1953, age 88yrs.

In Loving Memory of Mary, Infant daug of Robert Brown McLean, Farmer, Violet Bank, who died 12th April 1878. Also Isabella Margaret, born 6th Aug, died 16th Sept 1880. Also Jean, who died 16th Oct 1889 in Infancy. Also our dear Jessie, who died at Brae House, on 19th Feb 1910, age 40yrs. Also James, who died at Sioux City, Iowa, U.S.A. on 30th Jan 1911, age 39yrs. Also of Robert, his youngest son, who died on active service in South Africa, on 4th Jan 1917, age 38yrs. Also Campbell, his second son, who died at Brae House, on 5th Dec 1917, age 44yrs. Also Isabella Margaret McDowall, beloved wife of the above, who died at Brae House, Annan, on 19th Jan 1920, age 71yrs. Also the above Robert McLean, who died at Brae House, 24th Oct 1921 in his 80th year.

In Loving Memory of Sylvia Phyllis, Infant daug of Guy & Phyllis Tweedie, Rose Cottage, Annan, 1945. Also their daug Helen Roberta, who died 11th Oct 1953, age 10yrs.