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Ireland - Co. Donegal

Old Abbey Cemetery, Donegal.

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Please note: reference numbers are used to cross-refer inscriptions to photographs only. They do not relate in any way to the headstone location. Transcriptions were made July 2007. "##" indicates unable to read incription.

Church of the Immaculate Conception, Bundoran (complete)
800. In loving memory of John P O'Callaghan solicitor, Bundoran, born 1861 died 1887, also Ellen his sister born 1863, died 1890, "sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on their souls"

803. Parish priests of Mach Ene-Bundoran (formerly Inismacsaint)
Francis Keelaghan 1854-1882
Patrick Clifford 1883-1887
Francis McKenna 1887-1903
Edward Mulhern 1903-1916
Patrick McDonnell 1916-1927
Denis McGrath 1927-1951
Patrick McQuaid 1951-1969
Peter Finnegan 1969-1971
Daniel Duffy 1971-1982
Gerard McGreevy 1982-1990
Eugene Connolly 1990-2003

804. Pray for the soul of Very Rev. Francis Keelaghan, Pastor of this Parish for 25 years, and founder of this church, died 29 Nov 1882, aged 66 years.

Old Abbey Cemetery, Donegal Town (partial)
903. Erected by Jane Wray in memory of hir dear father David Wray, who departed his life on 7th of December 1886. Also his wife Elizabeth Wray, who departed her life on the 23rd of June 1909. Margaret Graham died 11th Nov 1920 aged 68 years. "Gone but not forgoten"

904. In memory of Susan Wray who departed this life Jany 21st 1867 aged 17(?) years also William Wray who departed this life April 29th 1867 aged 22 years. The beloved children of Thomas Wray, Spearstown who departed this life Jany 3rd 1901 aged 86 years also his beloved wife Susan Wray who departed this life 5th November 1890 aged 77 years

905. "Until the day break and the shadows flee away". Erected by his fellow workers & family in memory of William Graham who was accidently killed in Birmingham on 25th June 1942 aged 24 years. Jack Graham born 1923 died 1929.

906. Interred beneath are the bodies of James Gallagher of Drumkeehan who died 20th November 1870 aged 91 years. His wife Susan who died 1st July 1875 aged 93 years their daughter Jane who died 21st December 1848 aged 21 years. R.I.P. Erected in affectionate rememberance of his dearly loved parents by Patrick Gallagher, New York City U.S.A.

907. In memory of Patrick Martin who died Septr 15th 1872 aged 71 yr also his wife Bessie who died March 7th 1888 aged 69 yrs also Mrs Ellen McMullin who died 18th May 1915 aged 42 years.

908. Erected by Ellen White in affectionate remembrance of her husband William White, Tullyearl, who died 31st May 1919 aged 75 years

909. In memory of William Ingram, New Brunswick Canada who died 26th July 1893 aged 70 years also Richard Davis, Friary, born 1862 died 1945, his wife Susan born 1880 died 1959.

911. Erected in memory of Edward Pilkington died 7th May 1903 his wife Mary died 24th February 1902 their sons William died 20th January 1892 Edward died 28th Dec 1951 and his wife Catherine died 1st Jan 1954 and their son James died 4th June 1967 and their son Edward died 21st June 1980 and their daughter Kathleen died 10th July 1983.

Erected by Edward Britton in memory of his beloved wife Kate Britton who died June 15th 1895 aged 32 years also his mother Maryanne Britton who died Augt 10th 1892 aged 80 years also his father Hugh Britton who died June 29th 1893 aged 82 years also his sisters Bridget Britton who died Nov 16th 1902 aged 62 years Rose, Teresa & Agnes above named Edward Britton died Dec 1920 his son Capt. Hugh Britton I.R.A. killed in Donegal Town Feb 1922 Margaret A Britton 18.12.1979 R.I.P.

912. Pray for the souls of Anne Mullin, Bridge End Donegal, died 25th November 1954 and her husband Edward died 4th April 1952. Their son Sean S., Castle Street, died 21st November 1996.

In loving memory of Neil McGroarty , Donegal, died 13th Feb 1936 aged 81 yrs Mary Ann Wilkinson, London, died 2nd Feb 1937 aged 28 yrs Sarah E McGroarty died 11th Nov 1952 aged 77 yrs John McGroarty, Coventry, died 27th May 1959 aged 49 yrs Neil McGroarty, Tilford, England, died 13th April 1974 aged 59 yrs Frank McGroarty, Donegal, died 25th June 1976 aged 65 yrs James McGroarty died 3rd Oct 1987. His wife Nellie died 1st Sept 1984. "Rest in Peace "

913. Erected in memory of Mrs Annie McKee who died 10th July 1910 aged 47 years her husband William McKee died Sept 1947 aged 91 years. Isabella McKee died Aug 1947 aged 92 years.

914. In memory of Thomas Scott died 10th April 1882, aged 38 years. Mary Scott died 9th Dec 1882, aged 80 years, Robert Scott died 10th Dec 1892, aged 82 years, Andrew Scott died 20th Oct 1901 aged 62 years, Jane Scott died 26th Nov 1907 aged 71 years. "Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest"

Erected by his wife in memory of her beloved husband Samuel Glenn who departed this life 18th October 1898, aged 64 years. Also her two children, also his wife Maryanne Glenn who departed this life 6th April 1907 aged 71 years.

915. Erected in memory of our dear father and mother brother and sister James Scott, Moynem father, who departed this life April 6th 1911 aged 82 years. Mary Anne Scott, mother who departed this life Jan 19th 1893 aged 62 years. James Scott, brother who departed this life March 8th 1912 aged 41 years. Elizabeth Scott, sister who departed this life Aug 2nd 1913 aged 61 years. "Thy will be done".

916. Sacred to the memory of Mickel Griffith who departed this life the 15th March 1867 aged 66 years. Erected by his son F G.

917. Erected in memory of Michael Doherty, who died 2nd August 1891, aged 34 years. Also his beloved wife Sarah, who died 14th Sept 1902 aged 50 years. Thomas J Doherty who died 2nd Feb 1981 and his wife Elizabeth who died 2nd Feb 1961, Charles Doherty who died 13th Feb 1941 his wife Madge who died 7th Jan 1979(?). R.I.P.

918. Erected in loving memory of Margaret Doherty who died 22nd March 1904 aged 48 years. Also her daughter Margaret Mary who died 11th Feb 1902 aged 20 years. Also her husband Thomas Doherty who died 22nd Mar 1924 aged 75 years. Eugene Doherty (Cene) who died 7th May 1990 aged 56 years. R.I.P.

919. In memory of Mary the beloved wife of John Mulhern who departed this life May 7th 1882 aged 62 years R.I.P. Erected by her daughter Lizzie U.S.A. Also the above named John Mulhern who departed this life Jany 23rd 1894aged 81 years.

Erected to the memory of Robert and Susan Hanna, Keelorum, son George died 10.1.1922 aged 82 yrs, wife ann died 9.5.1921 aged 79 yrs, son robert died 26.10.1957 aged 80 yrs, wife Laura died 25.1.1947 aged 66 yrs, son Frank C died U.S.A. 15.4.1977 aged 67 yrs.

Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of John Mulhern died 1907 and his children John Joseph died 1900, Ambrose died 1897, Hugh died 1885, Mary Anne died 1907, Agnes Teresa died 1919, Phoebe Elizabeth died 1933. Also his wife Margaret Jane Mulhern died Jan 1945, Tom Mulhern died 1948 aged 62, Michael Mulhern died 1958 aged 62, Kathleen Mulhern died 1958 aged 62, Frank Mulhern died 1977 aged 94, William Mulhern died 1974 aged 81 interred in Australia. R.I.P.

920. In loving memory of Anthony Mulhern, Drumgowan who died 6th April 1923 aged 76 years. Also his daughter Sarahanne who died 8th April 1903 aged 21 years. His son John who died 20th Aug 1925(?) aged 40 years also his wife Margaret who died 25th Dec 1927 aged 85(?) years his daughter Margaret died 12th Dec 1939. His son Patrick died 29th May 1950 his son William died in U.S.A. 3rd Oct 1955. R.I.P.

Our Lady of Lourdes pray for the souls of Thomas Mulhern, Drumgowan died 15th Oct 1957 and his wife Annie died 20th Dec 1958 and his brother Anthony died 2nd Feb 1987.

921. In memory of the Revd William Huston, Donegal & Ballyshannon died June 1st 1831 aged __ yrs in the 41st year of his ministry his wife Fanny Kincaid died 1841 aged __ yrs their children Mary wife of Saml. Magowan died 184_ aged __ yrs Hanny wife of Revd. Saml. Thompson died March 10th 1863 aged 48 years. Also their grandchildren Joseph Thompson died 1858 aged 9yrs Mary Jane thompson died Feby 4 1864 aged 26 yrs James Thompson died Febr 10(?) 1868 aged 28yrs. [underscores indicate the headstone was deliberately left blank and shows no numbers]

922. In loving memory of William Jackson who died 16th March 1920 and of his wife Sarah A Jackson who died 18th January 1906 and also of their children Rachel M Jackson who died 28th January 1906 and Samual J Jackson who died 27th March 1906.

923. Erected by Ths. Hughes in memory of his brother John Hughes who lost his life on the island of Cape Breton on the 31st August 1836 aged 25 years and 6 months then in command of the Brig Zephyr of donegale.

924. Erected by Thomas Hughes in memory of his beloved wife Anne Hughes alias Hamilton who departed this life January 8th 1892 in her 81st year. Deeply regretted.

925. Erected in loving memory of Maggie Ellen Wilson who departed this life June 29th 1892 aged 14 years and her father Edward Wilson died 13th Jan 1918 aged 81 years. Robert Wilson, Ballydevitt, died 1939. His wife Mina died 1975. Their son Robert died 29th Sept 1981. "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away".

In memory of Alexander Wilson who died March 20th 1883 aged 91 years also his wife Eleanor who died 1st April 1904 aged 87 years.

926. In memory of Thomas McGoldrick who died 14th Dec 1894 aged 87 years also his wife Margaret McGoldrick who died 15th April 1898 aged 78 years also their sone Michael who died 20th Jan 1926 aged 68 years also their daughter Margaret who died 25th April 1939 aged 85 years.

927. Erected in loving memory of Maggie cannon who died 16th March 1905 aged 63 years also her husband Connel Cannon who died 18th February 1910 aged 72 years and of Ellen Boyce who died February 5th 1925 aged 72 years, also of Patrick Cannon who died May 27th 1927 aged 57 years. And his wife Annie H Cannon who died July 3rd 1934 aged 56 years. R.I.P. Also Patrick F.G. Cannon died 8th July 1968. And of his wife Eileen Cannon who died November 27th 1987 aged 79 years.

928. In loving memory of James Elvin Narnesmore who died 8th March 1921 aged 74 years also his wife Lucy Elvin, who died 2nd June 1925 aged 86 years. John Ellison died 13th March 1927 aged 58 years. William Elvin died 15th Aug 1952. Isabella Elvin, died 5th Dec 1969. Sons Joe Elvin died 13th Sept 1981 William Elvin died 19th Aug 1990. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord". Erected by John and Maggie Ellison

929. In memory of James Brogan, Tully, who departed this life 3rd March 1900 aged 82 years. Also his wife Bridget, who departed this life 3rd March 1910 aged 76 years, also their son Patrick, who died 26th Feb. 1938 aged 73 years. R.I.P.

930. Erected by Anthony Travers in loving memory of his sister Bridget who died 21st Feb 1903 aged 63 years. Also his father Michael who died ## April 1871 aged 90 years also his mother Margaret who died 10th March 1878 aged 84(?) years also the above Anthony Travers who died 19th August 1906 aged 63 years.

931. Sacred to the memory of Joseph MacLoone 1826-1906 and his wife Anna MacLoone 1822-1900 also their son James MacLoone K.C. who died in Donegal May 27(?)th 1934 and his beloved wife Florence MacLoone who died in Dublin ## February 1966.

932. Here lieth the body of Anthony McLoone who departed this life on the 18 day of March 1866 aged 48(?) years. Requiescant in pace. In memory erected in grateful remembrance by the friends and admirers of Anthony McLoone of Donegal whose sterling worth and many virtues won the esteem and respect of all who knew him.

933. To the memory of Catherine Boyle who died 22nd November 1884 aged 82 years also her husband James who died 20th December 1877 aged 86 years.

934. HIGGINS In memory of Catherine Higgins, Donegal, who died 3rd Nov 1909 and of her sister Rose Higgins who died 17th Jan 1913. R.I.P.


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