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Collection of Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions,
Chiefly in Scotland (1834)


The names below were scanned from an original book available online in pdf format. Collection of Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions was printed in 1834 and includes over 800 names from various headstones and monuments from Scottish cemeteries. They range in date from 15th-18th century.

The list of names has been scanned from the original on-line document, which is not searchable through web search engines. It is hoped the names below will assist you, and recommend you visit the original document at for the full description. The document is searchable once opened.

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The volume now offered to the public contains a more extensive collection of Epitaphs and Inscriptions, than any other work of the same kind relating to Scotland.

Monteith's collection now reprinted in this volume, had become so scarce, that few persons had the opportunity of consulting it, and those who had access to the book, could not easily avail themselves of its contents from the want of an index.

Of the additions to that collection given in this volume, a great many are original, and now printed for the first time. Several literary gentlemen have favoured the publisher with materials for this publicationcation; but above all he is indebted to Mr. William Dobie, of Beith, who has formed a curious collection of Epitaphs in MS. These were collected by him both in this country and on the continent, and gleaned, for tlie most part in such places as had been least explored by former collectors. The most liberal use of this valuable collection was granted to the publisher, and he trusts that the value of this volume is greatly enhanced by the free use made of the materials so fortunately obtained. Most of the Epitaphs con- tributed by Mr. Dobie, are original; others, are more accurate copies of some remarkable inscriptions which were formerly published. The publisher is also in-debted to Mr. John Dunn, of Paisley, for accurate copies of some inscriptions on the curious old stones in the Abbey burying ground.

As a collection of this kind is of little use as a book of reference without an index ; considerable pains have been taken in compiling one for this volume, and if not complete, it will at least be found copious, as it contains more than eight hundred names.

Glasgow, July, 12, 1834.

Monument of the Porterfields at Kilmacolm, Renfrewshire


Anne Countess of Aberdeen, Aberdeen Church, Aberdeen Spaw, George Abercrombie, Dr. Alexander Adam, Bessie Adam, Rev. James Adam, John Adamson, John Adam, George Adamson, James Agie, John Aikin, William Aikman, John Alexander, David Alexander, Agnes Allan, Eupham Anderson, Gilbert Anderson, John Anderson, John Anderson, Matthew Anderson, Robert Anderson, Archibald Angus, Andrew Archbald, Robert Arbuthnot, Helen Arbuthnot, Archibald Earl of Argyle, Jean Armour, Peter Arnot, James Arrot, John Arthur, Marq. John Athol, Sarah Auchinleck, Archibald Auchinleck, Rev. John Auchinleck, Dr Charles Alston, James Anderson.

Dr. James Baillie, William Baird, Michael Baker, Christine Balfour, David Balfour, James Balfour, John Bankier, Thomas Bannatine, David Barclay, Rev. Mr. Barclay, David Baxter, James Baxter, Katherine Baxter, John Baync, Helen Beatic, Jean Beatie, Janet Beatie, Viscount Belhaven, Jocky Bell, Rev. John Bell, Thomas Bell, James Betson, James Bethunc M.D., Anna Berrill, William Betson, Alexander Bethune, Rev. Thomas Biggar, Archibald Black, Rev. David Black, Thomas Black, Rev. John Blackadder, Col. John Blackadder, Adam Blackwood, Rev. Thomas Blacklock, Blacksmith's inscription, Homer Blair, Richard Blyth, Alexander Borthwick, Margaret Boston, Rev. Thomas Boston, William Boswell, Andrew Boswell, Henry Boswell, Bishop Adam Bothwell, John Bowman, Robert Boyd, Lord Robert Boyd, Lord Thomas Boyd, Rev. William Boyd, Rev. Zachariah Boyd, Thomas Branch, Brechin Plague, Matthew Brisbane, Charles Brown, george Brown, James Brown, Rev. John brown, James Brown, John Brown, Alexander Bruce, John Bruce, James Bruce, John Bruce, Peter Bruce, Robert Bruce, Thomas Bruce, Alexander Earl of Buchan, George Buchanan, John Bunton, James Burnet, John Burn, Robert Burns, Rev. William Burnside, John Byres, Darcy Brisbane.

George Earl of Caithness, John Calbraithe, Archibald Calder, Rev. William Calderwood, Duncan Cambel, Bishop Alexander Cameron, Isabel Campbell, David Campbell, Robert Campbell, Col. John Cameron, Rev. Andrew Cant, Bishop Robert Carden, Katherine Carstairs, James Carstairs, John Carstairs, Alexander Chalmers, James Chalmers, Rev. George Chalmers, Robert Chapman, L Charles, Francis Charteris, Walter Chieslie, Dr William Chrystal, Col. William Cleland, Andrew Clerk, John Cloudslie, Andrew Cochran, William Cochran, Alexander Cockburn, Oliver Colt, Margaret Colvil, Patrick Comrie, John Comrie, Rev. Walter Comrie, Katherine Constable, Anna Cook, John Cook, Corstorphine Church, James Corbet, William Coulter, James Corrie, Eupham Couper, Walter Coupar, Bishop William Couper, Alexander Cooper, Francis Cunninghame, William couts, James Craig, John Crambie, Alexander Craufurd, Archibald craufurd, Charles Crauford, Henry Crauford, Hugh Crawford, James Crauford, Thomas Craufurd, William Crooks, George Cunningham, John Cunningham, John Cunningham, John Cupar, John Cuthbert, John Cuthbert, Cy gist me femme, Henry Cadogan, Rev. Richard Calendar, Robert Crauford.

Robert Davidson, George Davidson, Janet Denham, Sir Robert Denyston, Richard Dobie, John Docherty, Robert Donaldson, Alexander Douglas, Bishop Alexander Douglas, James Lord Carlisle Douglas, Philadelphia Douglas, Rev. William Douglas, Thomas Douglas, The Douglasses, George Drummond, Mary Drummond, Jean Drummond, Katharine Duddingston, Alexander Dufi, Viscount John Dundee, John Dunbar, Dim'dar, Rev. David Dunbar, Janet Dunbar, George Earl of Dunbar, Janet Duncan, Mary Dunbar, Alexander Duncan, William Duncan, William Dunlop, Alexander Davidson.

John Echlin, Countess Jean Eglington, Charles Earl of Elgin, Elizabeth Elphinstone, Isabel Countess of Errol, Charles Erskine, Colonel Henry Erskine, John Ewing.

George Fairweather, David Falconer, Sir David Falconer, John Fergushill, David Ferguson, Robert Ferguson, David Ferry, Margaret Fife, John Finlay, Rev. William Findlay, John Findlo, Thomas Finlay, Rev. James Finlayson, Thomas Fisher, Fittie Church, William Fleming, Esther Fleming, Jane Fleming, Thomas Fleming, Andrew Fletcher, Duncan Forbes, Bishop Patrick Forbes, William Forbes, Thomas Forbes, Robert Forman, Rev. James Forman, James Forty, David Forret, George Forrester, Andrew Forrester, William Forrester, Rev. Alexander Forrester, George Foulis, Anna Fouller, James Fraser, John Fraser, Rev. William Fraser, Sir James Fullerton, William Fullerton, Humphry Fulton, Jean Fulton, Matthew Fulton.

Rev. Alexander Gadderar, Elizabeth Gadderar, John Gartshore, Rev. James Gatt, Peter Gemmel, William Gentleman, James Glen, Isobel Glen, Robert Glen, Rev. Adam Gib, Elizabeth Gillespie, Rev. John Gillespie, Rev. William Gillespie, John Gillies, David Gillies, John Gilzean, Nicolas Godln, James Goldman, Walter Good, Barbara Gordon, Elizabeth Gordon, Jean Gordon, Margaret Gordon, Isobel Gourlay, Patrick Gourlay, Walter Gourlay, Helen Graham, Jean Graham, John Graham, Sir John Graham, William Graham, Jean Grant, Elizabeth Gray, Rev. James Gray, James Gray, John Gray, Mareon Gray, Thomas Gray, William and Andrew Gray, Simon Greig, David Guthrie, Elizabeth Guthrie, Gilbert Guthrie, John Guthrie, Katherine Guthrie, Patrick Guthrie, Walter Guthrie, William Guild.

Thomas Earl of Haddington, Rev. Gilbert Hall, Rev. james Hall, James Hall, John Hall, Thomas Hall, Ann Halyburton, James Halyburton, Thomas Halyburton, Alexander Hamilton, Claud Hamilton, David Hamilton, Rev. Hans Hamilton, James Hamilton, Rev. James Hamilton, Duke J George Hamilton, Margaret Hamilton, Dr. Robert Hamilton, Dr. Thomas Hamilton, Duke William Hamilton, Sir William Hamilton, Elizabeth Hardie, James harkness, James Harlay, John Harvie, Alexander Hay, Elizabeth Hay, Elizabeth Hay Drum, Bishop William Hay, Clement Heart, Archibald Hendry, Robert Henderson, Sir Thomas Henderson, Rev. Alexander Henderson, Richard Henderson, Robert Henderson, Prince Henry, Alexander Hanryson, Thomas Henryson, Edward Henryson, Heorge Hepburn, Patrick Hepburn, David Herd, George Heriot, William Hervie, Margaret Holliday, Thomas Hope, Isobel Hope, John Horrocks, Robert Howat, Robert Houison, James Howie, John Howie, David Hume, William Hunter, Earl Alexander Huntly, David Hutcheon, Thomas Hutchison, James Hay.

Rev. James Inglis, Robert Innes, Bishop John Innes, James Innes, Thomas Inglis, Walter Innes, Sir Alexander Irvin, Francis Irving, John Irwin, Robert Irving.

Patrick Jackson, William Jackson, John Jackson, John Jaffrey, , Mary Jameson, John Jardine DD, Rev. Hugh Jones, Robert Johnston LLD, John Jollie.

Elizabeth Keith, Robert Keith, Alex Kendal, John Kennedy, James Kendal, Janet Ker, Marjory Ker, Rev. Robert Ker, Thomas Kinkaid, James kinkaid, John Kinnier, Lord Kirkudbright, Rev. Robert Kirk, William Knox, David Kinloch, Thomas Kincaid, John Knox.

Allan Lockart, John Lockart, Sir George Lockhart, Robert Lockhart, Rev. Kenneth Logic, George Lothian, Dr William Lothian, Thomas Lowes, Dr Peter Low, John Love, Ann Lunsden, Rev. James Lundie, John Lundie, Henry Lyell, Thomas Lyell, Margaret Lychton, Isobel Laidlaw, Duncan Liddel MD, Archibald Lindsay, Walter Lindsay, Rev. Patrick Linn, William Little, Clement Little, Robert Lithgow, John Livvie, Thomas Lesly, James Law, Rev. John Law, Rev. Robert Law, John Law, John Leich, Henry Leighton, Christine Lentron, Bishop John Lesly, Rev. George Lesly, Leonard Lesly, Robert Lesly, John Lessels, Archibald Lesly.

Jean Maitland, William Laing, John Maitland, William March, Rev. Robert Langlands, Christian Lauder, John Marshall, Jean Lauder, Charles Earl of Mar, John Duke of Lauderdale, Margaret Countess of Mar, John Earl of Lauderdale, John Earl of Mar, Alexander Law, James Law, Abraham Martin, Rev. James Martin, Alexander Mathieson, William Matthieson, John Maule, Thomas Maule, Alexander Maxwell, Maxwell's of Merksworth, Maxwell's of Williamwood, Patrick Maxwell, Rev. Robert Maxwell, Rev. Patrick Maxwell, Rev. Thomas Maxwell, Queen Mary, Dr Robert Maybe, Margaret McAulay, William McBean, Sir Hugh McCulloch, William Mculloch, William Macdowall, Dr James Macknight, Andrew M'Fie, Rev. Jos. Robert Macgregor, Jean M'Kay, Sybilla McKay, Marion McKine, Colin Maclaurin, Rev. John Maclaurin, Mary Scott Macintosh, Alexander McKenzie, Sir George Mackenzie, John Mackenzie, Rory McKenzie, Magdalen McGrath, John McMoran, Mareon McNaught, Robert McNaught, John Macnuier, Mary McTaggart, rev. Niel McVicar, Isobel Meikle, Rev. John Menzies, John AM Menzies, Gilbert Menzies, Paul Menzies, John Melvill, Matilda Melvil, Roger Melvil, John Millar, Alexander Miller, James Miller, James Mill, Robert Miller, William Miller, Margaret Milligan, Alexander Mill, Christine Mill, James Mill, Walter Mill, Alexander Milne, Janet Milne, John Milne, Robert Milne, Thomas Milne, Isobel Mitchel, Thomas Mitchell, Rev. Alexander Moncrief, Janet Moncur, Alexander Monteith, Margaret Monteith, Henry Montgomery, Elizabeth Montgomery, Hugh Montgomery, Marion Montgomery, Marquis James Montrose, Sir John Moore, John Morrison, Isack Morrison, Harie Morrison, Sir Alexander Morrison, Sir John Morrison, David Morrison, Elizabeth Morris, Mary Moss, Hugh Mosman, John Motherwell, Thomas Mowat, James Mowat, Margaret Mowat, Janet Mudie, Susan Muir, William Muir, Robert Mureson, Andrew Murray, Sir David Murray, James Earl of Murray, John Murvo, James Murray, Sir Patrick Murray, Rachael Murray, Robert Mylne, Helen Myrton, Willielma Maxwell, Archibald McKenrick, John Mclean.

Elizabeth Napier, William Napier, John Nasmith, Bridge Nairn, Judith Nairn, Rev. Archibald Newton, Thomas Nicol, Rev. Gavin Nisbet, Henry Nisbet, James Nisbet, David Niven.

James O'May, Janet Ochiltrie, Ann Ochterlony, James Ogilvy, Sir William Oliphant, John Orr, Rev. John Orr, Sir James Oswald.

John Paplay, Elizabeth Paterson, John Paterson, John Patterson, Nicol Paterson, Thomas Paterson, Walter Paterson, Elizabeth Paton, William Paton, George Paul, Rev. William Paul, John Pearson, John Peblis, James Peirson, Alexander Peter, Thomas Peter, Dr. Archibald Pitcairn, David Pitcairn, Janet Pitcairn, Robert Pitcarn, Rev. Thomas Pitcairn, Matthew Pool, Rev. Robert Pont, William Porterfield, Katherine Pourie, Patrick Pourie, Henry Prentice, William Preston, Gilbert Primrose, William Purdie.

Maria Dutchess of Queensberry, James Duke of Queensberry, Charles Duke of Queensberry.

Ann Rae, Margaret Rae, Archibald Rait, William Rait, Elizabeth Ramsay, Margaret Ramsay, Rev. Samuel Ramsay, Rev. Thomas Ramsay, William Ramsay, Theophilus Rankin, Alexander Ranet, Katharine Ranet, Marjory Ranet, Euphemia Renat, Dr. Thomas Reid, David Renny, John Rennie, William Rickart, Thomas Ritchie, David Robertson, George Robertson, James Robertson, Janet Robertson, Thomas Robertson, Dr. William Robertson, George Rodger, Adam Rolland,Katharine Rolland, Alexander Rose, David Rose, John Rose, Margaret Ross, Colonel Archibald Row, Thomas Ruddiman, Andrew Rutherford, William Rymour.

Thomas Samson, William Schaw, Andrew Schipert, James Shaw, William Scrimgeur, Hugh Scrimgeur, John Scrimgeur, Andrew Scot, Andrew Scott, George Scott, Grisel Scott, James Scott, Rev. John Scott, Rev. William Scott, Rev. Henry Scougal, Bishop Patrick Scougal, Bishop William Scrogie, Douglas Earl of Selkirk, Alexander Seton, Isabella seton, Sir Alexander Seton, William Seton, James Sharp, Sir William Sharp, Margaret Sibbald, Patrick Sibbald, Dr. Robert Simson, William Sinclair, John Sleigh, Mareon Sleich, Adam Smith, Rev. Alexander Smith, Andrew Smith, Anna Smith, James Smith, Rev. James Smith, Jean Smith, John Smith, Margaret Smith, Thomas Smith, Hugh Somervil, Margaret Somervil, Allan Speir, Alexander Spiers, John Spier, John Spotiswood, Thomas Steill, Andrew Stevenson, Andrew Stevenson, Archibald Stevenson, Stewarts of Minto, Alexander Stewart, Barbara Stewart, Bernard Stewart, Euphemia Stewart, John Stewart, Walter Stewart, William Stewart, Elizabeth Stirling, Henry Stirling, Sir George Stirling, John Stirling, Janet Stirling, John Stirling, Patrick Stirling, Rev. Robert Stirling, Robert Stirling, William Earl of Stirling, Robert Stottie, Rev. William Strachan, Andrew Straiton, Robert Straitoun, Rev. James Struthers, Alexander Stuart, Francis Stuart, George Stuart, George Earl of Sutherland, Francisca Swintoun, James Sword, John Sword, Richard Symon, Euphemia Symson, Rev. James Symson, John Symson, Abbot George Shaw.

Hercules Taylor, John Taylor, Ann Tennant, John Tennant, Robert Thome, Sir Alexander Thomson, Alexander Thomson, Alexander Thompson, Gabriel Thomson, Rev. James Thomson, Archibald Tod, Helen Trail, Marion Traill, William Trent, John Trotter, Rev. Samuel Tulloch, Archibald Turner, Thomas Tyre, Janet Tyrie.

Thomas Urquhart.

Rev. John Veitch, John Vennison, John Vicar, Nicholas Vilant.

Isobel White, Rev. Thomas Wilkie, Robert Wilkie, Isobel Williamson, John Williamson, David Wilson, George Wilson, James Wilson, John Wilson, Michael Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Bishop George Wishart, James Wishart, Barbara Wood, John Wood, William Wood, Bessie Wright, Christine Wright, Elizabeth Wright, James Wright, Alexander Wylic, Rev. Robert Wyllie, Patrick Walker, Janet Wallace, Alexander Wardlaw, Henry Watt, John Watson, Mary Watson, rev. Mungo Watson, Thomas Watson, Alexander Webster, Robert Webster, Alexander Wedderburn, Elizabeth Wedderburn, Rev. James Wedderburn, William Wedderburn, James Wemys, Robert Whyte.

Alexander Young, Bishop Alexander Young, Michael Young, Robert Young.

David Zeman, John Zeaman, John Zeman, Thomas Zeman.


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