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War Memorial - Irvine, North Ayrshire.

Irvine, Ayrshire War memorial

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Irvine War Memorial, Irvine , North Ayrshire.
Please note these names are not in strict alphabetical order.

Tandem Bona Causa Triumphat.

To the memory of the men of Irvine who died in the Great War on the field of battle or from wounds or sickness but who all alike gave their lives for their country. This mercat cross was restored in 1920 by public subscription in token of sorrow for their loss and of pride in their valour.

Royal Field Artillery
Lieut Chas Murchland
Sec Lirut JA McCulloch
Cpl James Smith
Gnr LWF Cochrane
Gnr Robert Thomson
Dvr David Clydesdale
Sec Lieut H Fletcher
Cpl John Gough
Bdr James Fulton
Gnr Robert Thomson
Gnr T Gates
Dvr David Niven

Royal Scots Fusiliers
Capt Arch Kenneth
Lieut EF Gilmour
Sec Lieut JG Wilson
Sec Lieut AW McCall
Sgt W Stevenson
L/Sgt Geo Goddard
Cpl W Lamberton
Cpl James Cowan MM
L/Cpl Andrew Donaghy
L/Cpl S Matthews
L/Cpl John Hay
Bglr Thos Fleming
Pte D Stewart
Pte Samuel Wilson
Pte John Rice
Pte John Sinclair
Capt WF Templeton
Sec Lieut MBW McCall
Sgt James Crawford
Sgt John Noven
Cpl James Irving
Cpl J Brown
L/Cpl William Gorman
L/Cpl Robert Angus
L/Cpl JN Rankin MM
L/Cpl W Sanderson
Spr M McCormick
Pte Thos Cunningham
Pte F Cochrane
Pte Peter Hamill
Pte J Gilmour
Pte Hugh Paterson
Pte James Carson
Pte James Cairns
Pte John Miller
Pte Patrick Quin
Pte Robert Connelly
Pte Andrew Gorman
Pte Andrew Hamilton
Pte S Herbertson
Pte Thomas Smith
Pte W Couper
Pte John Fisher
Pte William Fraser
Pte John Burns
Pte P Miller
Pte Hohn Cassels
Pte John Paterson
Pte David Caldwell
Pte R Morrison
Pte J Morrison
Pte W Findley
Pte W Wilkinson
Pte A McAllister
Pte J McDowell
Pte Robert Fulton
Pte W McQ Harvey
Pte WJ Clark
Pte Henry Orr
Pte James Geddes
Pte Robert J Boyd
Pte Thomas W Dale
Pte A Borland
Pte PJ Mallon
Pte Andrew Savage
Pte J Fry
Pte David Neil
Pte James Diamond
Pte I Fullarton
Pte James Lang
Pte John Lang
Pte H Donnelly
Pte J Quin
Pte J Gorman
Pte John Elliot
Pte Robert Kentfield

Ayrshire Yeomanry
Cpl H McCormick
Pte AC Carson

Cameron Highlanders
Cpl TM Watson
L/Cpl David L Brown
L/Cpl Alexander Boyd
L/Cpl AC Frey
Pte T McGregor
Pte John L Blaney
Pte James Irvine
Pte Peter Malcolm
Pte J Finlayson
Pte George Nicol
Pte Richard AO Cunningham
Pte H Nisbet
Pte WSC Horne
Pte William B Allison

Royal Engineers
Cpl Thomas McIlvean Paterson
Pnr JL Buchanan
Spr David Finlay
Spr James Hobson
Spr D Nelson
Spr W Galloway
Spr W Harvey
Spr Robert McBean
Spr JB Jeffrey
Spr RM Mackenzie
Spr Thos Maxwell
Spr John Archibald
Dvr James McPherson

Highland Light Infantry
Pte J Ferguson
Pte A McIntyre
Pte Thomas Watt
Pte Thomas Mitchell
Pte John Henry
Pte James Christie
Pte MN Bowman
Pte James Dale

Highland Light Infantry
Pte Robert W Smith
Pte James Docherty

Canadian Infantry
Sgt JJ Masson
L/Cpl W Paterson
Pte JI Raeside
Pte William Potts
Pte William Miller
Pte Robert Bisset
Pte John Byron
Pte W McCrossan
Pte GC Paterson
Pte Joseph Davis

Royal Scots
L/Cpl William Currie
Pte H Robertson
Pte Hugh Munro
Pte DB Ward
Pte S Flannigan
Pte Daniel Wallace
Pte W Dunlop
Pte J Murphy
Pte Alexander Fulton

Black Watch
Lieut JH Robertson
Sgt CC Jeffrey
Pte J Abercrombie
Pte Thomas Surgenor
Pte Joseph Clark
Pte J Sanderson
Pte David McNab
Pte John Potts

Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
L/Cpl RCE Moffat
Pte John McGuire
Pte Alexander R Reveridge
Pte P McCann
Pte T Craig
Pte John Stweart
Pte Thomas Wardrop

Gordon Highlanders
Capt Matthew S Robertson
L/Sgt Robert Darroch
Pte J Reid
Pte T Potts
Pte Robert Mitchell
Pte James Berry
Pte William Douglas

Seaforth Highlanders
L/Sgt CH McKerrow
L/Cpl Duncan S Roy
Pte D Brown
Pte Wiilliam D McNab
Pte Willliam Higgins
Pte D McPherson
Pte JM McKerrow

Scottish Rifles
Lieut John Russell
Pte S Scott
Pte W Crawford
Pte Hugh Morrison
Pte M O'Hagan
Pte William Dunbar

Kings Own Scottish Borderers
Sgt A Hannah MM
Cpl James A Connor
Pte J Dorie
Pte Patrick Rowan
Pte Hugh Clark
Pte A Cowan

Royal Army Service Corps
Dvr William Russell
Dvr R Clunas
Dvr William Meek
Pte R McCrorie
Pte S Davidson
Pte Duncan McEwan

Military Foot Police
L/Cpl R Bremner
L/Cpl D Wyllie

Royal Navy
Lsn GL Cairns
A&SN M Crawford
Sn Daniel Donaghy
1st CL Str J Shanks

Machine Gun Corps
Sgt James Coyle
Pte W Hopkin
Pte Stephen McLean
Pte DR Lindsay

Royal Naval Reserve
LS W McGinley
A&SN J Gardner
LD Dugald McLellan

Scots Guards
Pte George Dorrins
Pte James Gillan
Pte Walter Keeps

Royal Army Medical Corps
Lieut Col William McCall DSO
Capt Harry Sherwood Ranken VC
Chevalier de la Legion D'Honneur
Pte John Campbell

Royal Garrison Artillery
Gnr DG Walker
Gnr James Hayes
Gnr William Miller

Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
L/Cpl William Parker
Pte John Arthur

Royal Fusiliers
L/Cpl Q McLeod
Pte A Christie

Royal Irish Rifles
L/Cpl R West
Rfln William Nisbet

Australian Imperial Forces
L/Cpl JD McCall
Pte John Diamond

Absn Sidney Crickmere Royal Naval Division
Sgt J Allan New Zealand Field Artillery
Cpl David G McEwen Dragoon Guards
Pte Samuel Roy Royal Marine Lance L.I.
Lt-Col AN Henderson MC Royal Warwicks
Sec Lt Oswald Wilson York & Lancaster Regiment
Pte John Elliot Canadian Mounted Rifles
Pte J Fletcher Kings Liverpool Regiment
Bdr William McMurtrie Canadian Field Artillery
L/Cpl John A Jeffrey Sherwood Foresters
Sec Lieut Douglas McGill Royal Air Force
3rd Officer J Ritchie Merchant Service
Pte J Connachie United States Infantry
Pte Quintin McMullan Civil Service Rifles
S Sgt David B Reid Royal Horse Artillery


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