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St. Peters Kirk Inscriptions
St Peters Street, Dundee.

St Peters Kirk Dundee

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Erected by the sorrowing flock in memory of The Reverend ROBERT MURRAY McCHEYNE first minister of St Peters Church Dundee who died on the 25 day of March MDCCCXLIII and in the 30 year of his age and the 7 year of his ministry.

In memory of PATRICK HUNTER THOMS of Aberlemno provost of Dundee from 1847 to 1853 who died in Dundee 17 June 1882 aged 86 years and of GRACE WATT his spouse who died there 5 January 1868 and of ELIZA HUNTER THOMS their daughter who died there 8 September 1851 who are all buried here this monument was erected by surviving members of the family.

Sacred to the memory of ISABELLA JAFFERSON daughter of JAMES JAFFERSON late farmer Newmill of Craignessie in the Parish of Tannadice who died in Dundee 3 September 1838 aged 55 years also ELIZABETH who died 25 April 1871 aged 93 years.

The grave of MARY the affectionate wife of EDWARD CAIRD who died XXV July 1843.

1861 Erected by ELIZABETH YOUNG in memory of her husband JOHN CRICHTON late baker Perth Road Dundee who died 4 August 1859 aged 57 years also of three of their children who died in infancy.

DOIG 1860

1838 Erected by THOMAS FULTON wright Ninewells Invergowrie and ISABELLA COLVILL his spouse in memory of their son ALEXANDER who died 14 December 1837 aged 20 years and 9 months.

Erected by JOHN HENDERSON banker in Dundee and CATHERINE RITCHIE his spouse in memory of their children JESSIE died 3 July 1847 aged 3 years THOMAS RITCHIE died 13 December 1848 aged 8 years JAMES died 20 May 1861 aged 8 years.

1847 Erected by The Rev DAVID EDGAR in memory of his wife ANNE EDGAR who departed this life 22 March 1817 aged 39 years.

Erected by ANN SIBBALD in memory of her husband DAVID SIBBALD Gardener Crescent Dundee who died 11 November 1843 aged 57 years also of their daughter ISABELLA who died 30 January 1837 and of their other sons and daughters DAVID died 5 June 1852 aged 28 years MARY W died in California 8 June 1853 aged 28 years JAMES died 28 February 1864 aged 32 years ELIZA died 17 March 1864 aged 35 years ANN SIBBALD the beloved wife of DAVID SIBBALD gardener crescent Dundee died 3 October 1868 aged 73 years.

In memory of JANE CLOUSTON spouse of WILLIAM STEWART merchant Dundee who died 25 October 1841.

1852 Erected by a few friends to the memory of DAVID KEAY for many years an elder in St Peters Church Dundee who died 24 September 1848 aged 67 years.

Erected by MARGARET MORAM in memory of her father GEORGE MORAM who died 20 August 1846 aged 81 years also her mother GRACE BROUGH who died 31 August 1853 aged 81 years also the above MARGARET MORAM who died 9 August 1879 aged 80 years.

1843 Sacred to the memory of JANE CUMMING wife of The Rev J BECKWITH Wesleyan Minister who departed this life 18 October 1842 aged 46 years The Rev JAMES BECKWITH died 29 July 1852 aged 57 years.

###...### THOMSON contractor Dundee and ISABELLA HENDERSON his wife in memory of their son JAMES CROSS who died 10 October 1841 aged 2 years and 9 months ISABELLA HENDERSON died 5 February 1890 aged 82 years revised by sole surviving son JAMES.

1849 Erected by PETER PHILLIPS and ELIZABETH WHITTET his spouse in memory of their children two of whom and his mother in law are interred here.

1853 Erected by JOHN PULLAR proprieter Annfield and MARY BARNET his spouse in memory of her mother CECILIA BRUCE who died 4 January 1847 aged 66 years.

1842 By MARGARET SCOTT in memory of her husband JOHN REID who died 31 March 1842 aged 63 years also his brother and sister WILLIAM who died January 1838 aged 63 years MARY who died 4 June 1836 aged 65 years.

1846 Erected by JOHN DONALD, mason Hawkhill, and ELIZABETH FAIRWEATHER his spouse in memory of his mother HELLEN YOUNG who died 30 October 1843 aged 70 years.

1847 Erected by WILLIAM BUTTER weaver Hawkhill in memory of his wife HELEN KENNEDY who died 13 May 1847 aged 68 years.

1848 Erected by JOHN YOUNG in memory of his mother in law MARY MARSHALL who died 4 December 1847 aged 65 years.

1863 Erected by ARCHIBALD McLEOD late 93 Highlanders in memory of his son ARCHIBALD ALEXANDER who died 30 September 1861 aged 4 years.

Benvie who died 2 January 1866 aged 56 years and of his wife ELIZABETH PEEBLES who died 10 January 1866 aged 56 also their children ALEXANDER died 22 June 1836 aged 15 months WILLIAM died 25 November 1840 aged 15 months GEORGE died 14 February 1854 aged 4 years 6 months THOMAS died 16 November 1851 aged 1 year.


1847 Erected by PETER SYDIE Dundee and SUSAN MIDDLETON his wife in memory of their daughter MARGARET who died 20 March 1843 aged 20 years also their grandchild who died in infancy also ELIZABETH who died 3 August 1851 aged 19 years the above SUSAN MIDDLETON died 29 January 1855 aged 62 years also JAMES SYDIE died at Rio De Janeiro 24 February 1857 aged 36 years the above PETER SYDIE died February 1864 aged 67 years.

1865 Erected by GEORGE and PETER BELL in memory of their mother MARGARET SIME widow of the late GEORGE BELL shepherd of Lochton who died 8 November 1862 aged 72 years.

Erected by JOHN McNAUGHTON contractor in memory of his daughter ELIZABETH who died 2 June 1845 aged 17 years the above JOHN McNAUGHTON died 17 January 1848 aged 58 years also JOHN McNAUGHTON who died 10 September 1856 aged 40 years and HELEN HENDRY wife of the above JOHN McNAUGHTON who died 24 January 1875 and is interred in Eastern Cemetery.

1840 Erected by JAMES BAXTER manufacturer Hawkhill and ELIZABETH WEST his wife in memory of their children ELIZABETH who died 13 November 1830 aged 17 months WILLIAM who died 19 April 1835 aged 1 year the above JAMES BAXTER died 22 December 1844 aged 46 years ISABELA who died 2 aged 4 months.

1853 Sacred to the memory of JESSIE McKAY wife of WILLIAM FOOTE shipmaster Dundee who died 20 February 1853 aged 30 years and of his brothers THOMAS died 1835 aged 21 years ROBRT died 1840 aged 16 years also ANDREW FOOTE his father who died 16 March 1841 aged 67 years and his sister ANN died 1848 aged 38 years MARGARET died 1850 aged 21 years ANDFREW his brother who died 7 April 1854 aged 50 years.

1841 Erected by JAMES HOGG mill overseer Gowden Knowe in memory of his wife JANET SAMSON who died 8 September 1840 aged 30 years also of his father WILLIAM HOGG who died 10 July 1832 age 52 and of his mother MARION KNOX who died 10 October 1840 aged 53 the above JAMES HOGG died 18 September 1888 aged 78 his wife MARY COCHRAN died 10 May 1895 aged 81 his daughter CATHERINE S HOGG died 30 April 1885 his son WILLIAM died in infancy 13 May 1855.

Sacred to the memory of ELIZA FRASER who was born at Fortrose Ross Shire on the 24 January AD MDCCCXII and departed this life in Christian hope at Dundee on the 12 March AD MDCCCXLVII her sorrowing husband KENNETH McBEAN as a tribute to her virtues and as a dutiful and affectionate wife and mother has erected this stone.

1862 Erected by THOMAS SIME mason in memory of his daughter ISABELLA who died 3 April 1862 aged 20 years also his son JOHN who died in America aged 21 years ISABELLA NICOLL wife of the above THOMAS SIME died 12 November 1869 aged 68 years.

1839 Erected by ANDREW CANT in memory of his father ANDREW CANT weaver and mother JANET RODDAM the latter who died 14 April 1837 aged 45 years and the former 6 May 1839 aged 49 years also his brother JOHN and his sister EUPHEMIA who died in infancy.

1837 Erected by JAMES MARSHALL weaver Hawkhill Dundee in memory of his spouse ELIZABETH MYLES who died 20 January 1825 aged 61 years also his son WILLIAM who died 18 April 1837 aged 38 ye ars the above JAMES MARSHALL died 8 October 1844 aged 76 years and his daughter CRAWFORD who died October 1848 aged 43 years ELIZABETH died 14 November 1850 aged 47 years ROBERT died at sea 11 October 1853 aged 52 years JAMES eldest son died 2 October 1855 aged 58 years.

1839 Erected by PETER MACKIE joiner Dundee and JANET HOWIE his wife in memory of their children viz MARY died 19 December 1836 aged 1 year ELIZABETH died 4 March 1837 aged 3 years MATTHEW died 3 March 1840 aged 4 months the above JANET HOWIE died 23 December 1840 aged 30 years the above PETER MACKIE died 22 May 1840 aged 42 years JOHN the last of their name died 7 July 1853 aged 21 years.

1853 Erected by WILLIAM SMART and his son DAVID SMART in memory of HELEN GEEKIE DAVIDíS wife who died 9 March1848 aged 27 years also by JOHN GRAY and CATHERINE SMART his wife in memory of their son WILLIAM who died 19 March 1846 aged 2 years.

1845 Erected by DAVID CLARK warper Dundee in memory of his father WILLIAM CLARK who died 22 May 1843 aged 51 years also his mother ELIZABETH SIME who died 2 June 1853 aged 77 years also his sister MARGARET CLARK who died 26 October 1847 aged 32 years.

1852 Erected by PETER SIME weave and CATHERINE PETER his spouse Dundee in memory of their son THOMAS who died in Rio 30 March 1851 aged 23 years and 6 months also their son ANDREW who died 17 November 1835 aged 8 months the above CATHERINE PETER died 8 April 1859 aged 62 years.

1842 Erected by JOHN STEWART carter Dundee and his spouse EUPHEMIA STEWART in memory of their children AGNES died 22 November 1829 aged 11 months HELEN died 5 January 1839 aged 5 weeks.

1840 Erected by THOMAS MOIR smith in Dundee in memory of his wife MARY STEVENSON who died 24 May 1839 aged 36 years and of JAMES their son who died 26 February 1838 aged 2 years and 6 months.

1843 Erected by JOHN YOUNG porter Dundee and ELIZABETH WATSON his spouse in memory of their children viz JAMES died 25 March 1835 aged 14 months ELIZABETH who died 12 September 1838 aged 2 years and 5 months also in memory of his sister ANN who died 10 January 1840 aged 23 years.

1846 Erected by CATHERINE ROBERTSON in memory of her husband ALEXANDER McMILLAN mason who died on the 24 December 1845 in the 30 year of his age also of their sons ALEXANDER who died in London on the 3 December 1843 aged 3 years and 9 months WILLIAM who died on the 23 August 1845 aged 1 year and 4 months the above CATHERINE ROBERETSON died 7 February 1888 aged 74 years.

1846 Erected by DAVID NICOLL manufacturer Dundee and MARGARET PHILLIP his spouse in memory of their children MARY ELIZABETH died 18 February 1845 aged 3 years and 10 months DAVID CUTHELL died 25 December 1845 aged 2 years and 4 months JOHN CANSH BAXTER died 31 October 1849 aged 9 months DAVINIA DAWSON died 26 February 1856 aged 2 years and 9 months JESSIE ANN died 12 November 1863 aged 17 years the above named MARGARET PHILLIP died 5 December 1866 aged 56 years the above name DAVID NICOLL died 24 February 1883 aged 76 years sacred to the memory of DAVID NICOLL manufacturer Airth died Dundee 17 August 1849 aged 69 years father of the aforesaid.

Erected by MARGARET LEIGHTON in memory of her husband GEORGE SMITH feuar Coldside Dundee who died 2 December 1866 aged 73 years also their daughter MARY ANN who died 5 February 1840 aged 4 years and six months and their son JOHN SMITH surgeon Dundee who died 12 October 1858 aged 28 years also their son GEORGE SMITH who died 17 May 1865 aged 33 years.

Erected by WILLIAM BROWN in memory of PETER LINDSAY who died 2 November 1856 in his 80 year and his wife MARGREY LESSLIE who died 15 May 1841 in her 60 year and JANET LINDSAY who died 28 February 1859 aged 86 also MARGARET LINDSAY who died 11 December 1859 aged 84 sisters of the late PETER LINDSAY.

1856 Erected by HELEN IMRIE in memory of her husband JAMES HEPBURN mason Dundee who died 4 August 1855 aged 57 years and their children JANET JACKSON who died 27 June 1839 aged 5 years DAVID IMRIE who died 24 June 1845 aged 10 months also her mother ALISON HEPBURN who died 5 March 1853 aged 82 years and her brother DAVID IMRIE mason died 31 December 1868 aged 65 the above HELEN IMRIE died on the 13 April 1883 aged 81 years 1856 in memory of JEAN OGILVIE daughter of JAMES HEPBURN and HELEN IMRIE born 9 March 1840 died 20 March 1883 also their son ROBERT HEPBURN born 7 December 1828 died 29 November 1885 also their daughter MARGARET INGLIS born 20 November 1836 died 18 August 1891 and is interred in the Western Necropolis.

1852 Erected by JOHN SIME warper and EUPHEMIA MUIR his spouse in memory of their son THOMAS who died 21 April 1852 aged 2 years and 3 months.

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