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St. Andrew's Kirk Inscriptions
King Street, Dundee.

St Andrews Kirk Dundee

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In memory of JAMES HOOD late ### in Dundee who died ### aged 29 years MARGARET MILER his spouse -DAVID HOOD late farmer.

Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM LINDSAY of Carolina Port Dundee of the family of Dowhill Kinross A shire born 30 March 1767 died 17 April 1849 also of ALISON McKENZIE his wife born 11 June 1767 died 15 July 1844 they were married 20 February 1792 children.

1837 Erected by HENRY ROBINSON miller Ayton Yorkshire in memory of his brother ROBERT ROBINSON tea merchant Dundee son of Richard and ELIZABETH ROBINSON of West Ayton there who died 7 December 1837 aged 46 years.

Erected by JAMES BLAIN tide surveyor in memory of his son WILLIAM commander of the barque Clansman of Dundee who perished with all of his crew on the island of Hogg during a heavy gale of wind with snow on the morning of 30 October 1836 in the 25 year of his age.

Erected by JOHN SMYTH late farmer of Campsie Parish of Lintrathen in memory of JANET SMYTH DONALDSON his niece who died 27 October 1833 aged 25 years the above JOHN SMYTH died 8 February 1848 aged 81 years JEAN GOODLET widow of the above named JOHN SMITH died 11 January 1859 aged 83 years.

1817 Erected by ROBERT LOWSON vintner Dundee and MARTHA ABBOT his spouse in memory of their children viz CATHERINE who died 3 January 1810 aged -died on the 12 May 1819 Mrs JOHN HOWARD the beloved wife of Mr JOHN HOWARD of Hackney London youngest daughter of Mr ROBERT LOWSON of Dundee in the 33 year.

1842 Erected by ELIZABETH ABBOT in memory of her spouse ALEXANDER M YOUNG late mercht Dundee who died in March 1818 aged 62 years and of their children who are interred here also her second husband WILLIAM YOUNG late sergeant 8 BRA who died 7 October 1832 aged 55 years.

In loving memory of JAMES CATHRO mariner who died at sea 6 December 1830 aged 48 years and CATHERINE FARMER his spouse who died 12 July 1855 aged 73 years also their son WILLIAM who died at Batavia 1841 aged 37 years and their daughter ANN who died 17 January 1890 aged 76 years also their daughter CATHERINE who died 12 June 1903 aged 84 years.

1816 Erected by MARGARET BLACK in memory of her husband JOHN NICOLL manufacturer Blackscroft who died 13 July 1816 aged 62 years.

Erected by JOHN GILROY in memory of his father ALEXANDER GILROY who departed this life 26 March 1772 aged 62 years his mother MARGARET KIRKALDY who departed this life 3 July 1786 aged 71 years his wife FRANCES BLACK was born 15 March 1756 she died 1 April 1791 his son ALEXr died aged 26 years his daughter JEAN died aged 26 years.

1837 Erected by JAMES GELLATLY blacksmith and AGNES TAYLOR his spouse in memory of their children viz PETER who died 15 June 1818 aged 10 years THOMAS who died 1832 aged 23 years and AGNES who died 22 January 1835 aged 23 years also interred here AGNES TAYLOR above named who died 25 March 1837.

1826 Erected by JEAN CAMPBELL YOUNG spouse of DAVID RITCHIE shipmaster Dundee to the memory of her mother Mrs JEAN REID who died the 17 February 1825 aged 83 years.

Erected by ELIZABETH MILLER in memory of WILLIAM RAIT her husband farmer Wester Balgillo Parish of Monifieth who died on the 13 July 1837 aged 76 years the above ELIZABETH MILLER died 18 November 1847 also their daughter BARBARA RAIT died 4 November 1862 ANN RAIT died 6 July 1865 ELIZABETH RAIT died 25 October 1881.

Erected by GEORGE OWER glazier in memory of MARGARET BUTCHART his wife who died 24 March 1843 aged 35 GEORGE OWER died 25 June 1872 aged 64 years.

Erected by ROBERT BELL postmaster Dundee and his spouse JANET COCHRAN in memory of their children JAMES ROBERT DAVID WILLIAM MARY JOHN and HENRY all interred in this place here also lie ROBERT BELL and JANET COCHRAN who erected this stone he died 17 June 1857 aged 73 she died 18 July 1859 aged 73.

1835 Erected by JAMES PATRICK ship master in Dundee and his spouse CHARLOTTE GELLATLY in memory of their children AGNES who died 29 March 1833 aged 14 months and JESSIE who died 20 May 1834 aged 10 months the above CHARLOTTE GELLATLY or PATRICK died 10 May 1836 JAMES PATRICK late ship master died 11 April 1857 KETURAH SHEPPARD or PATRICK second wife of the above died 3 December 1894 also in memory of THOMS MEARNS brother in law of the above died 31 July 1868.

1835 Erected by JEAN STURROCK in memory of her husband JOHN SIME late baker in Dundee who died on the of 13 October 1834 aged 61 years.

1836 Erected by CATHERINE RITCHIE in memory of her husband DAVID THOMSON who died 11 March 1836 aged 48 years also of her children WILLIAM who died 31 October 1831 aged 3 years DAVID died 16 January 1836 aged 15 years ELIZABETH 24 January 1836 aged 13 years MARGARET THOMS who died 1 September 182 aged 70 years also of her son Ritchie who died 18 October 1847 aged 17 years.

1838 Erected by the family of WILLIAM ANDERSON late ship owner of Dundee who died 19 September 1837 aged 72 years also his son GEORGE ANDERSON who departed this life on the 23 March 1852 aged 56 years WILLIAM son of the above GEORGE ANDERSON died 16 October 1861 aged 41 years also BARBARA ANDERSON daughter of the above WILLIAM ANDERSON who died 3 November 1872 aged 68 years and JOHN DOIG her husband who died 26 December 1872 aged 72 years.

Sacred to the memory of HENRY PETRIE who died 10 March 1833 aged 81 years and of his wife HELEN DOUGLAS who died 18 July 1859 aged 84 years and of their children HENRY who died 21 October 1825 William who died 11 November 18 ANNE who died 7 August 18 also in memory of JAMES who died at Melbourne Australia 1859 JOHN who died at Meadville United States of America 1833 ISABELLA who died at Bowling 1858.

1829 Erected by THOMAS MATTHEW late farmer Hilltown of Guthrie to the memory of his wife ANN CRAMOND who died 22 December 1828 aged 64 years the above THOMAS MATTHEW died 25 May 1833 aged 72 years.


To the memory of WILLIAM FAIRWEATHER merchant in Dundee who died 7 November 1826 AGNES PETRIE his spouse who died 31 December 1826 and of their family JAMES THOMSON died 1 March 1859 aged 49 years WILLIAM died 21 September 1860 aged 62 years AGNES died 8 January 1862 aged 59 years ALEXANDER SG minister of Bothriphnie died June 1871 aged 62 years and is interred here JESSIE died 2 July 1876 aged 71 years MARGARET died 22 December 1877 aged 78 years JANE died 21 January 1879 aged 78 years and of their grandchildren JAMES WATT son of the above WILLIAM died in infancy November 1829 also of CATHERINE ELIZA daughter of the above JAMES THOMSON died 4 October 1863 aged 5 years EUPHJEMIA wife of the above William died 28 April 1876 aged 74 years.

In memory of WILLIAM McGAVIN merchant Dundee and his wife MARGARET LINDSAY also of their sons and daughter JAMES JESSIE HELEN WILLIAM DAVID MARGARET and MARY ROBERT and ELIZABETH.

Erected by DAVID CRIGHTON ship owner Dundee and MARY his wife in memory of their children MARY and WILLIAM MARY died 27 January 1824 aged 9 months WILLIAM died 4 July 1828 aged 7 years and 6 months also of their sister Mrs ROWELL who died 29 January 1838 aged 61 years their son ALEXANDER died 5 July 1842 aged 4 years and 3 months.

Erected by Captain WILLIAM BLACK and HELENE LEIGOYNE his wife in memory of MARY their daughter who was born in the Isle of France 15 August 1820 and died in Dundee March 1828.

Erected by GEORGE STEPHEN wright Dundee in memory of his spouse ELSPETH GREIG who died on the 13 October 1832 aged 62 years also MARY GIBSON his second wife who died 14 July 1838 aged 69 years.

1836 Erected by LILLIAS WILSON spirit dealer Dundee to the memory of JAMES DOUGAL who died 23 February 1832 aged 25 years inscribed by JAMES WATT in memory of the above LILLIAS WILSON his wife who died 2 February 1846 aged 53 years.

PATRICK KERR of Drumgeight who died at Drumgeight on the 19 December 1856 aged 77 years.

Sacred to the memory of ROBERT MILLS manufacturer Dundee who died 15 August 1826 EUPHEMIA HERALD his wife who died 30 April 1828 also of their family JOHN died 18 August 1861 ALEXANDER died 14 March 1863 JAMES died 13 September 1878 MARY ANN died 7 March 1900.

1855 To the memory of W CARSWELL manufacturer who died 26 January 1835 aged 62 years and of his spouse ELSPETH MELVILLE who died 6 March 1843 aged 71 years this stone was erected by their son in law GEORGE WHITTON brewer Dundee also of his daughter HELEN R WHITTON who died 13 May 1866 aged 26 years GEORGE WHITTON DUNCAN grand son of the above GEORGE WHITTON died 14 aged the above GEORGE WHITTON died 8 March 1875 aged 63 years and his wife HELEN TODD CARSWELL died 26 August 1877 aged 61 years.

Erected by ROBERT BROWN ship builder Dundee in memory of his father DAVID BROWN late ship builder who died 10 June 1833 aged 45 years also of his brother JOHN who died 17 July 1834 aged 20 years and of SARAH MITCHELL his mother whom died 14 July 1864 aged 71 years JANE BROWN who died 30 October 1867 SUSAN DAVID BROWN who died 22 October 1868 CATHERINE MORRIS BROWN who died 4 August 1906.

In loving memory of ANDREW GREIG Jnr ship owner and JESSIE McGAVIN his wife also of their family LOUISA ELIZABETH JAMES JESSIE interred at Flisk Fifeshire MAGGIE interred in Eastern Necropolis ROBERT interred at Balgay Cemetery WILLIAM interred here.

1848 Erected by JANE GUTHRIE in memory of her husband WILLIAM WANN ship master Dundee who died September 1829 aged 41 years also of their family viz HENRY died July 1813 aged 15 months JANE died December 1815 aged 14 months JOHN died March 1825 aged 5 yars and 6 months JANE died May 1837 aged 11 years WILLIAM died April 1840 aged 23 years.

Erected in memory of ANDREW KINMOND merchant Dundee who died 21 January 1830 aged 46 years and of his son ANDREW who died 29 December 1831 aged 19 months and his wife JEAN KIDD who died 7 May 1859 aged 65 years.

Erected by THOMAS K KINMOND merchant Dundee in memory of his wife MARGARET WATSON HYND who died 17 September 1854 aged 21 years.

In the hope of Blessed Resurrection here lie the mortal remains of JAMES SOUTAR merchant in Dundee born 20 March 1762 died 20 March 1841 and of ELIZABETH SOUTAR his sister born 7 January 1779 died 15 June 1848 of their substance where with God had blessed they gave while living largely to the poor and having no near relatives agreed together to make the poor their heirs especially the sick and afflicted they bequeathed to the Dundee Royal Infirmary the greater part of all their substance that larger charity in time of need might reach the suffering poor and many hearts gave thanks to them from where all blessings came.

1833 Erected by KEIR of her husband

Erected by WILLIAM SIME farmer Ironshill in memory of his step father DAVID WRIGHT who died the 15 May 1823 aged 82 years and his mother JEAN PATERSON who died 26 August 1826 aged 83 years WILLIAM SIME who died the 27 day of December 1828 aged 56 years DAVID SIME died 26 October 1834 aged 58 years ANNE SIME died 21 June 1854 aged 77 years.

To the memory of The Rev DAVID DAVIDSON DD who died December 1825.

1825 Erected by JAMES BROWN in memory of his mother ISABEL MAIDEN who died 19 February 1825 aged 63 years his brother WILLIAM who died May 1832 his father JAMES BROWN who died in January 1833 aged 81 years and of his sister JANET who died in May 1838 also ISABELLA his sister who died 14 October 1839.

In memory of WILLIAM BELL merchant Dundee who died 24 January 1846 aged 87 years and his spouse MARGARET HARDIE who died 11 August 1830 aged 90 years also of his sons DAVID who died 4 October 1810 aged 18 years HENRY who died 10 June 1820 aged 15 years WILLIAM who died ###...###