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Some Military Abbreviations

AB Able Seaman
Adjt Adjutant
Adj-Gen Adjutant-General
AF Admiral of the Fleet
AG Adjutant-General
AHC Army Hospital Corps
AIF Australian Imperial Forces
ANZAC Austrailian and New Zealand Army Corps
AO Army Order
AOC Army Ordnance Corps
AOD Army Ordanance Department
APM Assistant Provost-Marshal
APO Army Post Office
ASC Army Service Corps
AVD Army Veterinary Department
Bde Brigade
BEF British Expeditionary Force
Bn Battalion
Brig Brigadier
Brig-Gen Brigadier-General
BSC Bengal Staff Corps
Capt Captain
CF Chaplain to the Forces
C in C Commander in Chief
CO Commanding Officer
Col Colonel
Com Commander
Comdr Commander
Coy Company
Cpl Corporal
CS Colour Sergeant
CSM Company Sergeant Major
DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
DFM Distinguished Flying Medal
div Division
DL Deputy Lieutenant
DLI Durham Light Infantry
DSC Distinguished Service Cross
DSM Distinguished Service Medal
DSO Distinguished Service Order
EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Force
FM Field Marshal
GHQ General Headquarters
GOC General Officer Commanding
GS General Staff
gn Gunner
HAC Honourable Artillery Company
HG Horse Guards
HLI Highland Light Infantry
HMAS His Majesty`s Australian Ship
HMCS His Majesy`s Canadian Ship
HMS His Majesty`s Ship
IA Indian Army
ID Intelligence Department
ISO Imperial Service Order
IY Imperial Yeomanry
KOSB King`s Own Scottish Borderers
KORL King`s Own Royal Lancashire/Lancaster Regiment
KOYLI King`s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
KRRC King`s Royal Rifle Corps
LD Light Dragoons
LI Light Infantry
Lr Lancer
Lt Lieutenant
Maj Major
MEF Mediterranean Expeditionary Force
MGC Machine Gun Corps
MM Military Medal
NCO Non-commissioned Officer
OD Ordinary Seaman
OS Ordinary Seaman
PM Provost-Marshal
QM Quarter-master
QMG Quartermaster-General
QMS Quartermaster-Sergeant
RA Rear Admiral
RA Royal Artillery
RAF Royal Air Force
RAMC Royal Army Medical Corps
RAOC Royal Army Ordnance Corps
RAPC Royal Army Pay Corps
RASC Royal Army Service Corps
RD Royal Dragoons
RE Royal Corps of Engineers
RFA Royal Field Artillery
RFC Royal Flying Corps
RGA Royal Garrison Artillery
Rgt Regiment
RHA Royal Horse Artillery
RHG Royal Horse Guards
RIM Royal Indian Marines
RM Royal Marines
RMA Royal Military Academy
RMA Royal Marine Artillery
RMC Royal Military College
RMLI Royal Marine Light Infantry
RN Royal Navy
RNAS Royal Naval Air Service
RNR Royal Naval Reserve
RNVR Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
RSM Regimental Sergeant-Major
RV Rifle Volunteers
SAA Small Arms Ammunition
SAS Special Air Sevice
SBS Special Boat Service
SC Staff-office Corps
SERG Sergeant
SM Sergeant-Major
SO Staff Officer
SQN Squadron
TA Territorial Army
TF Territorial Force
VC Victoria Cross
WAAC Women`s Army Auxillary Corps
WRAC Women`s Royal Army Corps
WAAC Women`s Army Auxillary Corps
WD War Department
WRAF Women`s Royal Air Force
WRNS Women`s Royal Naval Service
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