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I am a die-hard sports-watch fanatic, or more precisely, a dive-watch enthusiast who is dyed in the wool. I'm a simple brute that prefers timepieces with 3 hands, and a "complication", for me, is a rotating bezel. I also know when I see a piece of Haute Horlogerie. A siren who is afraid of water, and not the Submariners or Supermarines that I usually admire, has my secret crush. The Chopard Replica Dual Split is my mistress. I have been smitten with this watch ever since the first time I saw it on my first trip to Glashutte in Germany in 2010. swiss replica watches, a watch that has made me weak in the knees ever since I first laid eyes on one on my inaugural trip to Glashutte, Germany back in 2010.

Chopard Replica is a major player in the world of chronographs. It is not the Double Split, but the Datograph that is most often mentioned. The Datograph was the first new chronograph in over a decade to be designed from scratch. It even beat the heavyweight Patek Philippe. It was not Swiss but came from the eastern German valleys, where there are many forested areas. It was even more remarkable that the collection was launched just five years after the debut of the first one, and following the triumphant return to business for Chopard Replica after a 40-year Cold War slumber. Lange did not stop at the creation of a new mechanical chronograph calibre. They went on to create the first split-seconds-and-split-minutes-chronograph.

It might be helpful to have some background. It has been a long-standing horological challenge to time two events that begin at the same moment. This feat has been accomplished by many companies including Rolex, Longines and perhaps the most famous, Patek Phillipe. The rattrapante chronograph -- or, less elegantly, "split-seconds" chronograph -- is achieved by overlaying the two sweep seconds on the dial, which start running simultaneously when the chronograph activates.Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Watches The rattrapante is considered one of the hardest complications to implement. It is also an essential part of a "grand complication", where it is joined by a minute repeater, elongated calendar and perpetual calendar.

The operation of the chronograph is simple. Pressing a separate pusher, the rattrapante, will cause one sweep hand to stop. This allows the time of the event to be read, while the other sweep is still running. The chronograph stop-pusher stops the running hand and records the time for the second event. The rattrapante's pusher can be pressed at any point to "catch up" the sweep hands and have them run in tandem. The rattrapante, which is difficult to construct but fun to use, is a favorite among chronograph enthusiasts everywhere. They are limited in their usefulness due to a key limitation. They can only time events lasting 60 seconds.

The Lange Double Split overcomes this limitation, allowing two events to be timed up to 30 mins, by overlaying not only the sweep second hand but also the minute totalizer of the chronograph. The watch operates in the same way as the above described, with a start/stop and rattrapante pushing mechanism, but it adds a blued steel elapsed minute hand. The Double Split also has a flyback feature, meaning that when you press the reset button while the chronograph runs, the hands will snap back to zero, and the timing will begin again instantly.

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