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Birth, Marriage & Death notices from Scottish newspapers:
March 1854


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Paragraph headings are listed with codes, which represent the newspaper source:
[01] The Scotsman
[02] Glasgow Herald
[03] The New York Times
[04] The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Advertiser ( The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Gazette for listings from 20th May 1854)
[05] Glasgow Saturday Post &Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer
Other publications are listed individually.


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    4th March 1854

    FATAL ACCIDENT AT PORT GLASGOW [04] On Monday morning a young man named William Millar, a seaman on board the ship Advance, lying in the harbour, was drowned in a very singular manner. Being engaged at the shears in taking down a mast, the rope slipped and striking him on the breast knocked him into the water. He was taken out in about a couple of minutes and attended by Dr. Grieve and Dr. Reid, who found their services unavailable, as life was quite extinct. The unfortunate man was a native of Arran.
    BIRTHS [04]
    At Bankside Cottage, Johnstone, on the 25th ultimo [February], Mrs James Reid, a son

    At 8 Wardrop Street, Paisley, on the 2d, Mrs John McNaught, a son

    At Mount Place, Greenock, on the 28th ultimo [February], Mrs John Erskine, a daughter

    At 17 Roxburgh Street, Greenock, on the 25th ultimo [February], Mrs A Fleming, a son

    At Free East Manse, Pollockshaws, on the 26th ultimo [February], Mrs Blake, a son

    At Pollockshaws, on the 25th ultimo [February], Mrs Thomas King, a daughter

    At Pollockshaws, on the 28th ultimo [February], Mrs James M Gibbon, a son

    At 55 Bellgrove Street, Glasgow, on the 25th ultimo [February], Mrs James Morton, a son

    At Avondale Place, Glasgow, on the 24th ultimo [February], Mrs William Ewing, a daughter

    At St. Rollox, Glasgow, on the 2d inst., Mrs P Letham, three daughters who with the mother are doing well.

    At Laurel Bank, Partick, on the 27th ultimo [February], Mrs WN Baines, a daughter

    At Errol Park, Perthshire, on the 23rd ultimo [February], the lady of Sir James Gardiner Baird, Bart., of Saughton Hall, a son.

    At the Union Bank of Scotland, Lerwick, on the 18th ult. [February], Mrs John A White, a daughter.

    At Russelltown Flats, Montreal on the 27th ult. [February], the wife of the Rev. AH Milligen, a son.
    MARRIAGES [04]
    At 31 Storie Street [Paisley], on the 24th ult. [February], by the Rev. John Thomson, Mr Andrew Brown, confectioner, Glasgow, to Margaret, second daughter of Mr James Hamilton, 31 Storie Street.

    On the 27th ult. [February] by the Rev. Dr. Smith, Free Church Minister, Lochwinnoch, Mr Andrew Climie, cattle-dealer, Glenhead, to Miss Jean White, grocer, Lochwinnoch.

    At Regent Street, Greenock, on the 27th ult [February] by the Rev. Mr Hutcheson, Mr Albert Sutherland, engineer, to Sarah, third daughter of Mr John Connell, carpenter.

    At 36 John Street, Glasgow, on the 24th ult. [February], by the Rev. W Anderson, L.L.D., Mr Alexander Walker, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr Robert Baird, Glasgow.

    At 125 Renfield Street, Glasgow, on the 28th ult. [February], by the Rev. James Adam, Free West Church, Mr John Lyle, carpet manufacturer, to Helen, eldest daughter of the late Mr David Fraser, builder, Glasgow.

    At 4 View Place, Leith, on the 24th ult. [February] by the Rev. Dr. Harper, Mr Robert Hogg, to Jessie, youngest daughter of Mr J Bailey.

    At St. Andrews, Plymouth, on the 15th ult. [February], Major Robert Murray, banner, 93d Highlanders, to Anne, second daughter of Joseph Ferguson Esq., M.P. for Carlisle.
    DEATHS [04]
    At Buck's Head Inn, Howwood, near Johnstone, on the 25th ult. [February], Elizabeth Scott, aged 76 years, relict of Mr Robert Caldwell.

    At Bridge of Weir, on the 24th ult. [February], Miss Jean Ure. At Muirhouse Toll, on the 27th ult. [February], Richard, youngest son of Mr Richard Dunn, farmer, Binning, Eaglesham.

    At Gerhallow Lodge, Greenock, on the 28th ult. [February], in her 9th year, Margaret Ann, second daughter of James Macfie Esq.

    At 1 St Andrew's Street, Greenock, on the 22d ult. [February], Captain Hugh Hunter, of the barque Assam.

    Suddenly at 19 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, on the 1st inst., Agnes Robertson, teacher.

    At the George Hotel, George Square, Glasgow, on the 27th ult. [February], Mr John Walker, aged 54 years.

    At Wellbank, Campsie, on the 1st instant, the Rev. James Brown, in the 80th year of his age and the 44th of his ministry.

    At Irvine, on the 25th ult. [February], Ellen McGregor, wife of Mr Hugh Speirs.

    At Auchnabaw House, Argyllshire, on the 24th ult. [February], Lieut-Colonel Donald McNeil.

    At Strontian Manse, on the 19th ult. [February], the Rev. Robert Stewart.

    At Broughton Manse, on Tuesday the 28th ult. [February], the Rev. Hamilton Paul, minister of the unified parishes of Broughton, Glenholme and Kilbuckie, in the 81st year of his age.

    In this city on Saturday morning, March 4, Thomas Shepard, a native of Scotland, in the 63d year of his age. - New York Times 6th March 1854.
    11th March 1854

    BIRTHS [04]
    At Ann Street, Greenock, on the 8th instant, Mrs RA Baird, a son.

    At Patrick Street, Greenock, on the 4th instant, Mrs William Baird, a son.

    At Glenhead, Lochwinnoch, on the 4th instant, Mrs Robert Richmond, a daughter.

    At 122 North Montrose Street, Glasgow, on the 6th instant, Mrs William Collins, a daughter.

    At Rosehill, Pollockshaws Road, on the 7th instant, Mrs James Jack, a son.

    At Westonley, Dumbartonshire, on the 4th instant, the wife of William Cunninghame Steele Esq., advocate, a son.

    At Mochrum Manse, on the 2d instant, the wife of the Rev. A Young, a daughter.

    At Baldernockfree Manse, on the 8th instant, Mrs Pollock, a son.

    At Edinburgh, on the 7th instant, the lady of Frederick A Eck Esq., of Hollybush House, Ayrshire, a daughter.

    At 29 Rutland Square, Edinburgh, on the 3d instant, the wife of Alexander Hamilton Esq.,W.S., a son.

    At One Ash, Rochdale, on the 1st instant, the wife of Mr John Bright, M.P., a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [04]
    At Meadowbank, Partick, on the 2d instant, by the Rev. Dr. Buchanan, William Mcneill Esq., merchant, Belfast, to Jane Bell, second daughter of William Lochhead Esq.

    At Ann Street, Greenock, on the 8th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Brown, Mr Robert Duncan, ship carpenter, Whiteinch, Glasgow, to Mary, only daughter of Mr Archibald Ferguson, feuar.

    At 44 Heriot Row, Edinburgh, on the 8th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Roxburgh of St. John's Free Church, Glasgow, James P Fraser Esq., F.G.S. Glasgow, to Henrietta Laura Janet, only surviving daughter of the late R Pinkerton, captain R.M. Devonside, Dollar.

    At 14 Royal crescent, Edinburgh, on the 3d instant, by the Rev. JG Balfour, East KIlbride, John Balfour Esq. of Colinston, Moreton Bay to Jane C., eldest daughter of Patrick Graham Esq. of Robshill, Renfrewshire, W.S.

    At New York, on the 3d ultimo [February], by the Rev. Hugh H Blair, Mr James Forrest, engineer, or Glasgow, to Mary, third daughter of Mr. M Maclarty, late of Greenock.
    DEATHS [04] At the Abbey Manse, Paisley, on the 4th inst., John de Cartaret, aged 7 years and 6 months, only son of the Rev. Andrew Wilson.

    Suddenly at 9 Mansfield Place, Glasgow, on the 8th inst., Mrs James Sharp.

    Suddenly, at 156 Gallowgate Street, Glasgow, on the 7th inst., Mrs Charles Bell.

    At Nitton, near Houston, on the 3d instant, Isabella, fourth daughter of Mr Alex Arthur, aged 20 years and 8 months.

    At 6 Windsor Terrace, Great Western Road, Glasgow, on the 2d instant, Jessie Dennistown, wife of William G Mitchell Esq. of Carwood.

    At Gourock, on the 4th instant, Mr Malcolm Taylor, aged 67.

    At Hawket Park, Kilmarnock, on the 3d instant, Mrs Jane Todd, relict of John Parker Esq., Ayr.

    Suddenly at Rock vale, Rothsay, on the 5th instant, Charles Mackinlay Esq.

    At Nice on the 25th ult. [February], Sarah, relict of Lieutennant Colonel Cunninghame of Caddell and Thorntoun.

    At Oregon City, Oregon Territory, North America, on the 3d January last, Mr Andrew Foot Campbell Jamieson, aged 17, youngest son of the late Mr Robert Jamieson of Brodick, Arran.
    18th March 1854

    THEFT [04] On Wednesday last, a woman named Mary McPhee or Mary McDonald was tried summarily before the sheriff for having stolen a silver guard and 16s. from a cupboard in a house where she was lodging in the county, near Glasgow. She was found guilty, and sentenced to sixty days imprisonment.

    THEFT [04] On Monday last, a young man entered the house of Mr Alexander Miller, farmer, Arkleston, in absence of all the usual inmates except a female servent, and broke into a chest and took away £4.7s.6d., and a top coat, the property of one of Mr Miller's sons. The thief managed to get clear off, and has as yet escaped detection.

    OUTRAGEOUS CONDUCT [04] On Saturday night last a weaver named Matthew Clark went into the house of Mr Alexander Mathieson, spirit dealer, Moss Street [Paisley] along with three females, and after being served with a small quantity of spirits, the females went away leaving Clark alone in the room. On going out one of the females said something to Mr Mathieson, which induced him to go into the room, when he was assaulted by Clark who afterwards tried to make his escape. Mr Mathieson however, managed to get hold of him at the door, but was immediately knocked down; but two policemen who were passing came to his rescue, and took Clark into custody. He made considerable resistance against being taken to the Police office, and kicked one of the officers severely on the leg. At the Police Court on Monday Clark pled guilty to assaulting Mr Mathieson and was fined in 15s. or ten days imprisonment.

    ACCIDENT ON THE GLASGOW & SOUTHWESTERN RAILWAY [04] On Thursday afternoon, the engine-driver of a mineral train, named John Kirkland, residing in Kilmarnock, lost his life at the Johnstone Station by a truck going transversly over hos body. The accident was not seen by anyone but it is supposed the unfortunate individual's foot had been caught between the rails while he was preparing to couple two trucks together. Then he was thrown down and killed.
    BIRTHS [04]
    At 87 High Street, Paisley, on the 12th inst., Mrs Robert Brown, a daughter.

    At 42 High Street [Paisley], on the 14th inst., Mrs William Abercrombie, a son.

    At Oakfield Terrace, Hillhead, on the 12th inst., Mrs James Smith, a son.

    At 318 West Bath Street, Glasgow, on the 14th inst., Mrs D Stiratt jun., a daughter.

    At 123 Eglinton Street, Glasgow, on the 10th inst., Mrs Thomas Reid, a daughter.

    At Merrystone House, Coatbridge, on the 11th inst., Mrs W Moore, a son.

    At 38 York Place, Edinburgh, on the 9th inst., the wife of T Macknight Crawfurd Esq., younger of Cartsburn, a daughter.

    At Edinburgh, on the 10th inst., the lady of Archibald James Lamont of Lamont, a son and heir.

    At 44 Rankeillor Street, Edinburgh, on the 9th inst., the wife of the Rev. James Drummond, a son.

    At 10 Duncan Street, Drummond Place, Edinburgh, on the 11th inst., Mrs George C Adams, a daughter.

    At 31 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, on the 11th inst., Mrs Nisbet, a son.
    MARRIAGES [04]
    At St Andrew's Cottage. Pollockshields, on the 9th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Craik of St George's, Mr David Smith to Jane, second daughter of the late Mr R Wilson, merchant Glasgow.

    At Leith Walk, Edinburgh, on the 14th instant, by the Rev. Dr Stevenson of South Leith, Johann Otto Lietke, Glasgow, to Wilhelmina, daughter of Andrew Park Esq.

    At Great King Street, Edinburgh, on the 11th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Guthrie of Free St John's Edinburgh, Mr James Wight of Kelvinhaugh, Glasgow, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late Mr James Glen of Montrose.
    DEATHS [04]
    At Barshaw Cottage, near Paisley, on the 14th instant, the Rev. William Nisbet, minister of the United Presbyterian Congregation, Abbey Close, Paisley.

    Suddenly at Bridge of Allan on the 12th instant, William Galloway Esq. Paisley.

    At 60 Love Street, Paisley, on the 16th instant, the infant son of Mr John Cattanach - friends are requested to accept of this intimation.

    At 8 George Street, Paisley, on the 18th instant, William Tyre, aged 14 months.

    At Brae Cottage, Broughty Ferry, on the 7th instant, David Miln Esq., manager of the Western Bank of Scotland and Dundee.

    At 11 Shaw Place, Greenock, on the 12th instant, Margaret, daughter of the late Mr Archibald Paton, H.M. Excise.

    At 37 Regent Street, Greenock, on Monday the 13th instant, in his 77th year, Mr John Munro, Session Clerk, West Parish.

    At Clydesdale Cottage, Port Glasgow, on the 12th instant, Christina aged 2 years, daughter of Mr Archibald McCallum.

    At 105 South Portland Street, Glasgow, on the 12th instant, Mr Janes Blacksrock, aged 71 years.

    At 9 Stockwell Place, Glasgow, on the 12th instant, Mr Hastie, carver and gilder, aged 36 years.

    Suddenly at 82 West Nile Street, Glasgow, on the 11th instant, Mrs Joseph Ewing.

    At his father's house, Rawbog, New Monkland, on the 11th instant, of scarlet fever, the Rev. Joseph Young, assistant ot Larbert and Dunipace, aged 23 years.

    At his house, 10 George Street, Glasgow, on the 10th instant, John Galloway Esq., builder.

    At Lochinch, on the 11th instant, Elisabeth, daughter of William McLintock Esq.

    Suddenly at 5 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, on the 11th instant, Miss Gordon.

    At Eaglesham, on the 9th instant, Mr William Smellie, aged 80, parochial schoolmaster for Upwards of 60 years.

    At Edingburgh, on the 8th instant, Caroline Sophia Elizabeth, Countess de Roubion, wife of the Count de Roubion, and eldest daughter of Mr and Lady Caroline Baillie Hamilton.

    At 20 Howe Street, Edinburgh, on the 14th instant, Mr John Innes sen., in his 74th year.

    At 22 York Place, Edinburgh, on the 14th instant, James Bruce Esq of Powfoulis.

    At her house, 4 St Colme Street, Edinburgh, on the 12th instant, aged 79, Mrs Helen Campbell, second daughter of the late John Campbell Esq., receiver-general of the Customs for Scotland.

    At St Mary's Cottage, St Andrews, on the 9th instant, the Very Rev. Robert Haldane, D.D., F.R.S.E.. Principal of St Mary's College, and Primarius Professor of Divinity in the University, and first Minister of the parish of St Andrews.

    DEATH OF SUB-PRINCIPAL MACPHERSON OF KING'S COLLEGE ABERDEEN [04] The Sub-Principal of King's College, Aberdeen, Dr Hugh Macpherson, died at his residence, Old Aberdeen, on the evening of Sunday last. Dr Macpherson was, we believe, about eighty years of age, during nearly sixty pf which he held the Greek Professorship. Efforts are at present making to secure a union of Kings's and Marichhal Colleges, and that, with this view, the appointment of a successor to the late Principal Jack has been deferred. It is highly possible that the same course will be adopted in regard to this vacancy.
    25th March 1854

    BIRTHS [04]
    At 162 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, on the 23d instant, Mrs J Wilkie, a daughter.

    At 79 Abbortsford Place, Glasgow, on the 22d instant, Mrs E McLellan, a son.

    At Westfield Terrace, Partick Hill, on the 20th instant, Mrs JS Alexander, a son.

    At Ascog, the wife of the Rev. William Mackellar, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [04]
    At Oakshaw Street, Paisley, on the 21st instant, by the Rev. Andrew Wilson, Robert Muir Esq., writer, Dumfries, to Margaret, daughter of the late Robert Crosbie Esq. of Merkland, Kirkcudbrightshire.

    At Palmerston Place, Glasgow, on the 22d instant, by the Rev. Alexander Cumming, Mr Duncan McKenzie, manufacturer, to Louisa, youngest daughter of David Whitelaw Esq.

    At 11 Hope Street, Glasgow, on the 21st instant, by the Rev. Dr. Barr of St Enoch's, Peter Jack M.D., to Mary, daughter of Mr George Buchanan Easdale, Argyleshire.

    At Hamilton Crescent, Partick on the 14th instant, by the Rev. William Welsh, Falkirk, Captain John Guthrie, Ship Tartar, to Jane Arneil, daughter of Moses Hunter Esq., timber-merchant, Glasgow.

    On the 14th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Runciman of St Andrew's, Mr William McNaught, builder to Isabella, youngest daughter of Lieut. Cunningham, Cessnock Road, Govan Road.

    At Carmunnock Manse, on the 21st instant, by the Rev. Dr. Smith, Cathcart, the Rev. Benjamin Cornwall Brown, West Church, Airdrie, to Henrietta Porteous. only daughter of the Rev. Dr. Henderson.

    At Irvine, on the 14th instant, by the Rev. James Somerville, Mr Andrew Ingram, Glasgow, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late James Alexander Grant Esq., surgeon, Irvine.

    At Scotland Street, Edinburgh, on the 15th instant, by the Rev. PC Campbell of Caputh, James Crocks Eqs., Kilmarnock, to Isabella Eliza, only daughter of the late Rev. Charles McAlister, of the Gaelic Chapel, Dundee.
    DEATHS [04]
    At the Royal Asylum, Gartnaval, on the 21st instant, Mr Thomas Todd, aged 39 years, late of Port Glasgow.

    At 51 North Hanover Street, Glasgow, on the 23d instant, Frances, third daughter of Mr David Robertson, bookseller.

    At 16 Newton Place, Glasgow, on the 18th instant, Alexander Allan Esq., aged 75 years.

    At High Streey, Glasgow, on the 15th instant, James and William, sons of Mr James Gardiner, warehouseman.

    Suddenly at 102 Belgrave Street, Glasgow, on the 19th instant, the Rev. John Reid, Chaplain of the Prisons, Glasgow.

    At District Paymaster's office, 79 North Grederick Street, Glasgow, on the 19th instant, Mr JA McKenzie.

    At Campbelton [Campbeltown?], on the 18th instant, Mr D McDougall, late Supervisor of Inland Revenue there.

    At Gourock on the 17th instant, Mrs John McLellan, 45 Union Street, Glasgow.

    At Fairhill, Hamilton, on the 23d instant, John Urquhart Esq., of Fairhill, in his 71st year.

    At 86 Rutherglen Loan, Glasgow, on the 22d instant, Mr William Stevenson, engineer, aged 29 years.

    At rutherglen, on the 22d instant, John Wark Esq., portioner.

    At 18 Margaret Street, Greenock, on the 21st instant, Mrs Leitch of Torr, relict of James Leitch Esq.

    On Saturday March 25, John Robertson, aged 43 years, a native of Portobello, Scotland. - New York Times 27th March 1854.

    REV. DR. MACKAY, LATE OF DUNOON [abbreviated] [04] ...Dr Mackay and his friends arrived safely at Melbourne, agreeable voyage, sailed as far south as 48 degrees 30 minutes and been in danger of getting among icebergs.

    FATAL ACCIDENT [abbreviated] [04] ...on Tuesday last Samuel T McCormick, a lad of about 16 years, son of Mr James McCormick, miller, Airies, Sorbie, Wigtownshire, assisting father at mill oiling the machinery, came in contact with the cogwheel, knocked into the wheelpit, head was under most, and pressed hard down by the wheel against the wall. Dr Broadfoot was soon on the spot, but before he arrived it was found that life was quite extinct - Dumfries Herald.

    MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT AT DYSART [abbreviated] [04] ...occurred on the evening of Saturday last. Two boys, one the son of Mr Bonthron, teacher of the Burgh School and the other a boarder in Mr Bonthron's family of the name Breckenridge, possessed a gun and shot the other not knowing it was loaded. He only survived a few minutes - Fife Herald.


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