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Birth, Marriage & Death notices from Scottish newspapers:
January 1854


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The following newspaper notices have been copied by hand from physical newspapers and microfilms. We hope the human involvement in all transcriptions has increased accuracy, compared with character recognition software often used.

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Paragraph headings are listed with codes, which represent the newspaper source:
[01] The Scotsman
[02] Glasgow Herald
[03] The New York Times
[04] The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Advertiser ( The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Gazette for listings from 20th May 1854)
[05] Glasgow Saturday Post &Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer
Other publications are listed individually.


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    7th January 1854

    JOHNSTONE [04] The members of the Johnstone Curling Club had a very busy time of it since the 28th ultimo [Dec 1853]. On Tuesday last a silver medal, presented to the club by Mr Thomas Hart, was played for on the dam at Benston. Eleven played. Mr John Thomson was declared the victor by a majority of six shots. On the following day another silver medal, presented to the club by Mr Joseph Findlay of Rosebank was played for. Thirteen played. Mr James Salmon, farmer, Benston, was the victor by a majority of five shots. William Houston Esq. of Johnstone, was presented at both matches.
    BIRTHS [04]
    At 21 St James Street [Paisley], on the 6th inst. Mrs Thomas Walker, a son

    At 3 Coates Crescent, Edinburgh, on the 1st inst., Mrs Bontine, a son

    At 4 Royal Crescent, Glasgow, on the 5th inst., Mrs John W Muirhead, a son

    At 6 St Vincent Crescent, Glasgow, on the 5th inst., Mrs JB Lecky, a son

    At 2 Avondale Place, Glasgow, on the 5th inst., Mrs James S Fleming, a son

    At 453 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, on the 5th inst., Mrs David Syme, a daughter

    At Currie House, Hamilton, on the 4th inst., Mrs Stephen Powell, a son

    At 16 Grafton Street, Glasgow, on the 3rd inst., Mrs Alexander Osborne, a son

    At 6 India Street, [Glasgow], on the 4d inst., Mrs Alston, Stockbrigge, a son

    At 19 Elmbank Place, Glasgow, on the 1st inst., Mrs JB Macbrayne, a son

    At 68 Surrey Street, Glasgow, on the 1st inst. the wife of Andrew McAra Esq., merchant, a daughter

    At Braehead, Lochwinnoch, on the 1st inst., Mrs Connell, a son

    At 3 Shaw Place, Greenock, on the 4th inst., Mrs John Mackenzie, a son
    MARRIAGES [04]
    At Bonnytoun, Linlithgowshire, on the 3d inst. by the Rev. A Bell, D.D., Wyville Thomson Esq. of Bonsyde, L.L.D. Professor of Natural History, Queen's University, Ireland, to Jane, eldest daughter of Adam Dawson Esq. of Bonnytoun.

    At Western House, Gourock, on the 5th inst. by the Rev. Robert Stewart of St Mark's Glasgow, Charles Frederich Zott Esq. merchant, San Francisco, to Jessie daughter of the late John Stewart Esq. of Hyde Park, Glasgow.

    At Crosshill Cottage, Cathcart, on the 4th inst. by the Rev. Dr. John Macfarlane, Mr David Pearson, Glasgow, to Grace, youngest daughter of the late Mr Peter Smith, there.

    On Thursday 5th January at Gonsoch(?), Scotland, Charles F Low Esq. of San Francisco to Jessie, youngest daughter of the late John Stewart Esq., Hyde Park, Glasgow - New York Times 26th April 1854
    DEATHS [04]
    At 7 Silk Street, Paisley, on the 4th inst. aged 6 weeks, David, son of David Smith, coach proprietor, Garthland Street.

    At 1 Christie Street, Paisley, on the 6th inst. Mrs Barbara Walkinshaw, widow of Hugh Vallance Esq. friends will please accept this invitation.

    At the Railway Station, Paisley, on the 5th inst. John aged 5 years and 9 months, eldest son of Mr Donald, secretary and manager of Joint line.

    At Ardgowan Square, Greenock, on the 3rd inst. John Jessemine Esq.

    At 140 London Street, Glasgow, on the 4th inst. John Scott Esq. in the 79th year of his age.

    At Glasgow on the 3rd inst. John, youngest son of Mr James Gallachar, chemical works, Dalmuir.

    At Largs, on the 3d inst, in the 3d year of his age, Alexander, youngest son of Mr James Broadfoot.

    At Larkvale, Partick, on the 1st inst. Mr Henry Taylor, tertius, aged 45 years.

    FATAL ACCIDENT [04] On Friday morning while a man named John Price, a porter at the terminus of the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway, was engaged in removing a truck in the depot, another vehicle of the same kind was by some means or other propelled rapidly along the line, and crushed him so severely that he died almost immediately there after. Dr King was instantly sent for, but of course, his services were of no avail. deceased was 25 years of age, unmarried and was a native of Dundee.

    SUICIDE [04] Archibald Marr, who had been drinking since Friday, committed suicide on Saturday night, by hanging himself in his house, in Morocco Close, Cannongate. Giving dead bodies in loan is a new form of human depravity which had been revealed among the Irish population of Dundee. It was recently discovered by the office-bearers of the funeral societies in that town, that, on the death of a child in one family, as soon as the dues were paid, the body was lent to another family, who instantly sit up their Celtic howl that their "poor dead baby has gone to heaven". After the visitors had satisfied themselves of the fact, the body was again sent on its deadly rounds.
    14th January 1854

    BIRTHS [04]
    At 26 Broomland Street [Paisley] on the 13th inst., Mrs William Smith, a son

    At Adelaide Place, Glasgow on the 10th inst., wife of Alexander Hastie Esq M.P., a daughter

    At 11 Fitzroy Place, Glasgow on the 10th inst., Mrs William Gilmour, a daughter

    At 11 Franklin Terrace, Glasgow on the 10th inst., Mrs James Smith, a daughter

    At 18 Salisbury Street, Glasgow on the 7th inst., Mrs Johnstone, a son

    At Kilwinning on the 10th inst., Mrs Alexander Brown, a daughter

    At Portobello on the 10th inst., wife of James King Jnr. Esq of Haxtor Lodge, a son

    At 7 Ainslie Place, Edinburgh on the 9th inst., the lady of Sir David Dundas of Beechwood, Bart., a son

    At 115 George Street, Edinburgh on the 8th inst., the wife of Colonel Moncrieff, Scots Fusiller Guards, a daughter

    At 11 Union Street, Edinburgh on the 6th inst., Mrs Junner, a son

    At Madrid on the 8th inst., Isabella II, Queen of Spain, a Princess.
    MARRIAGES [04]
    At St Mary's Church, Renfield Street, Glasgow, on the 10th inst., by the Rev. John Boyle L.L.B., incumbent of Portobello assisted by the Rev. RS Oldham M.A. incumbent of St Mary's, the Rev. John Thomas Boyle, chaplain to the Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway, to Sophia, youngest daughter of the late John James Esq of Glasgow.

    At George Square, Glasgow, on the 10th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Taylor, George Johnstone Esq., Biggar, to Helen, eldest daughter of the late Mr William Carrick.

    At George Square, Glasgow, on the 10th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Taylor, RB Martin Esq, Melbourne to Isabella, third daughter of the late Mr William Carrick.

    At Castleconnell, on the 3d inst., Captain David Macdowall Fraser, Royal Artillery, brother to Lord Saltoun, to Mary Georgina, eldest daughter of Edward Gonne Bell Esq. of Streamtown, County Mayo.
    DEATHS [04]
    At the railway station on the 13th instant, James aged 3 years and 8 months, son of Mr Donald, manager of Joint Line.

    At 17 New Sneddon, Paisley, on the 12th inst., Mr James Whyte, feuar, aged 77 years.

    At Newton of Belltrees on the 8th inst., Mrs Elizabeth Davidson wife of Mr Robert Burns, aged 79.

    At 5 Woodside Terrace, Glasgow, on the 10th inst., Mary Jemima, infant daughter of Mr William M Bell.

    At 8 Stanley Place, Glasgow, on the 11th inst., Penelope, second daughter of Mr Alexander Buchanan.

    At 95 George Street, Glasgow, on the 10th inst., in the 28th year of his age, Mr ND Campbell, oldest surviving son of Captain D Campbell, late of Newark Castle, Ayr.

    At 115 George Street, Edinburgh, on the 9th inst., the infant daughter of Colonel and Mrs Moncrieff.

    At 34 Gayfield Square, Edinburgh, on the 8th inst., Miss Helen Anderson

    At Chislehurst, on the 6th inst., the Hon. Annabella Townshend.

    FATAL ACCIDENT [04] One of those melancholy casualties which are but too frequent in these times, occurred on Monday in the parish of Kirkmichael. Three servents of Mr Cowan, Barlaugh, had gone out to amuse themselves with a gun, and it appears that the individual carrying it slipped his foot and fell, which caused the gun to go off. The contents lodged in the shoulder and breast of his companion, who almost immediately expired. No blame, we understand, can be attached to the author of the said calamity. The parties were quite sober.

    FATAL ACCIDENT [04] On Friday, 6th inst., about five o'clock, two horses and carts belonging to Mr Duncan McNicol, Abbot's Inch, Renfrew, were standing in the coal yard of Mr James Bruce, Hunter Street, when a railway train passed, frightening one of the horses which ran out of the yard, down Hunter Street and up Moss Street at a furious rate till opposite the School Wynd, where it came into contact with an old woman named Mrs Hume, knocked her down and passed over her body. The unfortunate woman was lifted and conveyed home and medical assistance procurred, but it was of no avail, for she remained in an insensible state till the following Monday night when she died. The horse was stopped at the Cross without doing any further injury. The man in charge of the cart was approached on Wednesday, but as no blame appeared to be attached to him, he has since been liberated. Mrs Hume has kept a grocery shop in School Wynd for upwards of thirty years.

    SUDDEN DEATH OF THE REV. DR FORBES BOHARM [abbreviated text] [04] ...the death took place at Boharm on Sabbath last under some what affecting circumstances, in his customary health entered the pulpit, about to enter sermon when he was seized with a sudden faintness, assisted from the church to the school master's house, Dr Turner from Keith was fetched, the Rev. became rapidly worse, expired about two o'clock in the afternoon before the physician arrived. Theopinion is that death was the result of disease of the heart, a native of Banff, eldest son of the late George Forbes Esq., Sheriff-Substitute of this county, born 1794 and educated at King's College, attained the degree of A.M. at an early age, married first Miss Cowie, Northfield, in this county, had a family of four sons and one daughter. None of the sons survive their parent, daughter married to Dr. Pirie, Professor of Divinity in Marischal College Aberdeen, by second marriage with a daughter of Archibald Young Leslie Esq., of Kinnivie, by whom he is survived, he leaves a family of seven children - Banff Journal. 20th January 1854

    CHOLERA IN GREAT BRITAIN [03] In Scotland [the cholera] still exists with unabated violence. It has been epidemic in Dundee and Glasgow - cold weather having no effect to check the progress of the disease, as was also the case in 1848. Since it commenced there have been 315 cholera deaths in Dundee. In Kilwinning 60 cases of choleraic disease have occurred, and 10 deaths. The town has 2,500 inhabitants, is dirty, unpaved, and famous for it's large manure heaps. -
    21st January 1854

    BIRTHS [04]
    At 29 Monteith Row, Glasgow, on the 15th instant, Mrs Robert French, a daughter

    At Camphill [Paisley], on the 15th instant, Mrs Neall Thomson, a daughter

    At 154 Eglington Street, Glasgow, on the 15th instant, Mrs Duncan Robertson, a son

    At 7 Canning Place, Glasgow, on the 14th instant, Mrs James Anderson, a son

    At 95 Dundas Street, Glasgow, on the 14th instant, Mrs James Lightbody, a daughter

    At 15 Adelphi Street, Hutchesontown, Glasgow, on the 14th instant, Mrs William Brownlie, a son

    At 95 Upper Crown Street, Glasgow, on the 13th instant, Mrs William Yuill, a son

    At 35 Morray Place, Edinburgh, on the 13th instant, Countess of Kintore, s son

    MARRIAGES [04]
    At Glasgow on the 10th inst., by the Rev. Dr. McCulloch, Mr William Lindsay Lamb, builder, to Mary Lindsay, eldest daughter of Mr James Macdonald of the Tontine Hotel.

    At 15 Rutland Place, Glasgow, on the 17th inst., William Sim Esq., Furness, Inverary, to Helen J Wilson, eldest daughter of Mr William Johnson, Glasgow.

    At Glasgow, on the 15th inst., Mr Laurence Cockburn jun., of Dundonald, to Miss Clara Ross, Belfast.

    At 5 Garthland Place, Paisley, on the 18th inst. by the Rev. Mr McNab, Campbeltown, Mr Donald McDonald, farmer, to Margaret, second daughter of the late Mr John McSporran, Campbeltown.
    DEATHS [04]
    At Water Brae, Paisley, on the 14th inst., James Aitken, son of Mr William Marshall.

    At Port Glasgow on the 9th inst., Mr Nathan Hunter, watchmaker, aged 74 years.

    At Wolverhampton on the 14th inst. Mrs JW Jones, eldest daughter of the late Mr Joseph Hutchison sen., merchant, Glasgow

    At 119 Cumberland Street, Glasgow, on the 13th inst., of typhus fever, caught in the discharge of his duty, Mr Alexander Sutherland, aged 25 years, Senior Assistant Inspector of Port of Govan Parish.

    At Lansdowne Crescent, Glasgow, on the 16th inst., Mary Sword, relict of the Rev. David Carruthers of Kembuck, Fifeshire.

    At Kameston Cottage, Millport, on the 14th inst., Mr William Barlas sen., in the 76th year of his age.

    At 18 Monteith Row, Glasgow, on the 15th instant, Fanny C Baird, wife of Mr Anthony Nish.

    Suddenly at 92 Great Hamilton Street, Glasgow, on the 14th inst., Mr William Strachen aged 57 years.

    At 189 Castle Street, Glasgow, on the 15th inst., Janet Anderson, aged 78, relict of Mr John White, late of Finnertbeg, Kilmun.

    At the Abbey Lunatic Asylum, Paisley, on the 16th inst., Mr Donald Douglas, keeper.

    At 37 Monteith Row [Glasgow?], on the 19th inst., Agnes, only surviving daughter of the late William Clarke Esq., cotton-spinner, Mile-End.

    DEATH OF MR THOMAS SMIBERT [abbreviated text] [04] In the Scotsman [newspaper] many of his most popular poems first saw the light, was a native of Peebles, and his father was for some time Provost of that burgh, he had been in usual health until within a few days of his death, when he took ill from what seemed merely the effects of cold, he died on Monday evening last.
    28th January 1854

    EXECUTION OF WILLIAM CUMMING [abbreviated text] [04] ...was executed in Edinburgh on Wednesday morning, for the murder of his wife at Leith in October last [1853]. At the scaffold he addressed the crowd, protesting his innocence and having been a sailor for 40 years never expected an end like this. The crowd assembled numbered eight or ten thousand. A considerable number were women and hardly a single well dressed individual was on the spot.
    BIRTHS [04]
    At 38 Adelphi Street, Glasgow on the 26th inst., Mrs Robert McLauchlan, a daughter

    At Brandon Place, Glasgow on the 25th inst., Mrs John C Foulds, a daughter

    At 193 Eglington Street, Glasgow, on the 25th inst., Mrs FB Buchanan, a daughter

    At the Post Office, Alexandria, on the 24th inst., Mrs James S Hewison, a daughter

    At 89 North Frederick Street, Glasgow, on the 24th inst., Mrs AG Burns, a son

    At 6 Suffolk Street, Glasgow, on the 24th inst., Mrs T Adam, a daughter

    At Burbank, on the 24th inst., Mrs James Wallace, a son

    At 133 London Street, Glasgow, on the 21st inst., Mrs Grant, a daughter

    At 7 Brown Street, Edinburgh, on the 19th inst., Mrs W Anderson, a daughter

    At 7 Grove-End Place, St. John's Wood Road, London, on the 18th inst., Mrs James Laing, a daughter
    MARRIAGES [04]
    At Laurieston on the 25th instant, by the Rev. Andrew Macfarlan, the Rev. Alexander Johnston, minister of Muirkirk, to Mary daughter of George Shaw Esq. Edinburgh.

    At Cochrane Place, Largs, on the 25th instant, by the Rev. RH Stevenson, St George's, Edinburgh, Joseph Stevenson Esq, London, to Jane Cochrane, daughter of the late Andrew Kirkwood Esq., Glasgow

    At 33 Apsley Place, on the 24th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Boyd, Mr George Mason, wine and spirit merchant, to Helen, fifth daughter of David Davidson Esq., Glasgow.

    At East Campbell Street, Glasgow, on the 24th inst., by the Rev. William Ramage, Mr Joseph Cooper, to Sarah, fifth daughter of the late Mr. John Cameron, merchant.

    At 54 St. George's Place, Glasgow, on the 23d instant by the Rev. Dr. James Henderson, Free St. Enoch's. Mr James Henderson to Mary, daughter of the late James Buchanan Esq., portioner, Laurieston.

    At Octovullin, Island of Islay, on the 20th instant, by the Rev. Alexander Stewart of Killarrow, Mr John Currie, baker, Bowmore to Marian, eldest daughter of Mr Archibald Baxter, farmer there.
    DEATHS [04]
    At Ventner, Undercliff, Isle of Wight, on the 23d inst., Mary, youngest and only surviving daughter of Mr Robert Rowat, Prospect Hill, Paisley.

    At Glenhead, on the 26th inst., John Carse Esq., of Glenhead.

    At Gilbertfield, Hamilton, on the 25th instant, Mr William Gibson.

    At 17 Woodside Terrace, Glasgow, on the 24th inst., Annabella Maxwell, daughter of the late James Graham Esq.

    SHOOTING EXTRAORDINARY [04] In three day's shooting last week, Mr Dr Blair, 94th Regt. Capt. Birrell R.N., and Edward Hunter Blair of Dunskey, killed at Dunskey the large number of 58 woodcocks, besides other game.

    FATAL ACCIDENT [04] A lamentable occurrence took place at Watten [Caithness] on Saturday week. A lad named J Henderson at Clayock had been amusing himself with a loaded gun while in the barn, when the piece exploded in Henderson's hands, and the contents lodging in the upper part of his right breast caused almost instantaneous death.

    DEATH OF MR TORIN OF SANQUHAR HOUSE [abbreviated text] [04] ...the death of Richard Torin Esq., son-in-law of the late Sheriff Tyther, died at Pan in the south of France on the 4th inst. On the previous day he went out to try an unbroken horse, the animal reared, fatally injuring his spine. The remains of the deceased were interred on the 8th, married to the youngest daughter of William Fraser Tyther Esq and has left two sons and a daughter with their mother - Inverness Courier.

    FATAL ACCIDENT ON THE CALEDONIAN RAILWAY [abbreviated text] [04] ...an accident occurred at the Kirkpatrick Station, a young man named George Scott, a breaksman lost his life, was engaged in shunting wagons off the main line when he was caught by one and crushed, a verdict of accidental death was returned, he was unmarried.


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