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February 1854


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Paragraph headings are listed with codes, which represent the newspaper source:
[01] The Scotsman
[02] Glasgow Herald
[03] The New York Times
[04] The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Advertiser ( The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Gazette for listings from 20th May 1854)
[05] Glasgow Saturday Post &Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer
Other publications are listed individually.


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    4th February 1854

    FATAL OCCURANCE [abbreviated text] [04] On Sunday morning last, John McNeil, labourer, residing in High Street, was found dead on the Dalmellington Road, about a mile from Ayr. He had been working at a quarry near Patna, and being pay day, was coming home to his family. The night being exceedingly stormy and wet, it is supposed he died of cold and exhaustion. He has left a wife and family, some of whom are young.

    FATAL ACCIDENT [abbreviated text][04] ...a fatal accident occurred in the Crossflatt coal pit workings near Muirkirk, the property of Mr Aird, of Crossflatt, about mid-day on the 28th current. It appears the lime contractor and mason, Mr John Whitfield, went into the old workings of the pit where he must have been immediately suffocated by the choke damp - Ayr Observer.
    BIRTHS [04]
    At Rosebank Cottage, Paisley, on the 30th ultimo [January], Mrs John Smith jun., a son

    At 58 High Street [Paisley], on the 2d inst., Mrs John Stevenson, a daughter

    At 2 Back Sneddon Street, Paisley, on the 2d inst., Mrs J Kennedy, a son

    At 198 Pitt Street, Glasgow, on the 30th ult. [January], Mrs Walter McLellanm a son

    At Greenock, on the 31st ult. [January], Mrs Robert Cassels, a daughter
    MARRIAGES [04]
    At 180 Springhill Place, St George's Road, Glasgow, on the 2d instant, by the Rev. Dr. McFarlane, Mr Robert Duke, manufacturer, Brechin, to Miss Grace Whyte, youngest daughter of the late Mr Robert Whyte, manufacturer, Paisley.

    At Cathcart Street, Greenock, on the 30th ultimo [January], by the Rev. Robert Wilson, A.M. Mr Alexander Taylor, to Janet, only daughter of the late Mr Daniel Campbell.
    DEATHS [04]
    At 25 Causeyside Street, Paisley, on the 26th ultimo [January], Robert only son of Mr John Barr, Baker.

    At 10 Bedford Street, Glasgow, on the 31st ultimo [January], the Rev. R Houston A.M., aged 51 years.

    At York Place, Argyle Street, on the 2d instant, Mr James C Reid.

    Suddenly at 7 Stormont Street, Janet McGregor, wife of George Easdon, wright.

    At Christie Street, Paisley, suddenly on the 30th ult. [January] Major Lachlan McPherson of the 74th Highlanders, and Staff Officer of Pensioners.
    11th February 1854

    THE CHOLERA [04] A weaver, named John Simpson, residing at 96 New Sneddon Street [Paisley] was seized on Saturday evening and died on Sunday for noon. Deceased has left a widow and 3 children. A Mrs Smith. residing in Broomlands [Paisley], died on Thursday and a Mrs Sinclair residing in Gaithland Lane, died the same day. These are the only fatal cases we have heard of this week. In Glasgow the disease seems to be abating. The burials from Cholera within the Bills of Mortality, from the commencement up to the 8th inst., amounted to 687.

    SUDDEN DEATH [04] On Saturday, an elderly lady named McIntyre, while on her way by railway from Dumfries to her residence at Greenock, died suddenly at the Paisley railway station, while being changed from one carriage to another. She had been ill for some time previously.

    THEFT [04] On Saturday last, a worker in the field of Messrs. Campbell & Co., Bowfield, named Elisabeth Murdoch, stole a quantity of lappet cloth from the boiling-house. David Love, police officer, having got a hint of her whereabouts the same evening, managed to apprehend her in a house in Orchard Street. Murdoch was brought up before the Sheriff on a summary complaint on Tuesday and having pled guilty, was sentenced to 30 day's imprisonment.

    DEATH FROM INTEMPERANCE AND EXPOSURE [04] On Sunday morning last, the dead body of a man was found on the road between Paisley and Johnstone, which turned out to be that of a travelling cutler, about 60 years of age named John Mains. There is every reason to believe that the unfortunate cutler had met his death from drink and exposure acting upon a debilitated frame.

    DEATH OF A GLASGOW POET [abbreviated text][04] ...Mr Samual Whitelock, a local poet of very considerable merit, died at his residence in Reid Street, Bridgeton, after a brief illness on Sunday last, born in the eastern district of the city, at the period of his decease was in the 50th year of his age, for the greater portion of his life he followed the humble occupation of a handloom-weaver, many of his literary productions have appeared in the local journals, has left a wife and family - Citizen
    BIRTHS [04]
    At Garthland Place, Paisley, on the 7th instant, Mrs Philips, a son

    At Paisley Road on the 8th instant, Mrs Primrose, a daughter

    At 2 Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh, on the 17th instant, Mrs WC Barclay, a son

    At Ellon castle, on the 1st instant, the wife of Charles Elphinstone Dalrymple Esq., a son

    At the Manse of Kinloch, Perthshire, on the 4th instant, Mrs Rae, a daughter

    At 3 Cleveland Terrace, Hyde Park, London, on the 28th ult., [January], the wife of Charles Balfour Esq., a daughter
    MARRIAGES [04]
    At 30 Ferguslie, on the 31st ult. [January], by the Rev. William Nisbet, Mr Andrew Clark, Paisley, to Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Mr William Thomson.

    At Irvine, on the 6th instant, by the Rev. R Johnston, the Rev. Thomas Callendar of Paisley, to Louisa, youngest daughter of the late Captain James Sloan of H.M.'s Royal Veteran Battalion.

    At Annethill, on the 8th instant, by the Rev. Robert Archibald, L Smith Esq., merchant, Glasgow, to Frances Maxwell Cunningham, second daughter of Mr William McLaws.
    DEATHS [04]
    At Abbotsford Place, Glasgow, on the 7th inst., suddenly, Mr Robert Rule, yam merchant, late of Paisley.

    At George Square, Glasgow, on the 6th inst., Miss Margaret Loraine, in the 88th year of her age.

    At Hope Park Square, Edinburgh, on the 24th ult [January], Mary aged eleven months and on the 5th inst. Elizabeth aged three years and seven months, daughters of Mr John Tod, engraver.

    At Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock, on the 30th ult. [January], William Finnie Esq., in the 80th year of his age.

    At Weymouth, on the 4th inst., Margaret, widow of Major-General Howard K.C.B., and daughter of Sir David Rae, Bart., late Lord Justice Clark of Scotland, in the 87th year of her age.
    18th February 1854

    THE CHOLERA [04] We are glad to learn that Cholera has entirely disappeared from this town. In Glasgow the burials on Wednesday were only seven and up to that date there had been altogether 776.

    SUICIDE [abbreviated text] [04] A boiler-maker, named John Dougherty, residing in Macfarlane's Close, New Sneddon Street [Paisley] put an end to his existence last Monday by cutting his throat with a razor...he had been drinking previously...was conveyed to the infirmary but died suddenly during the course of the evening.
    BIRTHS [04]
    At 52 Storie Street, Paisley, on the 12th inst., Mrs Robertson, a son

    At Crossmill, Barrhead, on the 7th inst., Mrs John McCulloch, jun., a son

    At 7 Rutland Place, Glasgow, on the 13th inst., Mrs James Heddenwick, a daughter

    At St Andrew's Road, Pollockshoelds, on the 15th inst., Mrs John Affleck, a son

    At 77 West Regent Street, Glasgow, on the 10th inst., the wife of the Rev. Archibald Watson, a daughter

    At 64 Queen Street, Edinburgh, on the 9th inst., the Countess of Warwick, a son

    At London, on the 8th instant, the Lady Margaret Leveson Gower, a daughter, still-born
    MARRIAGES [04]
    At 415 Gallowgate, Glasgow, on the 15th inst., William Stewart Thomson to Agnes Brown Nisbet, daughter of the late John Nisbet, merchant, Glasgow.

    At 594 Gallowgate, Glasgow, by the Rev. William Wallace of Belford, Mr John Wallace to Agnes, eldest daughter of the late Mr Archibald Cameron, rope manufacturer, Glasgow.

    At Dunoon, on the 15th inst., by the Rev. A Logan of Tongue, Mr John Gordon, officer of Inland Revenue, to Colina, daughter of the late Mr John Logan of the Excise, Dunoon.

    At the Manse, Glenisla, on the 15th inst., by the Rev. George Gibb, Mr Robert Cochran, Glasgow, to Agnes, second daughter of the Rev. George Gibb, Glenisla.

    At Alleppey, Travancore, on the 2nd ultimo [January], Captain the Hon. Hugh Arbuthnott, 3rd Madras Light Cavalry, to Susan, daughter of the late John Campbell Esq., Comptroller of Customs, Greenock.
    DEATHS [04]
    At 10 Williamburgh, Paisley, on the 14th inst., Mrs John McKilloch.

    At Kyles of Bute, on the 9th inst., Mr Robert Hamilton, compositor, late of London.

    At Sunbury House, Edinburgh, on the 12th inst. Margaret only surviving daughter of the late Robert Menzies Esq., Maxwelton, Paisley.

    At 58 Eglinton Street, Glasgow, on the 9th inst., suddenly, Mr James Galloway, also on the 12th instant, Euphemia Cameron, his wife.

    At 105 North Frederick Street, Glasgow, on the 11th inst., Margaret aged 78 years, relict of Captain James Johnston of Rothesay.
    FATAL OCCURENCE [04]One evening last week, as Thomas Spence, ploughman to Stewart Turnbull Esq., Millburn, was returning home from his day's labour in charge of two horses, and while passing along the side of a burn near to Renton, the animal on which he rode stumbled and fell into the water, crushing the unfortunate man to death on the spot. Deceased was a native of Stranraer, Wigtownshire.

    DEATH OF MR DAVID VEDDER [abbreviated text][04] ...this event which took place on the 11th inst., a native of Orkney, whence he ran off, in his boyhood to sea, obtained a situation in the Revenue Service, dealing in fire, at Dundee and in Leith, retiring from the duties under ill health about two years ago...he wrote a number of songs and other short pieces many of which appeared in periodical works, had sunk under a lingering illness at the age of 63 - Mercury
    25th February 1854

    FATAL OCCURENCE [abbreviated text] [04] ...on Saturday morning last, Mr Penderleath of the Caledonian Tavern, Canal Street, Perth, leapt from a window upon the street, a height of about 10 feet, received such internal injuries he died in about half an hour afterwards...deceased was unmarried...he had been ailing for a few days, and his friends were sitting up with him all night, but didn't think it necessary to adopt any precaution.
    BIRTHS [04]
    At 1 Incle Street, Paisley, on the 24th inst., Mrs Robert Hope, a daughter

    At 88 North Hanover Street, Glasgow, on the 21st inst., Mrs James Henderson, a son

    At Milton of Campsie, on the 21st inst., Mrs Duncan Ferguson, a son

    At 6 Suffolk Street, Glasgow, on the 20th inst., Mrs John A Macfarlane, a daughter

    At the Schoolhouse of Kilsyth, on the 20th inst., Mrs James Henderson, a son

    At Victoria Place, Maryhill, on the 14th inst., wife of Mr John Stewart, surgeon, a daughter

    At 181 New City Road, Glasgow, on the 12th inst., Mrs David Cherry, a son

    At Milton Cottage, Motherwell Ironworks, on the 18th inst., Mrs Thomas Morton, a son

    At 52 Rose Street, Garnethill, Glasgow, on the 21st inst., Mrs Buchanan, a daughter

    At the U.P. Manse, West Linton, on the 12th inst., the wife of the Rev. JA Johnston, a daughter

    At the Manse of Roxburgh, on the 18th inst., Mrs Lee, a son

    At Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, on the 4th inst., the lady of Captain Patrick Campbell, R.N., a daughter
    MARRIAGES [04]
    At St Paul's Episcopal Chapel, York Place, on the 22nd inst., by the Rev. AR Campbell, Rector of Aston, Yorkshire, the Rev. henry Herbert Stepney, son of the late Colonel Herbert Stepney of Durran Abbey, to Emily Katherine, youngest daughter of the late S.R. Archibald Campbell, Bart., of Succoth.

    At George's Road, Glasgow, on the 21st instant, by the Rev. Dr. Anderson. David Tainsh Esq., writer, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late William Anderson Esq. Glasgow.

    On the 17th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Runciman of St Andrew's Church, Alexander Wylie Esq., merchant, Glasgow, to Agnes, youngest daughter of Hugh Paterson Esq, Catrine, Ayrshire.

    At St Marnock, Kilmarnock, on the 21st instant, by the Rev. John Symington, Mr John Henderson, druggist, Glasgow, to Marion Murdoch, second daughter of Hugh Macqueen Esq, Kilmarnock.

    At Springfield, Dundee, on the 22d instant, by the Rev. Andrew Taylor, George Park Macindoe Esq., Glasgow, to Margaret Gray, youngest daughter of the late William Allan Flowerdew Esq., Dundee.
    DEATHS [04]
    At Greenville, Connecticut, Unites States, on the 28th ultimo [January], William, eldest son of the late Mr William Pattison, manufacturer, Paisley. Friends will please accept this notice.

    At Pau, on the 16th current, Alexander Sprot Esq., younger of Garnkirk.

    At 195 Athole Place, Glasgow, on the 19th inst., Robert Hinshaw Esq.

    At Holmfauldhead, on the 19th instant, Stephen Rowan Esq.

    Suddenly, at 2 Clyde Terrace, Glasgow, on the 18th instant, Mr Thomas Balfour, aged 37.

    At London, on the 11th instant, aged more than 80, Sadi Ombard Denbey. Deceased originally came to this country with the celebrated African traveller Mungo Park, whom he instructed in the Arabic language.

    Suddenly at Barbadoes, on the 10th ultimo [January], of colony fever, M.C. Marston, Captain Royal Artillery, and on the 14th of the same month, Charlotte Lee, his wife.

    At the Cape of Good Hope, lately, Sir Henry M Elliot, the Orientalist, in his 45th year.

    At Torquay, on the 16th inst., Major DJ McLeod, Scots Greys, son of the late General Sir John Mcleod, K.C.B.

    SERIOUS OCCURENCE [04] The long agitated Dalmellington Railway has of late begun to be formed. The consequence is that a large number of navvies are employed at the work, and have in bands, more than once entered arm houses and insisted upon obtaining food and drink from the inmates. About 6 miles from Ayr is a hostelry well known to travellers as "Duff's" and has long been kept by one William Duff. This was a favourite haunt of the navvies, who, when worse of liquor, acted to Mr Duff and his wife in such an unruly manner, that he resolved to defend himself. He purchased accordingly, a brace of pistols. Upon Saturday night last several navvies were drinking and ordered out at ten o'clock. They went away, but returned at midnight insisting on admittance. This Duff refused on which they broke some window panes and fled. Duff pursued, pistols in hand, and fired at random. In the corner of the road he saw a figure lying and at this he discharged his second pistol. The wound took effect in the left thigh. The shot man drunk and bleeding managed to drag himself to his hut, and the alarm was given. medical men were soon at the spot and the ball was extracted, it had penetrated seven inches, but the wound is not considered dangerous. On Sunday, Duff was lodged in Ayr jail. He is an old man, 70 years of age. On Monday the navvies in revenge entered and gutted the house.

    SUDDEN DEATH [04] William Neilson, a flesher, died suddenly on Monday night in one of the police cells, in South Albion Street, Glasgow, where he had been incarcerated on a charge of stealing some skins from the slaughterhouse. Deceased was much addicted to intemperance and delirum tremens was the cause of death.

    SUICIDE [04] On Sunday morning, about half-past twelve o'clock, a man named Thomas Reid, a confectioner, threw himself from a window of a house in James Court, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh, and was killed on the spot. He lived with his father, and while going up the stairs to bed, followed by a younger brother, he precipitated himself from a window, and fell on the roof of the Free Collage. Assistance was immediately procured, but life was found to be quite extinct. The deceased was of dissipated habits, and was under the influence of liquor at the time.


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