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April 1854


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[01] The Scotsman
[02] Glasgow Herald
[03] The New York Times
[04] The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Advertiser ( The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Gazette for listings from 20th May 1854)
[05] Glasgow Saturday Post &Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer
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    1st April 1854

    ATTEMPTED ESCAPE FROM PRISON AND A FATAL CASUALTY [abbreviated] [04] ...a very daring attempt was made to escape from the Paisley prison on Monday morning last, one named Charles Milldown from Greenock, undergoing 18 months for the crime of theft, the other Patrick McGinnis, awaiting trial on a charge of being connected with a breaking into a store at Howwood, made a hide in their compartment ceiling, and once on the roof of the building, used a rope to descend, but the rope broke, McGinnis had a broken leg and Milldown was killed.

    PAISLEY POLICE COURT [04] (Saturday 25th March before Bailie Jack). William Flanagan, chimney-sweeper, residing at 94 High Street [Paisley] was charged with having on Monday, the 20th March, and also on Tuesday, the day following, assaulted and struck Mary Deighan or Flanagan, his wife, in the house occupied by Mrs Margaret McKecknie, 2 Meeting-house Lane [Paisley] where she had run to for protection... a severe blow, by which she was felled to the ground. He was likewise charged with kicking her, and with dragging her through the house by the hair of her head. The prisoner was found guilty and fined 15s. or 10 days imprisonment.
    BIRTHS [04]
    At 29 New Smithhills Street, Paisley, on the 26th ultimo [March], Mrs William Duncan, a son.

    At Newtonards, near Belfast, on the 29th ultimo [March], Mrs Alexander Gemmell, a son.

    At Guernsey, on the 25th ultimo [March], wife if Peter Martin Esq., of Port Renier, Sheriff of Guernsey, a daughter.

    At Moss-side, Crossmyloof, on the 28th ultimo [March], Mrs H Brown, a daughter.

    At 67 Eglinton Street, Glasgow, on the 27th ultimo [March], Mrs James Hay, a daughter.

    At Victoria Buildings, Govan, on the 26th ultimo [March], Mrs John Waddel, twins, son and daughter.

    At 21 Lansdowne Crescent, Glasgow, on the 24th ultimo [March], Mrs William James Cree, a daughter.

    At Inboxholm, Glasgow, on the 26th ultimo [March], Mrs McFarlane, a son.

    At 23 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh, on the 27th ultimo [March], Mrs J Cowan, a daughter.

    At Tweed Green, Peebles, on the 25th ultimo [March], Mrs Stirling, a daughter.

    At Boulogne-sur-Mer, on the 19th ultimo [March], Lady Muir Mackenzie, a son.
    MARRIAGES [04]
    At 23 Oxford Street, Laurieston, Glasgow on the 30th ultimo [March], by the Rev. Dr. John Mcfarlane, Mr William Copland to Mary, youngest daughter of Mr John Mcfarlane, late of Denny.

    At Newhall, on the 30th ultimo [March], by the Rev. James Munroe, Rutherglen, Mr Ralph S Boyd, Glasgow, to Margaret, third daughter of Duncan Grant Esq.

    At Kames House, Cumbray, on the 27th ultimo [March], by the Rev. Alexander Marshall, Thomas Webb Esq., London, to Jessie Thomson, fourth daughter of William Greig Esq., Knockan, Brodick, Arran.

    At 2 Lauriston Lane, Edinburgh, on the 22d ultimo [March], by the Rev. Dr. Hanna, the Rev. William Welsh, minister of the Free Church, Broughton, Peeblesshire, to Christina, eldest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Guthrie.
    DEATHS [04]
    At Saucel Bank, Paisley, on the 30th ultimo [March], Ann Orr, wife of Mr H Macfarlane, jun.

    At Kilbirnie, on the 28th ultimo [March], Jean Orr, relict of Robert Barclay, farmer, Brocklyhill, aged 94.

    At 7 Royal Terrace, Glasgow, on the 29th ultimo [March], Jane Young, relict of Samuel Coleman Esq., merchant, Glasgow.

    Suddenly at No. 9 Rutland Place, Govan Road, Glasgow, on the 30th ultimo [March], William King Esq.

    At 150 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, on the 24th ultimo [March], Mr John Wright, Royal Bank.

    At the Manse of Pittenweem, on the 25th ultimo [March], the Rev. John Cooper.

    At 2 West Circus Place, Edinburgh, on the 25th ultimo [March], Charlotte Mary, youngest daughter of Dr. John Renton, aged nine years and eight months.

    At 10 Gayfield Square, Edinburgh, on the 27th ultimo [March], the Rev. John Willison Ferguson, A.M. Minister of St James's Episcopal Chapel.

    At 46 George Square, Edinburgh, on the 25th ultimo [March], Miss Helen Robertson, youngest daughter of the late David Robertson Esq.

    At 11 Great King Street, Edinburgh, on the 27th ultimo [March], Walter, elderst son of John Cook Esq., aged eight years.

    At Cavandish Square, London, on the 24th ultimo [March], Edith katharine Mary, the infant daughter of Lord and Lady John Manners.

    At Welbeck, Notts., on the 27th ultimo [March], his Grace the Duke of Portland.

    DEATH OF AN AGED FEMALE [abbreviated] [04] In an humble lodging at the east end of Gourock, there died on the morning of Wednesday week, a poor woman named Isabella Campbell who had attained the extraordinary age of 107 years, youngest daughter of John Campbell, who was long the tacksman of the island of Kerrara in the Bay of Oban, Argyllshire. This person was one of the Argyllshire Militia raised by Argyll in 1745, and was engaged in the battles of Falkirk and Culloden against the rebels. Three of his sons bore commissions as officers in the British Army during the American War, but the deceased Isabella outlived all her relations, never married, her last master was the late Rev. John Mcleod of the Chapel-of-Ease, Albion Street, Glasgow, she saw Dr Johnson when he visited Dunolly Castle, and the day being warm and the Doctor thirsty, she handed him a tumbler of whey! Her remains were interred last Monday in the church-yard at Greenock.
    8th April 1854

    FATAL ACCIDENT [abbreviated] [04] On Thursday last, Henry Cowan, servant to Mr Walker, Lochwinnoch, met his death...a horse which he had yoked being a little restive, tried to put the bit into it's mouth without taking it out of the yoke, it sjyed and started off at a gallop, Cowan attempted to hold it, was fling before the wheel, passed over his head and killed him on the spot. He has left a widow and two young children.
    BIRTHS [04]
    At 97 Causeyside, Paisley, on the 5th instant, Mrs John Baird, a daughter.

    At 17 Gilmour Street, Paisley, on the 5th instant, Mrs F McFadyen, a son.

    At 33 Glen Street, Paisley, on the 1st instant, Mrs Thomas Webster, a daughter.

    At Laurel Bank, Partick, on the 3d instant, Mrs Thomas Callendar, jun., a son.

    At Trafalgar Square, Greenock, on the 4th instant, Mrs Colin McLeod, a daughter.

    At Gourock, on the 3rd instant, wife of Thomas Maitland Esq., a daughter - stillborn.

    At 16 Battery Place, Rothesay, on the 2d instant, wife of Thomas Ross, a daughter.

    At 13 Surrey Street, Laurieston, Glasgow, on the 1st instant, Mrs JK Walker, a daughter.

    At 18 Rutland Street, Edinburgh, on the 2d instant, wife of John Walker Esq., W.S., a daughter.

    At 13 Rutland Square, Edinburgh, on the 3d instant, Mrs John S Cuningham, a daughter.

    At Fitzwilliam Street, Belfast, on the 30th ultimo [March], Mrs Robert Leadnetter, s son.

    At 50 Albemarle Street, London, on the 1st instant, the wife of John Murray Esq., a son.

    At Kingston, Canada West, on the 18th ultimo [March], the wife of the Rev. Professor Smith, Queen's College, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [04]
    At Gourock on the 28th ultimo [March], by the Rev. Mr McIlwrick, William Miller, Middle Church officer, Paisley, to Jane Reid.

    At West Blackhall Street, Greenock, onthe 4th instant, by the Rev. Thomas Dilks, Mr Joseph McCrossan, merchant, to Mary, daughter of Mr Allan Drysdale.

    At 11 Abercromby Place, Glasgow, on the 28th ultimo [March], by the Rev. Dr. Craik, James Gray Laurie Esq., Whiteinch, to Agnes, daughter of the late James MacPherson esq.

    At 21 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, on the 4th instant, by the Rev. William Hanna L.L.D., the Rev. Robert H Lundie A.H. of Birkenhead, to Elizabeth Hall, daughter of Charles Cowan Esq., M.P.

    At San Fernando, Trinidad, on the 28th Feb last, by the Bishop of Trinidad and by special license, Mr James Andrews, merchant, Trinidad, to Mary, fourth daughter of the late Mr Allan Stewart, surgeon, Paisley.
    DEATHS [04]
    At 9 Storie Street, Paisley, on the 8th instant, David, aged six months, son of David Hunter, compositor.

    At Walkinshaw Lodge, Johnston[e], on the 5th instant, Henry Bell aged 18 months, youngest son of Mr John McDowal, engineer.

    At Inchinnan Manse, on the 29th Ultimo [March], in the 4th year of her age, Mary Nina Maxwell, youngest daughter of the Rev. Laurence Lockhart, D.D.

    At Govan Manse, on the 2d instant, Janet Robertson, widow of the late Thomas Leishman Esq., Oakshaw House, Paisley, in the 88th year of her age.

    At Govan Colliery, on the 4th instant. Isabella Watson, daughter of Mr James Allan.

    At Brownlie's Court, Cathcart Street, Greenock, on the 2d instant, Isabella Walker, aged 71, wife of Mr Donald Leitch, formerly of Whinhill Farm.

    At Lyndoch Street, Greenock, on the 1st instant, Mr Robert Muir, in the 67th year of his age.

    At Inverkip, on the 30th ultimo [March], suddenly, Mr William Jack, quarrier.

    At 61 Dale Street, Tradeston, Glasgow, on the 1st instant, Mr Archibald Gilchrist, compositor.

    At 87 Great Hamilton Street, Glasgow, on the 3d instant, aged 34 years, Christina Hislop, wife of Mr Matthew Riddle.

    At 2 crescent Place, Glasgow, on the 6th instant, Andrew McCulloch Esq., aged 82 years, late of Trees, Barrhead.

    At Wemyss Castle, on the 3d instant, Rear-Admiral James Erskine Wemyss, of Wemyss and Torrie, Lord-Lieutenant of the county of Fife, aged 65.

    At Edinburgh, on the 20th ultimo [March], Susan Campbell, wife of R. Campbell of Sonachan.

    At Colinton Bank, Colinton, on the 1st instant, James Ferguson Esq.

    At Aberdeen, on the 29th ultimo [March], aged 48 years, Mr Robert Barclay, superintendent of Police there, formerly farmer, Bankrug, East Lothian.

    At Dublin on the 31st ultimo [March], aged 70, the Rev. James Carlisle, D.D., for upwards of forty years minister of St Mary's Abbey Scotch Church, Dublin, and for some years Government Commissioner and member of the National Board of Education for Ireland.

    FATAL ACCIDENT AT INVERKIP [abbreviated] [04] Mr William Jack, tacksman of Inverkip quarry, and Thomas Quin, one of his workmen, were killed Friday afternoon last. The day was wet and the men had been engaged in turring, or clearing away a top. They had just retired into an adjoining smithy, shortly after two o'clock to take dinner, leaving Mr Jack and Wuin behind to survey operations. While doing so, a large stone, several tons in weight, suddenly separated from near to where the men had been working, fell upon the men, Mr Jack was killed outright, companion only survived about half an hour. Mr Jack was long held in the highest esteem, he was a widower and has left no family, while Quin has left a widow and four children. Mr Jack had for the last twenty years been successfully engaged in working this quarry.

    EXTRAORDINARY CASE OF SELF DESTRUCTION [abbreviated] [04] At Brackely, Jesse Jordan was known as a jobbing brewer, on the 21st a person found him in a loft hanging by a rope. The beam to which the rope was attached was not above four feet from the floor, must have knelt down on one knee, put his head into the noose, thrown himself back in order to tighten the noose.

    LARGE EGG [04] A goose, the property of Mr Thomas Cardwell, Coldstream Mill, Beith, laid an egg lately which measured 11 ˝" by 9 and weight upwards of 10 ˝ ounces.
    15th April 1854

    BIRTHS [04]
    At Woodside Terrace, Glasgow, on the 13th instant, Mrs James R Steward, a daughter.

    At 37 Garnet Hill Street, Glasgow, on the 12th instant, Mrs Steele, a daughter.

    10 Abbotsford Place, Glasgow, on the 10th instant, Mrs McEwan, s son.

    At 12 South St. Mungo Street, Glasgow, on the 12th instant, Mrs Matthew Neilson, a son.

    A 4 Finlay Street, Cowcaddens, Glasgow, on the 12th instant, Mrs John Farquhar, a daughter.

    At Alexandria, on the 10th instant, Mrs Robert Houston, a daughter.

    At 12 Lutton Place, Glasgow, on the 12th instant, the wife of George H Dickson, a son.

    At 4 Albert Street, Aberdeen, on the 9th instant, Mrs William Adamson, a son.

    At Elysee, Jersey, on the 2d instant, Mrs Campbell of Auchindarroch, a son.
    MARRIAGES [04]
    At Glencart House, Kilbarchan, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. James Stewart of Paisley, Richard Cockerton Esq., M.D. Port of Spain, Trinidad, to Clementina, eldest daughter of the late Mr Thomas Barclay.

    At Hereford Place, Renfrew Street, Glasgow, on the 13th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Runciman, Thomas A Allan Esq., to Charlotte, youngest daughter of John Caldwell Esq.

    At Westnewtington House, Glasgow, on the 11th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Clark, St Andrew's Church, Lieutenant TE Webster, 63d Regiment Bengal Native Infantry, to Margaret Anne, youngest daughter of Dr William Malcolm, Perth.

    At 5 McAuslan Street, Glasgow, on the 11th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Eadie, Mr James Stewart, to Susan, daughter of the late Captain Thomas Callendar, Port Glasgow.

    At St. Martin's-on-the-fields, London, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. JS Govet, Mr James Murray, draper, Glasgow, to Helen, youngest daughter of Mr J Beattie, Dumfries.
    DEATHS [04]
    At Seedhills, Paisley, on the 11th instant, Adam son of Mr Hugh Fleming.

    Suddenly at Calder Street, Lochwinnoch, on the 6th instant, Mrs Robert Campbell.

    At Victoria Dyewood Mills, Hurlet, on the 28th instant, Helen aged 13 years and 9 months, third daughter of Mr Samuel Russell.

    At Gourock, on the 4th instant, Helen Agnes, daughter of the late Mr Robert Laing, Paisley.

    At Elmbank, Largs, on the 12th instant, Hugh Kerr Esq., late of St. Croix, West Indies.

    At Park Place, Paisley Road, Glasgow, on the 13th instant, Mr Robert Scott, baker, Glasgow.

    At 4 Windsor Terrace, Glasgow, on the 14th instant, Louisa Wyld, wife of Mr George Morison.

    At the Queen's Hotel, Glasgow, on the 14th instant, William Campbell, twin son of Mr McGregor, aged 14 months.

    At Ladyton Cottage, Bonhill, on the 8th instant, Mr Walter McEwan, wood merchant, in the 84th year of his age.

    A VENERABLE TRIMUIRATE [04] Three of the oldest denizens of Denny died last week, namely Mr Thomas Cleland, aged 81 years, Mr Andrew Easl, aged 81 years and Mr Robert Kerr, aged 91 years. We now record a rare occurrence - the demise of Robert Kerr, who was the husband of six wives - Stirling Journal.
    22nd April 1854

    BIRTHS [04]
    At the Manse of Roscobie, on the 16th instant, Mrs Esdaile, a daughter.

    At 120 Thistle Street, Glasgow, on the 19th instant, Mrs William Sinclair, a son.

    At Clydesdale House, Renfrew, on the 18th instant, the wife of Dr James Robertson, a son.

    At the Enclosure, Stirling, on the 18th instant, Mrs JD Mathie, a son.

    On the 16th instant, Viscountess Ebrington, a son and heir.

    At 48 Windsor Terrace, Glasgow, on the 16th instant, Mrs William Ritchie, a daughter.

    At Grangeholm, Kilmarnock, on the 14th instant, Mrs John Howie, a son.

    At 82 George Street, Edinburgh, on the 17th instant, the wife of William Paterson Esq., M.D. Rothesay, a daughter.

    At 77 Hill Street, Garnet Hill, Glasgow, on the 18th instant, Mrs James Thomson, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [04]
    At Flender, Mearns, on the 7th instant, by the Rev. D Makellar, Mr Robert Cleland to Jane, fifth daughter of the late Mr W Reid.

    At 197 Thistle Street, Glasgow, on the 18th instant, by the Rev. Mr Cumming, Mr John Brooks, merchant Glasgow, to Helen, daughter of the late John Anderson Esq., Bowring Place, Kilmarnock.

    At Hereford Place, Renfrew Street, Glasgow, on the 13th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Runciman, Thomas A Allan Esq., to Charlotte, youngest daughter of John Caldwell Esq.

    At Norriston Manse, on the 18th instant, by the Rev. William Wyper, Mr William McAllister to Margaret Wyper.

    At 10 Wellington Square, Ayr, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. James Boyd, D.D. Minister of the Tron Parish, Glasgow, the Rev. Andrew CH Boyd, B.A., Minister of Kilpatrick-Irongray, to Margaret Buchanan, eldest daughter of the late Captain Kirk.

    At 19 Salisbury Road, Newington, Edinburgh, on the 18th instant, by the father of the bride, James Moncrieff Wilson Esq., of Dublin, to Agnes Brocket, youngest daughter of the Rev. John Ritchie, D.D., Edinburgh.
    DEATHS [04]
    At No. 1 Garthland Street, Paisley, on the 19th instant, Mr Alexander Pinkerton, feuer. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At Crawford Street, Largs, on the 17th instant, Agnes, youngest daughter of the late Hugh Crawford, Esq., Largs.

    At Pleasance Cottage, Falkirk, on the 18th instant, Andrew Crawford Esq., accountant, and for thirty years cashier for Messrs. Russel and Aitken, writers, Falkirk.

    At Elgin, on the 13th instant, Margaret Barclay, relict of the late Mr William Macfie of H.M. Customs, Greenock.

    At Meadowbank Place, Partick, on the 18th instant, Hugh Colquhoun Sen., Esq.

    At Grangeholm, Kilmarnock, on the 17th instant, Ann Blackwood, wife of Mr John Howie.

    At Rothesay, on the 18th instant, John Alexander, son of Captain Johnstone, harbour-master, Glasgow.

    At 37 Monteith Row, Glasgow, on the 19th instant, Agnes McGregor, wife of the Rev. John Edwards.

    At Duntocher, on the 19th instant, Mr Thomas Scott, aged 72 years, for many years manager at Blantyne Works.

    At 21 Royal Circus [Edinburgh], on the 19th instant, Robert Jamieson Esq., Professor of Natural History in the University of Edinburgh.

    DEATH OF MR RJ FYFE [abbreviated] ...took place at his house, Doddington Grove, London, at an early hour on Thursday morning, for a period of thirteen years a reporter for the Scotsman, a native of Kirriemuir, he came from Perth to Edinburgh in January 1832 to work for The Scotsman until March 1845 when he moved to the witness, at the end of the same year he was offered a place on the Parliamentary staff of The Times and in January 1846 left Edinburgh for London, he was little past middle age.
    29 April 1854

    BIRTHS [04]
    At Walkinshaw, Pailsey, on the 22d instant, Mrs Yuill, a daughter.

    At George Street, Largs, on the 27th instant, Mrs David Fulton, a son.

    At the Manse of Beith, on the 22nd instant, Mrs Browne, a son.

    At Crosslee, on the 23d instant, Mrs Matthew Cameron, a daughter.

    At the Manse of Chryston, on the 24th instant, the wife of the Rev. John N Macleod, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [04]
    At Maryland House, Paisley Road, Glasgow, on the 25th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Beattie, Mr Andrew Pattison, Glasgow, to Agnes, only surviving daughter of the late Mr Peter Stalker, Glasgow.

    At New Mains, Dundyran, on the 21st instant, by the Rev. William Stirling, minister of the U.P. Church, Coatbridge, Mr John Sommerville, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr Mathew Watson, New Mains.

    At Kingston Place [Glasgow], on the 21st instant, by the Rev. Robert Bremner M.A., of Gorbals Free Church, Mr Robert Nisbet, Glasgow, to Janet, third daughter of Mr John Parker, Paisley.

    At 46 Buccleuch Street, Glasgow, on the 20th instant, by the Rev. Mr Williams, Robert Forrester jun., to Mary Crawford, eldest daughter of Mr John Gilmour, East Kilpatrick.

    At Irvine, on the 24th instant, by the Rev. Mr Wilson of the Free Church, Mr James Birnie, Glasgow, to Janet, daughter of Mr Peter Murchie, shipbuilder.

    At Cumnock, on the 24th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Chrystal of Auchinleck, Archibald Hood Esq., coalmaster, Glasgow, to Cochrina, eldest daughter of William Walker Esq., coalmaster, Cumnock.

    At 10 Blenheim Place, Edinburgh, on the 20th instant, by the Rev. J Julius Wood of Dumfries, John McDairmid Esq., merchant Liverpool, to Margaret Afflect, youngest daughter of the late Alexander Robson Esq., Dumfries.

    At Hove Church, Brighton, on the 20th instant, Joseph James Maberly Esq., of Harley Street London, to Rebecca Dennistoun, youngest daughter of the late Alexander Lang Esq., of Overton, Dumbartonshire.
    DEATHS [04]
    At Dunoon, on the 21st instant, Captain Charles Macarthur, formerly of Paisley, aged 83.

    At 34 Neptune Street, on the 26th instant, Mrs MaryEllis, widow of the late Mr George DM , in her 70th year.

    At Largs, on the 22d instant, William Fulton Esq., formerly of Park, Renfrewshire.

    At Glasgow, on the 25th instant, Eliza Wilson, relict of Mr J Wilson, surgeon.

    At 27 Ronald Street, Glasgow, on the 24th instant, Margaret, daughter of the late John Mcleod, Glasgow.

    At Lettrick, Cambuslang, on the 23d instant, Mr John Dick, farmer, aged 72.

    At Grangeholme, Kilmarnock, on the 22d instant, Jane brown, aged 17 months, daughter of Mr John Howie.

    At Edinburgh, on the 19th instant, Lieutenant-Colonel Richard LB Dundas of Blaircastle.

    In this city [New York], at 9:30 A.M. on Friday April 28, William Young, stone-cutter, native of Ayrshire, Scotland, aged 49 years. - New York Times 29th April 1854.

    CALEDONIAN RAILWAY FATAL ACCIDENT [abbreviated] [04] • ...on the morning of Tuesday 18th instant, at about 8 o'clock, at the works of the Caledonian Railway Company at St Rollox, Alexander Frazer, a respectable mechanic and one of their oldest workmen, lost his life. He had been in a shed at work on a locomotive engine, when a tender behind him was driven forward by another engine, crushing his head between the buffers, left a family of three young children.

    FEMALE EMIGRATION [abbreviated] [04] ...on Saturday afternoon a crowd of weeping persons stood on the Broomielaw Quay witnessing the departure of the Liverpool steamer for the New World. The vessel contained 110 females and 20 males en route to Liverpool to join the ship Meridian to Boston, their final destination being Holyoake in the state of Massachussets. The people have been engaged for the manufacturing establishment of Messrs. Hadlyfauls & Co., principally steam-loom workers under the charge of Mr Charles Cochrane who engaged and shipped 72 females last year - Glasgow Herald.

    FINDHORN FATAL ACCIDENT [abbreviated] [04] ...on Friday last while out shooting crows at the wood of Blackstab, two of the men feeling thirsty were going to a house in search of water when the gun of one accidentally went off, the contents entered above the eye of Captain Lawson. The Captain was owner and master of the Sisters of Limekilns, and his death is very much regretted. He survived just 5 hours, unconscious and has left a young widow and two children - Inverness Courier. DISTRESSING ACCIDENT [abbreviated] [04] On Thursday last, Mr George Dishington jun., wright in Anstruther-Wester lost his life having gone out into the garden with a double-barrelled gun, inadvertently put both charges in one barrel, it burst and struck him on the forehead, causing instant death. He has left a widow and two young children.


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