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Birth, Marriage & Death notices from Scottish newspapers:
February 1852


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The following newspaper notices have been copied by hand from physical newspapers and microfilms. We hope the human involvement in all transcriptions has increased accuracy, compared with character recognition software often used.

All care was taken to ensure accuracy, but occasionally it isn’t possible to read the information, due to the quality of the surviving documents. When a best guess was made, this is indicated with a question mark in brackets (?). When one or more characters could not be identified, they are replaced with ‘#’. We cannot be held responsible for errors made as the transcriptions. These were made to the best of our ability.

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Paragraph headings are listed with codes, which represent the newspaper source:
[01] The Scotsman
[02] Glasgow Herald
[03] The New York Times
[04] The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Advertiser ( The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Gazette for listings from 20th May 1854)
[05] Glasgow Saturday Post &Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer
Other publications are listed individually.


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    Births – these notices rarely gave the name of the mother or child. The address and father's name will be listed, unless the mother was single/widowed.
    Marriages – These have the place of the marriage, the bride and groom’s names, the bride’s father’s name and occupation, and often a clue as to other siblings of the same gender.
    Deaths – These often mention the address of death, the spouse’s name, or the parent’s name/s in the case of a child death.
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    7th February 1852

    BIRTHS [01]
    At Argyll Place, Meadows, on the 5th instant, Mrs Andrew Bremner, of a son.

    At Pulteneytown, on the 28th ultimo, the lady of Hamilton Russel Esq., Sheriff-Substitute of Caithness, of a daughter.

    At 14 Berkeley Square, London, on the 30th ultimo, the lady of John Martin Esq., MP., of a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [01]
    At Ladyfield Place, Edinburgh, on the 4th instant, by the Rev. Alexander MacGregor of the Gaelic Church, John MacPherson Macdonald Esq., son of Hugh P Macdonald Esq., late of Monkstadt, Skye, to Eliza Hamilton, widow of John Hamilton Esq., of the Exchange, Calcutta.

    At 5 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh, on the 4th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Harper, Mr Peter Bogbie, merchant, Leith, to Isabella, third daughter of the late Mr James Dickson, Liberton.

    At Leslie, on the 3d instant, by the Rev. J Johnston, Mr David Dobie jun., Rothes Mills, to Agnes, eldest daughter of Mr David Anderson.

    At Bourtie, on the 3d instant, henry Campbell Raikes Esq., of the Bengal Civil Service, youngest surviving son of the late George Raikes Esq. to Susan, second daughter of the Rev. James Bisset, DD, minister of Bourtie.

    At Bombay, on the 1st ultimo, the Rev. John D Gibson, BA., Chaplain to the Hon. East India Company, to Katharine, third daughter of the late Brigadier Pennycuick, CB, and KH.
    DEATHS [01]
    At 139 George Street, Edinburgh, on the 6th instant, Mrs Anne Campbell Sinclair, wife or Mr George Calder.

    At 8 Arniston Place, on the 30th ultimo, Mr William W Forrester, aged 38, and on the 4th instant, Agnes Webster, aged 78, relict of Mr David Forrester, late of Kirkcaldy.

    At 85 Lothian Street, on the 3d instant, William Jeffrey, youngest son of Mr George Hardesty, draper.

    At her house, 1 Coates Crescent, on the 2d instant, Miss Henrietta Fergusson.

    At 6 Windsor Street, on the 1st instant, James Francis, youngest son of the late captain Hamilton Montgomery, of HM 76th Regiment, in his 7th year.

    At 56 Crosscauseway, on the 31st ultimo, Mr William Smith, wright, 79 Clerk Street.

    At Kinghorn, on the 28th ultimo, Eliza Craig, wife of Mr William O Louie, Madras College, St Andrews.

    At St Andrews, on the 31st ultimo, Lieutenant-Colonel Playfair.

    At Castlemains, Dirleton, on the 2d instant, Christina Scott Gourlay, wife of Mr James Tod.

    At Dharwar, on the 16th December, Helen, wife of Captain JJF Cruickshank, of the Bombay Engineers.

    At sea, on the west coast of Africa, on the 31st October, Mr WR Cockburn, surgeon of HMS Wasp.
    14th February 1852

    BIRTHS [01]
    At 34 York Place, on the 10th instant, Mrs Cullen, of a faughter.

    At 12 castle Street, Edinburgh, on the 13th instant, Mrs JM Bryden, of a son.

    At 44 South Bridge, on the 12th instant, Mrs John Plummer, of a daughter.

    At 71 Rodney Street, Liverpool, on the 1st instant, Mrs S Chapman, of a son.
    MARRIAGES [01]
    At Lambeth Palace, on the 11th instant, Lord Hatherton, to Mrs Favenport, relict of Edward Davis Davenport Esq., of Carystone House, Cheshire.

    At Edinburgh, on the 10th instant, James Baird Esq., MP, to Charlotte, daughter of the late Robert Lockhart Esq., of Castlehill.

    At London, on the 9th instant, Hector Maclean, eldest son of Sir JD Hamilton Hay, Bart., of Alderston, to Anne Charlotte, widow of Lieutenant-Colonel Lewis Bird, HCS.

    At St Peter’s, Islington, London, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. Edward Garbell, MA., George Pinchbeck Esq., civil-engineer, to Annie, eldest daughter of Robert Webster Esq., Solicitor in the Supreme Courts if Scotland, late if Blandfield House, Edinburgh.

    At Islington, on the 10th instant, the Rev. JF Glass, of Hinckley, Leicestershire, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Peter Hume Esq., Dorset Street, Portland Square.
    DEATHS [01],/b>
    At 34 Heriot Row, on the 11th instant, Sophia Debrett, third daughter of the late Robert Stuart Esq., of Annat.

    At Musselburgh, on the 8th instant, Mr Peter MacGregor, hat manufacturer. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At Tynemount, east Lothian, on the 10th instant, William Hunter Esq.

    At Peterhead, on the 7th instant, Mr John Kilgour, aged 70. Friends are requested to accept of this intimation.

    At Castlebank, Lanark, on the 7th instant, Daniel Vere Esq., advocate, late of Stonebyres.

    From scarlet fever, on the 8th instant, Charles Francis, youngest son of James J Kinloch Esq., of Kair, Kincardineshire.

    At Lerwick, on the 25th ultimo, Mr James Mouat, merchant there, in the 86th year of his age.

    At Beauharnots, on the 16th ultimo, Laurance George Brown, Esq., Agent for the Seignority of Beauharnois, second son of the late Principal Brown, or Marischal College, Aberdeen.

    At Ratcliffe Place, Edinburgh, on the 8th instant, Mr Thomas Stoddart, aged 68, late sergeant in the Scots Greys. Sergeant Stoddart was present with his regiment at the battle of waterloo, and took part in the brilliant charge when the Greys dashed through the second line of the French column and captured two of their eagles. After encountering and overcoming a French officer in single combat, he was surrounded by the enemy, and fell covered with wounds. He was found next day among the dead and dying, but he nevertheless survived that memorable event nearly thirty-seven years.

    DEATH BY DROWNING [01] Mr Robert Scott, joiner, Longnewton, had been at Jedburgh on Tuesday week, and was met on the road on his way to Ancrum early in the afternoon of that day, where he afterwards called on his relatives in that village, and stayed with them until the evening. It is supposed that on his way home from that place, in crossing the Ale Water, which was in a flooded state at the time, he had missed his footing, and tumbled from its precipitous banks into the water below, as his corpse was found floating next morning near to Ancrum lower mill cauld. – Kelso Chronicle.
    18th February 1852

    BIRTHS [01]
    At Prestonfield, near Edinburgh, on the 14th Instant, the Duchess of Argyll, of a daughter.

    At Wilton Crescent, London, on the 12th instant, the Viscountess Newport, of a son.

    At Belgrave Square, London, on the 13th instant, the Lady Isabella Stewart, of a son and heir.

    At 8 Middleby Street, on the 16th instant, Mrs Craig, of a daughter.

    At 46 Queen Street, Edinburgh, on the 16th instant, Mrs Duncan, of a daughter.

    At 3(?) Forth Street, on the 17th instant, Mrs David Stevenson, of a daughter.

    At 3 St Colme Street, on the 15th instant, the wife of Charles G Reid Esq., of a son.

    At 1 Melville Street, on the 15th(?) instant, the wife of George Seton Esq., advocate, of a son.

    At 4 Brown Square, on the 16th instant, Mrs G Leggat, of a daughter.

    At 32(?) Seafield Road, Dundee, on the 16th instant, Mrs Alexander Hamilton, of a daughter.

    At Hawick, on the 13th(?) instant, the wife of the Rev. Archibald Duff, of a son.

    At Logie House, on the 13th instant, Mrs JA Hunt, of a son.

    At Xeres de la Frontera, on the 30th ultimo, the lady of Alexander Gordon Esq., of a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [01]
    At Aberford, on the 10th instant, Lord Ashtown, to Elizabeth, second daughter and co-heiress of the late RG Gascoihne Esq., of Parlington, Yorkshire.

    At London, on the 12th instant, the Hon. Frederick Walpole, youngest son of the Earl of Orford, to Laura Sophia Francis, only daughter of Francis Walpole Esq.

    At Limebank Cottage, Charlestown, Fifeshire, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Johnston of Limekilns, William Traill, MD., Dunfermline, to Mary, youngest daughter of Robert Menzies Esq.
    DEATHS [01]
    At Edinburgh, on the 14th instant, Lieutenant-Colonel James Laing, late of her Majesty’s 61st Regiment. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At 5 Middleby Street, Newington, on the 12th instant, Thomas Hogg Esq., laet surgeon of the 75th Regiment.

    At Edinburgh, on the 18th instant, Ann Pettet, daughter of the late John Pettet Esq., Fairnielaw, and relict of the late Robert Mackinlay, merchant, Edinburgh.

    At 102 South Bridge, Helen Craig, relict of the late Mr Alexander Christie, ironmonger, Leith.

    In the 14th instant, Robert Blackwood Esq., publisher, Edinburgh.

    At 19 Duke Street, on the 14th instant, Christina Davidson, daughter of Alexander James, SSC.

    At his residence, 7 Brunton Place, on the 15th instant, James Burnes Esq., late of Montrose, aged 71.

    At her house, 35 Anne Street, on the 15th instant, Miss Susan Watson, daughter of the late Samuel Watson Esq., solicitor-at-law.

    Suddenly, at 1 Earl Grey Street, on the 13th instant, Dr James Ferguson.

    At Loanhead, on the 3d instant, Helen, youngest daughter, and on the 8th, McDougald, youngest son of John Falconer, surgeon.

    At Dalkeith, on the 13th instant, Isabella Gray, relict of Mr James Bowes, merchant there.

    At Prestonpans, on the 14th instant, Susanna Knox, relict of the late Mr John Winchester.

    On the 10th instant, Mr Jacob Smith, merchant, Grangemouth, aged 43.

    At Trees, near Bathgate, on the 12th instant, William, only surviving son of William Shaw esq., of Trees.

    At Hamilton, on the 14th instant, Miss Margaret J Pattullo, youngest daughter of the late John Pattullo Esq., of Balhouffie.

    On the 8th instant, from scarlet fever, Charles francis, in his 4th uear, and on the 11th, aged 14 months, Alice Tennent, the children of James John Kinloch, Esq., of Kair, Kincardineshire.

    At Lyne Manse, on the 5th instant, the Rev. Thomas McKenzie.

    At the Manse of Kilchrennan, on the 11th instant, the Rev. John McLennan, minister of that parish.

    At Summerhill, near Dumfries, on the 13th instant, Jean, eldest daughter of the deceased Thomas Goldie Esq., of Craigmuie.

    At Ross House, Cheltenham, on the 6th instant, the Dowager Lady Stuart, Menteath, relict of the late Sir Charles Granville Stuart Menteath, Bart., of Closeburn Hall, Dumfriesshire and Mansfield, Ayrshire, in the 80th year of her age.

    At Ventnor, isle of Wight, on the 10th instant, Mr John Green, Mount Vernon, Grange, Edinburgh.
    21st February 1852

    BIRTHS [01]
    At Melbourne Place, on the 19th instant, Mrs Thomas Sawers jun., of a son.

    At 17 Waterloo Place, on the 14th instant, Mrs Sinclair, of a son.

    At 12 Hill Place, on the 20th instant, Mrs Middleton, of a daughter.

    At 1 Abercromby Place, on the 18th instant, Mrs Charles Bell, of a daughter.

    At the Manse, Duddingstone, on the 17th instant, Mrs Macfarlane, of a son.

    At Alloa, on the 18th instant, the wife of Dr. McGowan, of a daughter.

    At Ravenswood, Melrose, on the 17th instant, Mrs J Romanes, of a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [01]
    At 23 Great King Street, on the 18th instant, by the Rev. RH Stevenson, of St George’s, Robert Douglas Esq., of Abbey Parks, Dunfermline, to Mary, daughter of the late David Black Esq., of Bandrum, Fifeshire.

    At Alloa, on the 17th instant, Mr William B Ross, Greenock, to Elizabeth, fourth daughter of Mr William Baird, Supervisor of Excise, Alloa.

    At Aden, on the 24th December, Robert L Playfair Esq., Madras Artillery, to Agnes Ranken, second daughter of the late Major-General Webster, HEICS., of Balbargie, Fifeshire.
    DEATHS [01]
    At 66 Queen Street, on the 11th instant, Robert, youngest child of Dr PD Handyside.

    At Watergate, Edinburgh, on the 19th instant, Mr John Glasgow, spirit-dealer.

    At 47 Hope Park End, on the 15th instant, Christina Ross, wife of Mr Samuel McKenzie, builder, Edinburgh.

    At Carronflats, on the 17th instant, Mr John Thomson, merchant, Grangemouth.

    On the 15th instant, Eliza Stark, wife of Robert Frame, surgeon, Lesmahagow.

    At Dunbar, on the 6th instant, Margaret Hunter, wife of Mr James Thomson, flesher there, aged 83(?), deeply and justly regretted by a wide circle of friends.

    At Midsands Villa, Ayr, on the 17th instant, the Rev. Alexander Cuthill, minister of the second charge.

    At the Manse of Kilmichael-Glassary, Argyllshire, on the 14th instant, the Rev. Dugald Campbell of Auchinellan, minister of Kilmichael-Glassary.

    At 1 Mount Street, Liverpool, on the 15th instant, William Ballingal Esq.

    At Funchal, Madeira, on the 4th instant, Mr William R Blair.
    25th February 1852

    BIRTHS [01]
    At 9 Salisbury Place, Newington, on the 22d instant, Mrs William Fleming Goguel, of a son.

    At 31 St Andrew Square, on the 21st instant, Mrs Nisbet, of a daughter.

    At 2 Teviot Row, on the 23d instant, Mrs Kay, of a son.

    At 4 Albyn Place, on the 20th instant, the wife of William Thomson Esq., of Balgowan, of a son.

    At Dean bank Lodge, Edinburgh, on the 20th instant, the wife of WJ Renny Esq., of Danevale, WS., of a son.

    At 21 Charles Street, on the 22d instant, Mrs Cowan, of a daughter.

    At Bonnington. Ratho, on the 24th instant, Mrs Melvin, of a son.

    At Pencaitland Manse, on the 19th instant, Mrs Nicholson, of a daughter.

    At Rome, on the 10th instant, the lady of Sir George Baker, Bart., of a son.
    MARRIAGES [01]
    At 4 Rankeillor Street, on the 23d instant, by the Rev. Andrew R Bonar, minister of the first charge, Canongate, Mr Andrew McMillan, flesher, 4 Union Street, to Euphemie, daughter of William Arthur Esq.

    At 138 Nicolson Street, on the 23d instant, by the Rev. Dr. French, Mr Archibald Locke, to Isabella, eldest daughter of Mr John Slymand.

    At Brae, Jedburgh, on the 19th instant, by the Rev. William Nicol, Mr George Bell, architect, Glasgow, to Beatrice Turnbull, youngest daughter of the late Mr George Turnbull.

    At Palgrave, in Suffolk, on the 19th instant, Thomas Spencer Cobbold Esq., MD., President of the Royal Medical Society, Edinburgh, youngest son of the Rev. Richard Cobbold, MA., BD., rector of Wortham, Suffolk, to Francis Philippa, second daughter of the late John Amys, Esq.
    DEATHS [01]
    At 63(?) Northumberland Street, on the 22d instant, Mrs Anne Robertson, widow of Alexander Morton Esq.

    At Portobello, on the 21st instant, Captain George Stirling of Glorat, late of the 9th Regiment.

    At 7 Wellington Place, Leith, on the 18th instant, Mrs Janet Cowan, relict of William Muir Esq., merchant, Hamburgh.

    At Tranent, on the 18th instant, in the 90th year of his age, David Aitken Esq., merchant there.

    At Gorgie, on the 14th instant, Mr Robert Robb, late of Portobello.

    At Glenmavis, near Bathgate, on the 18th instant, James, eldest son of John macnab Esq., distiller.

    On the 20th instant, the Right Hon. Sir Herbert Jenner Fust, in the 75th year of his age.

    At Tours, on the 15th ultimo, Lady Temple, widow of Sir Grenville Temple, Bart.

    At St Helier, Jersey, on the 15th instant, William, second son of the late Rev. John Stirling, DD, minister of Craigie, Ayrshire.

    At Bombay, of dysentery, early in January, James, aged 22, third son of Hector Gavin of Croft-an-Righ, Esq.

    At Greenhill Lodge, Harrow-on-the-Hill, on the 16th instant, Margaret Jackina, aged five years and nine months, and on the 18th instant, Bessie veronica, aged three years and two months and twelve days – the beloved children of James Hills jun., Esq, of Kishnaghur, Bengal.

    At Slough, Bucks, on the 30th ultimo, after a long and painful illness, the truly amiable lady Frances Sophia Ligonier, the dearly beloved wife of her inconsolable and devoted husband, Osborne Yeats Esq., of Llangattock Court, in the county of Brecon, and of Goodrich House, Herefordshire, and in the Commission of the Peace and Lieutenancy of the Counties of Middlesex and Gloucester who, fearing some very dear friends of the deceased in Scotland (whose address is not known), may not be aware of the melancholy event, the sorrowful husband will be glad to hear from them in order to convey a wish of the lamented departed one.


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