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Birth, Marriage & Death notices from Scottish newspapers:
September 1851


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The following newspaper notices have been copied by hand from physical newspapers and microfilms. We hope the human involvement in all transcriptions has increased accuracy, compared with character recognition software often used.

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Paragraph headings are listed with codes, which represent the newspaper source:
[01] The Scotsman
[02] Glasgow Herald
[03] The New York Times
[04] The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Advertiser ( The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Gazette for listings from 20th May 1854)
[05] Glasgow Saturday Post &Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer
Other publications are listed individually.


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    1st September 1851

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 84 Whitevale, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs Robert Wilson, a son.

    At 14 Woodside Place, Glasgow, on the 29th ultimo, Mrs William Smith jun., a son.

    At Orchard Hill Cottage, Hamilton, on the 29th ultimo, the wife of John Boyes Esq., of Yuildshields, a son.

    At Rockbank House, Helensburgh, on the 28th ultimo, Mrs Robert Walker, a daughter.

    At 57 Candleriggs Street, on the 26th ultimo, Mrs Thomas Howatson, a daughter.

    At 19 South St David Street, Edinburgh, on the 24th ultimo, Mrs Robert Deans, a son.

    At 62 Union Street, Greenock, on the 28th ultimo, Mrs Andrew Stewart, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Gartincaber, on the 28th ultimo, John Burn Murdoch Esq., advocate, yr., of Gartincaber, to Dora, youngest daughter of the late Captain Monck Mason, RN., and grand-daughter of the late Hon. Sir George Grey, KCB.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 99 Hill Street, Garnet Hill, on the 29th ultimo, John C Naismith Esq. – Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At 31 West Campbell Street, on the 31st ultimo, Mary, aged 7 years, youngest daughter of Mr James Martin.

    At 395 Argyll Street, Glasgow, on the 31st ultimo, Mary, aged 9 months, only child of Mr John Gibbons, wine and spirit merchant.

    At Millport, on the 30th ultimo, Archibald, in the 20th year of his age, youngest son of Thomas Pearson Esq., Carlton Place, Glasgow.

    At his brother’s house, Helensburgh, on the 30th ultimo, Mr Allan Wilson, late of Ceylon.

    At 119 North Montrose Street, on the 29th ultimo, Charlotte Augusta Nelson, wife of Mr William Smith.

    Suddenly, at Garngibboch, on the 27th ultimo, Matthew Rankin Esq.

    At the house of her sister, Meadowside Cottage, Renfrew, on the 29th ultimo, Mrs Craig, daughter of the late Mr D Cameron, road surveyor, Dumbartonshire.

    At Helensburgh, on the 29th ultimo, Hugh Cameron, nephew of Mr Duncan Cameron, 12 Douglas Street, Glasgow.

    At Park Cottage, Hamilton, on the 24th ultimo, Mr James Rodger, architect, in his 69th year.

    At Linlithgow, on the 23d ultimo, Mr David Marshall, aged 70 years.

    FIVE PERSONS DROWNED AT STRONTIAN [abbreviated][02] At Strontian, on Sabbath the 24th instant, after the Free Church congregation was dismissed, a party of them consisting of eight individuals proceeded to the beach and took a small boat to return to the other side of Loch Sunart to their respective homes; the boat was only eight feet long, and in a leaky state... within a few yards of the other side the boat swamped, and five individuals, four women and one man, met with a watery grave. The names of the parties were – Sarah Mclachlan and Isabella Mclachlan, cousins from Morven; Catherine Cameron, a widow and her son Donald Cameron from Strontian; and Elizabeth McPhee from Lochaber. Only a few days before this sad occurrence, a young man of the name of Duncan Cameron was working with a companion in the Strontian mines, when a large piece of rock fell upon Cameron, killing him upon the spot... – Guardian.

    WINDOW CLEANING – SERIOUS ACCIDENT [02] Yesterday morning, about one o’clock, a young woman, named Euphemia Thomson, the daughter of a shoemaker, residing at 90 High Street, fell upon the street from the window of her father’s house, three stories high, and is very dangerously injured...it is feared may be fatal.
    5th September 1851

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 10 Salisbury Street, Laurieston, on the 4th instant, Mrs John Wyper, a daughter.

    At Coatbridge Gas Works, on the 4th instant, Mrs Samuel Wallace, a son.

    At Dalintober, Campbeltown, on the 2d instant, Mrs John Kerr Orr, a daughter.

    At Craignish Castle, Ayrgyllshire, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs James Campbell, a son.

    At Hazleden, on the 2d instant, Mrs Hugh McConnell, a son.

    At 70 Oxford Street, on the 1st instant, Mrs William McKimmie, a son.

    At Commercial Court, Gallowgate, on the 2d instant, Mrs James Wilson, a daughter.

    At 10 Bellgrove Street, on the 1st instant, Mrs William Tait, a daughter.

    At 4 Washington Street, on the 1st instant, Mrs George S Miller, a daughter.

    At 67 South Portland, on the 31st ultimo, Mrs Affleck, a daughter.

    At Invercloy, Arran, on the 31st ultimo, Mrs William McLarty, a daughter.

    At 12 Canning Street, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs William Murdoch, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 289 Parliamentary Road, on the 4th instant, by Mr Archibald Watson, pastor of the Baptist Church, High John Street, Mr Duncan Love of the firm of Brown & Love, clothiers, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late Mr Alexander Thomson, merchant.

    At 76 Regent Street, Greenock, on the 4th instant, by the Rev. Thomas Finlayson, Edinburgh, Mr William Easton, Glasgow, to Grace, daughter of Mr Samuel Nicol, shipmaster.

    At 4 Wilson Street, Glasgow, on the 2d instant, by the Rev. JS Taylor, Mr James Young, 62 Queen Street, Glasgow, to Helen, daughter of the late John Thomson Esq.

    At 14 Shamrock Street, on the 2d instant, by the Rev. P McLeish, Dunlop, Mr John Walker, merchant, Glasgow, to Jane, third daughter of Mr Archibald McLeish, senior.

    At 15 Oswald Street, on the 29th ultimo, by the Rev. Mathew Cochran, Mr John Currie, seaman, to Agnes Harkness, daughter of Mr Bruce Harkness, Ardrossan.

    At 12 Great King Street, Edinburgh, on the 2d instant, by his father, the Rev. Dr. Innes, Mr William Innes, bookseller, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late James Edmond Esq., Glasgow.

    At Bold Street Chapel, Liverpool, on the 2d instant, by the father of the bride, Mr James Gordon, youngest son of the late Mr William Stewart of Manchester, to Jane Falconer, eldest daughter of the Rev. David Thom, DD, Ph. D.

    At Greenbrae, on the 1st instant, by the Rev. Mr Frew of St Nonian’s, Stirling, Robert H Buik Esq., Perth Rope work, to Sarah, fourth daughter of the late David Robertson Esq., shipowner, Perth.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 25 Richmond Street, on the 4th instant, Elizabeth Thomson, wife of Mr James Buchanan, provision merchant.

    Suddenly, at Rahane, Gareloch, on the 3d instant, Mary Scotland, a faithful servant in the family of the late William Ferguson Esq., Glasgow, for upwards of 30 years.

    At Glasgow Barracks, on the 27th ultimo, Mary Elizabeth, aged 8 months, daughter of Provost- Sergeant J Sanderson, 93d Highlanders.

    At Levernholm, on the 4th instant, John, aged 17 years, third son of Mr John King of Levernholm.

    At Craigmore, Rothesay, on the 2d instant, William Wilson Colledge, aged 6 months.

    At Hangingside, Linlithgowshire, on the 29th ultimo, Peter Thomson Esq.

    At 188 Holm Street, on the 4th instant, Mr William White, aged 40.

    At 73 Eglinton Street, Mary, aged 5 years and 1 month, daughter of Mr John Cook.

    At 63 Tylefield Street, on the 3d instant, Janet Wilson, aged 4 months, daughter of Mr Richard Stevenson.

    At Tollcross, on the 2d instant, Janet Oswald, is the 88th year of her age, relict of Mr Andrew Leishman, flesher, Glasgow.

    At Theaths, Lesmahagow, on the 31st ultimo, John Stiell Esq., in his 90th year.

    At Lennoxtown, on the 28th ultimo, Mr Duncan Morrison, aged 68 years.

    At Lexington, North Carolina, on the 29th July last, Mr George Greenfield, a native of Scotland.

    DEATH FROM INTEMPERANCE [02] Between Saturday night and Sunday morning, a carter named John Scott, about 24 years of age, died suddenly in the house where he lodged. The unfortunate man had been drinking hard, and was brought home the previous evening in a state of intoxication. Death is supposed to have been occasioned by an overdose of alcohol. Deceased was unmarried, and had no relatives in Glasgow.
    8th September 1851

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 31 St Vincent Crescent, on the 6th instant, Mrs George Knight, a son.

    At 6 Windsor Terrace, Queenstown, on the 6th instant, Mrs Mitchell of Carwood, a daughter.

    At 67 South Portland Street, on the 31st ultimo, Mrs Affleck, a daughter.

    At 113 Hospital Street, on the 6th instant, Mrs George Millar, a daughter.

    At 53 Canning Street, Calton, on the 3d instant, Mrs William Cook, wine and spirit merchant, a son.

    At Craigmore, Rothesay, on the 3d instant, Mrs McAndrew, a daughter who survived only till the 4th.

    At 5 Charlotte Street, on the 3d instant, Mrs James Parker, a son.

    At 128 Upper Crown Street, on the 2d instant, Mrs William T Edmiston, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Burnhouse, Partick, on the 4th instant, by the Rev. J McColl, Partick, Mr Robert Bennie, baker, Glasgow, to Catherine, youngest daughter of the late Mr Samuel Forrest, Glasgow.

    At Aberdeen, on the 4th instant, the Rev. Alexander Boyd, minister of Crimond, to Christina, only daughter of the late Alexander Fraser Esq., of Sheddocksley.

    At 166 Stafford Place, on the 4th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Lindsay, Mr William Mack, to Elizabeth, only surviving daughter of the late Mr James Russell, grocer, Glasgow.

    At Kingston House, Glasgow, on the 3d instant, by the Rev. Dr. Barr of St Enoch’s, William Bell Esq., merchant, Belfast, to Jemima, daughter of Thomas Mitchell Esq., merchant.

    At Hope Street Gaelic Church, on the 1st instant, by the Rev. Robert McGillivray, Mr Donald Campbell, to Henrietta, eldest daughter of Mr Murdoch Grant, Fort Augustus.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 13 Ardgowan Square, Greenock, on the 5th instant, John Leitch Esq. – Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At his brother’s house, Eaglesham, on the 7th instant, Mr Gavin Yuille, aged 25 years, son of Mr James Yuille of Newlands, East Kilbride.

    At Bridgend, near Sanquhar, on the 5th instant, Christina Thomson, youngest daughter of the late Robert Colquhoun, Esq., Summerlee Iron Works, Coatbridge.

    At 7 Queen Street, on the 7th instant, Cornelius, aged 15 months, only child of Mr Cornelius Crawford, fancy paper box maker.

    At Maryhill, on the 5th instant, Ann, aged 17 years, daughter of Mr Malcolm McIntyre.

    At 2 Largo Place, on the 3d instant, Mr David Dow.

    At 88 Eglinton Street, Glasgow, on the 5th instant, Mr Alexander Boyd, aged 27 years, eldest son of the late Mr William Boyd, flesher, Ayr.

    At Johnstone Manse, Dumfriesshire, on the 4th instant, the Rev. Robert Colvin, DD, in the 73d year of his age and 43d of his ministry.

    At 8 St James’ Street, Greenlaw Place, on the 4th instant, Stevenson, infant son of Mr Hume of her Majesty’s Customs.

    PAISLEY – MELANCHOLY AND FATAL ACCIDENT [abbreviated][02] On the afternoon of Tuesday, Mary McLean, a young woman recently from the Highlands, who was employed at the Bleaching and Washing Works of Mr Paul Campbell, Lonend, fell on a pinion wheel, which was in operation, and was so dreadfully mangles that she died in an hour after... The deceased, in the case, belonged to Lochgoilhead, and was only three of four days in the employment of Mr Campbell...

    DEPLORABLE OCCURANCE [abbreviated][02] On Wednesday, a young man was seen to run into the river Nith opposite the cattle market, the Sands being crowded at the time with parties doing business... he was immediately followed and brought out... shortly afterwards he again made his way into the water and was again rescued...he rushed in a third time, and the people thinking he was making game of them, allowed him to founder for a little... he plunged and never came to the surface... The man’s name was John Murray. He is understood to have gained his livelihood principally by poaching. He was much the worse of liquor at the time of his perishing. – Dumfries Herald.
    12th September 1851

    BIRTHS [02]
    At Nitshill, on the 11th instant, Mrs Dugald Dove, a daughter.

    At Eastend, Lochwinnoch, on the 11th instant, Mrs James Samson, a son.

    At Eglinton Street, on the 10th instant, Mrs Hall, a son.

    At 40 Candleriggs Street, on the 10th instant, Mrs Thomas Kirkaldy, a son.

    At 43 Argyll Street, on the 10th instant, Mrs John Martin, a daughter.

    At Barrhead, on the 9th instant, Mrs Gabriel Anderson, a daughter.

    At 3 Queen’s Place, Glasgow, on the 9th instant, Mrs Nathaniel John Holmes, a son.

    At Southpark, Hillhead, on the 9th instant, Mrs William Govan jun., a son.

    At 6 Canning Place, on the 8th instant, Mrs Robert Galt, a son.

    At 21 Abbotsford Place, on the 8th instant, Mrs Andrew McMorland, a daughter.

    At Holmhead Street, Glasgow, on the 7th instant, Mrs William Hume, a son.

    At Hunterhill, on the 6th instant, Mrs Galloway, a daughter.

    At Connespie, Islay, on the 31st ultimo, the wife of Mr Robert Gibb, a son.

    At Port of Spain, Trinidad, on the 28th July, Mrs William Eccles, twin sons.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 50 Graham Street, Glasgow, on the 11th instant, by the Rev. James Peterson of Hope Street Church, Mr James Allan, 46 Clyde Place, to Ann Mills, eldest daughter of Mr George Young.

    At 20 Woodside Place, on the 11th instant, by the Rev. David King, LLD., Mr Patrick Mitchell, to Margaret Barr, eldest daughter of Robert Bryson Esq.

    At 272 St Vincent Street, on the 11th instant, by the Rev. CJ Brown, New North Church, Edinburgh, John Ritchie Esq, merchant, Glasgow, to Mary Thomson, daughter of John Wright, Esq.

    At Villafield House, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. Norman McLeod, Alexander Donald Esq., engineer (late of New York), to Janet, youngest daughter of the late John Wyse Esq.

    At 47 St Vincent Crescent, on the 9th instant, by the rev. Charles Clarke, Mr Robert French, merchant, Glasgow, to Catherine, youngest daughter of the late Mr Richard Tossman, Dunfermline.

    At 32 King Street, Tradeston, on the 9th instant, by the Rev. JS Taylor, Mr Thomas Morgan, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Mr Peter Ferguson.

    At St Paul’s Church, Edinburgh, on the 9th instant, by the Right Rev. Bishop Terror, Thomas Campbell Esq., son of Colin Campbell Esq., of Colgrain, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Alexander Campbell Esq., of Possil.

    At 155 St George’s Road, on the 8th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Napier, James Waddell Esq., merchant, Kingston, Canada West, to Mary, daughter of the late Walter Macnee Esq.

    At Largs, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. Mr Stevens, UP Church, Mr John Gibson, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr Robert Coulter, mason, Largs.

    At Madras, on the 26th June, William Rose Robinson Esq., of the madras Civil Service, and third son of the late William Rose Robinson Esq., of Clermiston, to Julia E., daughter of the late J Thomson Esq., of the Madras Civil Service.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Blantyre farm, on the 11th instant, Hugh McPherson Esq. – Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At Kingston, Jamaica, on the 31st July last, at the residence of Dr. Macnab, Robert Forrester Esq., Shent Estate, St Thomas-in-the-Vale, fourth son of the late Mr Robert Forrester, farmer, Wester Frew, Perthshire. – Friends in this country will please accept of this intimation.

    At Calder Iron Works, on the 9th instant, Mr John Thomson, master joiner.

    At 204 Stirling’s Road, on the 9th instant, Alexander, infant son of Mr Alexander Robertson, 22 Warwick Street.

    At 24 Bloomgate Street, Lanark, on the 8th instant, John Gibson Esq., surgeon, formerly Provost of Lanark.

    At Breadalbane Terrace, on the 8th instant, in the 24th year of her age, Jane, second daughter of Alexander Guthroe Esq.

    At Pitillock, near Kinross, on the 4th instant, Mr James Clark, farmer, there.

    At Dalmarnock, Glasgow, on the 8th instant, Nancy Pickup, wife of Mr Andrew MacDonald, engraver.

    At 7 Guildry Court, on the 8th instant, Sarah Reid, wife of Mr John Valantine, aged 26 years, and on following day her only daughter, Janet, aged 6 months.

    At Helensburgh, on the 7th instant, Agnes Oliver Colvin, aged 12 months, daughter of Mr James Dalziel, Bank of Scotland, Paisley.

    At Arbendie, Banchory, on the 2d instant, Agnes Kynoch, aged 93 years, relict of Mr George Lyon, farmer, Burnside, Strachan, Mearns.

    At Harmony, near Chester, Illinois, on the 15th ultimo, of cholera, Mr John Craig, aged 57, formerly of Neilston, Renfrewshire.

    DEATH OF “HAWKIE” [abbreviated][02] We learn that this well-known City Orator and Bridgegate Mentor departed this life yesterday in the Town’s Hospital. For a long series of years the person of Hawkie has been as familiar to the inhabitants of the central parts of the city as the Cross steeple itself, and thousands on thousands knew him by his portrait, who had never seen the original.... The real name of th’s original was William Cameron, and we believe he was a native of St Ninians, near Stirling.

    DEATH OF ONE OF BURNS’ HEROINES [abbreviated][02] Dies, at Greenock, on Saturday the 30th ultimo, Mrs Findlay, relict of Robert Findlay Esq., of the Excise. In ordinary circumstances, the departure from this life of a respectable lady, ripe in years, would not have afforded matter of general interest, but it happens that the deceased was one of the very few person, surviving to our own times, who intimately knew the Peasant Bard in the first flush of his genius and manhood, and by whom her name and charms have been wedded to immortal verse. She was the “devine” Miss markland, thus noticed in the “Belles of Mauchline”:-
    “In Mauchline there dwells six proper young belles,
    The pride of the place and its neighbourhood a',
    Their carriage and dress, a stranger would guess,
    In London or Paris they'd gotten it a'.
    Miss Millar is fine, Miss Markland's divine,
    Miss Smith she has wit, and Miss Betty is brave,
    There's beauty and fortune to get wi' Miss Morton;
    But Armour's the jewel for me o' them a'.”
    Miss Markland became the wife of Mr Findlay, officer of excise, Tarbolton, a gentleman who was appointed to instruct the Bard in the mysteries of gauging... the fate in life of the six belles was as follows:- Miss Helen Miller, the first named, became the wife of Burns’ friend, Dr. Mackenzie, a medical gentleman in Mauchline, latterly in Irvine; Miss Markland, we have already spoken of; Miss Jean Smith was married to Mr Candlish, a successful teacher in Edinburgh, and became the mother of the eminent divine; Miss Betty (Miller) became the wife of Mr Templeton, in Mauchline; and Miss Morton married Mr Patterson, cloth merchant in the same village. Of the fate and history of “bonnie Jean” (Armour) we need not speak. The survivors are Mrs Patterson and Mrs Candlish.

    THE LATE LIEUTENANT-GENERAL NATHANIEL FORBES [abbreviated][02] This distinguished officer, whose death took place at London on the 16th ultimo, was the eldest son of Charles Forbes Esq., of Auchernach, by his wife Janet, daughter of Francis Fraser Esq., of Findrack, Aberdeenshire, and was born at Corgarff Castle, in the same county, on the 24th February 1766. He saw much active service in India... – Scotsman.

    FATAL ACCIDENT [abbreviated][02] An accident occurred at one of the pits at Blackbraes Colliery on Tuesday morning, by which one individual lost his life and another was severely injured... standing at the foot of the pit... when a piece of timber fell from above and striking him upon the head, killed him on the spot... The name of the man who was killed was Thomas Sneddon. He occupied the situation of under-ground overseer, and was a steady, respectable man of industrious habits. He had no children, but he has left a widow, who, it is consoling to learn, will be saved from poverty by the fruits of her husband’s prudent, saving habits. – Falkirk Herald.

    DEATH BY DROWNING [02] On Saturday, a man, named Alexander Campbell, from the Highlands, lost his life at the Broomielaw. He was in the act of stepping on board the steamer Islay, where he had some cattle, when he missed his footing and fell into the water between the vessel and the quay. Nearly ten minutes elapsed before he was got out, but life was quite extinct. The remains have been claimed by a brother of the deceased.
    15th September 1851

    BIRTHS [02]
    At Brighton Place, Glasgow, on the 14th instant, Mrs Andrew Watters, Lounsdale House, a son.

    At the Cossack Tavern, 29 Jamaica Street, on the 14th instant, Mrs Robert Hunter, a son.

    At 30 Cumberland Street, on the 13th instant, Mrs George Bell, a son.

    At 6 Royal Terrace, Glasgow, on the 13th instant, Mrs Manson, a son.

    At 122 Castlemilk Place, on the 12th instant, Mrs William Glen, a son.

    At 22 Charlotte Street, on the 12th instant, Mrs William Craig, a son.

    At 25 North Portland Street, on the 12th instant, Mrs James C Wyper, a son.

    At 99 Cumberland Street, on the 11th instant, Mrs John Ritchie, a son.

    At 118 Great Hamilton Street, on the 12th instant, Mrs John Cook, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 5 Stow Street, Paisley, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. Mr Cairns, Mr George McKenzie, carver and gilder, to Janet, eldest daughter of Mr Walter Fergus.

    At the house of John Anderson Esq., writer, Paisley, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. John Thomson, minister of St George’s Free Church, Paisley, Mr David Neilson, blacksmith, Coatbridge, to Barbara, fourth daughter of Mr Hugh Fulton, East Kilbride.

    At St Andrew’s, on the 9th instant, by his brother, the Rev. William B Borwick, Dundee, the Rev. Robert P Borwick, Minnyhive, to Catharine, daughter of P Ireland Esq., St Andrew’s.

    At Garngad Road, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. W Duncan, Mr Alexander Niven, engineer, to Euphemia, third daughter of Mr David Carsewell.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 1 Albert Place, Dundas Street, Kingston, on the 14th instant, Andrew Thomson, youngest son of Mr William Sharpe.

    At 13 Ure Place, on the 13th instant, Mr Peter Dodd, provision merchant.

    At 219 Duke Street, on the 12th instant, Mr William Crum, aged 67 years.

    At 5 Stockwell Place, on the 12th instant, Andrew, infant son of Mr Andrew Mackie.

    At 61 Ann Street, Greenock, on the 11th instant, Mary Mitchell, wife of William H Fyfe.

    At 124 Drygate Street, on the 11th instant, Mr William Monteith, aged 87 years.

    At his brother’s house, 68 Great Eastern Road, on the 11th instant, Mr James McNicol, aged 25 years.

    At Mechanicsburgh, US., America, on the 22d ultimo, the Rev. John Cross of Middleton, second son of Mr Andrew Cross, merchant, Paisley.

    At Liverpool, on the 11th instant, William, youngest son of James Kippen Esq., Port Glasgow.

    MELANCHOLY OCCURRENCE [abbreviated][02] A very distressing event occurred in the neighbourhood of Lanark on Tuesday last, terminating fatally to three individuals. A man named John Armstrong, belonging to the village of Kirkfieldbank, and who had been but recently married, requested his wife to take a quiet walk with him... proceeded along the road leading from that town to the river Clyde, and when within a short distance of a deep place called Mary Dick’s Hole, he suddenly sprang from her side and plunged into it... his wife rushed to his rescue, he caught hold of her dress and pulled her in also... the first body recovered was that of the woman. At this juncture a near relation of Armstrong, named Lochead approached the scene, and his feelings were so overpowered at the sad spectacle, that he fell down in a fit, was carried home insensible, and died that same evening. We understand Mrs Armstrong was near her confinement... – North British Mail.
    22nd September 1851

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 6 Cambridge Street, Glasgow, on the 21st instant, Mr John Dawson, a daughter.

    At Burnside House, Helensburgh, on the 19th instant, Mrs Cumine, a son.

    At 123 Green Street, Calton, on the 18th instant, Mrs Archibald Hunter, a daughter.

    At 34 Gauze Street, Paisley, on the 18th instant, Mrs Daniel Richmond, a daughter.

    At Seafield Cottage, Ardrishaig, on the 17th instant, Mrs JG Thomson, a daughter.

    At East View, Cork, on the 17th instant, Mrs WW Leycester, a daughter.

    At Shedock, Arran, on the 17th instant, Mrs James Jamieson, a daughter.

    At Morriston, on the 16th instant, Mrs Maccan, a daughter.

    At Clyde Street, Calton, on the 16th instant, Mrs William Scott, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At St Luke’s Church, Cork, on the 16th instant, by the Rev. Otway J Herbert, Mr Thomas Dickson, Glasgow, to Catherine Molyneux, youngest daughter of the late Henry Roberts Esq., Royal Engineer Department, Cork.

    At Greenock, on the 16th instant, by the Rev. S Sinclair, Captain James Eaglesome, to Margaret, second daughter of the late Mr John Lusk, farmer, Pinmore, Ayrshire.

    At King Street, Stranraer, on the 8th instant, by the Rev. George Charles, Mr Thomas McKie, farmer, Gallahall, Inch, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late Mr William Wallace, Float, Stoneykirk.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Kilduskland Cottage, Lochgilphead, on the 17th instant, Donald Ferguson Esq., late Lieutenant H.P., Rifle Brigade. – Friends will please accept this intimation.

    At Para, Brazils, on the 29th July, Daniel Miller Esq., third son of the late Andrew Miller Esq., of Carsehead, Dalry, Ayrshire. – Friends in this country will please accept of this intimation.

    At Westport, Lanark, on the 20th instant, Euphemia Cadzow, relict of Mr Alexander Harvey, Kirkfield Mains.

    At 121 Great Eastern Road, on the 20th instant, Margaret Barr, wife of Mr John McNeill.

    At Slatefield, Dunoon, on the 19th instant, Captain William Macfarlan, of Bencloich, Luggiebank, &c.

    At 4 Sandyford Place, on the 18th instant, Robert, infant son of the Rev. George Monilaws, Peebles.

    At King’s Arms’ Hotel, on the 17th instant, John, youngest son of Mr Alexander Williamson.

    Suddenly, at Eglinton Street, on the 16th instant, Mr Mathew Graham, aged 67.

    At Ardrossan, on the 17th instant, Janet Kerr, wife of Mr Charles Bannatyne.
    26th September 1851

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 52 Rose Street, Garnet Hill, on the 25th instant, Mrs John Anderson, a daughter.

    At 37 Eglinton Street, on the 25th instant, Mrs D Macnair, a daughter.

    At Brodick, Arran, on the 24th instant, Mrs George Croll, jun., a son.

    At 16 Woodside Crescent, Glasgow, on the 24th instant, the wife of James Scott Esq., of Kelly, a son.

    At 27 Commercial Road, on the 22d instant, Mrs James McClelland, a daughter.

    At Johnstone Cottage, Cadder, on the 22d instant, Mrs John Craig, a son.

    At Dunoon, on the 22d instant, Mrs Bell, a son.

    At Carruth House, Renfrewshire, on the 20th instant, Mrs Henry Macdowall, a daughter.

    At Brooklyn, New York, on the 6th instant, the wife of Mr George Adam Bell, a son.

    At Murrindindi, Port Philip, on the 19th April, Mrs Alexander Miller, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Dumfries, on the 23d instant, by the Rev. Dr. Runciman of St Andrew’s Glasgow, Alexander Kirkland Esq., architect, Glasgow, to Sarah Hunter, daughter of the late HR Douglas Esq., Dumfries.

    At 41 London Street, on the 25th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Paterson, Mr Robert Fotheringham, to Janet, only daughter of William Baird Esq., merchant, Glasgow.

    At Melbourne, Port Philip, on the 17th March last, by the Rev. Irving Heatherinton, John Scott Esq., eldest son of Captain Charles Scott, Royal Marines, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Henry Miller Esq., late Superintendent of the City of Glasgow Police.

    At Wellfield House, on the 22d instant, by the Very Rev. Principal Macfarlan, the Rev. James Arthur. Springburn, to Jessie, eldest daughter of James Reid Esq., of Wellfield.

    At St Paul’s cathedral, Calcutta, on the 16th July, by the Rev. Henry Thomas, Robert McKiui(?) Esq., Esq., late of Bombay, to Margaret Robson, daughter of B Arthur Esq., of North Shields.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Whitevale Street, Glasgow, on the 25th instant, Mr Duncan Graham, late of Blarhulachan, Aberfoyle. – Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At North Motherwell Farm, near Hamilton, on the 25th instant, John, aged 20 years, eldest son of Mr James Hamilton. – Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At Lennoxtown, Campsie, on the 25th instant, Mr William Mercer, sen.

    At 32 Nelson Street, Tradeston, on the 24th instant, James, aged 20 years, eldest son of Mr David Cellars, crane-master, Broomielaw.

    At Liverpool, on the 20th instant, Janet Robertson, the wife of Mr Malcolm McFarlane.

    At 74 Abbotsford Place, on the 24th instant, Margaret Rankin, aged 2 years, daughter of Mr William Hart.

    At Arthurlie House, Barrhead, on the 23d instant, James Stephen Esq., late of Singapore.

    At 15 Abbotsford Place, Glasgow, on the 23d instant, Mr David McNab, aged 22, youngest son of the late Mr Duncan Campbell, Blarechorin, Argyllshire.

    Suddenly, at 9 Hill Street, Gallowgate, on the 22d instant, Margaret Rodger, wife of Mr John Slater.

    At Lennoxtown, on the 20th instant, Mrs Aitken, relict of Mr John Aitken, tobacconist, Glasgow.

    Suddenly, at 67 Grove Street, on the 20th instant, Mr John Macdonell, long in the employ of Mr William Sloan & Co., St Rollox Shipping Company.

    At her brother-in-law’s house, Dalkeith, on the 20th instant, Mrs George Wilson of Hawick.

    At 593 Gallowgate, on the 19th instant, Elizabeth, aged 14 months, daughter of the late Mr Henry Kent, spirit dealer.

    At Heathery Haugh, on the 19th instant, the Rev. Alexander Johnston, minister of the parish of Moffat, in the 87th year of his age, and 60th of his ministry.

    At the Manse of Arddach, on the 17th instant, the Rev. Mr Macbean, aged 74, minister of the parish of Arddach.

    At Chicago, US, on the 4th instant, Charles Alexander, aged 16 months, youngest son of Mr Robert Colville, book-binder.

    FATAL OCCURRENCE [02] On Tuesday morning, about three o’clock, a young woman named Margret France, servant with a lodging-house keeper in Carrick Street, leaped from out a window there to the ground, the height being three stories. When taken up, it was found that the unfortunate woman had sustained severe injuries on the head, and that her collar-bone was dislocated. An alarm having been raised, Dr Fleming was sent for, and remained in attendance upon the sufferer for nearly an hour, when she expired in great agony. It is said that the deceased was somewhat the worse of liquor when she made the fatal leap.

    BOAT ACCIDENT AND LOSS OF EIGHT LIVES [abbreviated][02] We observe from the San Francisco Herald, a California paper, that on Sunday, July 27th, a party, consisting of Captain Gellatly of the ship William, from Glasgow; Mr WH McComb, agent for the owners of that vessel; Captain JP Ward, formerly in the employ of D Gibb Esq., as master of a vessel; the captain of the British schooner Desire, and four seamen, went on an excursion to Contra Costra in a longboat, and, in returning, a violet wind struck her sails, capsizing the boat, and drowning all except Captain Crombwell... Captain Gellatly was from Glasgow, and leaves a family to mourn his melancholy death. Mr McComb was also from Glasgow. Captain ward was from New York, and obtained a competency in California, and was intending to return on the first of the month, to enjoy, with a devoted wife, the result of his industry. The names of the seamen are John McGowan, William Hunter, Robert Taylor and Dugald Mckenna. Three of them were apprenticed boys, who nine months since started from their home, leaving their parents to seek their fortunes on the sea. – Scotsman.
    29th September 1851

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 5 Falkland Place, on the 28th instant, Mrs Crawford, a daughter.

    At 19 North Portland Street, on the 27th instant, Mrs James Smith, a son.

    At Boghead Cottage, Carmyle, on the 27th instant, Mrs McArthur, a daughter.

    At 298 High Street, on the 27th instant, Mrs John Parker, a daughter.

    At 65 Oswald Street, on the 26th instant, Mrs John Bell, a daughter.

    At Jameson’s Land, Partick, on the 26th instant, Mrs Moore, a son.

    At Winchburgh Station, on the 26th instant, Mrs M Paton, a son.

    At 39 George Street, Mile End, Calton, on the 26th instant, Mrs James Todd, a daughter.

    At Avonholm, on the 26th instant, Mrs Struthers, a son – still-born.

    At 12 North Coburg Street, on the 26th instant, Mrs George Beck, a son.

    At Largs, on the 25th instant, Mrs John Wylie, a daughter.

    At 6 Jackson Place, Carlisle, on the 24th instant, Mrs Robert Crawford, a son.

    At Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the 24th August, Mrs Outram, a son.
    MARRIAGE [02]
    At St Mary’s Church, Islington, London, on the 25th instant, Mrs Robert B Lang, formerly of Glasgow, to Hannah, youngest daughter of the late Mr Alexander Boyd, of Dundee.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Provan Place, 128 Montrose Street, on the 28th instant, Agnes Jane, infant daughter of the Rev. Thomas Findlay, West Kilbride.

    At Turnerfield, on the 28th instant, James Cumming Esq., of Turnerfield.

    At 4 Great Hamilton Street, on the 28th instant, Janet Malcolm, relict of Mr Gabriel Gibb, baker, Gallowgate.

    At 29 Kirk Street, Townhead, on the 28th instant, Mr John Smith, spirit dealer.

    At 22 Lyndoch Street, Glasgow, on the 27th instant, Agnes, eldest surviving daughter of Mr Robert Angus, Greenock.

    At 20 Union Street, on the 27th instant, Mr William Frame.

    At Coatbridge, on the 26th instant, Agnes Burns, relict of Mr John Hill, pit-overseer, Summerlee Iron Works.

    At 8 George Street, Paisley, in her 19th year, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr James Drummond, precentor of the High Church there.

    At 32 Paterson Street, Kingston, on the 24th instant, Mrs Robert McIndoe.

    At Bathurst Cottage, Garelochhead, on the 24th instant, Flora, daughter of the late Donald McDougall Esq., Achdownan, Argyllshire.

    At West Green, Kinross, on the 22d instant, Mrs Euphemia Williamson, wife of John Wright Williamson Esq., Sheriff-Clerk of Kinross-shire.

    At Mill of Camieseskan, on the 18th instant, Mr John Walker, aged 90.

    At Valparaiso, on the 23d July last, James, son of the late Mr Alexander Houstoun, manufacturer, Glasgow.

    On board the ship Madeira, en route to Valparaiso, on the 20th May last, Alexander, eldest son of the late Thomas Gibb, Esq., of Millwood.

    At Sydney, New South Wales, on the 12th May, George Small Esq., merchant, late of Port Hopeton, Edinburgh.

    DEATH OF THE LAST OF THE GORDONS OF GLENBUCKET [02] The Banffshire Journal of Tuesday records the death of an individual of some slight historical interest, the late Charles Godron Esq., St Bridget, Glenlivat, said to be the “last representative” of the ancient family of the Gordons of Glenbucket, Aberdeenshire”. The marriage of the Right Honourable the Earl of Airlie to Lady Blanche Stanley, daughter of Lord Stanley of Alderly, was celebrated on Tuesday last, in the parish church there, and was observed on the Airlie estates with every demonstration suitable to the occasion. – Scotsman.

    SUICIDE [02] On Friday forenoon, a porter named Samuel White, lately in the employment of William Redman & Co., merchants, committed suicide within their premises, in Hope Street, by hanging himself from a tackle, the sling of which he had tied round his neck. When found by the foreman he was quite dead. The only reason assigned for the commission of the rash act was the circumstance of his being out of employment for some time. The unfortunate man had a short previously requested permission from the foreman to sit on the stair, but had taken the opportunity of proceeding to the top flat, where he destroyed himself in the manner stated.

    FATAL ACCIDENT [02] On Wednesday morning, a young man of the name of William Ross lost his life in a coal-pit at Hurlford, belonging to Mr John Galloway. While working, a large mass of stone suddenly descended from the roof, crushing him instantly to death. The stone was so ponderous as to require the united strength of several men to lift it off the body. Deceased was unmarried, and about eighteen years of age. – Kilmarnock Journal.

    SUDDEN DEATH [02] A very melancholy occurrence took place at Leith on Tuesday. A most respectable man – Mr Peter Andrews, Stockbridge – had gone to bathe at the Bulwark; and when standing on the incline, he was observed to fall suddenly upon his side and roll into the water. An alarm was immediately given, but we regret to say, before assistance could be rendered, the vital spark had fled. Mr Andrews had been long in the employment by whom he was much respected. – Scotsman.


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