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December 1850


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Paragraph headings are listed with codes, which represent the newspaper source:
[01] The Scotsman
[02] Glasgow Herald
[03] The New York Times
[04] The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Advertiser ( The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Gazette for listings from 20th May 1854)
[05] Glasgow Saturday Post &Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer
Other publications are listed individually.


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    2nd December 1850

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 13 Eldon Place, on the 1st instant, Mrs Captain Thomas Auld, a son.

    At 13 Queen’s Terrace, Glasgow, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs William Hunter, a daughter.

    At 1 Somerset Place, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs Patrick Playfair, a daughter.

    At 73 Nelson Street, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs James McBrain, a daughter.

    At Cardonald Place, on the 29th ultimo, Mrs James Snodgrass, a son.

    At 48 South Street, Airdrie, on the 21st ultimo, Mrs Henry Walker, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Kingston Place, on the 29th ultimo, by the Rev. Dr. King, Mr Thomas Steven, ironfounder, to Christina Brown, eldest daughter of James Wilson, Esq.

    At the residence of Mr John McFarlane, Hope Street, Glasgow, on the 29th ultimo, by the Rev. William Anderson, Mr Alexander Leechman, brassfounder, Glasgow, to Mary, second daughter of the late Donald McFarlane, Esq.

    At Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park Gardens, London, on the 28th ultimo, GB Oman Esq., to Eliza Jane, eldest daughter of James Lamb Esq.

    At Auchengillan, on the 28th ultimo, by the Rev. John Pollock of the Free Church, Baldernock, Mr Peter Lennox, farmer, Kirkton, Cardross, to Helen, daughter of Mr Walter Aitken, farmer, Auchengillan, Strathblane.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 2 North Albion Court, on the 30th ultimo, Mr John E Sinclair. – Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At 5 Douglas Street, Glasgow, on the 1st instant, Ann Ramsay, aged two years and seven months, daughter of Mr Robert Newland.

    At 60 Hospital Street, onthe 1st instant, James, only son of Mr Arthur Perry.

    At Craignestock, Great Hamilton Street, Glasgow, on the 25th ultimo, John, in the nineteenth year of his age, second son of Mr James Fletcher, wood merchant.

    At Govan, on the 13th ultimo, Mr Alexander Hardie, late baker in Glasgow.

    At Penang, on the 7th October last, Alexander, son of the late Mr George Hislop, machine-maker, Glasgow.

    SUICIDE [abbreviated] – On Saturday the 23d instant, the quiet village of Dunlop was thrown into a state of great excitement by the report that Andrew Hannah, innkeeper, had taken poison. Deceased had been in Stewarton till an early hour on Saturday morning. Taking the opportunity if his wife’s absence, he mixed arsenic with water and drank it. The arsenic, it appears, was purchased in Stewarton about eight days previous... was lately a sergeant of police in this town, and was steady and attentive to his duty. About twelve months ago he left the service, and latterly, we understand he had become rather dissipated in his habits. – Kilmarnock Journal.

    SUDDEN DEATH [02] – A striking instance of the uncertainty of human life occurred on Friday in the Eastern District of our city. A young man, named William McIndoe, a journeyman flesher, while going about his ordinary business in the shop of his employer, Mr McDairmid, King Street, Calton, suddenly fell down, and almost instantly expired. It seemed he had been complaining for a few days previously, but was quite able to perform the usual duties of his profession.
    6th December 1850

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 28 Woodside Place, Glasgow, on the 5th instant, Mrs T Maxwell, a daughter.

    At 11 Hopetoun Place, on the 4th instant, Mrs James W Anderson, a son.

    At 38(?) Grafton Square, on the 4th instant, Mrs R Thomson, a daughter.

    At Campbelton, on the 4th instant, Mrs David Colville jun., a daughter.

    At 23 Roseland Terrace, on the 3d instant, Mrs Campbell, a daughter.

    At Dundyvan Iron Works, on the 3d instant, Mrs Robert Prentice, a daughter.

    At Clyde Bank, Yoker, on the 3d instant, Mrs Macintosh, a daughter.

    At 77 Renfrew Street, on the 3d instant, Mrs Mathew Shiels, a son.

    At Lennoxtown, on the 2d instant, Mrs Ebenezer Brown, a daughter.

    At Townhead, Kirkintilloch, on the 28th ultimo, Mrs Speirs, a daughter.

    At King’s College, Aberdeen, on the 28th ultimo, Mrs David Thomson, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 2 Elmbank Place, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Smyth, George Stuart Esq., to Margaret, daughter of the late Andrew Harvie Esq.

    At Carmyle, on the 3d instant, by the Rev. William Auld, Mr John Cochrane, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Mr Thomas Hall.

    At Skochan Bank, Kilmarnock, on the 29th ultimo, by the Rev. Alexander Lochore, Mr Duncan McGregor, to Agnes, second daughter of John Edmond Esq., of Skochan Bank.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 121 West Regent Street, on the 5th instant, Mrs Janet Gibson, relict of William Fleming Esq.

    At 23 Roseland Terrace, on the 5th instant, the infant daughter of John Campbell Esq.

    At Hyde park Place, on the 5th instant, Archibald, aged 3 years, eldest son of Mr James Taylor, spirit-merchant.

    At New Sneddon Street, Paisley, on the 4th instant, Janet, aged 18, fourth daughter of Mr William Muir.

    At Littlehill, on the 4th instant, Mrs Davidson, aged 80 years.

    At 103 Cumberland Street, on the 4th instant, Edward Loudon, aged 15, eldest surviving son of the late Dr. John Rankine, RN.

    At 8 Crown Street, on the 4th instant, in his 16th year, Hugh, sixth son of the late Mr Robert Dunlop, late of Paisley.

    At Balmacara House, on the 3d instant, JW Lillingston Esq., of Lochalsh.

    At 186 Sauchiehall Street, on the 3d instant, Janet Goldie, relict of the late James McLachlan Esq.

    At 13 Church Street, Hamilton, on the 1st instant, aged 9 years, John, only son of Mr John Roxburgh, coach builder.

    At Englefield Green, on the 1st instant, Robert Roscoe Esq., aged 61 years, fourth son of the late William Roscoe Esq., of Liverpool.

    At 27 Glen Street, Paisley, on the 29th ultimo, Mr James McFarlane, aged 45.

    At Methven, on the 29th ultimo, Catherine Gregor, aged 80 years, relict of George Cunningham Esq., late of Peel, Perthshire.

    On the 30th ultimo, Mr William Lottimer, senr.

    At 61 Duke Street, Glasgow, on the 30th ultimo, in the 19th year of his age, Mr Alexander Ingram, reporter, Daily Mail.

    At Spittalhill, on the 30th ultimo, James Jackson Esq., of Spittalhill.

    Suddenly, at Horfield Barracks, Bristol, on the morning of the 1st instant, Captain John Frith, 72d Highlanders, in the 47th year of his age.

    At Madras, East Indies, on the 18th May, 1850, of apoplexy, Mr Spencer Laurie, writing master and librarian, High School, Madras University, aged 36 years.

    DEATH OF SIR JOHN MACPHERSON GRANT, BART. [abbreviated] – It is our painful duty this morning to record the death of one of the most patriotic and most valued of our countrymen. Sir John Macpherson Grant, Bart., of Ballindalloch, was struck with paralysis on Saturday last, and died on Monday, in the forty-seventh year of his age... since his accession to the patrimonial estate, about four years ago, Sir John Gramt has lived at Ballindalloch, and has fully carried out the improvements projected and commenced by his father, Sir George the first baronet... We must not intrude upon private grief, nor do more than merely allude to his widow, about to become a mother, and to his children deprived of a parent’s guidance when it was most needed... - Courant.

    MAN DROWNED IN THE AYR – On Wednesday se’nnight, the body of a man was found drowned at the foot of the Boar’s Head Close. He was meanly dressed, and had on his person a tobacco box, a pocket knife, and 14s. 8d. In money. In the course of Thursday the corpse was identified as that of a labourer named James Walker, in the employment of Mr Hayle of Knockgardner and Threethorns, in the parish of Straiton. He was last seen alive in a public house on Tuesday afternoon. – Ayr Observer.

    DEMISE OF AN AGED PAUPER [02] – On Tuesday, there died in the Town’s Hospotal, an Irish woman, named Mary Ann Brown, at the advanced age of one hundred and one years. Mary had been a long time in the hospital, and retained her sight and other faculties up till the time of her death.
    9th December 1850

    BIRTHS [02]

    At 5 Bridge Street, on the 8th instant, Mrs John Paterson, a son.

    At 52 Buccleuch Street, on the 7th instant, Mrs John Allen, a son.

    At 57 Oswald Street, on the 7th instant, Mrs Archibald Ferguson, a son.

    At 2 St James’ Street, Kingston, on the 6th instant, Mrs William Martin, a daughter.

    At Muirkirk Iron Works, on the 6th instant, Mrs John Rait, a daughter.

    At Meikle Butturrich, Dumbartonshire, on the 6th instant, Mrs RC Robson, a son.

    At Maryhill, on the 2d instant, Mrs John Stewart, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Woodend, Rothesay, on the 3d instant, by the Rev. Mr Brown, Hugh Matthie Black Esq., Barone, to Agnes, third daughter of the late David Gemmill Esq., Irvine.

    At 6 Hope Park, Edinburgh, on the 26th ultimo, by the Rev. James Mcletcjie, minister of the High Church, the Rev. Thomas Drummond, minister of Bolton, East Lothian, to Mary, only daughter of Robert Johnston Esq.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 205 St Vincent Street, on the 8th instant, Anne Stow, relict of john Wilson Esq. – Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At Ledeameroch, on the 5th instant, Mary Pender, relict of Mr James Logan. – Friends at a distance will please accept of this intimation.

    At Dundas Street, Kingston, on the 8th instant, Mr William Primrose, senior, aged 72 years.

    Suddenly, at 55 High Street, on the 8th instant, of an affection of the glands, Frederick Augustus, son of Mr P Fisher.

    At Saltcoats, on the 7th instant, Captain john Kelso, aged 58(?) years.

    At 48 South Coburg Street, on the 6th instant, Catherine, aged two years and eight months, daughter of Mr William Bryan.

    At 49 High Street, Paisley, on the 4th instant, Mr Robert McAusland, bootmaker.

    At 19 Croy Place, on the 3d instant, Mr William Rankin, stationer.

    At Tandragee, on the 1st instant, Richardson, eldest son of Mr William Weir, Milltown, Ireland, late of Glasgow.

    At Dunfermline, on the 1st instant, Christina Anderson, aged 15, eldest daughter of Mr peter Taylor.

    At Pitcairnfield, near Perth, on the 27th ultimo, Elisabeth Sutherland, widow of Mr John Brown, Lennoxtown, Campsie.

    DROWNING [02] – On Saturday night a boy eleven years of age, named Robert Carnagey, residing with his parents in Stirling Street, Cowcaddens, was drowned in the canal, at Allan Shade, Port Dundas. He was returning home, it is believed, from the office of his employers, Messrs. Yuille & Wilkie, engineers, where he had been receiving his wages, and, having strayed from his way, through the density of the fog, fell over the wall into the canal. The body of the deceased was found yesterday, and given up to the relatives.

    FATAL ACCIDENT AT BLAIR ATHOLE – We are sorry to learn that on the evening of Saturday week, Robert McGrigor, employed at Blair Saw-mill, having tarried about the boat of Blair, and who had to cross the Garry to get home, but was in charge of carts on the north side, has disappeared, and not since been heard of. The Garry was much swelled by the floods, and though the result of all search for his body has as yet been fruitless, it is much feared he has perished in the river. He leaves a poor widow and three children to lament his death. – Perth Courier.

    LEITH – FATAL ACCIDENTS – Adam Stewart, belonging to St Andrews, while in a state of intoxication, fell, on Monday, from the first flat of a house in North Leith. Having been discovered by the police, he was immediately conveyed to the Dispensary and seen by the house surgeon, who detected fractures of the skull, from the effects of which he died eight hours afterwards. Charles Morn, a chimney sweeper, residing in Horse Wynd, fell from the top of a house in Coalhill. He also was taken to the Dispensary, and died a few minutes after admission. – Scotsman.

    MELANCHOLY SUICIDE AT DUNSE – A woman named Margaret Campbell, between 40 and 50 years of age, who was apprehended at Whitchester on Tuesday, on a charge of having stolen a few shillings from the toll-house at Checklaw, in the month of October last, was lodged on one of the cells within the Town-house, Dunse, when she committed suicide by suspending herself behind the door, from the bars of her prison, - Scotsman.

    FATAL ACCIDENT – A fatal accident happened on Friday morning last, about eight o’clock, on the private railway of the Stevenston Colliery Co. While William Stevenson was on his way up with empty wagons from Saltcoats harbour to the pits, when at the incline near the Free Church Manse, in loosing the horse for placing the wagons at the offset, being unfortunately too late in doing so, a number of coal-laden wagons came down upon him, passing over his body, causing instantaneous death. He lived in Saltcoats, and has left a widow and family. – Kilmarnock Journal.

    ANOTHER RAILWAY GUARD KILLED [abbreviated] – We last week recorded a fatal accident to one of the guards on the Central line at Forteviot, and we regret to add that on Friday night last another of the same class met his death within the General Terminus... he was in the luggage van, the van was bumped by another van, and the open doors of the van came together crushing his head. The unfortunate man, John McKerracher, was a goods guard upon the Central line, and has left a widow and family. He was originally upon the Dundee line, and has been long a resident in this quarter, although, we believe, a native of Dunkeld. – Perth Courier.

    RAILWAY ACCIDENT [02] - We regret that one of the joiners in the employment of the Glasgow and South-Western Railway Company, at Beith station, named James Shearer, was so severely injured on Friday forenoon, by some of the wagons of a passing mineral train, that, although medical aid was promptly in attendance, he died shortly after. On inquiring, we understand that he had been intemperate the night previous, and was absent from his work next morning, but having gone upon the railway somewhere between Kilbirnie and Beith stations, he had thus got in the way of the train. He was a widower, his wife died recently, and has left seven children.

    FATAL ACCIDENT AT BRIDGE-OF-WEIR [abbreviated] - The inhabitants of this place were thrown into a state of great alarm and excitement on Tuesday evening last, about nine o’clock, by an alarm being given that Mr James Cochran, a respectable flesher from Kilbarchan, owing to the darkness of the night and the bad state of the bridge, had been precipitated from his horse over the parapet into the river, a depth of about 30 feet... It will scarcely be believed that the parapet of this old bridge, which is only twelve feet or thereby in breadth, is not more than twenty-five inches in height, and that it has long been allowed to remain in this state, although the bridge is a part of the Queen’s highway... a few years ago a horse and cart passed over the parapet into the river. Two carts cannot pass each other with safety, and any unfortunate individual who is caught in the middle between them has little chance of escape. So manifestly dangerous is the state of the bridge that it is, we believe, the intention of the Road Trsutees to have it considerably altered, so long as forty of fifty years ago. Some trees were actually cut to be removed for that purpose, but nothing farther was ever done in the matter... – Reformer’s Gazette.
    13th December 1850

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 406 Parliamentary Road, on the 12th instant, Mrs James Stevenson, a daughter.

    At the Mechanics Institution Rooms, Johnstone, on the 12th instant, Mrs John Thompson, a son.

    At Woodneuck, on the 11th instant, the wife of RS Robertson Esq., a son.

    At 6 Bellgrove Street, on the 11th instant, Mrs George Simpson, a daughter.

    At 100 Brunswick Street, Glasgow, on the 11th instant, Mrs Alexander Dick, jun., a son.

    At 4 Broad Street, Mile-End, on the 11th instant, Mrs Moses Risk, a daughter.

    At 24 Pollock Street, Paisley Road, on the 10th instant, the wife of the late Mr John Gordon, teacher, a son.

    At Helensburgh, on the 10th instant, Mrs Skene, a son.

    At 3 Woodside Terrace, on the 9th instant, Mrs Walter Paterson, a son.

    At 18 Rutland Place, on the 9th instant, Mrs JW Fell, a daughter.

    At 64 South Wellington Street, on the 9th instant, Mrs William Craig, a son.

    At 31 Nicholson Street, on the 9th instant, Mrs Thomas Lochhead, a daughter.

    At 36 South St. Mungo Street, on the 9th instant, Mrs Archibald Ferguson, a son.

    At Clark’s Land, Helensburgh, on the 9th instant, Mrs William McAulay, a son.

    At Wishaw, on the 9th instant, Mrs Robert Paton, a son.

    At 13 Annfield Place, on the 8th instant, Mrs Runciman, a son.

    At 21 Roseland Terrace, on the 8th instant, Mrs James Anderson, a daughter.

    At Vulcan Mount Villa, near Warrington, on the 8th instant, Mrs Henry Duba(?), a son.

    At Udeena, Elgin Kane County, Illinois, on the 4th ultimo, Mrs George Muirhead, late of Glasgow, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 66 Sauchiehall Street, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. William Arnot, Mrs John Young, to Catherine Hood, youngest daughter of the late Mr John Fitch.

    At Edinburgh, on the 11th instant, by the Rev. William bruce, John Kemp Bruce Esq., of HM Customs, to Agnes, youngest daughter of the late A Sinclair Esq., of Adamslee, Dumbartonshire.

    At Glasgow, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. Dr. McLeod, Mr D Paterson, baker, Maryhill, to Miss Janet Simpson, Glasgow.

    At 28 Balmano Street, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. HM McGill, Mr Neil Gentle, to Ann Barber, youngest daughter of the late Mr David Cunningham, Stewarton.

    In Clovdagh Church, on the 4th instant, by the Rev. Hans Canl##id, uncle to the bride, John Barbour Esq., of Birkenhead, and of Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, to Alicia, youngest daughter of the late Robert Atkinson Esq., of Greenhall, county of Armagh.

    At Hanover, on the 23d ultimo, Lewis DB Gordon Esq., Regius Professor of Civil Engineering and Mechanics in the University of Glasgow, to Maria, widow of Captain William Glunder, Royal Artillery, Director of the Polytechnic School in Hanover.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 19 West Prince’s Street, on the 11th instant, Agnes, second daughter of the late Mr Thomas Gibb of Millwood. – Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At Kinning Cottage, Paisley Road, on the 12th instant, Mr Peter McOnie, engineer.

    At Alexandria, on the 11th instant, James, aged two years, youngest son of Mr Thomas Brookes McFadyen.

    At 57 Dalrymple Street, Greenock, on the 11th instant, Elizabeth Burton, wife of Mr Charles Campbell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

    At 57 Dalrymple Street, Greenock, on the 10th instant, Sarah Burton, daughter of the late Mr John Burton.

    At 37 Graeme Street, on the 10th instant, Agnes, youngest daughter of Mr Andrew Harper.

    At 262 Main Street, Bridgeton, on the 10th instant, William, second son of Mr John Coulter, grocer.

    At Dunchattan, on the 10th instant, Mary Emilia, aged six years, daughter of Mr Alexander Downie.

    At Ayr, on the 10th instant, Mr Peter Maxwell.

    Suddenly, at Glasgow, on the 9th instant, Mr Thomas Kyle, sen., aged 83 years.

    At 14 West Muir Place, Rutherglen, on the 9th instant, Janet Nelson, aged three years and six months, third daughter of Mr William Park.

    At Green Street, Bridgeton, on the 9th instant, Isobella Ferguson, relict of Mr William Lennox, slater.

    At Hamilton Crescent, Partick, on the 8th instant, in the seventy-eighth year of her age, Jane Muirhead, relict of Daniel McKay Esq., late of St Croix.

    At 97 Union Street on the 8th instant, Mr John Thomson, aged 73 years.

    At 238 Main Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow, on the 8th instant, Jessie Robertson, wife of Mr Andrew Christie, writer, Glasgow.

    At Plantation, Port Glasgow, on the 8th instant, Mrs Cochran, late of Lochwinnoch, in the ninety-first year of her age.

    At Row Cottage, on the 7th instant, Mr William Thomson, aged 29 years.

    At Carfield House, Kirkmahoe(?), on the 23d ultimo, Helen Yorstoun, wife of the Rev. James Dalrymple, and at the same place, on the 2d instant, the Rev. James Dalrymple.

    SUICIDE [abbreviated] – On the morning of Friday last, the 6th instant, a most determined and melancholy case of suicide occurred at the Beith Station of the Glasgow and South-Western Railway. The event took place at the passing of the half-past seven train from Glasgow to Ayr. The unfortunate victim was James Shearer, a wright, employed at the station. His wife died six weeks ago; ever since he has appeared dejected and miserable... On Friday morning the first train came to the station... threw himself before the train... has left six children thus deprived of their sole remaining stay. – Ayr Advertiser.

    FATAL COLLIERY ACCIDENT [abbreviated][02] – On Tuesday afternoon, a miner, named George Young met with an instantaneous death while at work in the Carolina pit, situated between West Muir and Shettleston, in the eastern part of this city... was working a coal seam... neglected to put up any prop... the roof gave way, the mass coming down upon him, crushing him dreadfully under it.... we understand he has left a widow, but no family.

    FATAL ACCIDENT [abbreviated][02] – On Sunday night another fatal accident occurred in consequence of the fog... a young woman about 19 years of age, named Helen McNeill, daughter of a widow of that name, residing in Maitland Street, Cowcaddens was drowned in the Union Canal near the Drumpeller coal depot... deceased had been walking along the banks of the canal with a sister and another girl, and soon accompanied by two young men, one of whom was her sweetheart. The fog being so dense it was difficult to see the margin of the canal... lost her footing and fell into the water... she immediately sank to rise no more in life. It is a singular coincidence that the girl’s father accidentally fell into the canal, and was drowned at the same place about seven years ago.

    FATAL COLLIERY ACCIDENTS – SIX LIVES LOST [abbreviated][02] – A most distressing and singular accident occurred last Friday forenoon, at the Netherton Quarry coal-pit, situated near Maryhill, about two miles from Glasgow, the property of Mr Barclay of Paisley. On Friday, it appears, Mr Davidson, the manager, saw some cause to divide the air course, by which the ventilation of the pit was carried on... the direction of the air current was reversed... smoke from the engine furnace was driven into the mine... five of the unfortunate miners there employed were speedily suffocated. The names of the parties whose lives were sacrificed are – Hugh Boyd and his two sons, Thomas, aged fifteen years, and Lewis, aged thirteen years; William Brown, and George Spence, a boy. Boyd has left a widow and four surviving children in very poor circumstances. Brown was also married, but had no children. On Saturday forenoon last, one of the men employed in the coal pit of Mr Wilson, Dalmarnock, lost his life in a very melancholy manner. The unfortunate deceased, whose name is William Clarke, was at work in the pit, when a large mass of coal became suddenly detached from the roof, and falling upon him, crushed him so severely that death was almost instantaneous. He has left a widow and family, but the latter, we believe are able to support themselves.
    16th December 1850

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 13 Holmhead Street, on the 15th instant, Mrs James Gilmour, a son.

    At Albion Court, on the 15th instant, Mrs Robert Renfrew, a daughter.

    At Falkirk Manse, on the 13th instant, Mrs Begg, a daughter.

    At 6 Croy Place, on the 13th instant, Mrs Samuel Blaikley, a son.

    At Downshire Terrace, Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool, on the 13th instant, Mrs James Jarvis, a son.

    At the Parsonage, Witherslack, Westmorland, on the 9th instant, Mrs TM Postlethwaite, a daughter.

    At Biggar, on the 7th instant, the wife of Mr John Wyld, agent for the Western Bank of Scotland there, a daughter.

    At East Williamsburg, Canada West, on the 11th ultimo, Mrs John Croil, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 6 Cambridge Street, on the 13th instant, by the Rev. Mr Cowe of Free St Stephen’s, Mr John Dawson, to Miss Jessie Scott.

    At 5 Royal Terrace, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. William Robertson of Menzievaird and Strowan, John Bruce Murray Esq., merchant, Glasgow, to Margaret Park, second daughter of the late Rev. John Dick of Rutherglen.

    At Clyde-View, Helensburgh, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. John Arthur, George Lancaster Esq., merchant, Glasgow, to Frances Maria, eldest daughter of Charles F Reeves Esq.

    At Rotherham, on the 30th ultimo, by the Rev. Mr Brown, Mr James Liddell jun., to Elizabeth Barr of Glasgow.

    At Whitevale, on the 29th ultimo, by the Rev. George Jeffrey of the United Presbyterian Church, London Road, Mr William White, mechanic, to Janet, third daughter of Mr John Cumming, commission agent, William Street, Calton.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Helensburgh, on the 13th instant, Miss Mary Baird, in the eighty-sixth year of her age – Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At 77 Hill Street, Garnet Hill, on the 11th instant, Mary Newlands, wife of Mr James Young.

    Suddenly, at his father’s house, Dumfriesshire, on the 13th instant, Mrs William Douglas, of 7 Cathcart Street, Glasgow, aged 29 years.

    A MAN DROWNED [02] – On Friday morning, Thomas List, one of the hands on board the schooler John Thomas, while out on the bows of the vessel, missed his footing and fell into the water. Though the accident was immediately observed, and the police on the spot in a few minutes, some time elapsed before the unfortunate man was got out of the water. Though apparently lifeless, every exertion was made to restore animation, but in vain. He was quite dead. It is conjectured that, in falling, his head had come in contact with the side of the vessel or the quay wall, by which he was far stunned as to prevent him making any effort to save himself.

    SUDDEN DEATH - On Friday last, Mr John Donaldson, tenant at Benchill, near Stanley, who had been attending the weekly market here, felt himself getting indisposed, and walked to the house of his medical friend, Dr. Henderson, in Rose Terrace, for advice. The latter not being in the house, Mr Donaldson took a seat to wait his return, but rapidly grew worse and expired within twenty minutes after reaching the house. His complaint, it is understood, was disease of the heart. Mr Donaldson was a highly respectable gentleman, well advanced in years, and a kind friend to the poor, by whom he will be much missed in his neighbourhood. – Perth Courier.

    DEATH AT GIRVAN – A man of the name of David Killops, about 45 years of age, and by trade a weaver, left Girvan on the afternoon of Saturday last (a sharp frosty day), to go to the farm of Mark (in the tenure of Mr John McIlrath), in the parish of Barr, and distant from Girvan about ten miles. Setting out at nightfall, and either ill-acquainted with the road or misled by the darkness, he wandered in going over the hills, and yielding, as it is supposed, to the drowsiness which fatigue, bewilderment, and severe cold are so apt to induce in the moorland traveller who misses his way in the winter darkness, he had lain down, and slept, as in often the case in such circumstances, the sleep of death. His lifeless body was found on Mark Hill next morning, and brought back to Girvan. – Ayr Advertiser.

    DEATH FROM SWALLOWING CANTHARIDES [abbreviated] - On Thursday, James Wyllie, farmer, in Little Fenwick, died in consequence of having swallowed a quantity of cantharides... he called at the house of an acquaintance, a blacksmith, in Fenwick and asked for a tumbler and water. He was rather the worse of liquor at the time. He took a powder from his pocket, and , mixing it in water in the tumbler, drank it.... It appeared that this had been purchased by Wyllie some days before, and was intended for a blister for a horse’s leg... he was only about 40 years of age, and has left a widow and several children. He was rather irregular in his habits, and to this cause is probably to be ascribed this lamentable occurrence. – Kilmarnock Journal.

    DEATH OF A GENIUS [abbreviated] – It is with much regret that we announce the death of Mr McIntosh, violin-maker, sometime residing in Dovecotland, Perth, and lately of Dublin. McIntosh was a Highlandman, and having there acquired the art of violin making, afterwards went to Ireland, where he commenced business. About that period Mr McIntosh’s sons were giving concerts throughout Ireland and England, and one of them by chance met Paganini in his father’s shop.... he died on Wednesday morning at one o’clock... Perthshire Advertiser.

    DEATH OF WALTER BAINE ESQ., GREENOCK [abbreviated] - ... the death of Mr Walter Baine... was found dead in bed on the morning of Wednesday. The cause of death is supposed to be disease of the heart. As head of the important concern of Baine and Johnston, Mr Baine carried on business for many years with much success, and was instrumental, along with other great houses of the same class established here, in securing to Greenock a large share of the Newfoundland trade... he represented the Burgh in parliament and was the only native of the town who has yet attained to that honour. – Greenock Advertiser.

    SUDDEN DEATH – As Mr Thomas Wilson, lately ploughman at Lainshaw, was assisting at the turning lathe in Mr David Craig’s works, Stewarton, on the evening of the 11th instant, he dropped down apparently insensible, and falling to one side, his head was caught between the fly-wheel and a post; when extricated he was dead, but it is supposed that life was extinct before his head was caught by the wheel. – Greenock Advertiser.
    20th December 1850

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 15 Cranston Street, Anderston, Glasgow, on the 19th instant, Mrs Robert Black, a daughter.

    At 83 South Portland Street, on the 18th instant, Mrs Matthew Paterson, a son.

    At 13 Douglas Street, on the 18th instant, Mrs John Graham, a son.

    At Islington, London, on the 18th instant, Mrs Hugh Logan, a daughter.

    At 6 St George’s Road, on the 17th instant, Mrs AG Corbett, a son.

    At 29 Bath Street, on the 17th instant, Mrs Charles Wilson, a son.

    At 6 Bush Terrace, Edge Lane, Liverpool, on the 17th instant, Mrs Charles George Cowie, a son.

    At 37 Monteith Row, on the 10th instant, the wife of the Rev. John Edwards, a son.

    At Dunoon, on the 18th(?) instant, Mrs Taylor, a son.

    At Abercorn Street, Paisley, on the 18th instant, Mrs Archibald Bell, a son.

    At 26 Cleland Street, on the 14th instant, Mrs John McGlashan, a son.

    At 37(?) Queen’s Road, St John’s Wood, London, on the 10th instant, the wife of JA Russell Esq., a son.

    At Montreal, on the 29th ultimo, Mrs James F Arthur, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 48 Clyde Place, on the 19th instant, by the Rev. Dr. McLeod of St Columbus’, Mr Thomas Flint, merchant, Tain, Ross-shire, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late Duncan McLeod Esq.

    At St Mary’s Church, Carlisle, on the 17th instant, Mr Neil McKindley, St Rollox, Glasgow, to Hannah, second daughter of George Thompson Esq., Church Street, Carlisle.

    FATAL COAL-PIT ACCIDENT AT BO’NESS [abbreviated] – At the Schoolyards pit, in the middle of Borrowstouness, and engine was put up about two years ago to pump out the waste water... three colliers were employed to open up the roads in the old waste... on Saturday last, however four o’clock having arrived without their having made their appearance, the engineman began to doubt that there was something wrong... a man was sent down the pit... found three men lying above each other, quite dead, to all appearance suffocated with choke-damp.... Their names were Charles Robertson, and his son, James Robertson, and Richard Robertson, his nephew. They were all married men, leaving widows, and two of them families... – Scotsman.
    23rd December 1850

    DEATHS [02]
    At Stirling, on the 20th instant, Mr John Stevenson, of Messrs. G&J Stevenson, manufacturers there.

    Suddenly, at Hope Park End House, Edinburgh, on the 20th instant, Robert, youngest son of William Robertson Esq., brewer.

    At 29(?) Oakshaw Street, Paisley, on the 20th instant, Mr Alexander Fullarton, sen., on his sixty-fifth year.

    At Maxwell Street, on the 18th instant, Frederick Albert, aged eleven months, only son of Mr H Baker.

    At Lanark, on the 17th instant, A Fleming Esq., late Provost of Lanark.

    At 18(?) Blythswood Square, Glasgow, on the 18th instant, Jean Provan, the faithful servant of Graham Hutchison Esq., for upwards of 26 years.

    DETERMINED SUICIDE AT THE HARBOUR [abbreviated][02] – Early on Friday morning, a seaman of the name of Dupurey Jacques, a native of France, committed suicide by shooting himself right through the forehead with a pocket pistol... arrived here as a seaman on board the ship Boadicea, from Valparaiso, from which vessel he had lately been discharged and paid up his full amount of wages. He had lodged in the house of a person named Swan but, from his dissipated habits, had never paid any boarding, and on Saturday last he had removed to another house in Wood Lane... In his last lodgings was found a passport to France, from Mr Wedderspoon, French consul at this port, certifying his desire to proceed to that country via Liverpool.

    CASUALTY FROM FURIOUS DRIVING [02] – On Friday forenoon, between ten and eleven o’clock, whilst a carter, named John Anderson, was proceeding along Main Street, Calton, at a rapid rate in a gig belonging to Messrs. D and J Black, flour merchants, and when at the corner of New Street, called the Calton cross, he ran down a girl named Mary McLachlan, about nine years of age, by which she was severely injured about the head and other parts of the body. The man instantly rode off, heedless of what had occurred, but was pursued and taken into custody. The case is under investigation.
    27th December 1850

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 86 Renfrew Street, on the 25th instant, Mrs James Dunn, a son.

    At 6 Lynedoch Crescent, on the 23d instant, Mrs Alexander Anderson, a daughter.

    At 49 West Regent Street, on the 23d instant, Mrs JL Lang, a daughter.

    At 59 Renfield Street, on the 23d instant, Mrs Archibald Nairn, a son.

    At 6 Lansdowne Crescent, on the 22d instant, Mrs Mackintosh, a daughter.

    At 11 Scotland Street, Edinburgh, on the 22d instant, the wife of Mr W Campbell, civil engineer, a daughter.

    At Renfrew, on the 21st instant, Mrs John McGregor, a daughter.

    At Springbank, island of Islay, on the 17th instant, Mrs Mactavish, a daughter.

    At Colombo, Ceylon, on the 11th November, Mrs JL Keir, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At West Campbell Street, on the 26th instant, by the Rev. Mr Sommerville, Henry Park, Esq., accountant, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late John McKinlay Esq.

    At 1 Meadowbank Place, Partick, on the 26th instant, by the Rev. Dr. King, Gilbert Walker Esq., merchant, Aberdeen, to Jane, daughter of the late Mr William Hay, parochial schoolmaster of Huntly.

    At Laurel Bank, Gourock, on the 26th instant, by the Rev. Samuel McAuley, Mr Mathe Paterson, to Jessie, eldest daughter of the late Mr James McLaren, Glasgow.

    At Lanark, on the 26th instant, by the Rev. Macfarlane, Mr William Brown, merchant there, to Margaret Allan, daughter of the late Mr Dickman, tanner, Mauchline.

    At West Vale, Port Glasgow, on the 24th instant, by the Rev. HW Dunipace, Kelburne King Esq., MD., London, to Mary, eldest daughter of Archibald M Burrell Esq., Provost of Port Glasgow.

    At 129 Wellington Street, on the 23d instant, by the Rev. Dr. Paterson of Free St Andrew’s, Dr. Edmund Ronalds, Professor of Chemistry, Queen’s College, Galway, to Barbara Christian, daughter of the late Hugh Tennant Esq., brewer, Glasgow.

    At St Andrew’s Church, Calcutta, on the 4th ultimo, Captain Hugh Fraser, Bengal Engineers, to Florence Charlotte, eldest daughter of William Penny Esq., advocate, Great King Street, Edinburgh.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 40 Oxford Street, Mr Archibald Harvie, grocer. – Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At London, on the 20th instant, Mr Angus McMillan, aged 28 years, ship joiner and blockmaker, 230 Broomielaw, Glasgow. – Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At 100 Main Street, Gorbals, on the 25th instant, Catherine Isabella Campbell, youngest daughter of Mr John McLean.

    At Northfield, on the 24th instant, James Herbertson Esq., of Stewartfield, Mearns, aged 59(?) years.

    At 57 Oswald Street, on the 24th instant, Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Malcolm McLaren Esq.

    At Portugal Street, Laurieston, on the 24th instant, Mrs Thom, in the fifty-second year of her age.

    At Glasgow, on the 24th instant, Miss Jane Mathie McGregor.

    At Garral(?) Garden, Kilsyth, on the 24th instant, Mr Thomas Forrester, surgeon, aged 67 years.

    Here, on the 24th current, John McIntyre, well known for a long series of years, as the porter of the Glasgow Exchange, the Directors of which institution kindly granted him a pension till his death.

    At 5 Regent terrace, Edinburgh, on the 23d instant, Alexander Macdonald Esq., Principal Keeper of the Register of Deeds, Register House.

    At Park Grove, Paisley Road, on the 23d instant, Ann Gray, wife of Mr William Brown.

    At Mount Park, Greenock, on the 23d instant, Agnes Hooks, relict of John Buchanan jun., Esq.

    At Bonnytoun, Linlithgow, on the 23d instant, Helen Ramage, wife of Adam Dawson Esq., of Bonnytoun.

    At the house of his son-in-law, 37 Eglinton Street, on the 23d instant, Mr James McGill.

    At Aberdeen, on the 13th instant, in the eighty-fifth year of her age, Lucken Crawford, relict of Lieut.-General John Gordon Cumming Skene, of Pitlurg and Dyce, Aberdeenshire.

    At Kingston, Jamaica, on the 24th ultimo, Dr. McFadyen, of cholera, brought on from excessive exhaustion and fatigue from attending to his practice.

    At St John’s, Antigua, on the 20th ultimo, William Cross Esq., of Glasgow.

    At Jamaica, of cholera, on the 11th ultimo, James Dundas Esq., manager of Taylor’s Caymanas, the property of James Ewing Esq., and on the 14th, Francis McCook Esq., the attorney of that estate, and member of the Assembly for St Dorothy.

    On his passage home from Jamaica, of fever, Robert Maxwell, late of Paisley, early son of the late Captain Maxwell of Quebec.

    MAN KILLED – On Tuesday night, a man, named Alexander Fraser, accidentally fell down a stair leading from a spirit shop in the High Street, by which he was so much injured that he died almost instantaneously. The deceased was a retailer of fruit. – Scotsman.
    30th December 1850

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 23 Moss Street, Paisley, on the 27th instant, Mrs Thomas Campbell, a daughter.

    At Kirktonfield House, on the 28th instant, the wife of Alexander Cochran Esq., a daughter.

    At 50 Moray Place, Edinburgh, on the 20th instant, the Lady of Captain David Davidson, of the east India Company’s Service, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Largs, on the 27th instant, by the Rev. William Steven, Mr John Underwood, to Mary, second daughter of the late Mr David McFadyen, Liverpool.

    At Eaglesham, on the 27th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Carswell, Mr William Carnlaw, Hamilton, to Miss Jean Howie.

    At Campbeltown, on the 26th instant, by the Rev. Mr McNab, Mr Archibald McConachie, farmer, Machrimore, to Flora, eldest daughter of the late Mr Duncan McMichael, farmer, Caltadie.

    At Dirieton Manse, on the 19th instant, by the Rev. James Scott, Archibald Macfarlane Esq., Clachan, Lochfinehead, to Catherine, daughter of the late Mr Alexander Cruikshank, merchant.
    DEATHS [02]
    At St John, Antigua, on the 22d ultimo, Mr Peter MacDougall, of Glasgow, aged 39(?) years. – Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At 78 Abbotsford Place, on the 29th instant, Mr John D Thomson, eldest son of the late Mr WC Thomson.

    At 11 Hopetoun Place, on the 29th instant, Elizabeth Jack, aged 36 years, wife of Mr James W Anderson.

    At 25 William Street, Glasgow, on the 29th instant, in the seventy-fourth year of his age, James Cleland Esq., of Ravenshall, Lanarkshire.

    At Largs, on the 26th instant, aged 82 years, Robert Hall Esq., of Millholm, Renfrewshire.

    At Stockwell Street, Glasgow, on the 25th instant, Margaret Young, aged 47 years, wife of Mr David Cormie.

    At 23 Kinning Place, on the 23d instant, William, infant son of Mr James Bruce, manufacturer.

    At Rothesay, on the 21st instant, Mary Campbell, wife of Mr William Glass, stationer, Rothesay.

    On the 19th instant, Thomas Nimmo Esq., Dale Street, Bridgeton.

    At Madeira, on the 28th November, John Jamieson jun., aged 19 years, son of John Jamieson Esq., merchant, Glasgow.

    At Demerara, on the 24th November, Thomas, only son of Mr William Strang, Portioner, Calton.

    DEATH FROM EXCESSIVE DRINKING [02] – On Thursday night, a man named James Struthers was found lying in West Regent Street in a state of insensibility. It was quite apparent that he had been drinking to excess, and in this condition he was carried to the Anderston Police Office, where the attention of a medical gentleman was called to his case. Restoratives were prescribed, but a very unfavourable opinion at the same time expressed as to his condition. This was unfortunately verified, for, after lingering on a few hours, the wretched man expired. Deceased was a cabman, and in the employment of a party in town, but had latterly become very dissipated. He had left a widow, but no children.


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