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September 1848


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Paragraph headings are listed with codes, which represent the newspaper source:
[01] The Scotsman
[02] Glasgow Herald
[03] The New York Times
[04] The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Advertiser ( The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Gazette for listings from 20th May 1854)
[05] Glasgow Saturday Post &Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer
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    1st September 1848

    BIRTHS [02]
    Ar 125 North Montrose Street, on the 31st ultimo, Mrs Thomas McGuffie, a son.

    At 137 New City Road, Murray Place, on the 31st ultimo, Mrs Peter McFarlane, a son.

    At 3 Washington Street, on the 28th ultimo, Mrs Steel, a daughter.

    At 130 Thistle Street, on the 28th ultimo, Mrs William Liddell, a son.

    At Holden Hall, on the 28th ultimo, the Lady of the Rev. William L Wotherspoon, Panbride, a son.

    At the Manse of Kilbride, Arran, on the 29th ultimo, the wife of the Rev. C.F. Campbell, a son.

    At Bonhill, on the 28th ultimo, Mrs Charles Freebairn, a daughter.

    At 3 Brown Stree, Glasgow, on the 3rd ultimo, Mrs Archibald Douglas Hamilton, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Lynedoch Crescent, Glasgow, on the 31st ultimo, by the Rev. Robert McCorkie, Free Church, St. Ninian's, the Rev. David Wilson, Presbyterian minister, Limerick, to Jessie, youngest daughter of the Ninian Bannatyne Esq., merchant.

    At Blackhall Buildings, Paisley, on the 29th ultimo, by the Rev. Mr McDougall, Captain Charles Mackay, shipowner, to Mary Ann Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Wotherspoon Esq., feuar.

    At 25 Abercrombie Place, Edinburgh, on the 29th ultimo, by the Rev. Patrick Borrowman, Free Church minister of Glencairn, John Hamilton, Esq., accountant, youngest son of the late Colonel Hamilton of Angdatura, to Margaret, second daughter of the late Philip Grierson Esq., Glasgow.

    At St. Ninian's, on the 29th ultimo, by the Rev. Robert Paisley, Robert Salmond, Esq., banker, Glasgow, to Marion, second daughter of the late John Mitchell Esq.

    At 3 Orchard Street, Paisley, on the 29th ultimo, by the Rev. Alexander Rennison of St. George's, Mr David Duff, grocer and spirit merchant, Glasgow, to Jeanie, eldest daughter of the late David Colquhoun Esq., merchant, Dovehill, Barrhead.

    On the 25th ultimo, by the Rev. Mr McLaren, Mr. James Baker, merchant, Glasgow, to Janet, second daughter of Mr James Campbell, Pollokshaws.

    At Hamilton, on the 29th ultimo, by the Rev. Thomas Struthers, Mr William Elliott Brandon, Malleable Iron Works, Motherwell, to Elizabeth, daughter of James Main Esq., merchant, Hamilton.

    At 18 Cadogan Street, Glasgow, on the 22nd ultimo, by the Rev. William Auld, Mr William Craighead, Lennox-Mill, Campsie, to Margaret, daughter of the late Mr John Robertson, Glasgow.

    At 37 Cathedral Street, on the 16th ultimo, by the Rev. Professor Thomson of the Theological Academy, Mr William McCrea jun., to Margaret Eadie, second daughter of Mr Robert Hall.

    At 12 Hermitage Place, Leith, on the 29th ultimo, by the Rev. Thomas Addis, Morningside, Andrew Hill Esq., M.D. Leuchars, to Anne Forrester, daughter of George Thorburn Esq., Leith.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 8 Canning Place, on the 29th ultimo, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr John Miller.

    At 9 West Milton Street, suddenly, on the 31st ultimo, Mr John Cullen, late of Douglas.

    At 4 Royal Terrace, on the 29th ultimo, Colin Macnaughtan, Esq., of Kelvin Grove.

    At 10 Sommerville Place, Monteith Row, on the 29th ultimo, Jane, only daughter of Duncan McKenzie, Esq., late publisher, Glasgow.

    At 135 Hospital Street, Glasgow, on the 28th ultimo, Janet Loudon, eldest daughter of the late Mr Peter Mitchell, wine merchant.

    At Hayston, Campsie, on the 31st ultimo, Thomas Reid., Esq., of Havston, aged seventy-one years.

    At 12 Nelson Terrace, Tradeston, on the 29th ultimo, Mr Allan McDonald, compositor.

    At 47 Cochran Street, on the 29th ultimo, Mrs James Gibb.

    At Newton Manse, Ayr, on the 22nd ultimo, Dorothy Miller, wife of Mr William Stuart, Morningside, Edinburgh.

    4th September 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 41 Oxford Street, Laurieston, on the 3rd instant, Mrs Adam Mather, a son.

    At 31 Nicholson Street, on the 3d instant, Mrs Thomas Lochhead, jun., a son.

    At 12 Ure Place, on the 1st instant, Mrs John Muir, a daughter.

    At 42 Dundas Street, Glasgow, on the 1st instant, Mrs William Dewar, a son.

    At Blanefield, on the 29th ultimo, Mrs A Coubrough, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 7 Bridge Street, on the 28th ultimo, by the Rev. JohnBonar of Free Renfield Church, Mr John Dobie, ironmonger, to Agnes, only daughter of William Stirling, Eqs.

    At Alexandria, Dumbartonshire, on the 1st instant, by the Rev. William Kidd, Mr James McCrea, to Isabella, eldest daughter of Mr Robert Walker, Alexandria, Dumbartonshire.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Glasgow, on the 1st instant, Alexander Grant Gilkison Esq.

    At 10 Abbotsford Place, on the 3d instant, Mr John Morison, accountant, Glasgow.

    At 30 Charlotte Street, on the 2d instant, Mr John McClymont.

    At the Western Bank of Scotland, Helensburgh, on the 3d instant, in the thirtieth year of his age, Mr William Orr (late of Porto Rico), eldest son of the late Mr Robert Orr, writer, Largs.

    At Butter-Biggings Cottage, Gorbals, on the 2d instant, after a long and severe illness, Mr Francis Parker.

    At 154 St. George's Road, on the 1st instant, William Wilson Esq., aged forty-two.

    At 75 Thistle Street, on the 3d instant,Jean Leckie, aged thirteen years, daughter of Mr Robert Crum.

    At 3 Newton Place, on the 31st ultimo, Jessie McDougal, wife of Archibald MacConnell Esq.

    At 24 Gauze Street, Paisley, on the 1st instant, after a lingering illness, James Algie, baker.

    At Renfrew, on the 29th ultimo, Mr Niel Dow, aged nineteen years.

    At 113 Rottenrow Street, on the 1st instant, Mary Kennedy.

    At Helensburgh, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs William Skene, of Norfolk Street, Glasgow.

    At Lillyburn, Campsie, on the 2d instant, Catherine McFarlane, wife of the late Mr James Marshall, Dumbartonshire.

    At Dunoon, on the 30th ultimo, Mr John Murdoch, aged twenty-eight.

    At London, on the 27th ultimo, Captain John Campbell, R.M., late of 30 Landowne Crescent, Cheltenham.

    SUDDEN DEATH AT GREENOCK: A very sudden death happened here on Wednesday morning. George Hill, a man belonging to Falmouth, and carpenter of the Affghan, was ascending a stair in Hamilton Street, when he suddenly fell back apparently dead. A girl who was on the stair at the time saw him fall, and on her giving the alarm, he was removed into the adjoining shop of Mr. Wyse, confectioner. Here everything was done to revive him, but all efforts were vain, he expired in twewnty minutes after the fall. His body was carried to the dead house attached to the infirmary. - Greenock Advertiser.

    MAN KILLED: On Friday morning, a little after seven o'clock, a man was found lying at the back part of Reform Court, Commerce Street, Tradeston, in an insensible state, and was instantly removed to the Gorbals Police Office. Dr. Stewart was immediately in attendance, and carefully examined him, but, although it was evident the man was fast sinking, the Doctor would discover no external marks of injury of any consequence. He died about noon. It is supposed that in an aberration of mind, caused by drinking, he had thrown himself over the window of his lodgings, as a heavy fall was heard just before he was found. The case, however, has been reported to the Procucator Fiscal. Deceased was a hawker of linen, named John McLill.

    ACCIDENT: We have this week the painful duty to announce the death of our respected townsman, Mr Bryce Blair, who for sixty years has carried on the business of an engineer in this town, Kilmarnock, and whose reputation as a tradesman is widely spread. Being on a visit to one of his sons, residing in Creeton, in Galloway, he was walking, about seven o'clock in the evening along a road which leads along the shore, when a car coming up behind him ran over him, and injured him so severly that he only survived five hours. Mr Blair being eighty-five years of age, his hearing was much impared, and in consequence he would not probably be aware of the approach of the vehicle. We are not sufficiently acquainted with the particulars, as to be able to say whether the person driving the car is solely free from blame in this matter, but the circumstance will no doubt be inquired into by the proper authorities. - Kilmarnock Journal.

    FATAL ACCIDENT AT DAILLY: On Sabbath forenoon, William McIlwraith, son of Mr James McIlwraith, at Dailly Sawmill, went out from his parents and the rest of the children unobserved. He unfortunately fell into the mill lade, which is very deep, and was drowned. No person saw him fall in. He was a very interesting child of four years. - Ayr Observer.

    8th September 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 5 Sandyford Place, on the 5th instant, Mrs Craik, a son

    At Kirkintilloch, on the 6th instant, Mrs Robert Adams, a son.

    At 46 Abbotsford Place, on the 4th instant, Mrs James Anderson, a daughter.

    At 49 Dalhousie Street, on the 4th instant, Mrs John Breadley, a son.

    At Laurel Bank, Partick, on the 3rd instant, Mrs Robert Stiven, a son.

    At 8 Clarendon Place, on the 4th instant, Mrs David Smith, a daugter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Stepney Place, 143 London Street, on the 6th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Struthers of Anderston, Mr John Baird, to Margaret Gardner, third daughter of the late Mr John McLaren, Milton.

    At Ferguson's Building, Campbell Street, on the 7th instant, by the Rev. Mr Burgess, Mr William Muir, warehouseman, to Jane, third daughter of Mr Alexander Wallace, clothier.

    At St. Mary's Episcopal Chapel, Glasgow, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. George Almond, Alexander Cunninghame Esq., Craigends, to Jane, youngest daughter of James McHardy, Esq., of Glenboig.

    At 108 Castlemilk Place, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. J.S. Taylor, Mr William Scott, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. William Meikle.

    At 34 Cook Street, Tradeston, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. Walter Duncan, Mr John Hutchison, builder, to janet, only daughter of the late Captain Johnston, Port Glasgow.

    At Garscube Road, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Muir of St. James' Church, Mr Thomas Breckenridge, to Agnes Taylor, eldest daughter of Mr Daniel McCallum, Glasgow.

    At Auchincloch, Stirlingshire, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. Mr Laurie Fogo or Row, John Alexander Esq., Glasgow to Margaret, youngest daughter of the late John Corbet, Esq.

    At Bothwell Park on the 5th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Gardiner of Bothwell, John Macfarlane Esq., M.D., Glasgow, to Margaret Gray, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Eddiston Esq., Phoenix House.

    At Lonend House, Paisley, on the 4th instant, by the Rev. Alexander Bennison, A.M. of St George's, William Wilson, Esq., editor of the Renfrewshire Advertiser, to Margaret, daughter of the late William King, Esq., of Arkleston.

    At Bank of Edinvillie, Banffshire, on the 1st instant, by the Rev. James Seller of Aberlour, James Craikshank Esq., builder, Glasgow, to Elisa Milne, second daughter of the late Bailie Francis Cruikshank, merchant, Elgin.
    DEATHS [02]
    At his house, 85 Cambridge Street, on the 7th instant, Mr George Hutcheson, sen., merchant, Glasgow.

    At 10 Coburg Street, Glasgow, on the 6th instant, Mr William Ker, ironmonger.

    At New Brighton, near Liverpool, on the 4th instant, Janet Lockhart, widow of the late Donald Mathieson, Esq., Port Glasgow.

    At Bridge-of-Allan, on the 5th instant, Mr John Keith, bookseller, Glasgow.

    At Lily-Bank, Eglinton Street, Glasgow, on the 7th instant, Robert HUnter Esq., late of Bankok, Siam.

    At Craignish Castle, on the 6th instant, Celia Campbell Esq., of Jura.

    At 170 Saltmarket Street, suddenly, on the 7th instant, Charles Gerletti, looking-glass manufacturer, aged fifty-six years.

    At 19 Elmbank Crescent, on the 6th instant, Catherine Elizabeth Buchanan, widow of Alexander Buchanan Esq., of Arspryor.

    At 5 Carlton Place, on the 4th instant, Eliza Jane, youngest daughter of Andrew Gemmill Esq., writer.

    At Balfron, on the 5th instant, Thomas Robertson Esq., banker.

    On the 28th ultimo, Agnes Peat, aged twenty-nine years, for 14 years a servent in the family of the Rev. Dr. Jamieson of St. Paul's.

    At 4 Abbey Close, Paisley, on the 3d instant, Hugh Bryce Esq., Surgeon, Barrhead, aged 27 years.

    At Westborn, on the 6th instant, Jane, daughter of the late James Fairlie Esq., of Farme.

    At Laurel Cottage, near Liverpool, on the 3d instant, Hugh McCorquodale Esq., aged eighty-four years.

    At Rol##abo Creek, Demerara, on the 19th June last, Mr. Gavin Blackburn, late of Glasgow.

    COAL PIT ACCIDENT: At a late hour on Monday evening, a tinker named Gibson, fell down Carolina Pit, situated near Shettleston, and would in all probability have been killed on the spot, but for the coal baskets, suspended for the night in the centre of the shaft, which caught him in his descent, and broke his fall. He was brought to the surface as quickly as possible and conveyed to the shop of Dr. Young, in Parkhead, who applied the proper remedies. He was afterwards taken to the Royal Infirmary, where he at present remains; but from the serious nature of his injuries, it is not expected that he will survive. It is not easy to account for the manner in which the unfortunate man met with the accident, as the pit is situated in the centre of the field, as a considerable distance from the public road. The probability is, that he had wandered through the field, attracted by the light of the furnace, and that, in the endeavour to reach it, he missed his footing and fell down the shaft. We understand Gibson is a native of Govan.

    DEATH OF MR. DAVID HAIG: On THursday last, Mr David Haig, the senior assistant keeper of the Advocate's Library, died suddenly while in the performance of his duties. He was an able and indefatigable librarian, and the learned body whom he has so long and faithfully served, will find it extremely difficult to provide for the fulfilment of the duties from which he was so suddenly removed. Hisminute aquaintance with the literary stores of the Advocate's Library was only equalled by his ready civility in making his knowledge available. Every man who has been accustomed to conduct litery investigations in Edinburgh will feel the loss of David Haig. If you were a man distinguished for rank or reputation seeking materials for some great work, you might have mistaken his prompt attention for servility, but if you were a humble student of an obscure literary aspirant, you would find its true source in a natural kindness of heart. He applied the stores at his disposal to some literary services better known perhaps to historical inquirers than to the public at large. He wrote a "History of Kelso" and along with the late George Brunton, the "Historical Account of the Senators of the College of Justice." He was the editor of the historical worksof Sir James Balfour. [01]

    11th September 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 82 High Street, Paisley, on the 6th instant, Mrs Daniel Richmond, a son.

    At Dorrator House, Falkirk, on the 1st instant, Mrs Smith, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Whitevale, on the 8th instant, by the Rev. Mr Jeffray, Mr John Phillips, engineer, to Agnes, eldest daughter of John Cumming Esq., commission agent, William Street, Greenhead.

    At Abbotsford Place, on the 8th instant, by the Rev. Dr. McGilvray, John Skilling Esq., to Ann, eldest daughter of the late Donald F Colquhoun, Esq., Lochaber.

    At 2 St James Street, Kingston, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. John Bonar, Renfield Street Free Church, Mr Walter Donald, designer, Glasgow, to Catherine, second daughter of the late John McColl, grocer, Glasgow.

    At 101 High Street, Ayr, on the 4th instant, by the Rev. John Stuart of Newton, Mr Robert Blair Watson, merchant, Wallacetown, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Adam Shankland Esq., Ayr.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 119 Montrose Street, on the 10th instant, Margaret Mackinlay, wife of Mr William Renwick.

    At 82 Hill Street, Garnet Hill, on the 9th instant, William Gourlie, senior, Esq.

    At 10 Frederick Lane, on the 9th instant, Mrs William Bogie.

    At Balfanning(?), on the 9th instant, Mary Meiklew, wife of Mr John McLeish.

    At Ayr, on the 4th instant, John M Cowas Esq.

    At Acre Cottage, Largs, on the 9th instant, Miss Gilfillan of Montague Place, Glasgow.

    At Bellevue, Linlithgow, on the 8th instant, Mrs Margaret Seton of Hiltly, aged eighty-eight years, relict of Mr James Thomas, Rector of the Grammar School of Linlithgow.

    At 8 Greenhill Street, on the 8th instant, Ann Cameron, wife of Mr John Craig, spirit merchant.

    At 3 Richard Street, Anderston, on the 6th instant, John McDonald, aged 16 years, eldest son or Mr Lachlan McDonald, formerly Ardalignish, Ard####erchan.

    At Douglas Manse, on the 3d instant, Mrs Stewart, in the fifty-ninth year of her age, wife of the Rev. Alexander Stewart.

    At Raigbigg, county of Inverness, on the 27th ultimo, Lieut. Joseph Mackay, from the parish of Reay, Caithness, and late of the Rovala.

    At Ed##saton House, Shropshire, on the 30th ultimo, Amm Isabella, wife of James Chapman Esq.

    At Bellary, Madras, Presidency, East Indies, on the 15th June, Jane, aged four years and five months, daughter of the Rev. William Thompson.

    SAILOR DROWNED: A seaman, named James Storm, was drowned off Findhorn on the night of Monday week. He was left on board a sloop in the roads by his comrades, who thought he would sleep well in the vessel all night, but as soon as he discovered that he had been left alone the poor fellow leapt into the sea, with his clothes and boots on, intending to swim ashore. The weight of his boots, however, so oppressed him, that he could not succeed in reaching the shore, and he perished. His body was found next morning. Storm has left a wife and four children. - Inverness Courier.

    DEATH BY DROWNING: About six o'clock on Saturday evening, while three young men were bathing at the end of the Chain Pier, Trinity, one of them, named William Smith, a printer, twenty-one years of age, having swam out for some distance, was unable from the strength of the tide, which was at the ebb, the wind blowing fresh from the west, to return to the pier and sunk in deep water. His companions could not render him no assistance. The body was found on Sunday morning by the crews of two newhaven fishing-boats near the place where the accident occurred, and was conveyed to his father's house in Edinburgh in the course of the day. [01]

    ACCIDENT NEAR KILMARNOCK: On Thursday last, a fine boy, about 16 months old, son of Mr. John McKean, collier, residing in Crosshouse, was killed there by a most unfortunately running in before the wheels of one of a number of loaded carts which were passing through the village. The boy had been amusing himself at the door of the house, which is near the bridge, and unconscious of danger, ran in before the wheel of the third cart, unobserved by the driver, and being knocked down, was instantaneously deprived of life. The event has naturally plunged the parents of the boy into deep grief, but no charge of carelessness attaches to the driver, who was carefully at the head of his horse when the fatal event occurred. - Kilmarnock Journal

    15th September 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 158 Castlemilk Place, on the 13th instant, Mrs John C. Henderson, a son.

    At 108 Eglinton Street, on the 11th instant, Mrs Robert Kirkland, a son.

    At 38 Adelphi Street, on the 11th instant, Mrs Robert McLauchlan, a son.

    At 201 Bath Street, on the 10th instant, Mrs Aitken, a son.

    At Coatbridge, on the 8th instant, Mrs James Taylor, a son.

    At Barrhead, on the 11th instant, Mrs Alexander Wilson, a son.

    At Windsor Terrace, Maida Hill, London, on the 10th instant, Mrs James Colhoun, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 29 South Portland Street, on the 14th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Macfarlane of EWrskine Church, Mr. JH Dawson of London, to Elizabeth Gardiner, daughter of the late Mr John Wardlaw, linen manufacturer, Dunfermline.

    At 22 Warwick Street, Glasgow, on the 14th instant, by the Rev. Peter Petrie, Mr Moses Hunter, grain merchant, to Christine, eldest daughter of the late William Sutherland, Esq., Glasgow.

    At 163 St. George's Road, Glasgow, on the 13th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Napier of the College Church, James Scott Esq., of Dalmonach, to Jane Martha, second daughter of Andrew Galbraith, Esq.

    At Glasgow, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. Mr Paton of St. David's, the Rev. Thomas Haig of the Scotch National Church, Brookville, Canada, to Jessie, second daughter of Hugh Wilson Esq., engraver, Glasgow.

    At Largs, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Doule, John Alexander Russell Esq., of Bombay, to Laura Condie, third daughter of the late John Pattison Esq., of Glasgow.

    At St. Bride's Church, Liverpool, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. DD Stewart, James Bruce Sorley Esq., writer, Glasgow, to Gertrude Moore, fifth daughter of the late Captain James Martin of the 38th Regiment.

    At Dalry, on the 13th instant, by the Rev. Robert Stevenson, John Porter Esq., of Bytown, Canada, to Janet, eldest daughter of the late Captain Glen, R.N.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 4 Meadowwaide, Woodlands Road, on the 11th instant, in her twenty-fifth year, Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late Mr John Paxton, Berwick-upon-Tweed, and wife of Mr William Hamilton.

    At Brodick, Island of Arran, on the 9th instant, Janet Speid Lyon, eldest daughter of the late Hugh Lyon Esq., of Glenogil, wife of James Ogilvie Mack Esq., S.S.C., Crescent, Ardrossan.

    At 10 Robertson Street, suddenly, Robert Braid, aged fifteen years.

    At Johnstone Cottage, parish of Cadder, on the 12th instant, Robert, aged nine months, youngest son of John Craig.

    At 8 Falkland Place, St. George's Road, on the 12th instant, aged twenty-five, Flora Colvil, wife of Thomas Thorburn Esq.

    At Hill-House, Springburn, on the 12th instant, Mary Jane Ingleton, wife of Mr John Gibson.

    At Morelarich, Luss, on the 11th instant, Mr John McLellan, late of Dublin, aged fifty-five.

    At 3 Union Street, Greenock, on the 9th instant, Captain Alexander Hossack.

    At New Luce, near Stranraer, on the 9th instant, Mr James Muir, jun., commercial traveller, Glasgow, aged twenty-six years.

    At Constantinople, on the 27th July, of Danube sickness, Mr Lindsay Lamont of Greenock, mate of the Letitia of Weymouth.

    MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT - ROTHSAY, ISLE OF BUTE, SEPT 9: Charles Baird Esq., while sailing his yacht in the bay, wa sstruck on the head by the boom in staying the craft, fell overboard, and was drowned. The body has since been picked up. He was much beloved by all who knew him.

    18th September 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At Townhead Bleachfield, on the 17th instant, Mrs James Shearer, a son.

    At Lancefield Place, on the 17th instant, Mrs George Thomson, a daughter.

    At Guildry Court, on the 17th instant, Mrs James Hall, a son.

    At Western Bank Buildings, Canning street, Calton, on the 16th instant, Mrs William Reid, a son.

    At 70 Oxford Street, on the 15th instant, Mrs William McKimmie, a son.

    At 22 Dundas Street, on the 15th instant, Mrs J Somerville, a son.

    At Middleton House, Paisley Road, on the 15th instant, Mrs George Martin, daughter.

    At St John, N.B., on the 19th ultimo, Mrs John Hogan, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 6 Skene Terrace, Aberdeen, on the 7th instant, by the Rev. Henry A Paterson of Stonehouse, David Lumsden Esq., merchant, to Anne, second daughter of Alexander Webster Esq., Damee, Kirriemuir.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Blantyre Works, on the 15th instant, Mary Napier, wife of Mr Robert Orr.

    At 29 St. Andrew's Square, on the 17th instant, Mr James More, iron merchant, Glasgow.

    At Kinning House, on the 15th instant, Henrietta, daughter of the late John Muir Esq., of Gartferry.

    At Golfhill, on the morning of the 13th instant, Mrs Dennistoun.

    At Garnkirk House, on the 12th instant, Mrs Elizabeth Cook, widow of the Rev. Dr. John Cook, Professor of Divinity in St. Mary's College, St. Andrew's, and eldest daughter of the late Professor Hill.

    At Bonhill, on the 14th instant, Jessie, aged four years, eldest daughter of Mr Charles Freebairn.

    Suddenly, on the 11th instant, Mrs Reid of Wellfield.

    At Watis-Town(?), on the 9th instant, Mr Alexander Shanks, merchant, Rawyards.

    At Irvine, on the 5th instant, Janet McFedries, wife of Mr William Thomson, cloth merchant.

    At sea, on the 30th ultimo, Caaptain Robert Hutcheson of the barque "James Lumsden."

    22nd September 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 6 South Wellington Street, on the 21st instant, Mrs Robert Bissing, a daughter.

    At 115 Bath Street, on the 20th instant, Mrs Colin Brown, a son.

    At 2 Clifton Grove Crescent, on the 18th instant, Mrs James Clinkskill, a daughter.

    At Catherine Street, Anderston, on the 20th instant, Mrs Angus Dowsie, a daughter.

    At 45 Tur### Street, Glasgow, on the 19th instant, Mrs Joseph Campbell,a son.

    At 5 Eidon Place, on the 18th instant, Mrs John Reid, jun., a daughter. [ see deaths below ]

    At 115 George Street, on the 18th instant, Mrs Archibald Roy, twin daughters.

    At Kirkhouse, Strathblane, on the 19th instant, the wife of Mr Wood, teacher, a daughter.

    At Dumfries, on the 18th instant, the wife of the Rev. James Mann, a son.

    At New York, on the 26th ultimo, Mrs James Laing of Dur###(?), a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Arsotdale, on the 19th instant, by the Rev. William Welsh, Falkirk, John Wilson Esq., South Ben######, to Mary, daughter of James Ra##el Esq., of Black####.

    At Beltrees, Lochwinnich, on the 18th instant, by the Rev. William Graham, John Reid Esq., banker and writer, Lochwinnoch, to Margaret, eldest daughter of James Findlay Esq., of Highgate, Beith.

    At the Manse of Kincardine, in MOnteith, on the 18th instant, by the Rev. Hugh McDairmid of Callander, Patrick James Stirling Esq., a writer, Dunblane, to Henrietta, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Gray, minister of Kincardine.

    At Manchester, on the 20th instant, by the Rev. Robert McIley, D.D., David G Fleming Esq., merchant, to Elisabewth, daughter of John Rob ertson Esq., surgeon, Brighton Place.

    At Eccles, on the 20th instant, by the Rev. Hugh Stewell, M.A., incumbent of Christ's Church, Salford, Robert Adair Ramsay Esq., M.D., MRCS, Edinburgh, of Fleetwood-on-Wyre, to Fanny Harriett, eldest daughter of Edward Connell Esq., Leaf Square, Pendleton, Manchester.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 1 Fitzroy Place, on the 21st instant, George, third son of Robert V Reid Esq.

    At the house of Mr Alexander Balderstone, 106 Bath Street, Glasgow, on the 21st instant, while on a visit, the Rev. John Hill, aged sixty-two, for many years Congregational minister in Huntly.

    At 148 Randolph Terrace, on the 21st instant, John, only surviving son of Mr Robert Craig.

    At Randolph Terrace, Garney Hill, on the 21st instant, of scarlet fever, John, aged six years and six months, eldest son of Mr Al;exander Drew.

    At Rothesay, on the 20th instant, Captain William Macallaster, late of the Londonderry Steam Company.

    At 81 Wilson Street, on the 20th instant, Jean Miller, widfe of Mr Allan Gilmour.

    At Hyde Park Lane, Glasgow, on the 18th instant, Ann McLauchlan, wife of Mr Archibald Marshall, wright.

    At 5 Eidon Place, on the 18th instant, Anne, wife of Mr John Reid, jun. [ died in childbirth - see births above ]

    At 9 Sandyford Place, on the 18th instant, Mary Elisabeth, aged twenty months, youngest daughter of Plummer(?) Dewar Esq.

    At 13 Causeyside Street, Paisley, on the 18th instant, John Shedden Esq., merchant.

    At Eastertyre, in Perthshire, on the 18th instant, Margaret Elisa, in her sixth year, eldest daughter of Andrew Walker Esq., late of the Ceylon Civil Service.

    At Brechin, on the 14th instant, Ebeneser J Duncan, late commercial traveller.

    At his residence, The Laurels, Pendleton, on the 13th instant, Russell Scott Taylor sq., in the twenty-fourth year of his age, son of the late John Edward Taylor Esq.,and one of the proprietors and editors of the Manchester Guardian.

    WHITBURN: We regret to state, that a serious and fatal occurrence took place on the 15th current, at the Royal George Ironstone Pit in this neighbourhood, belonging to the Coltness Iron Company, whereby one man lost his life, and another is so seriously injured that but faint hope is entertained of his recovery. It appears that the two men in question, D. Deans and J. Johnston, miners, were coming up from their work; the engine, it was said, was not stopped to enable them to come out at the 'strike board', and they were carried up right over the pully-wheel, when Deans was thrown with great violence, between the large wheel of the engine and the engine house, and so dreadfully mangled, that life was found to be quite extinct before he could be extracted. Johnstone was thrown to a considerable distance in another direction, and was most severly bruised, and, though still in life, he is considered to be in a very dangerous state. Deans has left a widow and two children. Johnston is also a married man.

    MELANCHOLY AND DISTRESSING ACCIDENT AT WANLOCKHEAD: On Thursday, the Duke of Buccleauch, three of his sons, and a party of ladies and gentlemen, paid a visit to his Grace's lead mines at Wanlockhead. The villagers had made considerable preparation to give them a hearty welcome. A rude piece of artillery, which had seldom been used was furbished up for the occasion by some of the young miners. One or two shots had only been fired when the piece, by some means of other not fully explained, was accidently fired, the shot taking effect upon a young man named John, son of J. McCall, who was standing near the cannon's mouth. He was blown into the air, and very much mangled. The shot, the piece had been loaded with small stones, entered the lower part of the nody, inflicting dreadful wounds. He was carried to his father's house, where Dr. Watson was speedly in attendance. Dr. Martin was also brought from Leadhills, but mewdical aid was of no avail, and he expired about two hours after receiving the injury. Deceased, who bore his severe sufferings with extraordinary fortitude, was twenty years of age, and a very deserving young man. His untimely death has cast a gloom over the usually happy village. This is the second accident in this family. A few years ago, a younger brother lost his right hand by an accident at one of the crushing machines. The youth has since been at the school, where he has learned to write very well, and might be usefully and profitably employed by such a patron as his Grace the Duke of Bucleuch. The noble party, when informed of the fatal accident, gave orders that everything should be done to alleviate the sufferings of the unfortunate individual. - Mail.

    25th September 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 1 Carnarvon Street, Greenvale Place, on the 23d instant, Mrs D Davis, a daughter.

    At 6 Woodside Crescent, on the 23d instant, Mrs Richardson, a daughter.

    At St. Vincent Park, Paisley Road, on the 23d instant, Mrs Robert McGavin, a son.

    At Glenford Manor, on the 22d instant, Mrs Lang, a son.

    At 34 Wilson Street, on the 31st instant, Mrs Samuel Porter, a son.

    At Enoch Lodge, Eaglesham, on the 18th instant, Mrs John Dunlop, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Manchester Cathedral, on the 14th instant, by ther Rev. C#### Richson M.A., Mr Edward Neild of Glasgow, to Emma (?) daughter of Chareles Cordingley Esq., of Springfield House, Droy###den, near Manchester.

    At Ballimore House, Argyllshire, on the 20th instant, John Campbell Esq., of Possil, to Elizabeth Alexander, youngest daughter of M.N. Campbell Esq., of Ballimore.

    At Ballimore House, Argyllshire, on the 20th instant, Lieut. Colonel Hagart, HELCS, late A####-General of the Bombay Army, to C#### S###, youngest daughter of the late Donald MacLachlan of MacLauchlan, Esq.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 36 Monteith Row, on the 23d instant, Miss Mary Maxwell, in her seventy-seventh year.

    At 143 West Campbell Street, on the 21st instant, Mrs Jane Pott, vallet of the late Mr Robert Stewart, Glasgow.

    At Dumbarton, on the 24th instant, May Fleming, in the seventy-fourth year of her age, relict of William Lang, Esq., Dumbarton.

    At Falkirk, on the 23d instant, Isabella Horsburgh, wife of James Ea###, surgeon.

    At Eastbourne, Sussex, on the 20th instant, Sarah Grange Renfield, wife of Mr Lawrence Gibson, 128 Piccadilly, London.

    At 184 Victoria Place, Upper Crown Street, on the 23d instant, Mr Thomas Haig, sen.

    At the house of her son-in-law, Mr Alexander Begg, 23 Monteith Row, on the 23d instant, Janet Tennent, widow of the late John Cochrane Esq., of Walesby(?), STrathaven.

    At 37 Eglinton Street, on the 22d instant, Elisabeth McGill, wife of Mr Andrew McMillan, watch-maker.

    At 98(?) Renfield Street, on the 22d instant, Anne MacIntyre, wife of Mr William Speirs, pattern designer.

    At 48 Nelson Street, on the 23d instant, Mr James Shanks.

    At Govan, on the 23d instant, Mr James Couper, innkeeper.

    At 5 William Street, Cowcadden, on the 23d instant, Donald McDairmid, second son of Mr Robert Glen.

    At Campbeltoen, on the 15th instant, Captain John McLean, Royal Lanark Militia.

    FATAL ACCIDENT AT MAYBOLE: On Tuesday morning a child of Mr John Kelly, tanner in Maybole, accidentally fell into one of the tan-pits and was drowned. - Ayr Advertiser

    CHILD BURNED TO DEATH: On Monday forenoon, a female child about three years of age, of the name of Janet Ireland, residing with a nurse, in the Grassmarket, having been left in the house alone, unfortunately approached too near the fire, when the flames caught its clothes, by which it was seriously injuted. The little sufferer was immediately conveyed to the Royal Informary, but death ensued in a short time afterwards. [01]

    DEATH FROM A FALL: On Sunday evening about eight o'clock, while a girl about 17 years of age, named Margaret Sutherland, a servant of Causeywayside, was with some companions crossing Arthur's Seat upon the northern slope, she incautiously ventured in the dark too near a precipice, and taking a false step, fell over the rocks forty of fifty feet, by which she was so severly injuted that she died subsequently in the Royal Infirmary. An accident similar to the above occurred about a month ago, near St. Anthony's Well, in which a young man named Portuous was so severly injured by a fall, that he died after being conveyed to the Royal Infirmary. [01]

    DEATH OF DR. WILLIAM CAMPBELL: We regret to have to announce the decease of our respected townsman, Dr. William Campbell. His reputation has not been limited to this country alone, his writings on the particular department of medicine professed by him having gained him a European fame. Some of his works have been translated into German, and the medical and scientific societies of Berlin, Vienna, Heidelberg, and other foreign University towns, conferred on him the honour of membership. To the gentlemen who have studied in the Medical School of this city he has been long and favourably known as a successful teacher and attached friend. We have beard it said that the pupils of his class are scattered over the entire globe, and that not a few of them are indebted to his instructions and kind offices for their present position and success. To the poor when in distress his services were at all times available, and for many years he supported two dispensaries for their benefit at his own expense. By all classes of our fellow-citizens, as well as by our medical school, his loss will be severly felt. [01]

    29th September 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 30 Cumberland Street, Hutchesontown, on the 28th instant, Mrs Neil Johnston, a daughter.

    At 35 St. Andrew's Square, on the 28th instant, Mrs William Bryce, a son.

    At the Royal Hotel, Glasgow, on the 26th instant, Mrs Comrie, a son.

    At 46 London Street, on the 26th instant, Mrs John Morrison, a son.

    At 72 Broomielaw, on the 25th instant, Mrs Thomas Leek, a son.

    At 3 Fitzroy Place, on the 24th instant, Mrs P. McT. Brown, a son.

    At 23 St. Enoch Square, on the 23d instant, Mrs Sempil(?), a daughter.

    At 13 Rose Street, Garnet Hill, Mrs John Malcolm, a son, still-born.

    At Frieburg, in Germany, on the 21st instant, Mrs Joseph Ruff, from 76 Gallowgate, Glasgow, a son.

    At Scarborough, Yorkshire, on the 20th instant, Mrs George Addison, a son.

    At Montreal, on the 6th instant, Mrs William Smith, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At St. George's, Hanover Square, London, Bertie Williams Wynn Esq., youngest son of the Right Hon. Sir Henry Watkins Williams Wynn, GCH, to Marion, second daughter of the late Major-General Sir James Limond(?), CB., of the Madras Artillery.
    DEATHS [02]
    FATAL ACCIDENT AT CRIEFF: On Tuesday last week, Thomas Halley, one of the labourers employed at the draining of the Pow, lost his life by a portion of the old bridge of Achlone, which is at present being pulled down, falling above him. He had simply bent down to quench his thirst by a mouthful of water, when the mass fell and killed him instantly. No blame was attachable to the other workman. - Perth Courier

    DEATH UNDER SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: About one o'clock on the morning of Tuesday last, a man was found lying in an insensible state in the Black Boy Close, Gallowgate. He was carried to the Police Office, where it was observed that blood was ussuing from his ears, and although medical attendance was promptly afforded, he died on the afternoon of the same day. The name of the deceased is James Hall, a dealer in old clothes. A woman has been taken into custody who is alleged to have pushed him down a stair, in consequence of which he received the injuries that have resulted in death.

    At 26 Elmbank Crescent, on the 26th instant, of scarlet fever, John Calder, fourth son of Archibald Graham Land., Esq.

    At Douglas, on the 27th instant, Mrs Thomas Tassie.

    At 29 Bath Street, on the 28th instant, Charles, aged five years and four months, only son of Mr Charles Wilson, architect.

    At Helensburgh, on the 27th instant, Elizabeth Abraham, wife of John Haliday, millwright and machine-maker, Glasgow.

    At Clyde Hotel, 13 Anderston Quay, on the 26th instant, George James, son of Captain George Sole.

    At Alton Farm, near Paisley, on the 28th instant, John Brown, sen., farmer, aged sixty-eight years.

    At Rothesay, on the 25th instant, aged twenty-nine years, Louisa Hannah, wife of Mr walter Oxley, merchant, Glasgow.

    At Larkfield, Stirling, on the 26th instant, Jane Brown, relict of Michael Miller Esq., of Larkfield.

    At 33(?) Mill-road Street, on the 25th instant, of hydro-cephalus, W.M. Davidson, in his sixth year.

    At 4 Royal Terrace, on the 24th instant, Colin Macnaughton, aged two years and eight months, youngest son of Mr. Andrew A. Macfarlan, Rothesay.

    At 89 North Frederick Street, on the 26th instant, Margaret Glegg, relict of Mr Robert Brown.

    At Castletown, Isle of Man, on the 25th instant, William Perry Esq.

    At 148 Randolph Terrace, on the 24th instant, of scarlet fever, aged six years, Joseph, youngest son of Mtr James Thomson.

    At Mary Place, Edinburgh, on the 24th instant, Mr Duncan Maclaren, late of the Commercial Bank of Stirling.

    At 59 Maitland Street, Cowcaddens, on the 26th instant, Mr James Brown, lately miller, aged fifth-three years.

    A woman, named Elizabeth Cameron, committed suicide b y drowning herself in the sea at North Leith. She was observed to throw herself into the water, by a gentleman who had passed her a few minutes previously walking quietly along the beach. He immediately gave the alarm, but before she could be rescued, even with the ready assistance of a boat, she had sunk to rise no more. The deceased resided with a brother-in-law in Leith, and it is said that she has, for some time past been in a very desponding state of mind. [01]

    FATAL ACCIDENT: About one o'clock on Tuesday afternoon, a most melancholy and fatal accident occured at the Glasgow and Barrhead Railway Station, head of Main Street, Gorbals, by which Myles Nisbet a ganger, in the employmeny of Mr Strapp, contractor, lost his life. It appears that on the occasion of the opening of the line, two cannons had been procured for the purpose of firing a salute as the train making the Directors' trial trip started. As the company was assembling for the trip, Nisbet, along with a number of the workmen on the line, were engaged in working the guns, and several rounds of blank charges were fired. While preparing to fire off one of the guns, Nisbet had his arms round it, for the purpose of raising ir, some say he was engaged in loading it, without sponging, others that he was merely altering its position, while it hung fire, the gun, however, went off while Nisbet was before it, the charge taking off his right leg and right arm, carrying the former to a distance of several yards, and otherwise shattering his body. Death was almost instantaneous. One of the men wh was engaged with Nisbet at the cannon at the same time was also injured by the explosion, receiving some contusions and burns about the arms and face. We are glad to learn that the injuries of the latter are not serious. We understant that Nisbet has been several years in the employment of Mr Strap, by whom he was much respected, and that he has left a wife and a small family to deplore his untimely fate. The melancholy occurence as might be expected, spread a damp over the proccedings of the day.



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