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October 1848


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Paragraph headings are listed with codes, which represent the newspaper source:
[01] The Scotsman
[02] Glasgow Herald
[03] The New York Times
[04] The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Advertiser ( The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Gazette for listings from 20th May 1854)
[05] Glasgow Saturday Post &Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer
Other publications are listed individually.


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    2nd October 1848

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 17 Trongate on the 1st instant, Mrs John Barker, a son.

    At 184 West Regent Street, Glasgow, on the 30th ultimo. Mrs N Macbeth, a son.

    At 1 Rutland Crescent, on the 30th ultimo, At 133 West Regent Street, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs Thomas Donald, a son.

    At 37 Monteith Row, on the 27th ultimo, Mrs Borland, a son.

    At Meadowbank Place, Partick, on the 29th ultimo, Mrs Ralston, a daughter.

    At Tayside, Perth, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs Thomas Miller, a son.

    At Londonderry, on the 28th ultimo, Mrs Charles Morrison, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Clifton, on the 25th ultimo, Robert Lucus Chance jun., Esq., of Summerfield House, near Birmingham, to Elizabeth Frances, eldest daughter of Abel Peyton Esq., of Edgebaston, Birmingham.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 102 Hill Street, Garnet Hill, on the 29th ultimo, of scarlet fever, Charles Henry, aged five and a half years, youngest son of Mr John Sigmond Bodstein.

    At 193 Argyll Street, on the 29th ultimo, Margaret Stewart, neice of Mr Robert Murray, dyer.

    At 81 Abbotsford Place, on the 29th ultimo, Margaret, only daughter of Mr James White, late baker, Tradeston.

    At Paisley, on the 29th ultimo, Agnes Rollo, aged forty-nine, wife of Mr David Taylor, supervisor of excise.

    At Croft Bank, on the 28th ultimo, Elizabeth Wright, wife of Alexander Skirving Esq., Glasgow.

    At East-Side, Kirkintilloch, on the 27th ultimo, Miss Hopkins, daughter of Mr James Hopkins.

    At Grangemouth, on the 25th ultimo, Miss Margaret Wyse.

    At Airdrie, on the 24th ultimo, Elizabeth Pennie, wife of Mr George Hunter, baker.

    At Port-Ellen, Islay, on the 27th ultimo, Margaret, only daughter of Mr Andrew Robertson, supervisor of excise.

    At 18 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, on the 26th ultimo, Mr James Walker, printer.

    At Castletown of Braemar, on the 19th ultimo, from the effect of a puncture received three years since during a post mortem examination, George Mackay Esq., MD., aged twenty six years.

    At Trinidad, on the 16th August, Robert Bruce, only child of William Macredie Esq.

    DROWNING - Between five and six oclock on Tuesday morning, the body of a man was found at the Bay of Quick within high water mark. His attire consisted of a black dress coat, black satin vert, and black trousers, his hat and coat were lying at a little distance, and out of the reach of the water. He was discovered stretched on some large stones, and the cheek and ear on which he lay were bruised and cut. He was removed to the dead-house of the Infirmary, and has been identified by his friends as Alexander Adam, a journeyman compositor, belonging to this town, but who has been working lately in Stranraer, Perth and other places. He had been latterly out of employment, and has been in low spirits for some time back. Whether his death was the result of accident is not known. One of the persons who found him states that he was not there at ten o'clock on the night previous, and as the tide covered the spot where he was found, and as he was wet, he must have knowlingly gone into the water, before the tide receded. He had been in his sister's house late on the previous night, when he was quite sober. he had then no money in his possession, and he was not in the public-house at the Bay of Quick on the MOnday night. - Greenock Advertiser.
    OTHER [02]
    POLICE CASES - At the Central Police Court, on Saturday, an individual of the name of Humphrey, was charged before Bailie Mackinlay, with having on Friday last, when in Trongate Street, feloniously attempted to steal from the pocket of Angus Brown, residing in Crown Street, a silver watch, and having been convicted was sentenced to sixty days imprisonment. Mary Lochead was charged with having at different periods within the last six weeks, stolen money to the amount of £2, 15s. from the house of a Mrs O'Donnell, in Princess Street. She was convicted and sentenced to sixty days imprisonment. John Cairns, Thomas McKay and John Taylor, all old offenders, were changed with attempting to pick the pocket of an individual residing in Thistle Street. They were convicted and sentenced each to sixty days imprisonment.
    6th October 1848

    BIRTHS [02]
    At Dalhousie Cottage, Garnet Hill, on the 5th instant, Mrs Alexander Steven, a daughter.

    At 10 Queen's Crescent, on the 2d instant, Mrs Rainey, a son.

    At Old Kilpatrick Manse, on the 2d instant, Mrs Reid, a daughter.

    At 3 Claremont Terrace, on the 2d instant, Mrs William Hamilton, a daughter.

    At 3 Clifton Street, Swansea, on the 2d instant, Mrs James D Thomas, a son.

    At Sydney, NSW, on the 18th May, Mrs R.A.A. Morehead, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Helensburgh, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. John Grant of Roseneath, Mr William Stobo, ironmonger, Glasgow, to Jane, second daughter of David Fraser Esq.

    At 205 Bath Street, on the 3d instant, by the Rev. Dr. Keith of Hamilton, Robert Johnston Esq., of Shieldhall, to Eliza, eldest daughter of the late John Ker Esq., Dalmuir, Glasgow.

    At Leadhall, Kilmarnock, on the 3d instant, by the Rev. James Aitken, James Thomson Esq., brewer, Kilmarnock, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late William Henderson Esq.

    At Kingston, Jamaica, on the 15th July last, James Macfadyen Esq, MD., to Emma, daughter of the late George Tarbott Esq., of Prospect, St. David's, formerly of Millbrook, near Southampton.

    DEATHS [02]
    At 76 Great Hamilton Street, Glasgow, on the 5th instant, Robina Christie, relict of Mr Hugh Aitken, Kilmarnock.

    At 10 Monteith Row, on the 5th instant, Archibald, son of Mr Archibald Templeton, Glasgow.

    At 11 Well Street, Calton, on the 5th instant, Anne, aged eleven months, daughter of Mr Donald Carsewell.

    At Bridge-of-Weir, on the 5th instant, Mr Alexander Barr, wine and spirit merchant.

    At 4 Royal Terrace, on the 4th instant, aged four years and three months, John, only surviving child of Mr Andrew Allan Macfarlan, Rothesay.

    At 70 Great Hamilton Street, on the 3d instant, Mrs Adam.

    At the Temperance Hotel, 7 Queen Street, on the 2d instant, Mrs Helen Batchelor, aged seventy-four years, relict of Mr John Nicol.

    At Helensburgh, on the 4th instant, James Gemmell, son of the late James Scott Esq., Glasgow.

    At 38 Burnside Street, on the 29th ultimo, of scarlet fever, Jane, third daughter of the late Mr Robert Jamieson, miller.

    At Newton Green, Ayr, on the 4th instant, Mr Richard Scott.

    At Rothesay, on the 2d instant, of scarlet fever, William Palmer aged twelve years and three months, eldest son of Mr John Palmer, parish schoolmaster.

    At Halkerstone, on the 2d instant, Mary Johnston, relict of James Currie, Esq. farmer.

    MAN KILLED - A man named Donald Campbell, a sawyer, residing in Home Street, Edinburgh, was killed at Burdie House, parish of Libberton, on Tuesday morning. It appears that while engaged in sawing a log of wood, the beam which supported it gave way, when the log fell upon him and almost instantly deprived him of life. - Scotsman
    OTHER [02]
    SERIOUS ASSAULT - On Saturday morning two sailors named John Narie and Richard Williams, after drinking together in a tavern in Canal Street, quarrelled as to the reckoning, when Williams suddenly stabbed his comrade with a large clasp knife; first under the chin, and then in the abdomen. As the latter wound penetrated about an inch and a half, some apprehension was entertained for the life of the unhappy victim, but he is now slowly recovering. Williams has been remitted for trial. - Scotsman
    9th October 1848

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 30 Monteith Row, on the 7th instant, Mrs Lerwick, a daughter.

    At 79 Eglington Street, on the 7th instant, Mrs John Kelman, a son.

    At 6 Croy Place, on the 7th instant, Mrs John Forsyth, a daughter.

    On the 6th instant, Mrs hife of the Rev. Alexander Thomson, Glasgow, a daughter.

    At 20 Royal Terrace, on the 6th instant, Mrs L Morris, a son.

    At 1 South St. Mungo Street, on the 6th instant, Mrs James McKinlay, a son.

    At 17 Holmhead Street, on the 6th instant, Mrs Andrew Barrie, a son.

    At 7 Church Street, Johnstone, on the 5th instant, Mrs James Malcolm, a daughter.

    At Inverary, on the 7th instant, Mrs McLaurin, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Montreal, on the 8th ultimo, by the Rev. Dr. Mathieson, Andrew Allan Esq., to Isabella Anne, daughter of John Smith, Esq.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Mount Pleasant, Garnend Road, on the 8th instant, Mr John Thom, aged seventy years. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At 11 Queen's Crescent, on the 7th instant, Margaret Murray, wife of Thomas Creil, Esq.

    At 22 Buccleuch Street, on the 7th instant, James, fourth son of Mr Archibald Johnston.

    At 16 Glasford Street, on the 7th instant, Mrs Andrew Barr.

    At 125 Main Street, Gorbals, on the 6th instant, of scarlet fever, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr Alexander Duncan, baker.

    At 76 Great Hamilton Street, on the 5th instant, Jane Porteous.

    At 123 Hill Street, on the 26th ultimo, of scarlet fever, aged eight years and seven months, Mary, on the 1st instant, aged four years and ten months, James, and on the 2d instant, aged six and a half years, Hugh - children of the late Mr Hugh Ferrier.

    At Leamington, Priors, on the 2d instant, Margaret, aged seventy-eight years, relict of the late Major General Wilson.

    DEATH OF CAPTAIN SIMPSON - We to day record the death of Captain George Simpson of Peterhead late of the Traveller of that town. Captain Simpson has been long known in the nautical world, having been a captain in the whale trade for about 30 years, and brought to this country more oil than any other captain in the trade. Mr Simpson died of cholera at Stettin after a few hours' illness, and what renders the case more distressing is the fact, that he had just gone the first voyage with a fine new ship of his own. His death is deeply lamented by all who had the pleasure of his acuaintance. - Aberdeen Journal.

    DEATH OF THE REV. JOHN EDWARDS [ABBREVIATED] - Minister of Marnoch (From the Banfshire Journal of Oct 3.) It is with deep regret that we announce the death of the Rev. John Edwards, minister of Marnock, which took place at the Manse of Marnoch, at two o'clock on the morning of Sabbath last. The Rev. Gentleman was first seized about five weeks ago, with general debility aring from weakness of the lungs... Mr Edwards was a native of the parish of Grange, to which his father was a merchant, and an elder of the Established Church. he was born in 1792 and consequently at his death, was in his 56th year. He has left a widow but no family.
    13th October 1848

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 33 Elmbank Crescent, Glasgow, on the 12th instant, Mrs James McLaren, a daughter.

    At 123 Walmer Place, Hospital Street, on the 11th instant, Mrs John Robertson, a daughter.

    At 1 Paisley Road, Kingston, on the 10th instant, Mrs Macfarlane, a son.

    At 24 Florence Place, on the 10th instant, Mrs Alexander Arthur of Montreal, a daughter.

    At 37 Eglinton Street, on the 10th instant, Mrs D Macnair, a daughter.

    At 36 Sauchiehall Street, on the 7th instant, Mrs Janes Allan, a daughter.

    At Castlemilk Place, on the 7th instant, Mrs Robert Neill, a son.

    At Johnstone, on the 10th instant, Mrs Andrew Black, a son.

    At Rutland Place, Govan Road, on the 5th instant, Mrs Robert Crichton, a daughter.

    At Lanark, on the 7th instant, Mrs WT Cassells, a son.

    At Mobile, US., on the 14th ultimo, the lady of John Gibson Esq., a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Broompark, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. Alexander Duncan, John Dunbar Esq., writer, Glasgow, to Sarah, daughter of the late Rev. Robert Muter, DD., of Broompark.

    At Stonyflatt, KIrkintilloch, on the 11th instant, by the Rev. William Moffat of Cairnie, the Rev. David Cunningham of the Free Church, Kirkintilloch, to Margaret, daughter of the late Mr Thomas Moffat, merchant, Kirkintilloch.

    At 110 Crown Street, Hutchesontown, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. Alexander Duncan, Mr James Muir, upholsterer, to Margaret Brown, second daughter of Mr James Fulton, Glasgow.

    At Bo'ness, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. Kenneth Mackenzie, William Goodwin Esq., merchant, Glasgow, to Marion, daughter of Andrew Vannan Esq.

    At St James's Episcopal Chapel, Edinburgh, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. JW Ferguson, John Hoves Esq., of Liverpool to Julia Caroline Blake, relict of James Blair Esq., Glasgow.

    At the residence of John Campbell Esq., Sydney, NSW on the 11th May last, by special licence, by the Rev. Dr. McGarvie, David Colquhoun Baird esq., of Ingalba, New England, NSW., to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of James Dow Esq., late Collector of Customs, Campbeltown, Argyllshire.

    At the Presbyterian Church, River Terrace, Islington, London, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Carlile of Mary's Abbey, Dublin, Samual Begg Esq., of the Island of Grenada, to Agnes Warrand, only daughter of the late Rev. Jonias Wilson.
    DEATH [02]
    At 19 Main Street, Anderston, on the 9th instant, John, only son of Mr Alexander Lamb, in the nineteenth year of his age. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At Cayuga, Upper Canada, on the 6th ultimo, John Berwick McLaren, late of Glasgow, in the eighteenth year of his age, second son of the late Mr William McLaren, farmer, Perthshire. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At his son-in-law's, 1 West Milton Street, on the 12th instant, Mr John Orr, sen., Port Dundas.

    At 1 West Milton Street, on the 9th instant, George, infant son of Mr George Stirling.

    At 21 Canning Place, on the 11th instant, of scarlet fever, Helen Macnab, aged four years, fourth daughter of Mr Thomas Murray, Glasgow.

    At 3 Carrick Street, on the 9th instant, Margaret Forrester, daughter of Mr Robert McKirdy.

    On the 7th instant, William James, aged sixteen months, only son of Mr John McCarron, surgeon, Abercromby Street.

    At 6 Greenvale Place, on the 7th instant, of scarletina, George aged eight years and five months, eldest son of Mr JB Bishop, Western Bank of Scotland.

    At Largs, on the 8th instant, Robert Henry, third son of James Macnair esq.

    At Ditch Farm, Erskine, on the 6th instant, Mrs janet Yeats, relict of Mr James Lyle.

    At Leamington Priors, on the 2d instant, Margaret Oswald, daughter of the late George Oswald Esq., of Scotstoun, and relict of the late Major General Wilson.

    At Tricote, on the 21st ultimo, Isabella, daughter of John Bryce Esq.

    At New York, on the 15th ultimo, Helen, youngest daughter of William Arthur Esq., engineer, Vulcan Foundry, Brooklyn.

    At Content Estate, St Thomas, on the 8th ultimo, R####n Orr Esq.

    At the city of Arequlpa, South Peru, on the 2d of September, 1844, Dr. George Walker, a native of Glasgow, Surgeon-Major to the Constitutional Army of the Peruvian Republic. His funeral was attended by the President General Castilla(?) and others.

    SERIOUS ACCIDENT NEAR CUMNOCK [ABBREVIATED] - Three men, named Thomas Coggans, John Ferguson and Patrick Conline, were last week very seriously injured (one of them, it is feared, mortally, and another likely to be blind for life) at a cutting on the railway about two miles east of Cumnock... blasting a large dyke of whinstone that crosses the line at this place... a drill can into contact with the powder and this caused an explosion. Mr Duncan McKinnon, surgeon (who is now come to reside in Cumnock since the death of the late Dr. Wills) was on the spot immediately after the accident, and rendered every assistance to the sufferers.... - Ayr Observer.

    SUICIDE - On Sunday evening last a man named James Sturrock, from fifty to sixty years of age, committed suicide by suspending himself to a tree on the farm of Cleppington. So determined had he been in his purpose that the rope by which he was suspended enabled him to rest his feet on the ground. The act had not been long accomplished when he was observed, for the body was then warm. - Dundee Advertiser.

    DROWNING [ABBREVIATED] - On Saturday night last, a woman named Mary Sullivan or Hoy, wife of John Hoy, labourer at calder, was found drowned in the Monkland Canal near Whiflat. It appears that Hoy and his wife had been in Airdrie earlier in the night, and on their way home they went into a public house at Coatdyke... both observed to be worse of drink... Hoy has a child on his back... walked on before her in the direction of their house... she didn't arrive later and was found floating in the canal...
    16th October 1848

    BIRTHS [02]
    At East Park, Garscube Road, on the 15th instant, Mrs James Crum, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Monteith Row, on the 13th instant, by the Rev. John Edwards, Mr Peter Jack, glazier, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Ralph Hall Esq., Dalmarnock Road.

    At 6 St Vincent Street, Edinburgh, on the 11th instant, By the Rev. Dr. Clarl, Alexander Bennett McGrigor Esq., younges of Kernock, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of JohnRobertson Esq., merchant, Hamburgh.

    At St Anne's Limehouse, London, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. R Rawlins, Benjamin William Dixon, son of BW Dixon Esq., Limehouse, to Mary, daughter of David Napier Esq., Millwall, London.

    At Rockvale, Saltcoats, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Paterson, of Glasgow, Mr Robert Stark, seedsman, Edinburgh, to Margaret Kerr, eldest daughter of the Rev. David Landesborough.

    At Craigs, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. David Horse of Corstorphine, Frederick Godby Esq., of the General Post office, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Binnie Esq.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 121 Montrose Street, of scarlet fever, Catherine, aged eleven years, eldest daughter of Mr David Ritchie, ironmonger. Friends will please accept this intimation.

    At 32 West College Street, on the 14th instant, of scarlet fever, Janet, second daughter, aged nine years, same day John, eldest son, aged seven years, also on the 10th instant, Alexander, youngest son, aged six months - children of Mr David Dunn.

    At 1 Govan Haugh, on the 14th instant, William, youngest son of Mr Robert Stewart.

    At 20 Buccleuch Street, Glasgow, on the 8th instant, James Coran Esq., civil engineer.

    At 16 Causeyside, Paisley, on the 9th instant, Giles Campbell, wife of Mr James Taylor.

    At 25 Broomlands, Paisley, on the 9th instant, Mr William Young, sen.

    At Cormiston, on the 6th instant, Christina Gladstone, relict of William Sommerville Esq.

    THE LATE DREADFUL ACCIDENT NEAR BANFF - We deeply regret to announce the death of Francis Garden Campbell Esq., of Troup and Glenlyon, brother-in-law to Colonel Kinloch, in Dundee, from the effects of the severe injuries which he sustained by being thrown from his vehicle. His servent was killed on the spot. We learn that his lady and others, who were in the carriage at the time, are still in a precarious state. The carriage is said to have tumbled right over a high embankment at a bridge. The deceased gentleman who died on the afternoon of Tuesday, was well known and much esteemed. - Vourant

    A MAN FOUND DROWNED - On MOnday morning, a labourer, named John Loudoun, residing in Penicuik, was found drowned in the Esk River, near the Esk Mills. The deceased was last seen about twelve o'clock on Saturday night, when he was observed to be very much the worse of liquor. As he had three cuts on his head, it is supposed that he had fallen over a precipice near to the spot where his body was discovered, and being stunned and injured by the fall, as well as stupified with the drink, he was drowned in a place where the water was not much more than six or seven inches deep. - Courant.

    FATAL ACCIDENT [ABBREVIATED] - On Monday morning, about 7 o'clock, an accident occurred on the Glasgow and Ayr Railway near Fullarton. John Guthrie, an early man, and sevant with Mr Tillery, Lochgreen, was crossing the line leading a horse and cart... a train approached... alarmed and stupified by a sense of danger, he stood still holding by the horse's head... The Marquis of Titchfield, on hearing of the accident, immediately sent him £5; but all human aid was unavailaing, the poor sufferer having died on Tuesday night - KIlmarnock Journal.
    20th October 1848

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 77 Hope Street, on the 18th instant, Mrs William Lindsay jun., a son.

    At 331 ##ohn Street, Bridgeton, on the 19th instant, Mrs David McFarlane, a son and daughter.

    At 198 St Vincent Street, on the 18th instant, Mrs James Galloway, a son.

    At 6 Warwick Street, on the 16th instant, Mrs William Anderson, a son.

    At 40 Cook Street, on the 16th instant, Mrs Captain Crow, a daughter.

    At Carruth House, on the 14th instant, the lady of Henry Meadowwall Esq., a daughter.

    At ARdrossan, on the 18th instant, Mrs WW Leyeaster(?), a daughter.

    At London, on the 13th instant, the Countess of Arran, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 173 St Vincent Street, Major Giffard, second son of Admiral Giffard, to Lilly Gillies, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Lowndes Esq.

    At 206 Gallowgate, by the Rev. Mr Roxburgh of Free St John's, mr Alexander G Baxter, to Jane, daughter of the late Mr Walter Mackair, College, Glasgow.

    At Cessnock Road, on the 18th instant, by the Rev. William Walker of Mid-Calder, Mr George King of Glasgow, to Mary Jasmet(?) daughter of Jacob Yeats Esq., London.

    At Whytbank, Sandyford, on the 17th instant, by the Rev. John Thomson of Free St George's, Paisley, Mr Alexander Pollock jun., to Ursilla, second daughter of the late Mr John Macalister, Paisley.

    At 1 London Street, Edinburgh, on the 17th instant, by the Rev John Vlark, the Rev. William Murray, minister of Melrose, to Jessie Russell, second daughter of the late John Easton Esq., merchant, Edinburgh.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 297 Aryll Street, on the 19th ninstant, Jeannie, in the sixth year of her age, only daughter of the late Mr William Morrison, tin-plate worker.

    At 10 Carlton Place, Glasgow, on the 18th instant, Elizabeth White, aged sixty-four years, spouse of the late Mr John Kirkwood, farmer, Netherfield, Houston.

    At Bath Street, Glasgow, on the 18th instant, Peter O'Flanagan Esq., late of Demerary.

    At 121 Montrose Street, of scarlet fever, on the 13th instant, Catherine, aged eleven years, and on the 18th instant, Adelaide, aged seven and a half years, eldest surviving children of Mr David Ritchie, ironmonger.

    At 102 Castlemilk Place, on the 16th instant, Margaret Miller, aged six years, second daughter of Mr James Dick.

    At 41 Charlotte Street, on the 15th instant, Margaret Abderson, in her forty-second year, spouse of Mr John Thomson.

    At Blairsichter, Loch Long, on the 15th instant, Mary, aged six years, daughter of Mr Joseph Swan, engraver, 114 Hill Street, Garnet Hill.

    At Meadowbank Place, Partick, on the 15th instant, of scarlet fever, William, aged four years and five months, only son of Mr D Ralston.

    At her mother's house, 2 Claremont Street, on the 15th instsnt, Mrs Anthony Inglis.

    At his house, No. 20 Buccleuch Street, Glasgow, James Corner(?) Esq., civil engineer and surveyor.

    At Hall Hill, Glassford, on the 18th instant, John Jackson Esq., of Hall Hill.

    At Paisley, on the 18th instant, Mary Crawford, in her eightieth year, relict of Mr Thomas Crichton.

    At Sandhill, parish of Covlton, on the 16th instant, William Ewart Esq., late surveyor of Taxes for the county of Ayr.

    At New Scone, on the 14th instant, Patterson Lillie, relict of Mr William Craik.

    At Shellfield, Glendarnel, on the 14th instant, Mrs Nicol McNicol, aged eighty one years.

    At 16 Cathcart Street, Greenock, on the 14th instant, James Blair Esq., wine and spirit merchant.

    At the residence of his son, in Augusta, on the 14th instant, Ebenezer Wilson Esq., in his seventieth year, late of North Sherbrooke, Bathurst District.

    At Northfield, Largs, on the 13th instant, Miss Janet Robertson.

    At Mauchline, on the 10th instant, Mr James Campbell, aged ninety-three years, one of the last of the early associates and acquaintances of the far-famed poet Burns.

    At Inchinnan, on the 8th instant, Mr William Bresbane, for about half a century he held the situation of parish beadle.

    At Madrid, on the 18th ultimo, James Henderson Esq., aged sixty-five years, formerly her Britannic Majesty's Consul-General for the Replublic of Colombia.

    FATAL ACCIDENT AT MONKWOOD GARDENS - An accident, attended with fatal results, occurred on Saturday at Monkwood Gardens, a few miles on the Carrick side of the Doon. The victim was Henry Gilchrist, aged about 60 years. It appears that while he was mounted on a ladder, pulling fruit from a plum tree, the ladder yielded to one side and cast him off his level, when he was thrown very heavily to the ground. His neighbour, another man who was similarily employed, hastened to his assistance, but he was found insensible - having sustained some severe internal injury, and though every means were exerted to restore animation, he expired in a few minutes. The old man was in the employment of Mr Andrew Cunningham, tacksman of the gardens at Monkwood, and was esteemed as an inoffensive individual. His death has caused much regret in the district of Alloway. - Ayr Observer.

    MELANCHOLY AND FATAL ACCIDENT - On Wednesday last, William Richmond, eldest son of Mr Thomas Richmond, miller at Sea Mill, West Kilbride, who was a miller at Bonny Bridge grain mills, near Falkirk, whike adjusting some part of the machinery, there, his shirt or vest came into contact with a horizontal wheel and pinion. He was crushed between these, and instantly deprived of life. The machinery being in motion had such a firm hold of his shoulder that, although going at full speed at the time it was immediately stopped, and some minutes elapsed before his body could be extricated. He was 24 years of age, bore an excellent character, was only lately married and has left a young widow to deplore his untimely death. - Ayr Observer.

    DEATH OF A PROFESSOR TENNANT - It is with extreme regret that we have to announce the death of Mr William Tennant, Professor of Oriental Languages in the College of St Mary, St Andrews, but more extensively and enduringly known as the author of "Anster Fair" and various other works in general literature, which took place at his house, Devon Grove, Dollar, on Sunday last.
    27th October 1848

    BIRTHS [02]
    At Easterhouse, on the 25th instant, Mrs NacLurkin, a daughter.

    At 4 Apsley Place, on the 24th instant, Mrs John Hetherington, a daughter.

    At 59 Renfield Street, on the 24th instant, Mrs JR Ronnerds(?), a son, still-born.

    At 11 Tarbet Street, Glasgow, on the 24th instant, Mrs John Brownlie, a daughter.

    At New Cathcart, on the 23d instant, Mrs Twaddell, a daughter.

    At 9 Shaw Place, Greenock, on the 24th instant, Mrs William Crawford, a daughter.

    At Cartside House, Johnstone, on the 25th instant, the lady of William Houston Esq, a son.

    At 7 Queen's Crescent, on the 22d instant, Mrs Thomas Donalston, a daughter.

    At Bellsfield House, Dumbarton, on the 23d instant, Mrs J Shaw, a daughter.

    At Rock Bank, Greenock, on the 22d instant, Mrs William Orr, a son.

    At Deanbank, Kilmarnock, on the 21st instant, Mrs Quintia McMurray, a son.

    At 36 Cavendish Street, on the 11th instant, Mrs RW Hetherington, a daughter.

    At Hall, near Strathven, on the 10th instant, Mrs Robert Jack, a daughter.

    At 25 Sandon Street, Liverpool, on the 23d instant, Mrs DL Murdoch, a daughter.

    At 32 Gordon Square, London, on the 21st instant, Lady Romilly, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Grahamston, Falkirk, on the 24th instant, by the Rev. Mr Begg, Andrew Lusk Esq., Loudon, to Eliza, youngest daughter of the late James Potter Esq.

    On the 23d instant, by the Rev. Robert Pollock, Andrew Yuill Esq., merchant, Eaglesham, to Annie, daughter of John McCasland Esq., Bloomvale, Glasgow.

    At New York, on the 6th instant, by the Rev. Dr. McElroy, Mr John CB Yuille, late of Glasgow, to Marianne Jane, youngest daughter of Alexander Watson Esq., of New York.
    DEATHS [02]
    FATAL ACCIDENT ON THE EDINBURGH AND GRANTON RAILWAY [ABBREVIATED] - ...an accident occurred about seven o'clock on Wednesday night on the Edinburgh and Granton Railway, by which a guard, of the name of Robert Kerr, was killed... he was knocked off the train upon the line, when several of the trucks went over his body... - Courant

    At 15 Brown Street, on the 24th instant, Elizabeth Harriet, eldest daughter of Mr R Macnair. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At 246 Argyll Street, on the 25th instant, Helen Bulloch, youngest daughter of Mr James Bulloch. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    Suddenly, on the 22d instant, at 39 South Coburg Street, after a short illness, in the forty-ninth year of his age, Mr William Scott, late tavern-keeper, Glasgow. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At 39 South Coburg Street, on the 26th instant, after a lingering illness, Mr Donald McDonald, in the thirty-first year of his life.

    At 6 Moore Street, on the 26th instant, David Inglis jun., Esq.

    At 18 Clyde Street, Calton, on the 26th instant, Jean Scott, aged sixty-four years, relict of Mr John Parker, Bridgeton.

    At 59 King Street, on the 25th instant, Mrs D Henderson, in her sixty-seventh year.

    At 194 Gallowgate on the 23d instant, Janet Young, youngest daughter of Mr James Finnie.

    At Castlemilk, on the 23d instant, Catherine, daughter of William Graham, jun, Esq.

    At 15 Royal Terrace, on the 22d instant, Jane Oliphant, aged fourteen months, younger daughter of Mr James Ritchie, writer.

    At 47 Renfield Street, on the 23d instant, Janet Ewing, daughter of the lateMr Archibald Malcolm, manufacturer.

    At 110 Hill Street, Garnet Hill, on the 23d instant, aged six years and ten months, George, eldest son of Mr Thomas Clapperton.

    At 66 Buccleuch Street, on the 23d instant, of scarletina, Margaret Anne, daughter of Mr David Law.

    On the 22d instant, Mary Herberton, only daughter of Mr David Bell, surgeon, Abercromby Street.

    At 5 Teviot Row, Edinburgh, on the 25th instant, Mary, aged nine and a half years, eldest daughter of Mr John Crease, merchant.

    At 51 South Albion Street, on the 21st instant, William, infant son of Mr James Miller, writer.

    At the house of her son, Mr Robert Hetherington, gateshead Fell, Newcastle, on the 29th September, in the one hundred and first year of her age, Jane Wallace, widow of Mr Robert Hetherington, formerly of Urpeth, OIl Hill.

    TWO MEN KILLED ON THE NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY - On Tuesday forenoon, a melancholy accident occurred at the station of the North British Railway Company here. It appears that two men, named David Graham and Hohn Brown, were in the act of crossing the line from the coal depot near the site of the old Trinity College Church, when an engine with some trucks were in course of being removed from a siding near that spot, and the engine not being perceived by them, came down upon them so suddenly that they were both overtaken by it, and crushed mangled that he survived the accident only a few minutes. One of Brown's legs was completely dissevered from his body, and he was othersie so much injured that he died the same night in the infirmary, to which he had been carried. The deceased individuals were employed to look after and to repair the trucks about the station, and they were conversing with their tools in their hands, in crossing from the north to the south side of the line, when the accident happened. - Scotsman.
    30th October 1848

    BIRTHS [02]
    At 225 St Vincent Street, on the 28th instant, Mrs Wright, a daughter.

    At 320 Renfrew Street, on the 28th instant, Mrs John Hill, a daughter.

    At 1 Abbotsford Place, on the 27th instant, Mrs RT Corbett, a daughter.

    At Bee-Hive Tavern, Cranstonhill, on the 26th instant, Mrs Robert Watson, a son.

    At Carnbooth, Carmunnoch, on the 25th instant, Mrs George Park, a son.

    At Dundalk, on the 25th instant, Mrs Dr. Browne, a son
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Strontian, Argyllshire, on the 26th instant, by the Rev. M McVean, Lachlan Cameron Esq., Procurator-Fiscal, Fort William, to Ann, daughter of Mr Allan Cameron, Strontian.

    At Montreal, Canada, on the 20th September, the Right Hon. the earl of Erroll, to Elisa Emelia, eldest daughter of Major-General the Hon. Charles Gore, and nice of the Duchess of Inverness, and of the late Marchioness of Abercorn.
    DEATHS [02]
    SUDDEN DEATH - Another instance of the extreme uncertanty of life occurred here on Saturday last. About eight o'clock in the morning, an individual of the name of William Houston, one of the hands emploted in the river at the dredging machine, complained to his fellow labourers of having been attacked with a severe headache, and retired to his sleeping apartment on board the machine. Shortly afterwards the apartment was visited by one of the labourers, and Houston was discovered stretched on the floor quite dead. Deceased had been upwards of 16 years in the employment of the Clyde Trustees, during which period he conducted himself with the utmost propriety. he has left a widow and six children unprovided for.

    At Duiletter, Glenorchy, on the 22d instant, Helen Turner, wife of Captain Alexander Campbell, RM. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    Drowned, at Trinidad, on the 10th September, William, youngest son of Mr James Stewart, Lewrick, Perthshire. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

    At 369 Gallowgate Street, on the 29th instant, Lillias, youngest daughter of Mr John Gibb, baker.

    At 32 Cornwall Place, on the 28th instant, Jane, infant daughter of Mr David Dunlop, merchant.

    At Breadalbane Terrace, 99 Hill Street, on the 27th instant, Isabella Watson, relict of Mr Cornelius Brown sen.

    At 37 Monteith Row, on the 27th instant, Selby, youngest daughter of the late William Clark Esq., cotton-spinner, Mile-End, Glasgow.

    At Holmes Farm, near Moodies-Burn, on the 27th instant, Janet, youngest daughter of Mr James Brown.

    At Newfield, Rutherglen, on the 26th instant, Jane Taylor, infant daughter of Mr Joseph McNaughton.

    At 4 Thistle Street, Hutchesontown, on the 26th instant, Amelia Helen, youngest daughter of Mr William Baird, compositor.

    At the Relief Manse, Blairlogie, on the 27th instant, Mr James Tran, aged twenty-four years, son of the late Mr Thomas Tran, merchant, Auchterarder.

    At Inverary, on the 27th instant,Duncan, infant son of John McLaurin Esq., WS., Sheriff-Substitute of Argyllshire.

    At Duncrievie, on the 25th instant, William Murray Esq., of Conland.

    At Priory House, Dunfermline, on the 25th instant, Mrs Erskine, Beveridge.

    At Norley Hall, Cheshire, on the 22d instant, Dr. HT Mostyn, late surgeon of H.M. 47th Regiment.

    On the 17th August last, on board the ship Ellen, approaching the Straits of Sunda, Mary Hannah Lorrain, wife of George M Sandilands Esq.

    At the Longstone Lighthouse, Fern Islands, on the 16th instant, aged seventy-five, Thomason, wife of Mr William Darling, lighthouse keeper, and mother of the celebrated heroine Grace Horsley Darling. The deceased will long be remembered for the kindness she bestowed on the eighteen individuals saved from the wreck of the Forfarshire steamer, by her husband and daughter, in September 1838.

    FATAL ACCIDENT - On Friday a woman named Marion Gray, while hanging clothes out to dry from a window in Bailie's Court, Cowgate, accidentally overbalanced herself and fell to the ground. The height from which she fell was five stories; and she only survived the accident a few minutes. - Scotsman.

    DEATH OF A GENUINE CELT - Died, on the 12th of August, at Seymour, Newcastle District, Upper Canada, at the advanced age of 75, Mr Dugald Maccoll, formerly of Kenmore, Lochfyneside, Argyllshire. In addition to nobler and better qualities, Mr Maccoll was prossessor of great strength and courage, and he possessed a richer store of Highland song and tradition than perhaps any man of his day. He was one of the last in Argyllshire, of his condition in life, to give up the habitual wearing of the Highland garb. As a holiday dress he stuck to it long after it had ceased to be worn by all others on Lochfyneside. His strength of arm was remarkable. On one occasion he engaged a few men to load a cart with some half-dozen barrels of cured herring. Although using a plank, it seemed as if their efforts would never succeed in getting the first barrel in its place, and indignant at their puny efforts, Maccoll dashed aside their plank, and with stentorian voice ordered these awkward sons of Sisyphus, to give way. Without hesitation he lifted barrel after barrel breast-high and flung them into the cart with as much ease as others might so many kegs of butter. One of the sons of the deceased is Evan Maccoll, the accomplished author of the "Mountain Ministrel" and also of "Clarsach nam Beann" which last places him at the head of our livinf Celtic bards. The poet has written some elegant and much-quoted verses on his father's emigration to America. - Inverness Courier



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