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May 1848


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Paragraph headings are listed with codes, which represent the newspaper source:
[01] The Scotsman
[02] Glasgow Herald
[03] The New York Times
[04] The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Advertiser ( The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Gazette for listings from 20th May 1854)
[05] Glasgow Saturday Post &Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer
Other publications are listed individually.


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    1st May 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 17 Buccleuch Street, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs Bernard Russell, a daughter.

    At 1 Columbia Place, New City Road, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs Alexander Strachan, a daughter.

    At 16 Salisbury Street, on the 29th ultimo, Mrs HM McWilliam, a son.

    At 16 Randon Place, on the 29th ultimo, Mrs Robert Bartholomew, a daughter.

    At 2 Wellcroft Place, Laurieton, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs James Crockatt, a daughter.

    At 3 St. Andrew's Lane, on the 24th ultimo, Mrs Joseph Campbell, a daughter.

    At East Longhaugh, Erskine, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs Alexander McLauchlan, a son.

    At 101 Renfrew Street, on the 28th ultimo, Mrs William Warrington, a daughter.

    At 34 Cumberland Street, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs Duncan Wright, a son.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Collendie(?) House, Paisley. on the 30th ultimo, by the Rev. William Nisbet, Mr John Smith Jun., shawl merchant, to Isabella Craig, second daughter of William McIntyre Esq., Collendie(?)
    DEATHS [02]
    At 10 India Street, on the 27th ultimo, Andrew Dow Esq., writer, Glasgow, in the sixty-sixth year of his age.

    At Viewfield Place, Stirling, on the 26th ultimo, Miss Margaret Muir Horn.

    At 130 Bath Street, on the 27th ultimo, Elisa Stewart, youngest daughter of the late William Furling Esq.

    At 36 Market Street, of Gallowgate, Mrs James Robertson, rope manufacturer, aged sixty-three.

    At Claremont Park, Leith, on the 28th ultimo, Isabella Johnston, eldest daughter of Archibald Geddes Esq.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: On Saturday afternoon last, a boy, about ten years of age, the son of Robert Moor, fish dealer, residing in Shuttle Street, was run over by a noddy in Dobbie's Loan, near the crossing of Stirling's Road, and was so injured that he died while being conveyed to the Infirmary. The unfortunate boy, it appears, had been clinging to the back of a minibus, for a ride while another vehicle was closely following it, and as he loosened his hold and fell, the latter came upon him before he could get out of the way, or the driver had time to pull up. A case of this kind shows the danger attending the custom, pretty frequently followed by boys, of clinging for amusement behind carriages or cabs when in motion.

    THE LATE GEORGE McCAUL ESQ.: Died, at his father's house, on the 21st ultimo, George McCaul Esq., aged 45 years, eldest son of Mr Adam McCaul, Postmaster, Muirkirk. Mr McCaul was author of "Glenullin", and several literary works, and for many years one of the masters in Kensington Proprietary Grammar School, London. To his erudition was added manners the most kind and unassuming, which endeared him much to his relations and a wide circle of friends, by whom his death is sincerely and deeply regretted. - Communicated.

    STRATHSPEY - DEATH OF AN OLD INHABITANT: Died, last week, in the village of Grantown, an eccentric old man, upwards of eighty years of age, of the name of John Shaw, well-known in Strathspey, and always welcomed by a wide circle of friends and aquaintances on account of his laconic answers, and his inexhaustible fund of pleasantry and dry humour. In his youth Shaw was a soldier, and served in the 42d Royal Highlanders, of Black-Watch in which by the influence of his superiors, he rose to the rank of sergeant. Having learned, on his death-bed, that his friends intended to inter his remains in the churchyard of Inverallan, an adjoining parish, where all his ancesters had been buried, he exclaimed with vehemence that, should they do so, he would positively return home before his conductors to the narrow house. In obedience to his dying injunctions, he was carried to the churchyard of Rothiemurchus - twenty miles distant, where he now rests. - Aberdeen Journal.

    5th May 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 193 Argyll Street, on the 4th instant, Mrs J Buckie, a daughter.

    At 31 Duke Street, on the 3d instant, Mrs John Scott jun., a daughter.

    At 5 Kelvin Terrace, Great Western Road, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs Alexander Buchanan, a son.

    At 257 Brandon Place, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs George Green, a son.

    At Lily Bank, Hillhead, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs George Green, a son.

    At 14 Union Street, Hamilton, on the 2d instant, Mrs William Robb, a daughter.

    At Dumbarton, on the 2d instant, Mrs William Whyte, ason.

    At Ladyland House, Ayrshire, on the 1st instant, Mrs Cochran Patrick, a son, who only survived a few hours.
    MARRIAGE [02]
    At Mill Square, Catrine, Ayrshire, on the 1st instant, by the Rev. John McGowan of the Free Church, Mr Thomas C Fleming, to Jane Logan, youngest daughter of Mr James Young.

    At St. Bride's Church, Liverpool, on the 2d instant, by the Rev. GW Warre(?), Mr Joseph Wilson of Newcastle-on-Tyne, to Melita Josephine, youngest daughter of Mr Thomas Binks, tea merchant, Liverpool.

    At Town Park, Avondale, on the 25th ultimo, by the Rev. Walter McLay, M.A., Dr. Thomson, to Margaret, daughter of the late James Steel Esq., merchant, Glasgow.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 14 Falkland Place, St. George's Road, on the 4th instant, Miss Ann Macome, daughter of the late Mr Robert Macome, teacher, Paisley.

    At 180 Hope Street, on the 4th instant, Agnes Dunlop, only daughter of Mr James Minto, Painter.

    At 3 Main Street, Gorbals, on the 3d instant, to typhus fever, Mr John Galbraith, gun-maker.

    At 96 South Portland Street, on the 3d instant, Margaret, wife of the Rev. John Reid, chaplain of the prisons in Glasgow.

    At Mugfield, Bothwell, on the 4th instant, Miss Murdoch, aged eighty-four years.

    At 59 Love Street, Paisley, on the 3d instant, Miss Flora Munro.

    At Johnstone, on the 2d instant, Jane Calderwodd, second daughter of Mr Alexander More, cloth merchant.

    At Helensburgh, on the 4th instant, Mrs Jane Carmault(?), relict of James Kerr Esq., accountant, Glasgow.

    At Hamilton Square, Liverpool, on the 1st instant, Sarah How, wife of John Barbour Esq.

    AWFULLY SUDDEN DEATH: Those of our readers who knew Mr. Robert Mercer of Annfield Pottery, will learn with regret that he died suddenly on Saturday last. In the course of the afternoon he had been conversing with a gentleman, and appeared in excellent health and spirits. A few minutes afterwards Mr Mercer remarked to a person connected with the works there, he felt sick, and on the instant, he fell down dead. Mr. Mercer, who has left a widow and three young children, had, by the kindness and affability of his manner, gained the good opinion of all about Annfield.

    ACCIDENT - THREE MEN DROWNED: On Wednesday, last week, while the fishermen at St. Monance were returniong, one of the tawls was upset by a sudden squall, and went to the bottom. Two of the crew had the good fortune to catch hold of some floating articles pertaining to the tawl, and thereby managed to support themselves in the water till a boat's crew of their companions, who witnessed the occurrence, advanced to their relief, and resued them; but the other three had disappeared before any assistance could possibly by rendered. Their names are Alexander Fyall, and William Reekie, both unmarried, and John Davidson, who has left a widow and three helpless children. All the fishermen belonging to the town abandoned their ordinary pursuit and devoted the following day to a dredging research, in the hope of finding the corpses and the ill-fated yawl, but all their exertions proved ineffectual. [01]

    8th May 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 12 Commerce Street, on the 7th instant, Mrs Daniel McCorkie, a son, still-born.

    At 123 John Street, on the 6th instant, Mrs William Anderson, a son.

    At 5 Royal Crescent, on the 5th instant, Mrs Charles Baird, a daughter.

    At 16 Blythswood Square, on the 5th instant, Mrs Graham Hutchison, a son.

    At Hillhead, Pollockshaws, on the 4th instant, Mrs Broadfoot, a daughter.

    At 51 Torrington Square, London, on the 4th instant, the lady of the Rev. Robert Montgomery, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At the Scotch Kirk, Oldham Street, Liverpool, on the 29th ultimo, by the Rev. John Reid, Patrick Deuchar Esq., to Janet, third daughter of the late Mr Brown, merchant, Edinburgh.

    At the British Embassy, Paris, on the 27th ultimo, Jean Victor Leopard Isoard, son of Edmond Isoard, ex-Secretaire-General of the Minister du Commerce, to Sophia Caroline, sixth daughter of the late Lord Cringletie.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Haughhead, Campsie, on the 25th ultimo, Margaret, daughter of the late Lieutenant Andrew Lapelie(?), R.N.

    At Madeira, on the 17th ultimo, Henry Graham Esq.

    At Glebe Street, on the 7th instant, Jane Aitken, infant daughter of Mr Robert Davidson.

    At 70 Great Hamilton Street, suddenly, on the 6th instant, Frances Mitchell, wife of Mr. William Houston, sen.

    At 9 Royal Crescent, on the 6th instant, Charles Whyte, aged one and a half years.

    At 78 Main Street, Bridgeton, on the 6th instant, of typhus fever, Mr William Martin, wine and spirit merchant.

    At 210 Stirling's Road, on the 5th instant, of measles, Jane Peden, youngest daughter of Mr Francis B Nicol.

    At 34 Hill Street, Garnethill, on the 5th instant, Thomas, aged ten years son of Mr John Young, jeweller.

    At 30 Monteith Row, on the 4th instant, Martha Farie, infant daughter of Mr John Auchinvole.

    At 4 North Albion Street, on the 3d instant, Isabella Black, aged seventy-one, relict of Mr. Alexander Thomson, late merchant in Glasgow.

    At Main Street, Gorbals, on the 3d instant, Mr James Wilson, for about forty-five years a foreman with Messrs. Gilbert McCaul & Sons, Glasgow.

    At Wingfield, Bothwell, on the 4th instant, Miss Murdoch, aged eighty-four years.

    At Maxwell Place, Stirling, on the 5th instant, Mr Samuel Halford of Little Ealing, Middlesex.

    At Crofthead, Kilmaurs, on the 1st instant, Margaret Methven, eldest daughter of Mr Andrew Dougall.

    At Catrine, on the 28th ultimo, Mrs Young, aged sixty-one years, relict of Mr John Young, Catrine.

    FATAL ACCIDENT AT DUNDEE: Between five and six o'clock on the afternoon of Sunday last, while three boys - vis. Andrew Rodger, son of William Rodger, blacksmith, and Thomas and Alexander Shearer, sons of George Shearer, shipmaster - all residing in Gellatly Street, were passing along the quay at the east side of King William's Dock, near where a quantity of foreign timber was piled up, they incautiously went to the side of the pile, and were attempting to climb up upon it, when about a dozen of the deals gave way, and knocking the boys over, fell upon the top of them, the boy Rodger, about nine years of age, at same time having received a blow about the back of the head from coming in contact with one of the mooring rings upon the quay at the place, gave a shriek, and in a few minutes expired, a great quantity of blood flowing from the nose and mouth - the other two boys were injured about the legs, but not any serious extent, as they were able to be out on the following day. - Perth Courier.

    BOAT LOST, AND LOSS OF FIVE LIVES: The John O'Groat Journal narrates the sad story of a boat wreck and the loss of five lives. The particulars are as follows:- On Friday last, one of the Duncansbay pilot boats left the shore, in order to pilot through the Pentland Firth, a northward-bound vessel that had hoisted colours for a pilot. The crew were six in number - George Green, his oldest son, Andrew Green, Hugh Manson and William Manson, brothers, James Simpson and Malcolm Dunnet, the last is the only survivor of the whole. They had reached the ship in safety, and Malcolm Dunnet had gone on board to act as pilot, when a heavy sea struck the boat and overwhelmed her. The scene that followed was fearful. Three of the men got upon the bottom of the boat - one sunk immediately - the fifth, Andrew Green, got hold of a rope thrown from the ship, twisted it about his head, and struggled long to get to the ship. The mate was let down to assist him, and had almost a hold of his hand, when he was obliged to save himself, to let go the rope, and the poor lad, apparently within a few inches of safety, sank to rise no more. The ship, in spite of the utmost exertions of all on board, made away from the boat, and the deeply affected crew saw the men washed off one after another. George Green has keft a widow, two sons, and three daughters, in destitute circumstances and in delicate health. The father and eldest brother were the props on which they leaned for support. The two Mansons have left a widowed mother, infirm, aged, and in poverty, while the elder brother, Hugh, has left, in addition, a young widow, as has James Simpson, the former with one child, and the latter with two.

    12th May 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 71 South Portland Street, on the 11th instant, Mrs James Gemmell, a daughter.

    At 39 Abbotsford Place, on the 10th instant, Mrs Archibald C. Wood, a son.

    At Provan side, on the 11th instant, Mrs James Alexander, a son.

    At 22 Shuttle Street, on the 11th instant, Mrs John Horn, a son.

    At 18 Oswald Street, Bridgeton, on the 9th instant, the wife of Mr Robert Mackie, teacher, a son.

    At the Manse of Kincardine, on the 6th instant, Mrs McIntyre, a son.

    At Cawnpore, on the 16th March, the lady of Captain Gilbert Hamilton, 53d Regiment, Royal Bengal Native Infantry, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At the house of Francis Russel Esq., Ardrossan, on the 8th instant, Mr George Main, Inverkip, to Mary, daughter of the late Francis Russel Esq., of Newton.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 90 Buccleugh Street, on the 11th instant, Mr Robert Sanderson.

    At 23 Lynedoch Street, on the 10th instant, Janet Porter, aged twenty-six years.

    At 93 Douglas Street, on the 10th instant, Thomas Gemmell Esq., Kilmun, aged seventy-five years.

    At 18 Oswald Street, Bridgeton, on the 19th instant, John Hannagan, only son of Mr Robert Mackie, teacher.

    At 278 Parliamentary Road, on the 9th instant, Miss M Campbell, youngest daughter of the late Captain McEachran of Greenock.

    At 14 Royal Crescent, on the 8th instant, Fanny Murray, wife of Peter Smith Esq.

    At 292 Argyll Street, on the 7th instant, Janet Storie, aged seventy-six years, relict of Robert Pinkerton Esq., machine-maker, Hutchesontown.

    At Drummoyne, Govan, on the 10th instant, Charles Foster Esq., of Drummoyne.

    At Rothesay, on the 10th instant, Mary Ure, wife of Mr John How, Australia, and daughter of the late Mr Walter Ure, St. Andrew's Square, Glasgow.

    At Eaglesham, on the 8th instant, Mary Cuthbertson, wife of the Rev. William Carswell.

    At Seven Oaks, on the 5th instant, Christina, wife of the Rev. T.H. White, and daughter of the late Robert Thomson Esq., of Camphill.

    At Strathleven Place, Dumbarton, on the 10th instant, Mr John Lambie, builder, aged forty-eight.

    At Thornliebank, on the 8th instant, after a long illness, Elizabeth White, wife of Mr Erskine Gilchrist, shoemaker.

    At Hamilton, on the 7th instant, Miss Marion Russell.

    At Beith, on the 10th instant, Helen Ramsay, daughter of William King Esq., banker.

    At Palermo, on the 19th ultimo, where he had gone for the recovery of his health, James Allan Esq., merchant, Liverpool.

    SUICIDE: On the forenoon of the 10th instant, the body of Archibald Dow, engineman at Newlandsfied Bleachfield, was found in one of the filters in the work. Dow had gone to breakfast at nine, but not returning to set on the engine at ten, a search was made for him, and his body was almost immediately discovered in the filter - his hat and some of his tools being found near to it. The filter being only four feet deep, and there being cross spars over it which would have enabled him to get out, and it appearing that Dow had no business there, there is too much reason to fear that he commited suicide. The case, however, has been reported by the authorities at Pollockshaws, and a report made to the Sheriff.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: On Saturday about two o'clock, as the Kelso and Galashiels coaches had just started, an unseemly spirit of rivalry seemed to stimulate the drivers, so that they ran their coaches side by side at a furious pace. On passing along the South Bridge the former vehicle knocked down and old and respected man, named George Elder, broke both his legs, and severly bruised his head, the consequence of which was, that he died two hours afterwards in the Royal Infirmary. The deceased was formerly a wright, but lived latterly on the benevolence of some of his employers, by whom he was regarded as a decent honest man, he was in his 79th years, and very deaf, so that he did not hear the rattling of the coaches along the streets. Notwithstanding the accident, the regardless drivers pushes on. Shaw, the driver of the Kelso coach, has been apprehended, and the case is under investigation. - Edinburgh Advertiser.
    OTHER [02]
    [ On the afternoon of Monday 6th March 1848, a 'meeting of the unemployed' took place on Glasgow Green. The meeting became rowdy, and with the police outnumbered, the mob marched on the City hall. They then moved into the surrounding streets, attaching shops, breaking windows and plundering. A number of gunsmiths shops were also broken into and implements from hardware merchants were stolen. As the mob made their way through the town, they began to recruit others to their cause, and the numbers quickly grew with bands rampaging throughout the city centre. The Infantry stationed at the Gallowgate barracks were asked to help. ]

    THE LATE RIOTS: The following sentences have already been recorded against the unfortunate persons concerned in the late riots and housebreakings in the city - and most sincerely do we trust that the awful examples which have been made will fully answer the end intended. Let foolish and evil disposed people, on all future occasions, take care to keep out of harm's way, seeing how slight their chance is of ultimately escaping the strong arm of the law.

    [ The following persons were sentences to transportation. ]
    George Smith - Eighteen years
    John Crossin - Eighteen years
    Hugh Barrons - ten years
    Peter Keenan - ten years
    James Campbell - ten years
    John Gallagher - ten years
    John Lafferty - ten years
    John Smith - ten years
    Thomas McMenamy - ten years
    Charles O'Brien - ten years
    James Sloey - ten years
    John Kelly - seven years
    Thomas Walker - seven years
    Robert Main - seven years
    [ The following persons were sentences to imprisonment. ]
    David Deans Muir - two years
    John Docherty - two years
    James Connor - two years
    James Fox - two years
    Robert Jack - two years
    John Johnson - two years
    James Devlin - two years
    James Christie - two years
    Jamews Gayler - two years
    James Hamilton - two years
    Thomas McIvalay - two years
    James Shields - two years
    Donald Kennedy - two years
    William Yuille - two years
    David McNaughton - two years
    Michael Keany - two years
    William Struthers - two years
    James Killin - two years
    Frederick Wells Miller - one year
    Thomas Melrose - one year
    John Mulroon - one year

    15th May 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 84 Whitevale, on the 14th instant, Mrs Robert Wilson, a daughter.

    At 36 Dalhousie Street, Garnethill, on the 14th instant, Mrs John Young, a daughter.

    At 37 Paterson Street, on the 12th instant, Mrs Robert Newlands, a daughter.

    At 22 Cumberland Place, on the 12th instant, Mrs Alexander Stewart, a daughter.

    At 30 John Street, on the 12th instant, Mrs James S. Shanks, a daughter.

    At Greenvale Place, on the 12th instant, Mrs William Chalmers, a daughter.

    At Skaterigg, on the 12th instant, Mrs Robert Mack, a daughter.

    At 3 Southampton Cottages, Hackney Road, on the 12th instant, Mrs A.R. Grieve, a daughter.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 6 Canning Place, on the morning of the 14th instant, Ann Morrison, wife of Mr Stephen Powell.

    At 294 St. Vincent Street, on the 12th instant, Mrs Neilson, aged seventy.

    At 159 Eglinton Street, on the 14th instant, Mr William Rension, plumber.

    At 19 East Campbell Street, on the 12th instant, Jessie, aged five and a half years, daughter of Mr James Anderson.

    At 175 Buchanan Street, on the 12th instant, Mr John Watt, founder, aged seventy-six years.

    At 120 Trafalgar Place, Broomielaw, on the 11th instant, Ann Frame, aged sixteen years.

    At 146 Rottenrow Street, on the 9th instant, Mrs Robert Wilson.

    At 14 St. Andrew Street, Edinburgh, suddenly, on the 10th instant, Mr. William Stewart, of the Port-Glasgow Tavern, 108 Broomielaw.

    At Willowbank, Airdrie, on the 7th instant, of Typhus fever, caught in the exercise of his professional duties, Dr. Walter Rankin, aged fifty-six years.

    At Rothesay, on the 12th instant, Jean Low, second daughter of Mr Robert Allan, Glasgow.

    At Mollinsburn, on the 2d instant, Mr John Greenhorn, inn-keeper there.

    At Stirling, on the 7th instant, Mr James Wright, only son of the late Rev. John Burns of Garvald.

    At 14 Manchester Buildings, Westminster, suddenly, on the 9th instant, James Kibble Esq., of Greenlaw, Paisley. [ see article below ]

    DEATH BY DROWNING: On Saturday evening last, a young man, named Robert Kirk, residing in North Portland Street, went into the river to bathe, nearly opposite the Humane Society's house. He could swim a little, and had only been a few minutes in the water, when he suddenly sank, no doubt from the effects of cramp. Mr. Geddes of the Humane Society made every effort to rescue him, but a quarter of an hour elapsed before the body was recovered, and then life was quite extinct. The deceased was 25 years of age, a calenderer to trade, and unmarried.

    BODY FOUND: Yesterday morning, about four o'clock, a collier, named Robert Patterson, was passing up the Green, when he observed the body of a man floating down the river, between the Humane Society's House and the Monument. Patterson stripped his clothes, and brought the body to the shore, from which it was afterwards carried to the Police Office. The deceased was decently dressed, and the sum of £2 in notes and 9s. 8d. in silver, in addition to a tobacco box and two-foot rule were found in the pockets. In the course of the morning the deceased was identified by his widow as William Jarvies, a ganger on the Barrhead Railway, and recently residing in Rose Street, Hutchesontown. He left his house on the morning of Saturday the 6th current (the day after pay-day) to go to his work as usual, and was last heard of as being in a public house in Gorbals the same evening. About that time, in addition to the sum of money, he carried a silver watch, which is missing. There is little doubt that the poor man had stumbled into the river while intoxicated.

    DEATH OF JAMES KIBBLE ESQ., OF GREENLAW: This highly respected gentleman died suddenly at Westminster on Monday last. He was attending to business on Monday in his usual active way, and went home to his lodgings from a meeting in Exeter Hall, at nine o'clock. He, at that time, complained of a pain in his stomach, but it was not considered of a serious character. His death, however, contrary to all expectation, took place during the night. Mr Kibble was a man of sterling integrity, of excellent habits of business, and of a warm and generous disposition. His demise is deplored by a wide circle of friends and aquaintances. - Renfrewshire Advertiser. [ see death notice above ]

    MELANCHOLY OCCURRENCE: On Thursday forenoon a circumstance of a most melancholy nature took place in the vicinity of Mortonhall, near Edinburgh. A young man, named Andrew Miller, gamekeeper to Mr Trotter of Mortonhall, while walking in a field in the neighbourhood with a friend, fell behind for a short distance. This occasioned no surprise to his acquaintance, until the report of fire-arms was heard in the direction in which Miller was walking. On proceeding to the spot to discover the cause of the shot, he was horrified to find that Mr. Miller had committed suicide. from various circumstances it would appear that the rash act had been premeditated, and what renders the event the more distressing is, that the unfortunate man was to have been married that evening to a young woman in the neighbourhood of Dalkeith. [01]

    19th May 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 8 Morris Place, on the 17th instant, Mrs David Binnie, a daughter.

    At Linn House, Cathcart, on the 18th instant, Mrs Wilson, a daughter.

    At Hyde Park, on the 14th instant, the wife of the Rev. John Patterson of Anderston, a son.

    At 119 North Montrose Street, on the 16th instant, Mrs Archibald Nairn, a daughter.

    At 91 West Regent Street, on the 15th instant, Mrs James McCulloch, a daughter.

    At the Manse of Strathmiglo, on the 12th instant, Mrs McIntyre, a son.

    At the Cross Key's Inn, Eaglesham, on the 17th instant, Mrs John Arneil, a daughter.

    At Mount Park, Greenock, on the 15th instant, Mrs WH fyfe, a daughter.

    At Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW, on the 5th December last, Mrs Alexander, a son.

    At Redfern, Sydney, NSW, on the 21st November last, Mrs Cassels, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Lamlash, on the 16th instant, by the Rev. Mr McBride of North Bute, Mr Archibald Fullarton, Lamlash, to Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Mr Robert Stewart, Lamlash.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 129 Renfrew Street, Elisa, daughter of the late John Smith Esq., merchant, Glasgow.

    At Dr. Mitchell's, Ayr, on the 13th instant, James Alexander, youngest son of James Gilmour Esq., of Polnoon, Eaglesham. [see story below ]

    At 35 Paterson Street, Kingston Place, on the 18th instant, Alexander, youngest son of the late Mr John McNaught.

    At 226 Argyll Street, on the 17th instant, after a protracted illness, Mr John Wilson, aged twenty-five years.

    At Columbia Place, on the 16th instant, Lillias Douglas, relict of James Monteith Esq.

    At 86 Garscube Road, on the 16th instant, Gavin, youngest son of Mr John Grainger, baker.

    At Finnieston Store, on the 15th instant, Margaret Walsh, aged thirty-two years, wife of Mr Thomas Walsh.

    At 71 South Portland Street, on the 15th instant, Mrs George Binnie.

    At St. Joseph's Place, Abercrombie Street, on the 14th instant, Mary Cannon, infant daughter of Mr Andrew Angus.

    At 95 Argyll Street, on the 14th instant, Agnes, aged eight years, second daughter of Mr D. McAdie, clothier.

    At 13 Montague Place, Glasgow, on the 9th instant, Mrs Elizabeth Smythe, relict of the late Samuel Smythe, Esq., of Belfast, formerly of Baltemore, United States.

    At Ardardan, Dumbarton, on the 14th instant, Margaret Alexander Neilson, wife of Gilbert Stuart Bruce Esq., late of 37 Connaught Square, London.

    At East Bay, Helensburgh, on the 13th instant, Mrs Wright, aged seventy-three years.

    At Helensburgh, on the 8th instant, Mrs Alexander Wilson, late of excise.

    At Greenock, on the 7th instant, of typhus fever, Mr Andrew Borland, town missionary.

    At Cupar, on the 7th instant, George S Tallis(?) Esq., proprietor of the Fife Herald.

    At Bombay, on the 25th February, Charles Black Esq., M.D., of the H.E.I.C.S.

    LEITH - ACCIDENTS: About eleven o'clock on Saturday night, a man, whose name is supposed to be Harry Bishop, lately master's mate of the sloop Diligence, of Kirkcaldy, fell into the harbour near the lower drawbridge, assistance was immediately procured, but ten minutes or a quarter of an hour elapsed before the body was recovered, when it was conveyed to the Dispensary, and the usual means adopted to restore animation, but without effect. On Wednesday afternoon, a boy of three years of age, son of James Renton, broker, St. Andrew Street, while amusing himself in the kitchen, fell into a large vessel containing hot water, and was so severely scaled that he died on the following evening. [01]

    FATAL ACCIDENTS: On Thursday afternoon, as Mr. David Pringle, farmer, Kirklandhill, parish of Heriot, was returning home from Edinburgh with a cart loaded with iron, and when scarcely a quarter of a mile from his own house, the horse became restive, it is supposed from the noise of the iron, and ran off. In endeavouring to stop the animal Mr. Pringle fell from the cart, and the wheel passing over his head, he died in a few minutes. On Friday, as John Phelan, labourer, was laying some planks on the bearers of a new bridge over the Gala Water, in connection with the Hawick Railway, the end of a plank which he was carrying, having come in contact with a waggon proceeding in an opposite direction, he fell a height of sixteen feet, by which he was so severely wounded on the head, that, notwithstanding medical appliances, he died on Saturday morning. He was about 30 years of age, and a native of Ireland. - Courant.

    MELANCHOLY EVENT: We regret to record a painful event which occurred on Tuesday. A young man named John Urquhart, from about Belmaduthy, said to have been a little silly in his mind, was apprehended on a charge of assault, and conveyed to the Procurator-fiscal's office at Dingwall for examination. Learning that he was to be committed for trial, the prisoner, by some means of other. broke loose from the custody of the officer and assistants, and took to his heels. He ran with all speed in the direction of the Conon, till he came opposite the brick work, a little above the farm of Kildun, at the village of Maryburgh, when, finding that his pursuers were gaining grounds, he sprung into the river, and making his way through the first channel, effected a landing on one of the banks or islands. Thinking himself, however, far from safe in this situation, he plunged into the southern channel, but the water was too deep, and he was drowned before assistance could be afforded him. The body was found on the shore three hours afterwards, and carried to Belmaduthy. - Inverness Courier.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: On Thursday last, John Falconer, Hill of Lieurary, went to Gerston distillery with his horse and cart for a load of ryegrass seed. About ten o'clock on the same evening, his wife and family heard the noise of a cart wheel, and judged it was the return of the husband and parent, but finding, after the lapse of about twenty minutes, that he did not make his appearance, his wife went out to look for him, getting anxious at his absence. She had only proceeded a very short distance, when she had found the cart upset, the horse lying on his side, and her husband quite dead, the shelving of the cart being across his neck, and the load lying upon his body. It was evident that the cart had been upset by the ruggedness of the road, and had fallen upon the body of Falconer, who was instantly strangled. The deceased has left a widow and seven children to lament his sudden and melancholy death. - John O'Groat Journal.

    MELANCHOLY AND FATAL ACCIDENT: We lament to record an accident which occured in this neighbourhood on Saturday, which resulted in fatal consequences to a youth attending our Academy. It appears that on the day in question a number of schoolboys repaired to the cliffs on the coast of Carrick on a bird-nesting expedition. While at the Bower Hill, Master James Gilmour, son of James Gilmour Esq., of Polnoon Lodge, Eaglesham, was lowered down from the top of the cliff by a rope, which was held by his companions, for the purpose of "harrying" a hawk's nest. Having secured his prey, he gave the signal to be brought up, when the rope broke, and the unfortunate youth was precipitated to the bottom - a distance of about ninety feet. His body received so many injuries that he expired the same night. (We have been requested to state that the Masters of the Academy, after a full investigation of this painful occurance, deem it a duty to announce that the boys who were with the deceased endeavoured to dissuade him from the attempt which terminated so fatally.) - Ayr Observer. [ see death notice above ]

    GALASHIELS - MELANCHOLY DEATH: A most distressing case occurred here on Monday evening. A little boy, about two years old, son of Mr Frank Berry, Overhaugh, went forward to the fireside. while his mother was engaged with household duties, and seized hold of the coffee pot that was standing near the fire, and before his mother perceived him, drank of the boiling liquid. The suffering of the little fellow was extreme. Medical aid was sent for but to no avail.

    22nd May 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 100 Brunswick Street, on the 20th instant, Mrs Alexander Dick, jun., a son.

    At Wellcroft Place, Glasgow, on the 19th instant, Mrs Porteous, a daughter.

    At 241 Gallowgate, on the 19th instant, Mrs William Smith, a daughter.

    At 35 Warwick Street, on the 19th instant, Mrs William Campbell, jun., a son.

    At 412 Parliamentary Road, on the 18th instant, Mrs WC Morrison, a son.

    At Warwick Hill, on the 18th instant, Mrs McDougall Ralston, a son.

    At Helensburgh, on the 18th instant, Mrs Jackson Walton, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 22 Moray Place, Edinburgh, on the 16th instant, by the Rev. A Moody Suart of St. Luke's Free Church, the Rev. Jonathan R Anderson, to Ann, daughter of the late James Allson Esq., Leith.

    At Maryfield Cottage, Easter Newport, Fife, on the 16th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Russell, Dundee, the Rev. Thomas Just of the Independent Chapel, Newport, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late James Nicoll Esq., merchant, Dundee.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 108 Castlemilk Place, on the 20th instant, Mr David Thompson, clothier.

    At 21 Rose Street, Garnethill, on the 19th instant, Janet, eldest daughter of the late James Walker Esq., of Rosshall, Shotts.

    At 26 Bell Street, on the 19th instant, Margaret Lamb, aged eighty-three years, relict of Mr James Waddel, South Portland Street.

    At 76½ Kirk Street, Calton, on the 20th instant, after a lengthened illness, John, aged six years, son of Mr Allan Paton, flesher.

    At 7 Calton Estry on the 18th instant, Hugh, aged three years and ten months, son of Mr Hugh Fletcher.

    At 6 Roslie Place, Garscube Road, on the 14th instant, of consumption, Mr John Thomas Paterson, aged thirty-one years.

    At Ashton, on the 17th instant, John Walker Esq., jun.

    At Hamilton, on the 17th instant, William, aged six years, eldest son of Mr. Thomas Cuthill, coach-builder.

    At Rothesay, on the 19th instant, David, fourth son of the late Major Maxwell of Bailleston.

    STRANGE CASE OF DROWNING: About a quarter from four o'clock yesterday morning a seaman, named William Smith, was accidentally drowned while bathing in the Clyde near the Monument. He had disported for some in the water, and had come to the bank with the intention of putting on his clothes, and had indeed partially dressed himself, when, according to our information, a companion offered to take him a bet that he would not swim across the Clyde. Smith accepted the bet, and threw a handful of silver on the bank as his part of the stakes. Before again plunging into the river his associate offered him a pull from a bottle of whisky, which he took and when he entered the water he seemed so drunk that he could scarcely keep his feet. He of course sunk and perished immediately. Mr Geddes, of the Humane Society House, was apprised by some onlookers, and hurrying to the spot, dived several times for the body, but from the muddiness of the water without success. A few minutes afterwards, however, the body was recovered by means of the boat and boat-hook. It seems that no sooner had this poor fellow's companion seen him sink, than he picked up the silver and marched off, intimating to the few bye-standers that he was well aquainted with Smith, and would hurry away to notify the calamity to his friends. This person has not yet been heard of. Mr. Fildes, agent to the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society, tells us that the man's register ticket shows that he "hails from" Edinburgh, but from other reasons, Mr. F. knows that he belongs to London, and that he has a wife residing at New London, United States. The deceased was last from New York by the ship Madawaska, and had entered into engagement with the brig William Sorlie, about to sail today for St. Petersburgh.

    FATAL ACCIDENT AT GREENOCK: A very melancholy accident occured on Thursday in Messrs. R. Steele and Co.'s ship-building yard, Cartsdyke, by which a joiner, named John McLennan, has been deprived of life. While crossing the gangway on the top of the dock-gate he unfortunately missed his footing, and fell to the bottom of the dock. He was immediately taken up, and medical assistance procured, but it was of no avail. He died ten minutes after the accident happened. The skull of the poor man was fractured and the brain was protruding behind the ears. He was a respectable man, about forty years of age, and has left a widow and six of a family - the oldest not above fourteen, wholly unprovided for. - Greenock Advertiser.

    26th May 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 5 Bellgrove Street, on the 25th instant, Mrs William Mathieson, a daughter.

    At 60 Oswald Street, on the 25th instant, Mrs John Bell, a son.

    At 68 Abbotsford Place, on the 25th instant, the wife of Mr. James Guilliand, provision merchant, twin daughters.

    At 15 Oswald Street, on the 23d instant, Mrs TD Buchanan, a daughter.

    At Rose Bank, Partick, on the 23d instant, Mrs William Prichard, a son.

    At 95 East George Street, on the 23d instant, Mrs Alexander Lindsay, a son.

    At 19 Woodside Crescent, on the 23d instant, Mrs John Bogie, a son.

    At 12 Pollock Street, Paisley Road, on the 22d instant, Mrs Peter Pearson, a son.

    At Stonelaw Tower, on the 23d instant, Mrs Kenedy, a son.

    At Maryhill, on the 23d instant, Mrs John Stewart, a daughter.

    At Stonehouse Free Church Manse, on the 23d instant, Mrs WK Hamilton, a son.

    At 109 Main Street, Anderston, on the 20th instant, Mrs John McGregor, a son.

    At Gourock, on the 23d instant, Mrs Robert Bogie, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 15 Jamaica Street, on the 23d instant, by the Rev. Dr. Beattie, Mr James Struthers, Stand, Airdrie, to Mary, second daughter of Mr William Reid.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 5 Maxwelton Place, on the 21st instant, Georgina Robb, youngest daughter of the late Hector Grant Esq.

    At Le Cheta(?) Lower Canada, on the 25th ultimo, Mr John Allan, sen., formerly manufacturer, Glasgow, aged seventy-one years.

    At edinburgh, on the 4th instant, Christina Balfour, spouse of Mr John Lloyd, and daughter of the late Captain John Balfour, Forfarshire militia.

    At 113 Douglas Street, on the 25th instant, Miss Agness, only daughter of the late Mr James Miller, Broomlielaw.

    At Bowling Bay, on the 25th instant, Mary, fifth daughter of the late Archibald Sinclair, dyer, Glamore bay(?)

    At West Shandon, on the 25th instant, Robert Napier, jun., in his twentieth year.

    At 12 Rose Street, Garnethill, on the 24th instant, at the house of her son-in-law, Amelia McGeorge, relict of Mr John Broadfoot, Halketleathe Mill, Galloway.

    At Sandyford, on the 23d instant, Dr. Marshall, aged eighty-six years.

    At 24 Warwick Street, on the 23d instant, aged fourteen months, Margaret W Robertson, youngest child of Mr Hector Henderson.

    At Hillside, South Garngad, on the 23d instant, Mr John Dunlop, writer, Glasgow.

    At 106 Montrose Street, on the 23d instant, Hannah Battersby, aged twenty months, youngest child of Mr Joseph Sorley.

    At 10 Roslin Place, on the 20th instant, Mr George Gray, sen.

    At Neilston, on the 21st instant, Margaret McFarlan, wife of Mr William Anderson, Session-clerk there, in the sixty-third year of her age.

    At the Post-office, Airdrie, on the 24th instant, Mrs Mary Torrance, relict of Mr William Torrance, surgeon.

    At Warren Hill, by Lanark, on the 23d instant, Mr John Larimer.

    At South Sydney, Cape Breton, on the 15th ultimo, Mr Alexander Ballantyne, aged twenty six years, second son of the late Mr Alexander Ballantyne, Glasgow.

    At 10 Pilrig Street, Edinburgh, on the 18th instant, Christina Syme, wife of Major Johnstone, late of the 43d Light Infantry.

    FATAL ACCIDENT ON THE CALEDONIAN RAILWAY: We regret to state on Tuesday night an accident occurred on this line, which was unhappily attended with the deaths of three individuals, employed by the company in the respective capacities of guard, friver and stoker... between 9 and 10 o'clock on the night in question, as the express train from London to Edinburgh was massing the moss near Cobbinshaw, on the Edinburgh branch of the railway, and about 16 miles from that city, the engine experienced a sudden and violent shock... detatched from the train and throw in into the moss alongside the line...Taylor, the guard, occupied an outside seat attached to a carriage next to the tender, and he and the two other sufferers, John Nichol, driver, and John McLean, stoker, were killed on the spot... the sufferers, we understant, were all young men. Nichol, the driver, was married, but without a family. [ and from the Edinburgh Courant ] ... we understand that Nicoll, the engine-driver, who was about 30 years of age, was married, but had no family. Taylor, the guard, 26 years of age, was unmarried, and was the only support of his aged and widowed mother. We have not been able to ascertain the age or curcumstances of McLean the stoker.

    MELANCHOLY AND FATAL OCCURRENCE: On the evening of Tuesday the 9th current, Mr Chisholm, Superintendent of Police, Kirriemuir, had occasion to apprehend a young man, named Henry Scott, for being drunk, riotous, and disorderly. While engaged in conveying him to the police office the man violently resisted, and much struggling took place betwixt the parties. At length Scott was secured, and placed in a cell, in which he remained about four hours, and from which he was liberated at ten o'clock the same evening. He then walked home, and went to bed complaining of indisposition. Medical aid was called in, but he became worse in the course of the evening, and died on the afternoon of the 10th. The deceased's bowels were found, on medical examination, to be lacerated as from a severe blow, or from violent and continued pressure. A precognition has been taken before the Sheriff. - Aberdeen Journal.

    STONEHAVEN, MAY 19 - ACCIDENT AT THE VIADUCT OVER THE COWIE WATER AT GLENURY: Yesterday afternoon, while the men were working on the stone pillares, presently building the iron ring to which one of the stays of the crane was fixed, broke, and the crane came down with a tremendous crash, bringing with it three men, all of whom were hurt, one of whom, a mason, from Inverness, seriously. He is since dead, another had both his arms broken, the third jumped into the water, and was slightly bruised, the two latter are both doing well. The above deceased, named John Wilson jun., is a native of Buckie, and not of Inverness, about 28 years of age. - Aberdeen Journal.

    DEATH OF A CENTENARIAN: On Sunday night last, Catherine McDonald or Hutchison, residing in Corbelly Hill, Mexwellton, departed this life in the one hundred and fourth year of her age. This aged woman had been a widow for thirty years, and latterly was partly dependent upon the poor's funds of Troqueer, but several charitable ladies were very lind to her, and by their attention, smoothed the passage of her declining years. Though rather eccentric, she uniformly conducted herself with propriety, was deeply impressed with religious feelings, and was always a stanch supporter of Church and State. She was born in Edinburgh Castle in the early part of 1743 where her father, a private soldier, was stationed with his regiment. Part of the force was ordered to Dumfries at the time of its occupation by Prince Charles Stuart in the ill-fated rebellion of the '43. Catherine, then a child at the breast, was brought up by her parents to this town, and her father having obtained his discharge, settled at the Brigend, in which, now become the burgh of Maxwelltown, she has resided, girl and woman, for fully one hundred and three years. She wore her dress in the same fashion which prevailed when she was a young woman, and indeed, in all things was a thorough Conservative. She was very fond of snuff, and used her Highland mull to the day of her death. With the exception of a slight deafness, she preserved her faculties unclouded to the very last. - Dumfeies Courier.

    EXECUTION OF THE CONVICT ROBERTSON: James Robertsoin, who was convicted at last Perth Circuit Court of the murder of his illigitimate child, underwent the awful sentence of death at Forfar on Friday morning, in presence of about 5,000 spectators. About seven o'clock the Magistrates town-clerk, and other officials, arrived at the prison, and between seven and eight o'clock Robertson was conducted into one of the rooms of the jail, where he joined in devotional exercises, conducted by the Rev. Mr. Stuart of Oathlaw, the chaplain of the jail, and the Rev. Mr. Stevenson of Forfar. At the termination of the services, about a quarter past eight o'clock, the Magistrates and other officials, the convict, and Mr Stuart, appeared on the scaffold. After a prayer by Mr. Stuart, Robertson took his place on the drop, and in a few minutes he was launched into eternity. - Arbroath Guide.

    29th May 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 2 Grafton Street, on the 27th instant, Mrs John Robert Finlay, a son, still-born.

    At 112 Argyll Street, on the 28th instant, the wife of Mr. Walter Baird, jeweller, a son.

    At 71 King Street, on the 28th instant, Mrs John Robertson, jun., a son.

    At Holly-Bank, Partick, on the 28th instant, Mrs Campbell King, a daughter.
    DEATHS [02]
    At New City Road, Glasgow, on the 28th instant, Mr George Dunn.

    At Rothesay, suddenly, on the 27th instant, Catherine McFarlane, wife of Mr. D McCall, Petershill.

    At 43 Bridge Street, Laurieston, on the 28th instant, Mr James Boyle, sen.

    At 81 Trongate, on the 28th instant, Janet Hogg, relict of Mr Nicholas Forness, tavern-keeper in Glasgow.

    At Kelvindale, on the 27th instant, Mrs Haywood.

    At 174 Sauchiehall Street, on the 27th instant, Margaret, only daughter of Mr David Martin.

    At Kinning House, on the 26th instant, James, aged seven years and eight months, second son of Mr James Bowie, writer.

    On the 23d instant, Mrs Margaret Ca###l#(?) for upwards of forty years a faithful and respected domestic and friend in the family of John Pattison Esq., Blythswood Square.

    At Albert Place, Hutchesontown, on the 27th instant, Sarah, aged eighteen months, daughter of Mr John Hodge, compositor.

    At 106 Thistle Street, Hutchesontown, on the 23d instant, Anne Paterson, in her twenty-fifth year, wife of Mr John Lawrie, compositor.

    At Union Street, Greenock, on the 28th instant, Mrs Mary Frew, in the seventy-seventh year of her age, sister of the late Mr Robert Frew, merchant, Greenock.

    At Kinloch, by Auchtermuchty, Ayrshire, on the 23d instant, Mr John Douglas, aged sixty-six years.

    At Thomson's Vale, United States of America, on the 11th of April last, John Brough, son of the late Mr John Brough, former Glentarf, by Kilmarnock.

    BODY FOUND: The corpse of Agnes Ballantyne, a widow residing at Fountain Bridge, was found on Thursday morning in the Union Canal. As deceased was seen in her usual health and spirits on the previous evening, and no cause can be assigned for the occurance, it is supposed to have been accidental. - Edinburgh Advertiser.



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