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January 1848


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[01] The Scotsman
[02] Glasgow Herald
[03] The New York Times
[04] The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Advertiser ( The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Gazette for listings from 20th May 1854)
[05] Glasgow Saturday Post &Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer
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    3rd January 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 156 Randolph Terrace, on the 26th ultimo, Mrs Jamieson, a daughter.

    At 16 South St. Mungo Street, on the 26th ultimo, Mrs Alexander Turnbull, a son.

    At 5 Florence Place, on the 1st instant, Mrs John Mudie, a son.

    At 192 Argyll Street, on the 1st instant, Mrs George Shearer, a son.

    At Falkirk Manse, on the 31st ultimo, Mrs Begg, a son.

    At Meikle Butturrich, Dumbartonshire, on the 31st ultimo, Mrs RC Robson, a son.

    At Lily Bank, Johnstone, on the 28th ultimo, Mrs Thomas Shanks, a son.

    At Campbelton, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs David Colville jun., a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 150 Holm Street, on the 31st ultimo, by the Rev. William Scott, Mr Benjamin Smart, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Mr Hohn Letham.

    At 4 St. George's Road, on the 28th ultimo, by the Rev. Robert Jamieson of St. Paul's, Thomas Miller Esq., M.A., Rector of the Academy of Perth, to Ann, relict of Henry Birkmyre Esq., merchant.

    At Annfield Place, on the 28th ultimo, by the Rev. Mr Runciman, Mr Daniel McPhail, engineer, to Miss Aitken, daughter of the late Mr Aitken, Abercromby Street.
    DEATH [02]
    At Ewing Place, Argyll Street, on the 2d instant, of influenza fever, Mr John Thomson, merchant.

    At 118 Union Street, on the 3d instant, of typhus fever, Mr James Taylor, sen., smith.

    At 58 Rose Street, Garnet Hill, on the 1st instant, Mr JD Rose, surgeon.

    At 89 North Frederick Street, on the 1st instant, Mr Robert Kerr Brown.

    At 71 South Portland Street, on the 30th ultimo, Alexander, son of Mr William Paton.

    At 5 Robertson Street, on the 27th ultimo, Isabella Robertson.

    At her son-in-law's, 124 Trafalgar Place, Broomielaw, on the 27th ultimo, Jane Anderson, aged eighty-two years, relict of Mr George Gardner, formerly farmer, Barskiven, Renfrewshire.

    At Tollcross, on the 21st ultimo, Mr George Reston, aged eighty-two years.

    At 328 Falkland Place, Mr William Lyon, late coach proprietor.

    At Megantic, Canada Esat, on the 18th ultimo, Mr Alexander Russell sen., at the advanced age of eighty-seven years.

    At Kirkton, near Dumbarton, on the 31st ultimo, Mr Patrick Mitchell, farmer.

    At Hong Kong, on board HMS Alligator, on the 3rd October last, David Davidson, M.D., second son of the Rev. Alexander Davidson, Slamanan.

    At Newton-Stewart, on the 29th ultimo, Mr William Brown, merchant, at an advanced age.

    At Coll, on the 15th ultimo, Mrs Maclean, late of Gallanoch.

    At Waterside, Carmunnock, on the 1st instant, Sarah Dunn, relict of George Park Esq., of Waterside.

    At Halifax, N.S. on the 6th ultimo, in the 29th year of her age, Jeanie Clarke, wife of Mr William Mackay, engineer of the steam-ship Margaret Halifax.

    At Blebo, on the 28th ultimo, Lieutenant-General Alexander Bethune of Blebo in his 77th year.

    At Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire, on the 28th ultimo, William Stewart Esq., late Captain in the 71st Regiment of Foot, second son of the late General Francis Stewart of Lesmurdie(?).

    At Bank Buildings, Airdrie, on the 29th ultimo, George B Turnbull, aged four years and three months, second son of Mr John Turnbull, junior.

    At Wellington Place, Dunoon, on the 24th ultimo, in the seventy-sixth year of her age, Janet Blair, wife of Mr Archibald Lyle.

    At Miss Ritchie's, Barncluth, Hamilton, on the 27th ultimo, Elizabeth McCulloch, for upwards of twenty years a faithful and esteemed servant of the family.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: On Monday evening an Irishman named William O'Brien, who acted as breaksman to some ballast waggons on the Edinburgh branch of the Caledonian Railway, leaped off one which he was conducting, and in endeavouring to stop it, he was knocked down. The next waggon being close at hand it crushed him against the first, and he was instantly killed. - Edinburgh Advertiser.

    WOMAN BURNED TO DEATH: About twelve o'clock on Thursday evening, a poor old wopman, named Ann Macdonald, residing in Hamilton's Close, Grassmarket, was either suffocated or burned to death by the bed on which she lay having taken on fire. She was last seen by some of the neighbours about four o'clock in the afternoon, and the origin of the fire is unknown. [01]

    MAN DROWNED: On Friday at two o'clock, the body of a man was found in the Canal near the bridge, Townhead. It turned out to be that of Robert Gibson, a carter, residing at bluevale, Duke Street. His brother was searching for him at the same time, suspecting that he had fallen in there, the horse and cart under his charge having been found near the bridge. It is supposed he had fallen in on Tuesday last; he was seen on that day the worse of liquor.

    ACCIDENT BY DROWNING: On the night of Friday last, while a man named Robert Walker, fireman on board the St. Kiaran steamer, then lying at the north side of the Broomielaw, was in the act of going on board, by means of a gangway, he unfortunately missed his foot, and fell into the river, between the vessel and the quay. Every possible exertion was made for his rescue, but in consequence of the body not coming to the surface, they proved of no avail. As the river, at the time of the accident, was very low, and the vessel aground, it is supposed that he had got entangled below her. The body was recovered by means of grappling irons on Saturday morning, at the spot where he fell, and has been claimed by his friends.

    7th January 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 4 St. Joseph's Place, Glasgow, on the 3d instant, Mrs Andrew Angus, a daughter.

    At 125 Renfrew Street, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs Alexander Canah, a daughter.

    At Kilbirnie, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs James Knox, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 40 Cavendish Street, on the 3d instant, by the Rev. Dr. King, Mr Archibald Paterson, apothecary, Tradeston, to Jane, only daughter of the late Mr John Hamilton, merchant, Paisley.

    At Foxbar, near Paisley, on the 4th instant, by the Rev. Dr. McNair, Matthew Whitehill Esq., merchant, Paisley, to Jane, eldest daughter of Matthew Arthur Esq., bleacher, Foxbar.

    At Millport, on the 1st instant, by the Rev. James Drummond, Mr Hugh Fitzpatrick, Glasgow, to Margaret, third daughter of the late Mr Samuel Ford, feuer, Millport.

    At Alloa, on the 4th instant, by the Rev. P Brotherstane, Mr WF Bean, of her Majesty's Customs, Hall, to Agnes, only daughter of the late William Riddock Esq., shop-owner, Alloa.

    At Hobart-Town, Van Diemen's Land, on the 29th June last, Mr Seton, cattle-dealer, to Euphemia, youngest daughter of John Heffrey Esq., Glasgow.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 6 East Market Street, on the 5th instant, Mr John Dickson, aged eighty years.

    At 12 Warwick Street, on the 5th instant, Anne, infant daughter of Mr John Gray, jun.

    At 12 Stirling Square, on the 5th instant, Mr Andrew Dodd, mathematical instrument maker.

    At Villafield Place, Taylor Street, on the 3d instant, Andrew, son of Mr Andrew Black.

    At 10 East Rose Street, on the 3d instant, at the house of her son, Mr James Wylie, manager of Wool Mill, Sydney Street, Agnes Rankin, relict of Mr James Wylie, late of Newmills, Ayrshire.

    At Glasgow, on the 5th instant, Miss Agnes Christie, daughter of the late John Christie Esq., Paisley.

    At Helensburgh, on the 5th instant, Archibald Paterson Esq.

    At Dalry, on the 4th instant, Janet Crawford, aged sixty years, wife of Mr John Cumming, clothier, there.

    At Tillicoulty, on the 1st instant, Mr John Archibald, manufacturer.

    At 7 Brighton Street, Edinburgh, on the 4th instant, Mr Henry Haig, engraver.

    At Everton, Liverpool, on the 4th instant, Mr Walker Birrell, aged seventy-five, late of Glasgow.

    Drowned, in April last, on board the steam frigate Cleopatra, HEIC, Mr William Lindsay, second engineer of that vessel, and fifth son of the late Mr Benjamin Lindsay, merchant, Glasgow.

    FATAL ACCIDENT IN CATRINE: On Saturday week, a melancholy casualty happened to Mr George McBride, a native of this place. In coming down an inside stair in Mull Street, he lost his footing and was precipitated to the bottom. He fell upon his head on the flags, which produced concussion of the brain. He continued to sink gradually up to the 28th, when death terminated his sufferings. A wife and family lament his loss. - Ayr Observer.

    SUDDEN DEATHS: About eleven o'clock on Saturday forenoon, a man named Paul Crawford died suddenly in a public house at Fountain Bridge. From what cause has not been ascertained., and about four o'clock on Sunday morning another individual, of the name of Urquhart, suddenly expired while in bed in a lodging-house in Broughton Street. [01]

    FATAL ACCIDENT: An accident at Busby Spinning Works on Tuesday afternoon, which, we regret to learn, proved fatal to two individuals and very seriously injured a third... while screwing some bolts into a large cast iron vessel in which gas is purified, and which contained a quantity of gas at the time, it would appear that a light had been brought in contact with one of the holes and that the gas had instantly exploded, shattering the vessel to pieces. One man, named William Leckie was killed on the spot, the other named John Connochie lingered only for a few hours. A third continues in a dangerous state... both of the deceased have left families to whom every kind and sympathising attention has been paid, in their painful circumstances by the respectable proprietor of the works, as well as by their neighbours.

    SUDDEN DEATH: On Wednesday night, abo/ut 9 o'clock, the body of a respectably dressed man was found lying in a corner of St. Andrew's Square, and immediately brought to the police station. The body had not been long there when it was identified by his relatives as being that of Peter McDermot, flesher in Crown Street. He had left his home a little before 5 o'clock in the evening, with the intention of transacting a little business in the said Square, but nothing was heard of him till they received information of his sudden death. He was an old and rather infirm man, and there is every reason to believe that death proceeded from natural causes.

    MAN FOUND DEAD: Early on New Year's Day morning, William Carswell, a man residing in Newton Street, Paisley, was found lying dead on the Glasgow Road, close to the wall of the policies at Ralston. The deceased was about 50 years of age and being idle, he ha dleft his home the day previous, early in the afternoon. Whether he had been at Glasgow or elsewhere, endeavouring to get work, is unknown.

    10th January 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 121 North Montrose Street, on the 9th instant, Mrs John Carrick, a daughter.

    At 39 Cadogan Street, on the 8th instant, Mrs JS Robb(?), a daughter.

    At Elmfoot, on the 7th instant, Mrs Donaldson, a daughter.

    At 22 Windsor Terrace, on the 31st ultimo, Mrs David Stevenson, a daughter.

    At 18 Great Hamilton Street, on the 5th instant, Mrs McDougall, a daughter.

    At Mossend House, on the 5th instant, Mrs William Neil, a daughter.

    At Dunchattan, on the 8th instant, Mrs John G Rodger, a son, which only survived a few hours.

    At Lennoxtown, Campsie, on the 7th instant, Mrs Gordon Wilson, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Campbelton, on the 28th ultimo, by the Rev. John Carmichael, William Combe Pyper Esq., HMSV, Torch, to catherine Montgomery, second daughter of the late Captain Mottley, R.N.

    At 37 Garnet Hill Street, on the 4th instant, by the Rev. Mr Roxburgh, Mr John Ross, Gartsherrie, to Janet, eldest daughter of the late Andrew Ormiston Esq., Inverness.

    At 80 North Frederick Street, on the 4th instant, by the Rev. John Edwards, Ann, eldest daughter of Mr Andrew Webster to Mr John Lock, Glasgow.

    At Duiletter, Argyllshire, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. Donald McColl, Glenorchy, Malcolm Sinclair Esq., Balligowan, to Lucy Leitch, eldest daughter of Captain Campbell, R.M.
    DEATHS [02]
    Ar South Wellington Place, on the 7th instant, Mary, eldest daughter of the late David Stirling Esq., Royal Bank, Glasgow.

    At 194 Gallowgate on the 8th instant, Mrs Peter Steel.

    At Eddlestone Place, on the 9th instant, Mr James Lamb.

    At Vilafield Place, Taylor Street, on the 3d instant, Andrew, and on the 9th instant, Helen Sharp, only son and daughter of Mr Andrew Black.

    At 33 Duke Street, on the 8th instant, Elizabeth Dunlop, wife of Mr Thomas Fraser, compositor.

    At 142 Renfrew Street, on the 7th instant, Mary, daughter of Mr William Stuart.

    At 10 Nicholson Street, on the 8th instant, Mr James Young, sen.

    At 7 Argyll Street, on the 5th instant, Janet Brown Paterson, youngest daughter of Mr Peter Angus.

    At 82 Buccleuch Street, on the 8th instant, Margaret Milne, wife of Mr John William Muirhead, writer.

    At Glasgow, on the 8th instant, Jean Dean, aged seventy-seven, relict of Mr Isaac Rigg.

    At 13 Bellgrove Street, on the 6th instant, Claud Turner, aged two years and two months, youngest son of Mr Thomas Kirk, engineer.

    At his house, in York Street, on the 7th instant, James Hunter, minibus-driver.

    At Partick, on the 7th instant, Mrs Agnes Craig, daughter of the late Mr Robert Miller, merchant, Glasgow.

    At Larkvale, Partick, on the 9th instant, Henry, eldest son of Mr H Taylor.

    At Ibroxholm, Paisley Road, on the 7th instant, Mr Robert Mitchell, manufacturer, Glasgow.

    At Townend, Dumbarton, on the 4th instant, Peter Scott, aged six years, son of Captain Peter Scott, Little Mill, Old Kilpatrick.

    At Comrie, on the 1st instant, Mr Duncan Macnab, merchant, of Cowbrough and Macnab, merchants, Stirling.

    BOY DROWNED AT GIRVAN: An interesting boy, about twelve years of age, named John Dookie, the son of James Dookie, surfaceman, residing at Latterpin, was unfortunately drowned in the river Stinchar last week. The river had been much swollen, and the poor boy attempting to wade across with a burden on his back, missed his footing and fell, and was carried down by the force of the current. When taken out, life was extinct. - Ayr Advertiser.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: On Saturday an accident occurred in the neighbourhood of Tweedmouth, at the works of the Kelso branch of railway, which has terminated fatally. A young man named John Miller, a driver in the employment of Mr. Morris, was bringing a waggon loaded with soil to the tip, and when at a short distance from it, he slipped his foot and fell before the wheels, which passed over both legs a little above the knee. Amputation could not, we believe, be resorted to in the case, and the sufferer lingerred on till Sunday night when he died. He was 23 years of age, and was, we understand, a native of Coldstream. - Berwick Advertiser.

    14th January 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 115 Hope Street, on the 13th instant, Mrs James Jardine, a son.

    At 3 Hope Street, on the 12th instant, Mrs James Paterson, a son.

    At 328 Sauchiehall Road, on the 10th instant, Mrs Robert Wilson, a son.

    At Beechbank, Maryhill, on the 12th instant, Mrs Hugh Niven, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 131 Stockwell Street, on the 11th instant, by the Rev. John Clapperton, Johnstone, Andrew Mackie Esq., to Charlotte, second daughter of James Scott Esq.

    At Glasgow College, on the 10th instant, by the Very Rev. Principal Macfarlan, John Gibb Esq., Glasgow, to Marion, only daughter of the late Dr. McArthur, Wishawrown, Lanarkshire.

    At 57 West Nile Street, on the 13th instant, by the Rev. D. Dickie, William Prince Moore Esq., of the Customs, Greenock, to Mary Sayers, eldest daughter of James Thomson Esq., of Hall House, Ayrshire.

    At Campbelton, on the 28th ultimo, by the Rev. John Carmichael, Mr James Ginson, merchant, to Helen, second daughter of Mr Alexander Wylie, distiller, Campbelton.

    At St. Andrew's Church, Sydney, N.SW.W., on the 11th August last, by special licence, by the Rev. Dr. McGarvie, John Macfarlane Esq., M.D., late of Glasgow, to Agnes Grace, third daughter of Major Johnstone, late of the 30th Regiment.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 141 George Street, on the 11th instant, Mr Andrew Brand.

    At his house, 57 King Street, on the 7th instant, Mr John McFeat, china merchant, aged sixty-two years.

    At Glasgow, on the 8th instant, Andrew Walker, aged nineteen years, eldest son of Mr John Walker, Inverary.

    At 207 Cowcaddens, on the 6th instant, Mr James Baird, tailor, after a short illness, aged sixty four years.

    At 25 Bellgrove Street, on the 12th instant, Ann Baxter, wife of Mr John Lawson, millwright.

    At 34 South Portland Street, on the 10th instant, James Redford, jun. Esq.

    At 74 London Street, on the 11th instant, Mr John Rooney, bookseller.

    At 415 Parliamentary Road, on the 12th instant, Martha Macaulay, wife of Mr Richard W Hamilton.

    At Polmadie, on the 13th instant, suddenly, James, eldest son of Mr David Jackson, farmer, Polmadie.

    At Blackhill, on the 4th instant, John Findlay Esq., surgeon.

    At Alexandria, on the 11th instant, Jessie Sayers, wife of Mr Robert Bigert, wine and spirit merchant, there.

    At the house of the Rev. Duncan H Weir, Gourock, on the 10th instant, Goergina Currie, only daughter of Mr Archibald Weir, Greenock.

    At Fullarton, Irvine, on the 7th instant, William, the youngest son of the Rev. John G Scoular.

    At Lochgilphead, Argyllshire, on the 5th instant, Margaret Campbell, wife of Mr Alexander Campbell, messenger-of-arms, and eldest daughter of the late John Campbell Esq.

    SUICIDE: On Thursday forenoon, a married woman named Margaret Miller, residing at 25 Jamaica Street, told one of her neighbours that she was going to take a sleep, and said she would be obliged if she would call her up early in the afternoon, as she was afraid she might sleep too long. On her neighbour going to her door for that purpose about two o'clock, she found it fastened, and after knocking and obtaining no answer, she went away. About four o'clock another woman in the neighbourhood observed the door of Miller's house open, and on entering, discovered her lying in bed with her throat cut from ear to ear, and her clothes saturated in blood. Life was quite extinct, and the fatal instruments which she evidently had used, a razor and a knife, were lying beside the body covered with blood. No reason can be assigned for the commission of the melancholy deed. - Edinburgh Advertiser.

    17th January 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 9 James Street, Calton, on the 15th instant, the wife of Dr. William Young, a daughter.

    At Oron, near Catterick, on the 8th instant, the lady of the Hon. J.C. Dundas, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Langshott, Paisley Road, on the 14th instant, by the Rev. JS Taylor, John Robertson Esq., Hillington, to Mary, only daughter of the late Andrew Lyon Esq.

    At Barbush, on the 11th instant, by the Rev. James Roe, minister of Dunblane, the Rev. David Bonallo, minister of Ardoch, to Margaret, second daughter of the late William Cousin Esq., Cumb##.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 86 Blackfiar's Street, on the 12th instant, Mrs Benjamin Turnbull.

    On the 15th instant, suddenly, Patrick Mitchell Esq., of Milton.

    At 272 Buchanan Street, on the 15th instant, Mr Robert Gray, aged seventy-one, late master of the band of the Royal Lanarkshire Militia.

    At 28 Cook Street, on the 15th instant, Peter Poden, aged seven months, son of Mr. John Cochran, builder.

    At 51 Abbotsford Place, on the 14th instant, Christian, wife of Mr John Clapperton.

    At 54 York Street, on the 14th instant, Elizabeth Robertson, relict of Mr James Minto, builder, Glasgow.

    At 40 Brown Street, on the 12th instant, Mr Thomas Fotheringham.

    At 30 York Street, on the 16th instant, Mr Robert Whitelaw, surgeon, Royal Navy.

    At 72 Thistle Street, Hutchesontown, on the 13th instant, Christina McFarlane, aged four years and two months, eldest daughter of Mr William Paterson.

    At 62 Commerce Street, Mr James Hall, manufacturer.

    At Blackquarry, on the 15th instant, Mr James Thomas, teacher, aged sixty-seven years.

    At Cathcart, on the 14th instant, Jane Kerr, in the eighty-second year of her age, wife of Mr William Struthers.

    At manchester, on the 14th instant, Elisabeth, aged twenty-six, relict of Mr William Ritchie, late compositor in the Manchester Courier office, and formerly of Glasgow.

    At Kiltearn Manse, on the 8th instant, John, aged fifteen years, eldest son of the Rev. Dr. Maclean.

    At his father's house, Biggar, on the 13th instant, Mr William Brown, grocer, 430(?) Gallowgate, Glasgow.

    At 59 George Street, Paisley, on the 15th instant, Mr Alexander Lang, Sen., in his eighty-eighth year.

    At Broonlands, Kelso, on the 31st ultimo, James Innes esq.

    PORT GLASGOW - MELANCHOLY DEATHS: We have heard of no town where the melancholy results of intemperance have been more strikingly manifested than in this in so short a time. In the brief period of a week, no less than four, principally young men, lost their lives in a state of intoxication. On the 4th of January, a man named Joseph Lyons fell down a stair, under the influence of drink, and died in consequence of the fall. About the same time a young man, a baker, belonging to Paisley, fell down a stair in Princes Street, in a state of intoxication and was killed. Another man, and was killed. Another man, who had been working for a short time in Port Glasgow, fell over the dry dock while drunk, and was killed on the spot, leaving in Ireland a wife and family to be provided for - his body was interred at the public expense. A few days previously the body of a blacksmith belonging to Greenock was got stuck in the mud at the brest, it is supposed that he had fallen in, in a state of intoxication, and so lost his life.

    DEPLORABLE DEATH BY FIRE AT STANLEY: On the evening of Friday last, a resident in New Delvine felt a strong smell of something burning, proceeding from a neighbouring cottage, tenanted by a brother and sister named Jackson. On entering to discover the cause, he found the house full of smoke, almost to suffocation, and Margaret Jackson, the female inmate, lying on the fire quite dead, with her hands, arms, breast, face and head, burned to a cinder. It is supposed the unfortunate woman had fallen asleep while waiting the return of her brother from Stanley, and had fallen into the fire, from which being old and feeble, she was unable to extricate herself, and thus met her death in the shocking manner above described. - Perth Courier.

    SUPPOSED POISONING: Much excitement has prevailed in Kilmarnock during the past few days, caused by the sudden demise of Sarah Ann Crawford, aged about 19 years, only surviving child of Mr James Crawford. This circumstance took place at the lodgings of the deceased, No. 5 High Glencairn Street, on the morning of the 5th instant, after an illness of only about 23 hours...thought she died from the effects of poison, and the unhappy differences which for a long time had existed between her and her mother... on THursday, a post mortem examination was held on the body... the facts of the enquiry seem to have strongly supported the supposition that Mrs. Crawford is the destroyer of her daughter, as on Saturday she was taken into custody and on the same day lodged in Ayr Jail. - Ayr Paper

    MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT FROM THE FALLING OF A WALL: (abbreviated) An accident occurred on Friday in Finnieston, at a small cluster of one-storied houses called World's End Street. About half-past nine o'clock Elizabeth Campbell, a young married woman, accompanied by her brother-in-law, James Young were engaged in fastening a line for the purpose of hanging clothes when about sixty feet of the south wall of Hyde Park Foundry, which forms the boundary of the little garden plot in which they were occupied, fell down on them with a tremendous crash... Young was first got out, and although much bruised was still breathing. So heavy were the stones and rubbish which covered his unfortunate relative, that some minutes elapsed before she could be extricated, but after they had succeeded, it was apparent that the poor woman was beyond the reach of human aid, her skull being severely fractured and both her legs and one of her arms broken... she has left two young children, the oldest not above four years of age and that she was far advanced in pregnancy... it is hoped Young may ultimately recover. - Mail

    21st January 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 9 Normal Place, Garscube Road, on the 17th instant, Mrs Thomas Wilson, a daughter.

    At 5 Montrose Street, on the 20th instant, Mrs Duncan Brown, a daughter.

    At Buchanan's Temperance Hotel, 3 Clyde Street, on the 19th instant, Mrs J Buchanan, a son.

    At Freeland Bank, Partick, on the 19th instant, Mrs David Macdonald, a daughter.

    At Dunoon, on the 17th instant, Mrs Thomas Grieve, a son.

    At Hope House, Ardwick, Manchester, on the 17th instant, Mrs William Young, a daughter
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Kelvindale, on the 18th instant, by the Rev. john McColl, Partick, Mr John Colquhoun, Glasgow, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr William Bain, Kelvindale.

    At 8 George Street, Paisley, on the 18th instant, by the Rev. John Thomson of Free St. George's, Mr George Beck(?), Glasgow, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late William Fraser Esq., supervisor of excise.

    At Kincardine, on the 18th instant, by the Rev. Andrew Gardner, Mr Robert Balfour, to Elizabeth Maxwell, eldest daughter of the late William Paterson Esq.

    At Edinburgh, on the 18th instant, Richard Burdon Sanderson Esq., eldest son of Richard Burdon Sanderson Esq., of West Jesmond, Northumberland, to Isabella Mitchelson, daughter of James Alexander Haldane Esq., of Drummond Place, Edinburgh.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 82 Buccleuch Street, Glasgow, on the 20th instant, the infant son of Mr John William Muirhead, writer, Glasgow.

    At 48 Nelson Street, on the 17th instant, Mr John Taylor, letter-press printer, aged forty-six years.

    At 28 Abbotsford Place, on the 20th instant, Mr John Anderson of Kilmarnock.

    At 39 Castle Street, Townhead, on the 19th instant, Mary Wilson, wife of Mr James Crawford, painter.

    At 60 Oswald Street, on the 17th instant, Mr Robert Grieve, town-clerk of Bumbarton, aged forty-three years.

    At 415 Gallowgate, on the 20th instant, Mr Archibald Cameron, rope-spinner.

    At 23 Russell Street West, on the 16th instant, Margaret Anderson, wife of Mr James Galbraith.

    At 76(?) Rose Street, Hutchensontown, on the 19th instant, William, infant son of Mr John McDowall.

    At Ibroxholm, Paisley Road, on the 18th instant, Miss Charlotte Chrystie, second daughter of the late Adam Chrystie Esq., Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas.

    At 49 Dunlop Street, on the 19th instant, Mrs James McClare.

    At 189 Buchanan Street, on the 16th instant, Mrs W Lithgow.

    At 84 North Hanover Street, Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr Archibald Rigg.

    At 180 Hope Street, on the 18th instant, of water in the head, James, aged eight years, eldest son of Mr Robert McFarlane.

    At 406 Parliamentary Road, on the 18th instant, Mr Alexander Alexander.

    At 93 King Street, Tradeston, on the 19th instant, Mr Robert Fairman, stucco and cement merchant.

    At her son's house, 16 South St. Mungo Street, suddenly, on the 19th instant, Janet Lorimer, relief of Mr James Turnbull, Sanquhar.

    At 183 Sauchiehall Street, on the 18th instant, aged eighty-two years, Isabella Goldie, relict of Mr James Stevens, sen., bootmaker, Glasgow.

    At the house of her son-in-law, Mr John Ker, West Blackhall(?) Street, Greenock, on the 16th instant, Mrs Martha Turnbull, relict of Mr William Turnbull, writer, Glasgow.

    At Beith, on the 18th instant, Mr Robert Spier, jun.

    At Dunoon, on the 19th instant, Mrs D McPhee.

    At Acurach, Argyllshire, on the 18th instant, Mr Patrick Smith, aged eighty-nine years.

    At Portree, Skye, on the 17th instant, Angus, son of Mr Donald Kempt, auctioneer, Glasgow.

    At Goldielea, Dumfries-shire, on the 17th instant, Lieutenant Colonel Newall Maxwell of Goldielea

    MAN FOUND DEAD: On Sunday morning, the dead body of a man was found on the Paisley Road, about three miles from Glasgow, and taken to the dead-house of the Paisley hospital. The deceased was respectably attired, had on a black coat, silk or satin vest, boots, &c., and is supposed to have been between 50 and 60 years of age. A sum of money was found in his pockets, and from various documents in his possession, it is conjectured that his name is James Walker, and that he belonged to Glasgow.

    24th January 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 12 Woodland Road, on the 22d instant, Mrs George Murray, a son.

    At 4 Great Hamilton Street, on the 22d instant, Mrs Dr. Paterson, a son.

    At 12 Warwick Street, on the 22d instant, Mrs Ebenezer Anderson, a son.

    At 36 Commerce Street, on the 20th instant, Mrs James Robertson, a son.

    At 14 Richmond Street, on the 23d instant, Mrs John Morton, jun., a daughter.

    At North Hope Park, Sighthill, on the 22d instant, Mrs Thomas McKenzie, a daughter.

    At Barrhead, on the 15th instant, Mrs McInnes, a daughter.

    At New York, on the 25th ultimo, Mrs Arthur, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 29 College Street, on the 21st instant, by the Rev. A Nisbet, Mr John Ferguson, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr David Anderson, tailor and clothier, 10 King Street, Glasgow.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Barrhead, on the 21st instant, Mr James Pollock, builder.

    At Kilsyth, on the 19th instant, Alexander, second son of William Wallace Esq., Kilsyth.

    On the 23d instant, after a protracted illness of 17 years, Agnes Purdon, relict of Mr John Robertson, timber merchant, Glasgow.

    At Spring Place, on the 4th instant, Mr James Hamilton, aged seventy-nine.

    At 48 Dundas Street, on the 19th instant, Ann Ridley, wife of Mr James Groves, agent.

    At 124 Trongate Street, on the 19th instant, Clarinda Thomson, relict of Mr John Key.

    At 183 Renfrew Street, on the 22d instant, of fever, Andrew Anderson Esq.

    At 71 Prince's Street, on the 28th ultimo, Mr Thomas Wight, a native of Perth, aged forty-nine years.

    At 140 Stockwell Street, on the 20th instant, Agnes Robertson, fourth daughter of the late Mr David Robertson of Lochmaben.

    At 51 Abbotsford Place, on the 22d instant, Mr John McFarlane, infant son of Mr hugh Smith.

    At 179 Argyll Street, on the 22d instant, William, infant son of Mr William Munn, compositor.

    At Glasgow, on the 23d instant, James Dunlop, aged five years, second son of Mr Thomas Fraser, compositor.

    At 32 Macfarlane Street, on the 22d instant, Janet, aged seven years, daughter of Mr Alexander Stewart.

    At Dalmarnock, on the 21st instant, Mr James Robertson, farmer, aged seventy-four.

    At Canal Bank, Kirkintilloch, on the 20th instant, Mr James Rankin, manufacturer.

    At Wallace Bank, Kilmarnock, on the 21st instant, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Alexander Hamilton Esq., town-clerk, Kilmarnock.

    At 13 Columshill Street, Rothesay, on the 20th instant, Mary, youngest daughter of the late Mr Robert Lindsay.

    At Rockside, Islay, on the 17th instant, Neil McNeill esq., of Ardnacross, aged eighty-three years.

    BODY FOUND: On Wednesday afternoon, the body of a man, dressed in sailor's attire, was found on the sea beach about half a mile west of Granton Pier. The decomposition of the body renders identification impossible, but it is supposed that his name is Archibald Kirkham, Aberdour, and that he had perished during the severe storm several weeks ago. - Courant.

    DEATH OF JOHN MUIR ESQ., DEAN OF FACULTY OF PROCURATORS, PAISLEY: ... we record today the death of John Muir Esq., who for a long series of years, held the honourable and dignified office of Dean of the Faculty of Procurators in Paisley... he was ever of a hale and hearty disporition and that disposition never left him during the long course of upwards of 70 years. The Dean was born and bred in Paisley, where he served his apprenticeship with Mr. Hugh Snodgrass Esq., of Thornhill. Sometime after he located himself in Edinburgh, officiating there as clerk to Mr. John Greenshields, advocate. He subsequently went to Kirkintilloch, from thence to Glasgow and Neilston, and lastly he made a settlement in his native place. In the year 1795 Mr. Muir was admitted a Procurator, and on the death of Mr Francis Martin, in 1828, he was raised to the office of Dean - an office which having held ever since he has filled for the long period of 20 years. Mr Muir had a commission to sit as Sheriff-Substitute, and on the elevation of Sheriff Robertson to the bench, he was appointed auditor of accounts. - Renfrewshire Advertiser.

    FATAL ACCIDENT ON THE CALEDONIAN RAILWAY: On MOnday last, as a goods train was passing along the Caledonian Railway, down the inclide at Toppinhead, near Gretna, one of the breaksmen named John Clark, a native of Wigton in this county, fell from off the top of a stone waggon. Three of the waggons passed over him, nearly separating the head from the body, and breaking both the arms of the unfortunate man, who was of course instantaneously killed. - Carlisle Patriot.

    DISTRESSING CIRCUMSTANCES AT LAMLASH: Two weeks ago, a vessel - the ship Rosalinda - Captain Mackintosh, bound for Demerara, put into Lamlash Bay from stress of weather, and as the captain belonged to Campbelton, his wife came to see him and after staying a day of two, insisted on going out with him, but this he would not hear of, so he sailed without her. On the evening of that day, she was observed to leave the house where she lodged, it was supposed to take a walk, but she was not heard of till next morning, when her cold and stiffened body was found on the seashore. She has left five helpless children to lament her loss. In three days after the above, the same vessel had to put back, from stress of weather, and the grief of the captain may be more easily conceived than described on hearing the mournful intelligence.

    28th January 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 15 Monteith Row, on the 25th instant, Mrs Walter Scobie, a daughter.

    At 128 Hospital Street, on the 26th instant, Mrs William Spence, a daughter.

    At 17 High Street, on the 27th instant, Mrs F gibson, a daughter.

    At Kilmarnock, on the 27th instant, Mrs Andrew Oliver jun., a son.

    At Birkenhead, Lesmahagow, on the 24th instant, the lady of James Thomson Esq., a daughter.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 121 Douglas Street, Blythswood Square, on the 21st instant, of consumption, Margaret, third daughter, and on the 26th instant, of influensa, Margaret, relict of Mr John Forbes.

    At 8 Clarendon Place, on the 27th instant, Jane Lambie, wife of William Murdoch Esq., Glasgow.

    At 12 South St. Mungo Street, on the 26th instant, Ann Lambie Paton, relict of Mr William Ballantine, clothier.

    At 21 West Street, Ann, eldest daughter of the late Mr William Hogarth, Glasgow.

    At Reid Street, Bridgeton, on the 18th instant, Mr William Alexander, aged seventy-one years.

    At McKechnie Street, Calton, on the 21st instant, of typhus fever, Mr David Cunningham, aged thirty five years.

    At Campbelton, on the 18th instant, suddenly, Mr James Ferguson, distiller, in his forty-third year.

    At Moreton Bay, New South Wales, Mr Walter Ewing Taylor, formerly of Glasgow.

    At Darnaway Castle, Morayshire, on the 12th instant, the Earl of Moray, in his seventy-seventh year.

    SUDDEN DEATH: On Tuesday morning, as Mr George Brockley, coppersmith and brassfounder, was preparing to leave his house in Buccleuch Place for Linlithgow, where his brother had died the previous day, he suddenly fell down upon the floor and immediately expired. The deceased appeared before this distressing event to be in his normal good health, and had partaken of a hearty breakfast. His sudden death has caused great regret among his numerous friends. - Courant.

    FATAL ACCIDENT ON THE CALEDONIAN RAILWAY: On Friday afternoon last, two labourers on the Caledonian Railway, named Joseph Lear and James Murray, were engaged in bringing a train of seven waggons down the line towards Greskin in the Evan valley. When the train was about halfway betwixt Raccleugh and Greskin, the first three waggons broke away from the other four, and as the gradient there is a severe one, they went down the incline with great velocity, carrying the men with them... Murray leaped off and escaped uninjured... Lear had his head caught by the tail-board of the first of the waggons while trying to apply the breaks and was killed... Lear was a native of Yorkshire, about forty years of age, and unmarried. - Dumfries Courier.

    MOFFAT - MELANCHOLY OCCURRENCE: An event of a mournful nature occurred at the head of Moffat Water, about eleven miles distant from this place in the beginning of last month. William Broadfoot, only son of John Broadfoot, shepherd at Birkhill to Mr Johnstone, Hunterbeck... while rounding up sheep, he had to traverse the edge of a little linn, about six or eight feet deep, at the entrance of "Dobbs Linn", a stupendous rocky glen, well known as the hiding place of the "Brownie of Bodsbeek" and many other Covenanters, and in the act of doing so, rather hurriedly, his foot slipped owing to, perhaps, to the frozen state of the ground, and he fell to the bottom. He was found by his father... it was found that his spine was broken, and he was otherwise severly bruised. After lingering for about three weeks he died on the 20th ultimo. The deceased was 22 years of age. - Dumfries Standard.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: On Friday morning a chimney sweeper, named Robert Beath went, contraryto the warning of several persons, on to a house top in Bristo Street, while in a state of intoxication, the consequence of which was, that loosing his balance, he fell from the roof to the street and was killed on the spot. - Scotsman.

    31st January 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 156 Gallowgate Street, on the 1st instant, Mrs John Watson, a daughter.

    At Meadow Vale, Partick, on the 3d instant, Mrs John Blair, a son.

    At the United Presbyterian Manse, Inverkeithing, on the 2d instant, Mrs JD Fleming, a son.

    At the Manse of St. Ninians, on the 29th ultimo, Mrs Paisley, a son.

    At Milton of Campsie, on the 27th ultimo, Mrs James Davidson, a daughter.

    At Wallacetown, Ayr, on the 20th ultimo, Mrs John Fisher, grocer, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Western Bank Buildings, Canning Street, on the 3d instant, Mr JA Buchanan, to Hannah, youngest daughter of Andrew Reid Esq.

    At 102 North Frederick Street, on the 31st ultimo, by the Rev. Dr. Boyd, Mr David Wilkie, merchant, Glasgow to Miss Margaret Robertson.

    At 124 North John Street, on the 1st instant, by the Rev. Dr. Barr, David Hall Esq., Glasgow, to Jessie Fordyce, daughter of Mr Robert Stuart, Grantown, Inverness-shire.

    At Rossie, Fifeshire, on the 2d instant, by the Rev. William Shaw, M.A., Bonhill, Dumbartonshire, David Blyth Esq., Reidieleys, to Elizabeth Gardiner, eldest daughter of Thomas Shaw Esq.

    At Maybole, on the 1st instant, by the Rev. JM Thomson, Mr Thomas Dunlop, manufacturer's agent, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr Richard McMillan, merchant.

    At Toronto, Canada West, on the 7th December last, by the Rev. John Jennings of the United Presbyterian Church, Mr W Jenkins, to Sarah, eldest daughter of James Gordon Esq., Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Queen's Cresent, on the 29th ultimo, Walker Pearson Esq.

    At Gateside, on the 1st instant, Mr Andrew McIndoe, aged eighty-one years.

    At Cruachan, Loch-Awe-Side, on the 6th ultimo, Mrs McDonegal.

    At 90 Regent Terrace, Stirling's Road, on the 3d instant, Mr Daniel Chisholm.

    At 415 Argyll Street, on the 31st ultimo, Ann, only daughter of Mr Robert Carrick.

    At Hope Street, on the 2d instant, Margaret Selanders, relict of Captain John Mills, Grangemouth.

    At 15 Monteith Row, on the 31st ultimo, Jessie Craigie, wife of Mr Walter Scobie.

    At 148 High Street, on the 30th ultimo, Hugh, aged 12 months, son of Mr James Munn.

    At Horn's Court, 3 St. Enoch Square, on the 3d instant, John aged five months, son of Mr John Robertson.

    At Villafield Place, on the 1st instant, Mr John Banerman.

    At 123 Cambridge Street, on the 31st ultimo, Margaret McNair, relict of Mr John Fleming, Paisley.

    At Rutland Place, on the 3d instant, Jessie, aged eighteen months, youngest child of Mr George Gibson.

    At 82 Stevenson Street, Calton, on the 27th ultimo, Mrs Kennedy.

    At Franklin Street, Bridgeton, suddenly on the 1st instant, Mr Thomas Robb, aged seventy-seven years.

    At Partick, on the 31st ultimo, William, aged eight years, only son of Mr William Strachan.

    At Balfron, on the 31st ultimo, Robert Campbell Esq., surgeon.

    At Port Glasgow, on the 31st ultimo, William Ogilvie Esq., of the Customs, Port Glasgow, aged ninety-one years.

    At King Street, Dundee, on the 30th ultimo, of typhus fever, William Turnbull Esq.

    At Coll, on the 23d ultimo, Mrs McLean of Crosspole, at an advanced age.

    At Londonderry, on the 29th ultimo, of scarlet fever, Bryan, eldest son of Francis Rogan Esq., M.D.

    At Tobago, on the 13th December last, Mr James Crawford, baker, late of Kilmarnock.

    At 46 Northumberland Street, Edinburgh, on the 27th ultimo, Mr James Donaldson, accountant.

    At 10 Bellevue Crescent, Edinburgh, on the 29th ultimo, Pringle Stoddart Esq., Rear-Admiral.

    At 30 Queen Street, Edinburgh, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs Ann Wight, relict of Dr. George Kellie, physician, Leith.

    At 10 Hanover Terrace, Nottinghill, London, on the 31st ultimo, in her seventy-first year, Mrs Charlotte Spens of Manor Manse, Inveresk, widow of Lieutenant-Colonel Archibald Spens, late HEICS.

    DEATH OF DR. JEFFRAY: ... the death of Dr. James Jeffray, who for a long period of 57 years, occupied the chair of Anatomy in the University of Glasgow, and had reached when he died the great age of 89...


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