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February 1848


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Paragraph headings are listed with codes, which represent the newspaper source:
[01] The Scotsman
[02] Glasgow Herald
[03] The New York Times
[04] The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Advertiser ( The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Gazette for listings from 20th May 1854)
[05] Glasgow Saturday Post &Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer
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    7th February 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 7 Greenhill Street, on the 6th instant, Mrs Samuel Haliday, a daughter.

    At 11 Newington Crescent, London, on the 5th instant, Mrs William Brown, a son.

    At 36 Port-Dundas Road, on the 4th instant, Mrs James Ure, a son.

    At 77 Hope Street, on the 3d instant, Mrs James Little, a son.

    At 2#6(?) Buchanan Street, on the 5th instant, Mrs William Prentice, a son.

    At 10 Monteith Row, on the 3d instant, Mrs Archibald Templeton, a daughter.

    At Newcastle-upon-Tyne, on the 2d instant, the wife of John Macfarlan Esq., of her Majesty's Customs, a son.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Findlay Street, on the 6th instant, Mr James Steel, teacher, aged thirty-two years.

    At 15(?) North Portland Street, on the 6th instant, Margaret Thomson, wife of Mr John Lindsay, calenderer.

    At 3 Milton Place, St. Vincent Street, on the 1st instant, Archibald Young Esq., writer, Clerk of the Peace for Renfrewshire.

    At 7 Maxwellton Place, on the 3d instant, Euphemia Adam, wife of JG Houstoun Esq.

    At Kirkland Cottage, Bothwell, on the 3d instant, Mr William Black, late of Glasgow, aged seventy-seven.

    At 90(?) Argyll Street, on the 4th instant, Matthew, aged nineteen years, eldest son of Mr William Paterson.

    At 39 Cadogan Street, on the 5th instant, John Campbell, youngest son of Mr James Lyle, aged eighteen months.

    At Parkhead, on the 2d instant, Margaret Scott, aged five months, second daughter of Mr John Reid, tailor and clothier.

    Drowned at sea, on the 19th October last, while on a voyage to Calcutta, Joseph Strathearn, aged eighteen years, youngest son of the late Mr Thomas Strathearn, Glasgow.

    At Glasgow, on the 31st ultimo, Mr William Cochrane of Dunlop.

    At Hallylands, Torrance of Campsie, on the 3d instant, Mr James Strang, late of the Wilts and Dorset Banking Company.

    At Largs, on the 4th instant, Mary, aged fourteen and a half years, second daughter of Mr Robert Glen, ironmonger, Largs.

    At Salem, East Indies, Captain William Wallace Anderson, 25th Madras Native Infantry, aged thirty years, youngest surviving son of Drummond Anderson Esq., Belfast.

    In Portman Square, London, on the 30th ultimo, the Countess of Beverley.

    LEITH - DEATH OF A VETERAN: An old man-of-wars-man, a well-known character in Leith, William Campbell, familiarly styled "Old Bill", died last month. "Bill" had reached about his eightieth year, and shared in most of the naval engagements from Camperdown to Trafalgar, and told many stories of his feats. For the last five or six years Bill has suffered under total blindness. His cheerfulness, however, never deserted him, and the few howfs which he visited he made amusing by his ocean tales. [01]

    MELANCHOLY AND FATAL ACCIDENT: On Wednesday the 26th ultimo, while Arthur Paterson, brother of William Paterson, Mill of Birsack, parish of Skene, was returning from Aberdeen with a loaded cart, when within 150 yards of his home, the horse he was driving started, and both were thrown into a ditch - the young man below the cart. When removed from his perilous situation, life was found to be extinct. He was in the twenty-fourth year of his age. - Aberdeen Journal.

    11th February 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 53 Charlotte Street, on the 10th instant, Mrs Straton S. Ogilvy, a son.

    At Craigie Manse, on the 7th instant, Mrs Inglis, a daughter.

    At Lochwinnoch, on the 5th instant, Mrs William Chambers, innkeeper, a son.

    At Hamilton Square, Liverpool, on the 7th instant, Mrs John Barbour, a daughter.

    At 43 Trinity Square, Tower Hill, London, on the 6th instant, the lady of WC Smith Esq., a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 18 Hyde Park Place, on the 6th instant, by the Rev. Samuel Miller of Free St. Matthew's, Mr James Mackintosh, merchant, Glasgow, to Helen, only daughter of the late William Thomson Esq., Kilmarnock.

    At Meadow Park, on the 7th instant, by the Very Rev. Principal Macfarlan, Robert Stewart Esq., merchant, Gorbals, to Jessie, daughter of Mr Peter Small, Coupar-Angus.

    At Maule Terrace, Partick, merchant, Glasgow, to Margaret Carswell, eldest daughter of William Lochhead esq.

    At 50 Regent Street, Greenock, on the 10th instant, Mr John Paton, Glasgow, to Susan, eldest daughter of Mr Malcolm McPherson, late supervisor of excise.

    At Largs, on the 3d instant, by the Rev. Mr. Dowie of the Free Church, Archibald Shearer Esq., late Deacon of the Incorporation of Skinners, Glasgow, to Angus, daughter of the late William Robb Esq., Glasgow.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 12 Albany Place, on the 10th instant, Andrew Maxwell Esq.

    At Braehead, Larkhall, on the 7th instant, Hannah, eldest daughter of the late Robert Grier Esq.

    SALTCOATS - BODIES FOUND IN THE HARBOUR: The bodies of the two of the crew of the smack Helen and Jane, of Stranraer, which were drowned in the harbour here, about seven weeks ago (reported by us at the time), have been found. The one, George Livingstone, the master, principal support of an aged widowed mother, a sister, and sister's orphan child, was got about a fortnight ago, that of the other, William Thomson, on Saturday last, by some parties gathering sea weed near the harbour. They were both respectably interred in Stevenston churchyard. They were natives of Stranraer. - Ayr Observer.

    SUICIDE AT DUNDONALD: A lamentable case of suicide occurred near this village on Wednesday evening. It appears that on the night in question, Mr James Galt, shoemaker, in a fit of delirium, stole out from his friends, and though immediately followed, the darkness of the night favoured his escape. On the following morning his lifeless remains were found ina small pool of water at a short distance from the village.

    SUDDEN DEATH: A man named Alexander Leadbetter, a cattle-driver in the service of Mr Mather, Glasgow, was found dead, about mid-day on Sunday, in the porters waiting-room at Granton Pier. He was seen at a late hour on the previous evening in the waiting-room where he was watching the arrival of some vessel from the north with cattle. No cause is assigned for his death. [01]

    14th February 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 32 Grafton Square, on the 13th instant, Mrs James Donaldson, a son.

    At 5 Morris Place, Monteith Row, on the 13th instant, Mrs James Kelt, a daughter.

    At 129 Cambridge Street, on the 11th instant, Mrs James Wark, a daughter.

    At Pollokshaws, on the 10th instant, Mrs George Mackay, a daughter.

    At Johnstone, on the 11th instant, the wife of Robert Caldwell Esq., surgeon, a son.

    At Shawburn, near Hamilton, on the 4th instant, Mrs JJ Henderson, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Tonbridge Wells, on the 8th instant, Sir Gordon Bremer, KCB, Commodore Superintendent of Woolwich Dockyard, to Jemima Mary Harriet, eldest daughter of the late Commodore Sir James Brisbane, KCB.

    At St James's Church, London, on the 8th instant, Lieutenant-Colonel Campbell, Scots Fusillier Guards, to Mary Frances, widow of the late Reginald Curtais(?) Esq.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 292 High Street, on the 13th instant, of typhus fever, Dugald McDonald, aged nineteen, eldest son of the late Mr Daniel McDonald, plumber, Glasgow.

    At 35 Struther's Street, Calton, on the 11th instant, Mr Thomas Smith, aged fifty-three years.

    At Hazledean, the residence of Allan Gilmour Esq. on the 9th instant, Miss Janet Dickson, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Dickson Esq., of Glengaber, Dumfries-shire.

    At Helensburgh, on the 7th instant, Mrs Devor Proudfoot.

    At 9 Moore Place, West George Street, on the 11th instant, Robert Perry Esq., M.D. aged 66.

    At 56 Howard Street, on the 10th instant, Mr John Kay, spirit merchant, 5 Virginia Street.

    At 10 Crown Street, on the 13th instant, John Muir, after a lingering illness, in the eighth year of his age, having been the third surviving son of Mr James Macintyre, teacher.

    At 145 West Campbell Street, on the 12th instant, Mr Cornelius Brown.

    At 20 London Street, on the 11th instant, Mr Andrew Yuille, victualler, High Street, aged fifty-seven.

    At Glasgow, on the 12th instant, Mr James A Gourley, late brewer, Crawfordadyke.

    At Glasgow, on the 6th instant, Mr John Scott, aged eighty-one years, late wine merchant, Greenock.

    At Westmuir, on the 6th instant, Mary Gray, aged thirty-two years, wife of Mr Robert Watson, victualler.

    At 61 Stirling Street, Airdrie, on the 8th instant, Mrs James Telford, aged sixty-one years.

    At Shawburn, near Hamilton, on the 11th instant, Elizabeth Cook, eldest daughter of Mr William Henderson, town-clerk of Hamilton.

    ROTHESAY: Early on the forenoon of Friday last, the body of a man was observed in the water, at the east end of the quay, and on being taken out it was identified to be Mr Robert Stewart, late student of Divinity. It appears that on Sabbath night, the 6th instant, he had been going on board one of the steamers lying at the quay, and that in leaping his foot slipped, and he fell into the water. It is said the second steward heard some splashing and crying, but on looking out at one of the windows, he saw no person. By that time he must have been drowned.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: On Wednesday evening last, as two gentlemen belonging to Kilbride were returning home from Glasgow in their gigs, one of the horses set off at rather a quick pace down the steep brae in the village of Busby, the other horse getting rather restive followed, and from the steepness of the road, became unmanageable. Unfortunately from this cause, an old man, Mr Charles Miller, printer in Busby, who was crossing the road, was struck by the horse or shaft of the gig, and instantaneously killed. Information having been forwarded to the Procurator Fiscal of the district, he proceeded to Busby, and after inquiry, caused the driver of the gig to be apprehended, and after examination, he was transmitted to the Sheriff, and a medical inspection of Mr. Miller's body was made on Friday, with a view to farther proceedings, should blame be imputable to any of the parties.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: On Friday week, while a collier of the name of William Reid was engaged in the Wellington coal-pit, near Millerhill, parish of Newton, a mass of about two tons of coal fell from the wall at which he was working, and injured him so severely that he died shortly afterwards. - Courant.

    MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE: On Saturday last Mr. Thomas Burton, one of the revenue officers connected with Kirkliston Distillery, had occasion to visit Linlithgow on private business, and intended to return to the evening. He left Kirkliston accordingly, but did not make his appearance at the appointed time, this however, did not crate much uneasiness to his colleague, with whom he lodged, but Sabbath and Monday passing without any intelligence being received regarding him, the Messrs. Buchan, of the distillery, determined to institute a vigorous inquiry as to the reason of his non-appearance. At the Ratho Station they were informed that he had returned on Saturday evening, by the nine o'clock evening train, and it is conjectured we fear with too good reason, that fromm the darkness of the night the unfortunate individual had wandered from the road, on his wat home to Kirkliston, and had fallen into the Almond river, which was much swollen at the time, [01]

    DETERMINED SUICIDE: On Monday a very determined act of suicide was committed by a young lad, about eighteen, named Peter Chisholm, an assistant grocer here. About twelve o'clock he called at Mr Snowie's, and priced a small pistol. After dinner he returned and bought it, and wished to have it loaded, saying that it was for a friend in the country, and to shoot a dog. From his awkward manner in handling the pistol, Mr. Snowie refused to load it, but it seems he immediately called at another place, and prevailed upon a shopkeeper to load it with large shot. He then proceeded to his lodgings, in Castle Street, drank a glass of wine, locked himself in his bedroom, deliberately put the muzzle of the pistol below his chin and fired. The noise attracted the inmates of the house, who found Chisholm extended on the floor quite dead, with his right arm over his breast, and the pistol at his side as it had dropped from his hand. The unfortunate youth was subject to fits of melancholy, and no other cause can be assigned for the act. - Inverness Courier.

    18th February 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 135 Hope Street, on the 15th instant, Mrs Joseph Reid, a daughter.

    At Bathgate, on the 12th instant, Mrs William Johnston, a son.

    At Park of Drumquhassle, Stirlingshire, on the 15th instant, the lady of David Stewart Esq., a son.

    At Madeira, on the 22d ultimo, the wife of James Waddel Esq., of Stonefield, Glasgow, a son.

    At Norham, Northumberland, on the 15th instant, Mrs Joseph Fleming Strother, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 93 London Street, on the 15th instant, by the Rev. David Runciman of St. Andrew's, Mr Malcolm Ferguson, wine and spirit merchant, to Miss Robina Richardson.

    At 44 Maxwell Street, on the 15th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Barr of St. Enoch's, Mr John McDowall, to Agnes Gerguson, relict of Mr D McIntyre.

    At the Perthshire Tavern, 11 Macalpine Street, on the 14th instant, by the Rev. William Blackwood, Mr Peter Fordyce, to Miss Ann Oswald.

    At Largs, on the 16th instant, by the Rev. David Buchan Douie, the Rev. Adam Blyth, minister of the Free Church, Girvan, to Jane, only daughter of Robert Allan Esq.

    At Saucel, Paisley, on the 15th instant, by the Rev. AM Wilson, George Haddow Esq., merchant, Newmills, Ayrshire, to Miss Elizabeth Wilson, third daughter of the late James Wilson, Esq., Broomlands, Paisley.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Motherwell, on the 15th instant, Mr James Reid, late of Omoa, aged seventy-nine years.

    At 14 Salisbury Street, on the 17th instant, Miss Elizabeth Provan, aged twenty-three years.

    At Killienan, Fintry, on the 14th instant, Mr William Jardine, farmer.

    At 2 India Street, on the 17th instant, Mary, youngest daughter of James Irvine Esq., merchant, Berbice.

    At 13 Fitzroy Place, on the 15th instant, David Murray Esq., writer.

    At his brother's house, 2 Ure Place, on the 14th instant, Mr Andrew Greig, teacher.

    At 176 West Nile Street, on the 16th instant, Helen, eldest daughter of Mr Charles Moffat.

    At 2 Wemyss Place, on the 16th instant, Isabella Kennedy, youngest daughter of the late John Stirling Scott Esq.

    At 10 Kelvin Terrace, Hillhead, on the 17th instant, John Colvil, aged three years and four months, son of Mr John Orr.

    At the Royal Botanic Garden, on the 13th instant, suddenly, Charles, aged fifteen months, youngest son of Mr Stewart Murray.

    At Mount Eri##, on the 15th instant, Lucy, second daughter of William Forlong Esq., of Eri##.

    At Falkirk, on the 12th instant, John Brash(?) Esq., late architect in Glasgow.

    At Helensburgh, on the 7th instant, Mrs Dewar Proudfoot.

    At his mother's house, Forth Street, Alloa, on the 14th instant, Mr Alexander Duncanson of Kinbuck.

    At Irvine, on the 14th instant, Mrs Brooks of Knockewart.

    At Towlshiels, Selkirkshire, on the 11th instant, Mrs John Park.

    On the 8th instant, in the eighty-eighth year of his age, William Reid Esq., of Warwick Place, Peckham, Rye, Surrey, and late of Old Compton Street, Soho Square.

    DEATH OF ARCHIBALD HAMILTON ESQ., OF CARCLUIE: We deeply regret to announce the sudden demise of Archibald Hamilton Esq., of Carcluie and Rozelle. Mr Hamilton Expired on Monday night at Rozelle, after a brief illness. It may with truth be stated that our Town and County, in all their varied interests and relations have not for many years suffered such a loss. Mr Hamilton's public and private virtues endeared him to all classes of Society, and his sudden decease has cast a melancholy gloom over the whole community. We regret that the early hour at which our sheet is issued prevents us to-day from paying that tribute to his memory which his many excellent qualities demand. - Ayr Observer.

    21st February 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 10 Woodside Terrace, on the 19th instant, Mrs E Gibb, a daughter.

    At 3 Lynedoch Street, on the 18th instant, Mrs William Anderson, a daughter.

    At 252 Brandon Place, on the 13th instant, Mrs Thomas McMicking, a son.

    At Dailly Manse, on the 14th instant, Mrs Strong, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Glasgow, on the 14th instant, by the Rev. James Taylor, D.D., Andrew Nisbet Esq., surgeon-dentist, Abercromby Place, to Jessie, eldest daughter of the late James Macpherson Esq.

    At Hallburn, Avondale, on the 15th instant, by the Rev. James McEwan of Strathaven, John Paterson Esq., of Rosemound, East Kilbride, to catherine, fourth daughter of John Lambie Esq., of Hallburn.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 34 South Portland Street, on the 17th instant, Mary Elizabeth llewellyn, wife of Mr Adam Boyd, stationer, Ingram Street.

    At 255 George Street, on the 19th instant, Mr Thomas Ascott, sen., in the fifty-third year of his age.

    At 4 Morris Place, Monteith Row, on the 19th instant, Mr Matthew Wilson, aged seventy-one years.

    At York Place, 339 Argyll Street, on the 19th instant, Mr Robert Granger, upholsterer.

    At 140 Portland Place, on the 20th instant, James, youngest son of the late Mr Alexander Grewer of Douglas.

    At 53 Maxwell Street, on the 18th instant, Anna McLaren, wife of Mr H McQuarie.

    At Dunchattan Buildings, Duke Street, on the 18th instant, Mr Duncan McAlpine sen., stabler, aged seventy-seven years.

    At 49 Duke Street, on the 19th instant, the infant son of Mr Thomas Duff.

    At Kilwinning, on the 7th instant, Mr James Mackie, aged sixty years.

    At Collichippan, near Luss, Dumbartonshire, Mr John McNeil, aged eighty-five years.

    At Naples, suddenly, from ossification of the heart, Harriette Charlotte Beaujolois, Countess of Charleville.

    SUDDEN DEATH AT DUNBLANE: While Daniel Bergen, a railway labourer, was busy at work filling a waggon on Saturday last, he dropped down and instantly expired. His sudden demise was supposed to be caused by the bursting of a blood vessel. - Perth Courier.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: About four o'clock yesterday (Friday) morning, as a minor of the name of James Cowie, Millerhill, Musselburgh, was about to ascend a coal-pit at Craighall, on attempting to enter the cage, or basket, by which the ascent is effected, he missed his footing, when he was jammed against the wall by the cage with so much force as to cause almost immediate death. - Courant.

    DEPLORABLE DEATH AT BANKFOOT: On THursday, last week, the dead body of Robert Robertson, millwright in Airntully, was found lying in a ditch near a farm steading lately erected in the Muir of Thorn. The unfortunate man had left hos own house on the Saturday previous, and in the interin had repaired the Mill of Balmacolly. After finishing his work, and while returning home, he drank a quantity of spirits, the effects of which joined whith the dark wet night it is supposed cased him to wander off his way to meet his death in the melancholy manner above described. A widow and a numerous family are left to deplore his untimely fate. - Perth Courier.

    25th February 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 60 Abbotsford Place, on the 24th instant, Mrs AG McCombe, a daughter.

    At 108 West Regent Street, on the 23d instant, Mrs JH McClure, a son.

    At 98 Great Hamilton Street, on the 24th instant, Mrs Peter Cassels, a son.

    At 12 Canning Street, Greenhead, on the 24th instant, Mrs William Miller, a son.

    At 3 Canning Street, on the 21st instant, Mrs James Harvey, a son.

    At 473 Gallowgate Street, on the 21st instant, Mrs Archibald Pollock, a son.

    At Kiltearn Manse, on the 20th instant, the lady of the Rev. Dr. Maclean, a daughter.

    At Sanquhar Academy, on the 19th instant, Mrs James Orr, a daughter.

    At Greenfield, Dumbarton, on the 24th instant, Mrs William Babtie, a daughter.

    At Lennox Bank, Dunbartonshire, on the 14th instant, Mrs Archibald Orr Ewing, a son.

    At Strouel Lodge, Roseneath, Dunbartonshire, on the 23d instant, the lady of Colonel P Edmonstone Craigie, CB., Aide-de camp to the Queen, a daughter.

    At Fairlie, Largs, on the 22d instant, the wife of the Rev. James Clark, a son.

    At Carnbroe Iron Works, on the 20th instant, the wife of Mr James Ure, foreman moulder, a son.

    At Rawyards, near Airdrie, on the 19th instant, Mrs James Smillie, a daughter.

    At Bowring Place, Kilmarnock, on the 23d instant, Mrs Archibald Sands, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At the Manse of Avondale, on the 22d instant, by the Rev. John Henderson, Carmunnock, the Rev. Thomas Davidson, minister of Abbey St. Rathan's(?), to Henrietta, eldest daughter of the Rev. William Proudfoot of Avondale.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 8 Mansfield Place, Glasgow, on the 21st instant, Margaret Barton Black, relict of Mr Robert Cowan, MD.

    At 26 Maitland Street, on the 21st instant, Mr James Dickson, late farmer at Garneland, Inchinnan.

    At 13 Bedford Lane, on the 20th instant, Mr William Robb, of typhus fever.

    At 132 Stockwell Street, on the 20th instant, Margaret McKay, aged twenty-six years, wife of Mr. William Riddell, provision merchant, 8 Great Clyde Street.

    At 9 Ure Place, Montrose Street, on the 23d instant, Margaret daughter of Mr David McFarlane.

    At 78 West Street, Kingston, suddenly on the 21st instant, Martha Lamb, aged forty-four years, relict of Mr GH Watt, late merchant, Glasgow.

    At 25 New Bridge Street, on the 23d instant, Mr Thomas Barrie, baker.

    At 57 Oswald Street, on the 18th instanbt, Mr John Thompson, St Peter's Church.

    At Blaevale(?) on the 15th instant, Margaret Wright, wife of Mr John Smellie, victualler.

    At Kelvin Bridge Toll, Great Western Road, on the 23d instant, Mr William Flemington.

    At Bo'ness Manse, on the 20th instant, Mr Ebenezer McKinnie(?), surgeon, Glasgow.

    At 3 Union Street, Greenock, Matilda, second daughter of Mr John Hendry, measurer, Greenock.

    28th February 1848


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 8 St. George's Road, on the 26th instant, Mrs JW Macgregor, a son.

    At 294 St. Vincent Street, on the 26th instant, Mrs Birrell, a daughter.

    At 39 Cadogan Street, on the 26th instant, Mrs John Cattanach, a son.

    At 35 Warwick Street, on the 25th instant, Mrs Robert Hamilton, a daughter.

    At 40 Cook Street, on the 25th instant, Mrs Thomas Brownlie, a daughter.

    At View Bank, Garngad Hill, on the 22d instant, Mrs William Murray, jun., a daughter which only survived eight hours.

    At 36 Dalhousie Street, Garnet Hill, on the 22d instant, Mrs James Liddell, a daughter.

    At Thrush Cottage, Airdrie, on the 18th instant, the wife of the Rev. Matthew McGavin, a daughter.

    At Forefaulds, East Kilbride, on the 25th instant, Mrs Aiton, a son.

    At Stoneywood, Denny, on the 25th instant, Mrs Taylor, a daughter.

    At Rothesay, on the 24th instant, Mrs Matthew Sharp, a daughter.

    At 49 Castle Street, Edinburgh, on the 23d instant, the lady of Robert Blair Maconnochie Esq., W.S., a son.

    At Bushire, on the 19th November last, the wife of Mr W Campbell, M.D., civil surgeon, Residency, Persian Gulf, a daughter.

    At Toronto, Canada West, on the 24th ultimo, Mrs John Fasken, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 31 Norfolk Street, on the 25th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Houston, Gorbals, Mr DJ Gilmour, Port Hopetoun, Edinburgh, to Miss emily, daughter of Mr George McRitchie, Strathallan, Perthshire.

    At Causeyhead, on the 25th instant, by the Rev. William Carrick, James Shaw Esq., of Crosshouse, to Agnes, eldest daughter of Andrew Strang Esq., of Causeyhead.

    At St. George's, hanover Square, London, on the 22d instant, by the Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Madras, Captain Atwell Lake, of the Madras Engineers, third son of the late Sir James William Lake, Bart., to Anne Augusta, daughter of the late Sir William Curtis, Bart.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Antigua Court, Nelson Street, on the 26th instant, John, infant son of Mr Patrick Clark.

    At Castlemilk Place, 117 Hospital Street, on the 26th instant, Mrs John Craig.

    At High Street, on the 25th instant, after a short illness, Mr John Blair, aged forty-six, late calenderer, Glasgow.

    At 6 East Market Street, on the 24th instant, Marion, aged twenty, third daughter of the late Mr William Moses, merchant, Glasgow.

    At 197 Holm Street, on the 21st instant, Mr Donald Marshall, calenderer.

    At 49 Duke Street, on the 24th instant, of Typhus fever, suddenly, Janet Cairns, aged fifty-two years, wife of Mr Robert Hall.

    At Thrush Cottage, Airdrie, on the 19th instant, Elisabeth Chess, wife of the Rev. Matthew McGavin.

    At Balgray, on the 26th instant, George, aged two years, son of Mr D Stewart.

    At Muirkirk, on the 22d instant, of typhus fever, in the fifty-fourth year of his age, David Gray Esq., for upwards of thirty-three years surgeon of that parish.

    At Port Glasgow, on the 23d instant, Hugh Hagart Esq., wine and spirit merchant.

    At Dunse, on the 24th instant, Beatrice Watson, aged forty-seven, relict of Mr john Monteith, Glasgow.

    At 43 Trinity Square, Tower Hill, London, on the 12th instant, Isabel, wife of William Charles Smith, Esq., and only daughter of the late Thomas Pybus Esq., of Maidstone, Kent.

    DISTRESSING OCCURRENCE NEAR DORNOCH: On Friday, the 11th instant, while the pupils of the Free Church School, Dornoch, were dispersing, two of them quarelled on the way home. One was the only son of Mr. George Leslie, Embo, and the other the son of Mr. D. Cumming, fisher, fisherton. Leslie knocked Cumming down, and the latter, rising with a stone in his hand, struck Leslie behind the ear, felling him to the ground. Leslie was able to rise and walk home, but soon after became speechless, was helped to bed, and died in two hours. The deceased was a boy about fourteen years of age. The other boy is not above 12 years. We understand the authorities have been making an investigation into the matter, and that a post mortem examination of the body was made by medical hgentlemen, when part of the skull was found to be fractured. Cumming has been taken into custody. - Inverness Courier.

    TWO MEN DROWNED - HARRIS - 27TH JANUARY: Yesterday, about noon. a most distressing accident occurred in the vicinity of Luskintyre, in this island, which terminated in the death, by drowning, of Kenneth Martin and Allan Stewart, both young men - the former a shepherd, and the latter a nephew of Donald Stewart Esq. of Luskintyre, they had gone in the morning to Ardgrondinish, with a boat, for a log of timber, and on their return, when at Ose, a sunken bank, on which, at half-tide, two contrary currents met with great violence, the boat was updet, and the unfortunate crew drowned. - Aberdeen Journal.


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