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October 1847


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[05] Glasgow Saturday Post &Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer
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    1st October 1847


    BIRTHS [02]
    At Highgate Rise, London, on the 25th ultimo, the wife of Charles Dearie Esq., a daughter.

    At 8 Wiidside Crescent, Glasgow, on the 27th ultimo, Mrs Robert Kerr, a daughter.

    At 87 South Portland Street, on the 27th ultimo, Mrs George Hinmers, a daughter.

    At No. 9 Clyde Place, on the 27th ultimo, Mrs McLaren, a son.

    At Newlandsfield, on the 28th ultimo, Mrs James Fleming, jun., a son.

    At 29 South Portland Street, on the 28th ultimo, Mrs Morier, a daughter.

    At Underwood Cottage, Paisley, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs James J Lamb, a daughter.

    At Riccarton on the 25th ultimo, the Lady of W. Gibson-Craig Esq., M.P., a son.

    At Ibroxholm, on the 27th ultimo, Mrs WH Macdonald, a daughter.

    At 3 Martyr Street, on the 29th instabnt, Mrs Thomas Lindsay, twin sons.
    MARRAIGES [02]
    At Dowanvale, Partick, on the 28th ultimo, by the Rev. J Wilson, Mr James Wilson, ironmonger, Glasgow, to Janet, only daughter of John Stewart, Esq.

    At 37 Garnethill Street, on the 28th ultimo, by Professor Eadie, Cambridge Street, James Thomson Esq., of West Arbuckle, to Ann Gibb, daughter of the late William Stronach(?) Esq., London.

    At 156 Randolph Terrace, Garnethill Street, by the Rev. Mr. Jamieson of St. Paul's, Mr Charles Mackie, to Mary, third daughter of the late Thomas McRobert Esq., Kirkholm, Kilmun.

    At 91 North Frederick Street, by the Rev. Dr. Barr of St. Enoch's, Mr William A Sanderson, late of Lerwick, to Helen, second daughter of the late Mr John McDougall, manufacturer, Glasgow.

    At perth, on the 29th ultimo, by the Rev. Andrew Gray, W.W.Cargill Esq., managing director of the Oriental Bank, to Helen, eldest daughter of Henry Fisher Esq., M.D. Dunkeld.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 68 Brown Street, on the 29th ultimo, Captain John Macpherson, of the Tartar steamer, aged fifty-seven years.

    At Port Philip, Australia, on the 23d of January last, Mr Thomas Rhind, youngest son of the deceased Daniel Rhind Esq., late Comptroller of Her Majesty's Customs, Glasgow.

    At sea, near the Cape of Good Hope, on the 3d June last, on board the ship "John Bright", Mrs James Hamlin.

    At Shawhill, Pollokshaws, on the 25th ultimo, of fever, Euphemia, third daughter of Mr John McKechnie.

    At Claddens, near Kirkintilloch, on the 26th ultimo, after a long and painful illness, Miss Jane Adam D Reid, aged fifteen years, only child of the deceased Mr Daniel Reid, Glasgow.

    At No. 14 Salisbury Street, on the 27th ultimo, Mrs M Provan, aged forty-nine years.

    At Ayr, suddenly on the 27th ultimo, George McTaggart Esq., merchant.

    At 292 Argyll Street, on the 26th ultimo, Mr William Gentle, cooper, aged thirty-two years.

    At Dumfries, on the 26th ultimo, Mr Alexander Stewart, formerly cotton spinner, Johnstone.

    At No. 4 Morris Place, on the 28th ultimo, Margaret Watson, aged seventy years, wife of Mr Matthew Wilson.

    At 5 Dalhousie Place, on the 28th ultimo, Mr William Martin.

    At Gowan Brae, Dunoon, on the 28th ultimo, Micholas McWhinnie, wife of Mr Robert Scott.

    At 71 Sauchiehall Street, on the 30th ultmio, Mrs William Gordon, aged seventy four.

    At 144 West Campbell Street, on the 29th ultimo, Christina Caddell, daughter of the late Benjamin Mathie Esq.

    At Greenock, on the 26th ultimo, Mrs Mary Rendall, wife of Mr. David Buchanan, brewer.

    At 12 Sir Michael Street, Greenock, on the 27th ultimo, Helen Tough, aged 29 years, wife of Mr. Robert N Campbell, ship-chandler.

    SUDDEN DEATH: About eight o'clock on Saturday evening, an old man of the name of James Crow, a carter, entered Playhouse Close, Canongate, and sat down there complaining of weakness. Some of the neighbours humanely paid some attention to the poor man, but he speedily became worse, and shortly afterwards expired. His habits were somewhat irregular, his usual sleeping place being a barn. - Edinburgh Advertiser.

    MELANCHOLY AND FATAL ACCIDENT ON THE EDINBURGH AND GLASGOW RAILWAY: (abbreviated) A little after one o'clock on Tuesday morning, a fatal accident occurred at the Railway Terminus in Queen Street, when the centre part four story stone bagle of a portion of the company's stores was knocked down by the running into it of a train of empty and loaded trucks... by which one man was killed, another slightly injured, and two others (who leaped off just in time to save their lives), almost unhurt... it was the falling of this wall, when his break ran into it, that James McArthur, the head breaksman was killed, while William Duncan, another of the breaksmen, leaped off and received some injuries... McArthur was only married about a year...

    4th October 1847


    BIRTHS [02]
    At New York, on the 21st of August, Mrs Godfrey Pattison, a son.

    At 16 Broad Street, Mile-end, on the 26th ultimo, Mrs Robert Simpson, a daughter.

    At Arthurlie House, on the 29th ultimo, Mrs Graham Russell, a daughter.

    At 1 West Milton Street, on the 29th ultimo, Mrs James Rankine, a daugher.

    At 73 George Street, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs William Grierson, twin daughters.

    At 37 North Portland Street, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs John Miller, a son.

    At St. Vincent Street, on the 1st instant, Mrs James Gallaway, a son.

    At Kensington Place, No. 107 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, on the 1st instanbt, Mme. Stoffel (from Paris), a daughter.

    At 122 Wellington Street, on the 2d instant, Mrs Ritchie, a daughter.

    At 92 New Dalmarnock Road, on the 28th ultimo, Mrs Andrew Begbie, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Montreal, on the 4th ultimo, by the Rev. Mr Buchanan, Mr Peter McLaren, teacher, to Isabella, fourth daughter of the late Mr Peter Brown, baker and grain merchant, Lennoxtown, Campsie.

    At Lochaline House, Morven, on the 16th ultimo, by the Rev. Dr. John McLeod, William Pirie Esq., writer, Tobermory, to Miss Fiona Anne, daughter of John Sinclair Esq., of Lochaline.

    At Glasgow, on the 27th ultimo, by the Rev. A. McDongal, Mr John McInnes, flesher, Airdrie, to Margaret, eldest daughter of John Davidson Esq., Airdrie.

    At Ellieston, on the 30th ultimo, by the Rev. Dr. Tait, Kirklieston, Peter Purdie Esq., of Clifton, to Christina Ewing, eldest daughter of the late David Ewing Esq., of Ellieston.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 176 West Nile Street, on the 3d instant, Thomas Russell Esq., aged seventy years.

    At 35 Cleland Street, Hutchesontown, of typhus fever, on the 3d instant, Mr Thomas Fraser.

    At Portobello, on the 23d ultimo, Miss Susan Julian Campbell, daughter of the late William Campbell Esq., of Loch Dochart.

    At 8 Douglas Street, on the 29th ultimo, Mrs Cadenhead, aged sevety-two, relict of Mr James Cadenhead, Glasgow.

    At Greenock, on the 30th ultimo, George Noble Esq., R.N.

    At 16 South St. Mungo Street, on the 3d instant, Robert Allan, infant son of Mr James Smith, Water Company's Office.

    MELANCHOLY OCCURRENCE: On the forenoon of Monday last, while Captain John Townshend, R.N., with Captain Seymour, were shooting over the lands of Polwhilly, and when about to cross a march ditch, Captain Townshend slipt his foot into a "blind hole" of some depth. Having lost his balance, and being half twisted round, one of the barrels of his fowling-piece undortunately went off, and we deeply regret to add, the contents were lodged in the neck of James Wylie, hamekeeper at Cumloden, who happened to be standing immediately behind the Captain. Wylie fell, uttered a short exclamation, and almost instantly expired. The distress of Captain Townshend and his party at this terrible occurrence can scarcely be descibed. The unfortunate man's corpse was immediately conveyed to his residence, and an official inquiry instituted into the circumstances, the result of which we have reason to believe has been to show, that no want of care is attributable to the Captain, who is an old and experienced sportsman. Wylie was a young man, about a year married, a very exemplary character, and much esteemed by the Earl of Galloway, his employer, and by all who knew him. - Dumfries Herald.

    8th October 1847


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 104 Eglinton Street, on the 1st instant, Mrs John Wyllie, a daughter.

    At Gourock, on the 6th instant, Mrs Dr. Crawford, a daughter.

    At 5 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh, on the 3d instant, Mrs Cheyne, a son.

    At No.6 Monteith Row, on the 5th instant, Mrs Robert Young, a daughter.

    At No. 78 Stockwell Street, on the 7th instant, Mrs Alexander Miller, a son.

    At 49 Bath Street, on the 7th instant, Mrs WC Galloway, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At the Cathedral, Jedfford, Ceylon, on the 6th July, by the Rev. JO Neal, Robert John Dunlop Esq., only son of the late Captain William Dunlop, of the 11th Regiment, to Anne Cecilia, daughter of the late George Shaw Brook Esq., Ordnance Department, Colombo.

    At 6 Abbotsford Place, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. R Moore, Mr William B Neilson, merchant, Glasgow, to Eliza, eldest daughter of James Pollock Esq.

    At Glasgow, on the 6th instant, by the Rev. Charles FR Smith, Mr William Blair, cabinetmaker, Glasgow, to Sydney, second daughter of Mr John Mutch, of her Majesty's Customs, Liverpool.

    At No. 3 Lynedoch Street, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. James McBeth of Laurieston Free Church, James Samson Esq., Irvine, to Jessie, eldest daughter of the late William Shields Esq., merchant, Irvine.

    Ar 23 Milton Street, by the Rev. William Anderson, Mr James Buchanan, smith and machine maker, Laurieston, to catherine Stobo, eldest daughter of the late Peter Stobo, portioner, Cowcaddens.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 28 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, on the 6th instant, Agnes Symington, infant daughter of the Rev. WH Goold.

    At Soulina, on the River Danube, on the 23d August, Captain Archibald Forrester, of the Lusitania of Glasgow.

    At 17 Thomond Square, Cork, on the 25th ultimo, while on a visit to his youngest daughter, Mrs Ogilvie, Mr William Reid, late of this city, aged seventy-six.

    At 41 Nicholas Street, on the 30th ultimo, Rabbins Neilson, eldest daughter of the late Mr James Neilson.

    Suddenly, at 81 Abbotsford Place, on the 3d instant, Mr David Anderson, late with Messrs J & W Campbell & Co.

    At his father's residence, Arthur Street, Belfast, on the 3d instant, Dr. Alfred Anderson, house surgeon, Belfast Fever Hospital.

    At Police Buildings, on the 4th instant, Mr William Robertson, Superintendent of Fire Engines.

    At Glasgow, on the 5th instant, Mr Richard Hall, writer.

    Suddenly, at 3 St. Andrew's Lane, on the 5th instant, of scarlet fever, Janet, aged four years and seven months, and on the 6th, George, aged two years and five months, children of Mr Alexander Innes, victualler, Gallowgate.

    At Airdrie, on the 5th instant, John Jackson Esq., aged seventy-eight years, late manufacturer in Glasgow.

    At 30 Pollock Street, on the 5th instant, the infant daughter of Mr AD Campbell.

    At 9 Clyde Place, on the 7th instant, the infant son of Mr Alexander McLaren.

    At Cameron Bridge, near Edinburgh, on the 17th ultimo, Eliza, youngest daughter of Mr Chapman, advocate.

    At Dumfries, on the 26th ultimo, the wife of Mr James Bendall, merchant, Friar's Vennal, and at Greenock, on the preceding day, Mrs David Buchanan, their daughter. They were interred on the same day. Thursday the 30th September - the mother at Dumfries and the daughter at Greenock.

    At Largs, on the 2d instant, William Maxwell Esq., of Dargavel.

    At 22 George Square, Edinburgh, on the 4th instant, Samuel Aitken Esq., bookseller.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: On MOnday forenoon, a man named John Moore, aged about 50 years, a mason residing at 106 Saltmarket, was killed... by a train upon the Garnkirk Railway... deceased and other five men were employed in building a wall about a mile and a half distant from the station... immediately after the passing of a train at a quarter past eleven, he crossed the rails... for the purpose of getting a light from a cinder that had dropped from that train and before he had time to return to the other side the advancing half-past eleven train struck him down, cutting off both his feet, and otherwise severely mangling him. He expired almost immediately... deceased has left a wife and three children, who are aged respectively ten, fourteen and eighteen years.

    SUDDEN DEATH OF MR. SAMUEL AITKEN, BOOKSELLER, EDINGURGH: We regret to have to announce the death of Mr S. Aitken of the firm Messrs. Bell & Bradfute, booksellers. He had been in his ordinary health, and was at the church on Sunday as usual, but he had an attack of apoplexy early on Monday morning, and expired in course of the day... Edinburgh Advertiser.

    EXECUTION OF THOMAS LEITH: (abbreviated)... The Rev. Mr. Renton then asked the culprit if he was guilty or not guilty? He, laying his right hand on his heart, said, with a firm voice, "I am not guilty." The executioner then advanced and adjusted the rope and drew the while cap over his eyes. The culprit then exclaimed five or six times in a most fervent and supplicatory tine "O! jesus, Jesus, save me by thy blood!" Amid these ejectulations, the drop fell. As the length of rope was not much above two feet, the culprit appeared to suffer a good deal. At 9 o'clock the body was cut down and shortly afterwards interred within the precincts of the gaol. Thomas Leith was a man apparently about 40 years of age, about five feet six inches high, rather dark in the complexion, his physiognomy resembling not a little that of the Italian... he was come of very poor parentage, and after the death of his father (who was a miller by trade) which must have been while he was very young, his widowed mother begged her bread from door to door with Thomas on her back. As soon as he was able to work, he learned the tailro trade, which he seems to have altogether deserted although he attached to it some auxillaries... When he attained what is commonly termed the years of discretion (about 20) he married Ann Welsh (the poisoned victim), daughter of a very respectable working man... by Ann Welsh, Thomas had twelve children, six of whom are now alive, the oldest being 19 years of age, while the youngest is from three to four...after accumulating a small trifle of money, he settled down in the Hawkhill, where he opened a small shop in the furnishing line. Thence he removed about the year 1832 to a more extensive establishment at the West Port, where he continued ever to drive a lucrative business. By a life of industry and frugality, and a careful abstinence from all intoxicating liquors, Leith succeeded in gathering a considerable sum of money whereby he was enabled to purchase several properties... the rents he derived from these, and the profits of his own business, allowed him to live in very easy circumstances, and it is said that he must have been worth nearly £1,000... in religious matters, he was at one time an admirer of John Wesley, whose principles of Methidism he professed... - From the Second Edition of the Dundee Advertiser of Tuesday.

    11th October 1847


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 22 Stevenson Street, Calton, on the 5th instant, Mrs DB Finlay, a daughter.

    At 29 Rutland Square, Edinburgh, on the 6th instant, the Lady of Alexander Hamilton Esq., W.S., a son.

    At Whitehall Place, 36 Hill Street, on the 7th instant, Mrs Peter McFarlane, a daughter.

    At 77 Gloucester Place, Hill Street, on the 7th instant, Mrs Edward Wunach, a son.

    At 10 Cumberland Street, on the 10th instant, Mrs Thomas Main, a son.

    At Seaside Cottage, Campbelton, on the 5th instant, the Lady of Alexander McMillan Esq., W.S., a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 22 London Street, Edinburgh, on the 7th instant, by the Rev. Thomas Guthrie, the Rev. David Adams, Ahoghill Antrim, to Alexandrina, daughter of the late Alexander Ogilvie Esq., Glasgow.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Lagarie, Dumbartonshire, on the 8th instant, Walter Wood, youngest son of Alexander Dennistoun Esq., Golfhill.

    At his house, North Albion Court, Glasgow, of typhus fever, on the 10th instant, Mr John Wilson, aged forty-six.

    At No. 5 Charles Street, Calton, on the 2d instant, Elizabeth Brown, aged sixty-one, wife of Mr Alexander Connel.

    At 21 Lothian Street, Edinburgh, on the 3d instant, Barbara McGlashan, wife of Mr John Scott, tobacconist there.

    At 40 Warwick Street, Glasgow, on the 5th instant, Jean Young, wife of Mr Robert Holmes.

    At Neilston, on the 7th instant, Mr William Robertson, merchant.

    At Leadlewan, Killean, on the 7th instant, John Provan Esq.

    At Provan Mills, near Glasgow, on the 6th instant, Eliza, youngest daughter of Mr James Miller.

    Suddenly, at 157 Main Street, Gorbals, on the 8th instant, Mrs Robert Raeburn.

    At 36 Port Dundas Road, on the 10th instant, John, twin son of Mr Alexander Warnock.

    Suddenly, at 282 Buchanan Street, on the 8th instant, Mrs Crawford of Oldhamstocks, Cockburnspath.

    At Parkhead, on the 8th instant, Mr David Letham, sen., aged seventy-seven.

    At 92 Castlemilk Place, on the 9th instant, Jane Jaffray, wife of Mr John Edwards, accountant, Glasgow, aged forty-seven years.

    At Stanmore, near Lanark, on the 9th instant, after a short illness, Robert, eldest son of the deceased David McLean Esq., Glasgow.

    At Patras, on the 18th August, after a few hour's illness, Colonel Hanmer Warrington, her Majesty's late Agent and Consul-General at Tripoli, where he had searved for thirty-three years with distinguished ability.

    At Oxford, on the 5th instant, Henry Howard Esq., R.A., Secretary Professor of Painting to the Royal Academy, aged seventy-eight.

    We regret to learn that Mr. Joseph Irvine, interim Inspector of the Gorbals Poor, died of typhus fever on Saturday evening last. The deceased was temporarily appointed on the illness of Mr Frazer, who died of the same disease on the 3d curt., and had only officiated a few days when he was also attacked with the malady which has proved fatal to him.

    MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT: In the beginning of last week, James Hiddlestone, a boy of about 14 years of age, son of Mr Hiddlestone, joiner, Minnyhive, met with his death under the following melancholy circumstances. Accompanied by his younger brother and another boy, he had gone in search of haws. They had not proceeded far from the village, when they came to a hawthorn near a dyke about 4 feet in height, upon which he mounted, and seized upon a small twig, which, in endeavouring to pull towards him, gave away, whereby he lost his balance, and falling backwards off the dyke, his head struck upon a stone. As he made no cry, nor gave other symptoms of pain, his companion who immediately came to his assistance, thought he was unhurt, but finding every inducement to make him speak unavailing, they became frightened. One of them ran to a byre near at hand, where he gave the alarm to a dairymaid, who immediately hurried to the spot, and found life was fast ebbing, for although he had turned on his hands and kneews, two faint breathings were the only sypmtoms of life he ever gave. - Dumfries Courier.

    FATAL RAILWAY ACCIDENT AT DUNBLANE: About eight o'clock on the morning of Wednesday week, Donald Macleod from Skye, about 22 years of age, lost his life by a fall of earth whilst employed a short way above Lecropt schoolhouse... the young man had been employed at the work about a week only, and a brother of his, a fellow-worker, was present on the occasion. - Perth Courier.

    FATAL ACCIDENT AT CULROSS: On Wednesday last week while John Thomson was conducting the ladened waggons to the tip end at Mains of Grange, his foot slipped and he fell upon the rails. A heavy waggon passed over his left leg and nearly severed it above the knee... Thomson was a youth of seventeen, and a native of Dunfermline. - Perth Courier.

    ZETLAND - LOSS OF LIFE: On the 8th ultimo, a fishing boat was upset in a sudden squall, off the North Roe, while engaged in the herring fishing and two young men - named Andrew Irvine and James Ramsay were drowned. On the 18th, off Scar Island, an oared boat was upset, also in a squall, while running to Lunasting. The accident was observed from the shore, and a crew ventured out to relieve the sufferers, but the boat filling they were obliged to return, and to return, and with difficulty saved themselves. From the 18th of August to the 18th of September, twenty lives have been lost on the Zetland shores from the fury of the gales. - Inverness Courier.

    15th October 1847


    BIRTHS [02]
    At Carlton Place, on the 12th instant, Mrs Gemmill, a daughter.

    At Maitland Street, Cowcaddens, on the 13th instant, Mrs William Webster, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 10 South Portland Street, on the 14th instant, by the Rev. David Russell, Mr John McLeod, Glasgow, to Charlotte Wallace, second daughter of Mr John Mowat, Wick.

    At Brodick, on the 11th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Davidson of the Free Church, Mr J Smythe Whyte, Liverpool, to Catherine McKellar, eldest daughter of Alexander Fullarton Esq., J.P.C., Brodick.

    At Edinburgh, on the 13th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Brown, John Brownlie Esq., Glasgow, to Elizabeth Smith, daughter of the late James Cunningham Esq., of Knowton.(?)

    At 177 Hope Street, on the 14th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Duncan, Samuel Cunningham Esq., merchant, Londonderry, to Ellen, second daughter of Mr Peter McIndee, merchant, Milngavie.

    At St. Mary's Episcopal Chapel, Glasgow, on the 12th instant, by the Right Rev. Bishop Russell, James Merry Esq., Glasgow, to Anne, eldest daughter of James McHardy Esq., of Glenboig.

    At St. Andrew's Church, Madras, on the 20th April, by the Rev. RK Hamilton, M.A., George Walker esq., merchant, to Susan Gertrude, eldest daughter of William Liddell Esq., coroner of Madras.

    At Lynedoch, Perthshire, on the 7th instant, by the Rev. JR Ormond, Patrick Campbell McDougall Esq., Professor of Moral Philosophy, New College, Edinburgh, to Helen Mary Glass, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Thomson, Perth.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 118 Union Street, on the 14th instant, Margaret Mann, wife of James Taylor.

    Suddenly, at Corbey, Longford, Ireland, on the 19th instant, of fever, caught in the discharge of his duty, the Rev. John McCabbin, son of John McCabbin Esq., merchant, Glasgow.

    At 186(?) St. Mungo Place, Stirling's Road, Glasgow, on the 10th instant, Mr James Jamieson, surgeon, aged 47 years.

    At Pollokshaws, on the 11th instant, David E Muirhead, son of Mr James Muirhead, Cart Forge.

    At 64 Lawmoor Place, Hutchesontown, on the 13th instant, Mr John Yuill, in the 71st year of his age.

    At Renfrew Street, Glasgow, Mr Alexander Galloway, junior.

    At 430 Argyll Street, on the 13th instant, of typhus fever, the Rev. Robert Ross, Minister of Free St. Mark's, Anderston.

    At 128 Union Street, Glasgow, on the 12th instant, Bethia Turnbull, relict of Mr Thomas Strathearn.

    At Norwood, on the 10th instant, John Robinson, jun., Esq., of George Yard, Lombard Street, late of Rio de Janairo.

    At Diamond Estate, in the Island of St. Croix, on the 18th of August last, Mr. Robert Sherriff, jun., late of New York.

    At sea, on board the barque Albert, four days after leaving Honduras, of fever, Captain Daniel Tolmie(?)

    At Riccarton, Ayrshire, on the 7th instant, John Brown, wife of Mr. James Crawford.

    At Millhall, on the 9th instant, George Paterson of Eaglesham, aged 37 years.

    At Upper Dalquharn Cottage, Renton, Dumbartonshire, on the 9th instant, Clementina Fleming, wife of Mr John Cullen, surgeon.

    At 16 Dale Street, Bridgeton, on the 10th instant, Margaret, aged 36 years, only daughter of the late Mr. James Donald.

    At 49(?) Bath Street, on the 11th instant, Mrs. WC Galloway.

    At Ventner, Isle of Wight, on the 9th instant, aged 22, Patrick Fleming, only son of the late Mr Peter Fleming, Glasgow.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: A young man named Henry Conway, a railway labourer, was killed at a deep cutting on the railway at Clockclocher farmhouse, near Cumnock, on the morning of the 11th instant. He was engaded along with two others undermining a large fall of clay, about twelve feet deep, when the mass suddenly gave way... killed Conway on the spot and slightly injured one of the other men... Conway has wrought here for about twelve months and was much respected by his fellow workmen and all who knew him. - Aye Observer.

    A WOMAN DROWNED: On Friday evening last, about eight o'clock, a woman either fell by accident, or threw herself from the North Quay, Ayr, below the railway station. Two girls having observed what had taken place, ran to a carrier who chanced to be at hand... although she was only a few minutes in the water when taken out, life was found to be irrecoverably gone. The body was carried across the water to the Police Station, and thence to the Poor's House where it lay on Saturday without being owned. In the evening deceased was decently dressed and was just about to be carried away for interment on Sabbath, when she was claimed by her husband named Patrick Hannah, a railway contractor, at present residing at Kilmaurs. It appeared that he had come with her on Friday to Ayr Races when she had made rather free with the bottle, and had missed her husband about the station. It was stated that he was then perfectly sober, and had been much perplexed at missing her, and when he found her a lifeless corpse on his return to Ayr, he was very much hurt and exhibited a great deal of affectionate regret. He paid expenses and carried the body away in a hearse for interment at Kilm airs. - Ayr Observer.

    18th October 1847


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 98(?) Windsor Place, on the 13th instant, Mrs Thomas McFarlane, a son.

    At 6 Prov#####, Stirling's Road, on the 14th instant, Mrs Roxburgh, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At St. John's Chapel, Edinburgh, on the 13th instant, by the Very Reverend Dean Ramsay, James Smith Esq., merchant, Ceylon, to Matilda, youngest daughter of the late Dr. Rigby of Norwich.

    At Swansea, on the 13th instant,by the Rev. Edward B Squire, Mr. James Donaldson Thomas, to Elisa, second daughter of the late James Taylor Esq., calenderer, Glasgow.

    At Bowhouse, on the 18th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Kerr of Polmont, John G Urquhart Esq., younger of Vellere, to Jessie, youngest daughter of Alexander Kiscald Esq., of Bowhouse.

    At 15 Eglinton Street, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. George Moffat of Port Glasgow, Mr John Nichol, Cardrainey, Kilmacolm, to Margaret, eldest daughter of William Bryden Esq.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Croft Croyne, on the 14th instant, Mr William Skirving, for upwards of twenty-five years connected with the Glasgow Courier. [ see abbreviated notice below ]

    At Ardlarach House, Craignish, Argyllshire, on the 3d instant, Dugald Campbell Esq., of Ardlarach, aged sixty-eight.

    At Dolphingston, on the 10th instant, Mr Robert Moore, Manager of Prestongrange Colliery, East Lothian.

    At 96 North Montrose Street, on the 12th instant, Thomas Hart, second son of Mr. John Currie, chemist and druggist.

    At 33 South Portland Street, on the 16th instant, John Carrick, youngest son of Mr James Stewart, surgeon.

    At the Breadalbane Arms Hotel, Aberfeldy, on the 16th instant, Christina Menzies, aged eleven months.

    Suddenly, at 2 Edwin Place, on the 13th instant, Amelia McCulloch, relict of Mr. Peter Mitchell, wine merchant, Glasgow.

    At 54 York Street, on the 13th instant, Mr James Minto, senior, builder.

    At her brother's house, Greenock, on the 15th instant, Miss Margaret Jamieson.

    Suddenly, at 14 Adelphi Street, Hutchesontown, on the 15th instant, Graham Wotherspoon, baker.

    At 18 Hertford Street, Mayfair, on the 11th instant, the Dowager Lady Waterpark, in her 81st year.

    MR WILLIAM SKIRVING: We regret to announce the death of this gentleman, who was connected with the mechanical and literary department of the Glasgow Courier for five and twenty years... his health was always feeble which rendered labour to him both irksome and oppressive... - Courier. [ see death notice above ]

    FATAL ACCIDENT - TWO MEN DROWNED: (abbreviated). We regret to state that an accident of a very melancholy nature occurred here on Monday night last, whereby two men, named John Robertson and John Clark, postillions in the employment of Mr. Gibb, were drowned. They had been posting throughout the day, and had returned to Stirling from Ardoch about eight o'clock in the evening, entering the town by the old bridge, for the purpose of washing their horses feet at a part of the river immediately adjoining it - a spot which, although extremely dangerous, is often resorted to for that purpose... the river was greatly flooded... Clark is supposed to belong to about Aberdeen, having only lately entered into the service of Mr. Gibb. Robertson, who was a most steady, sober, and industrious man, belonged to this town. He had been in the service of Mr. gibb and his father for upwards of thirty years, and was much respected by them as a trustworthy servant. We regret to say that he has left a widow and six young children to deplore his loss. - Stirling Journal.

    22nd October 1847


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 13 Columbia Place, Scotia Street, on the 20th instant, Mrs Charles Wands, twin sons.

    At 2 Somerset Place, on the 18th instant, Mrs Robert Paterson, a son.

    At 49 West Campbell Street, on the 18th instant, Mrs John Neilson, jun., a daughter.

    At Janefield, Springburn, on the 19th instant, Mrs DB Johnson, a son.

    At Muir's Place, 61 Havannah Street, on the 20th instant, Mrs D McLean, a daughter.

    At Meadowbank Place, Partick, on the 18th instant, Mrs James Aitken, a son.

    At 120 Renfrew Street, on the 18th instant, Mrs William Watt, a son.

    At 87 Upper Crown Street, on the 18th instant, Mrs Dr. Matthew H Gibson, a daughter.

    At 113 Castlemilk Place, Hospital Street, on the 20th instant, Mrs George Claland, a son, still-born.

    At Boston, U.S., on the 26th ultimo, the lady of the Rev. Dr. McGilvray, of Hope Street Gaelic Church, Glasgow, a daughter.

    At Alloa, on the 16th instant, Mrs Robert Meiklejohn Connal, a daughter.

    At Garrioch House, on the 21st instant, Mrs Allan, a daughter.

    At Crieff, on the 18th instant, Mrs Cunningham, wife of the Rev. John Cunningham, a son.

    At Plymouth, on the 17th instant, Mrs Henry Woodfall, a son.

    At 25 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, on the 19th instant, the Lady Jane Johnston Douglas, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Hurlet, on the 18th instant, by the Rev. Mr. McLawrie, Archibald Gilmour Esq., to Agnes, third daughter of William McLintock Esq., Lochinch.

    At Drmore House, Campbelton, on the 14th instant, by the Rev. George McLean, first minister, Thomas Burton Forester Esq., of Holt, England, to Emma, daughter of David Stewart Galbraith Esq., of Machrehanish and Drumore.

    At Poll, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. William Lauder, minister of the Free Church, Strachur, Mr John Munro, saddler, Inveraray, to Christian, third daughter of Mr Archibald McNicol, merchant, Poll.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Washington, U.S., on the 20th ultimo, Lillias M Young, wife of Charles Stott Esq., only daughter of the late James Young Esq., of Peel Hill.

    At 11 Kinning Place, on the 21st instant, Susan, aged 19 months, daughter of Mr Robert Thallon.

    At 114 Trongate, on the 21st instant, aged 7 years and 8 months, Jane, daughter of Mr William Elliot.

    At 74 Hospital Street, on the 21st instant, of typhus fever, Mr William Ballantine, aged 25 years.

    At 45 North Frederick Street, on the 21st instant, Mrs William Gordon Greer, aged 43 years.

    At Mock Villa, near Dublin, on the 16th instant, John Shearer of Glasgow.

    At sea, on the 23d ultimo, on the passage from Quebec to Greenock, Captain David Spittal, of the ship William Dawson, of Alloa.

    At 3 Bothwell Street, Anderston, on the 20th instant, Archibald aged 10 years, youngest son of the late Mr John Paul.

    At his sister's house, 9 Annfield Place, on the 17th instant, Mr Daniel Johnston, bleacher, or Muirhead Bleachfield, Fifeshire.

    At 3 Bedford Place, on the 20th instant, James Macarthur Esq.

    At Neilston, on the 12th instant, Mr Thomas Telfer jun.

    At Bridge of Allan, on the 19th instant, Jane McLean, wife of Mr Matthew Clark, Annfield Place.

    At her father's house, Craigs Court, 95 Argyll Street, on the 20th instant, Ellen Brown, relict of Mr John Macfarlan, timber merchant, Oswald Street.

    At 101 Stirling's Road, on the 18th instant, Elizabeth Catherine, daughter of the Rev. John Graham, aged 11 years.

    At 36 West Russell Street, on the 19th instant, James, eldest son of Mr William Hay.

    At Kelly Street, Greenock, on the 17th instant, Neil Cairsie(?) Esq., of Curling Hall, Largs.

    FATAL ACCIDENT AT CUMNOCK: A young man of the name of John McBeth, a mining contractor, was killed at a coal pit on the farm of Mosshouse, near Cumnock, on the 14th instant. It appears he had occasion to go down the coal pit, for the purpose of raising a few coals to supply an engine... a bucket struck him on the head... was unmarried, and was the principal support of an aged and widowed mother. - Ayr Observer.

    MELANCHOLY OCCURRENCE: On Sunday afternoon last, Mrs Wells, the widowed sister of Mr Robert Pagan, farmer, Cowcruve of Closeburn, went out to bring her brother's cows home for the night. As she did not return with the herd in the usual time, an alarm was raised and melancholy to relate, she was found about half an hour after her going out, in the foeld, lifeless, and severly mangled by the bull which accompanied the cows. As no one witnessed the accident, it is impossible to give farther particulars. This melancholy event, coupled with the numerous similar cases which have happened, should operate as a warning to all having charge of a dairy never to trust too much to the good temper of those dangerous animals. - Dumfries Courier.

    FATAL ACCIDENTS: On Saturday a painter in Edinburgh named James Milne was killed on the Hawick Railway, at a point near Lasswade. It appears he had been walking between the rails when a train, proceeding from Dalkeith to Gorebridge, came up and overtook him before he had stepped aside out of its way. The unhappy man was literally crushed to pieces. The same day, Elizabeth Adamson or Elizabeth Scott residing at Sheriff Hall engine, Newton, was found lying dead near Miller Hill. From the examination made of her body, her death was found to have been caused by her falling on a stone while attempting to step over a pailing, by which her shoulder blade and several of her ribs were broken. - Edinburgh Advertiser.

    MILITARY FUNERAL: On Tuesday afternoon, the funeral of the late Ensign Edmond Young, of the 76th Regiment, took place. At half past two o'clock the mournful procession proceeded from the Castle. It was composed of the soldiers of the regiment, four abreast, preceded by their splendid band, performing solemn and imressive music. The route taken was by the Lawnmarket, Bank Street, Earthen Mound, and Princes Street, to the burial-ground of St. john's Episcopal Chapel, where the body was deposited. Among the mourners present were Col. Clarke and the officers of the regiment, Major Eden and officers of the staff, officers of the 3d Dragoon Guards, artillery, &c. The procession had a very imposing appearance, and throughout the whole route was attended by crowds of spectators. [01]

    25th October 1847


    BIRTHS [02]  
    At Pollokshaws, on the 7th instant, the wife of the Rev. James M Smith, a daughter.

    At Garthland Place, Paisley, on the 23d instant, Mrs Robert Wylie, a daughter.

    At 24 High Street, Johnstone, on then 23d instant, Mrs James Allan, jun., a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Row, on the 18th instant, by the Rev. Mr Laurie Fogo, Mr. Thomas McFarquhar, steamer Emperor, to Catherine, only daughter of Peter McAdam Esq., Row.

    At Helensburgh, on the 18th instat, by the Rev. Mr. Laurie Fogo, John Hamilton, Esq., of Millbrook, to Elizabeth, only daughter of John Cleland Esq., Helensburgh, and grand-daughter of the late James Cleland, LLD., Glasgow.

    At Dahousie Cottage, Garnethill, Glasgow, on the 23d instant, by the Rev. Professor Eadie, LLD., Mr Robert Deans, Edinburgh, to Margaret Waugh, youngest daughter of the late Andrew Johnstone Esq., architect, Manchester, formerly of London.

    At Ardlarach, Islay, on the 19th instant, by the Rev. Alexander Stewart, Dr. Colin MacTavish, HEICS, to catherine, fourth daughter of the late Donald Campbell Esq., Ballimartin, Islay.

    St. St. Bride's Church, Liverpool, on the 19th instant, by the Rev. D.D. Stewart, M.A., Mr David Hamilton, merchant, Glasgow, to Grace Elizabeth, second daughter of William Titley Esq., merchant, Kingston, Jamaica.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Kingston, Jamaica, on the 9th ultimo, John Howie Esq., merchant, formerly of this city.

    At 38 Maxwell Street, on the 21st instant, Catherine Livingston, wife of Mr Alexander Cameron.

    At his house, 5 William Street, Greenhead, on the 24th instant, Mr John Salmon.

    At 45 North Frederick Street, on the 21st instant, Mrs William Gordon Green, aged 43 years.

    At 119 Murray Place, New City Road, on the 23d instant, Mrs Thomas Baird, in the 90th year of her age.

    At 15 St. Mungo Street, on the 23d instant, Alexander Watt, LLD, City Statist. [ see article below ]

    At 18 Jamaica Street, on the 24th instant, Ann Conway, relict of Mr Nathaniel Morrison, saddler, Glasgow.

    At Ferozepore, Upper Scinde, in August last, aged 29 years, Mr. RC Miller, of the Indus Flotilla, third son of the late Mr. Francis Miller, of Robertson Street, Glasgow.

    At 98 castlemilk Place, on the 15th instant, of typhus fever, Mr. Alexander Davidson of Edinburgh, late with Messrs. William McLaren, Sons & Co., of this city.

    At No. 12 Pollock Street, Paisley Road, on the 20th instant, of fever, Mr Ebenezer Thomson, aged 35 years.

    At Pollokshaws, on the 12th(?) instant, Mary S Graham, wife of the Rev. James M Smith.

    At Garthland Place, Paisley, on the 23d instant, the infant daughter of Mr Robert Wylie.

    ANNOUNCEMENT: We regret to announce the death of Dr. Alexander Watt, city statist, and warden of the High Churchyard which event took place on the morning of Saturday last, from paralysis. Dr. Watt wqas a man amiable and respected in private life, and able as a public officer. The mortality tables for Glasgow, prepared annually by the lamented Doctor, were documents of great interest and importance, and bore satisfacatory evidence of his ability and research. He also contributed, from time to time, some valuable papers to the Statistical Section of the British Association. [ see notice above ]

    SUDDEN DEATH: On Friday morning, a man named Daniel Walker, lamplighter, in the employment of the River Trust, while engaged extinguished the lamps on the quays, suddenly dropped down and expired. The proximate cause of death we have not ascertained.

    FATAL COLLIERY ACCIDENT: On saturday the 9th instant, Mr Robert Moore, manager of Sir George Grant Suttie's colleries at preston Grange, met with a severe accident, which terminated fatally on Sunday evening. He had been giving instructions to the engineman, and on his way from the engine-house, crossing the top of the boiler, he slipped his foot and fell into the ash-pit, into some warm water which had just been run off the boiler, and got himself severly scalded besides his left arm broken, and otherwise bruised. Drs. Moir and Scott, from Musselburgh, were in almost immediate attendance, but their services were of no avail. He lingered on till Sunday evening, when death put an end to his sufferings. - Edinburgh paper.

    SUDDEN DEATH IN LEITH: On Saturday night, an old woman of the name of Elizabeth Wilkie, residing in Morton's Entry, had gone down to the Gas Work with the supper of a person who lodged in her house, She had wandered to the sands, and it is supposed had fallen down in a fit. She was found next morning, between six and seven o'clock, quite dead. [01]

    SERIOUS ACCIDENT AT DURIE FOUNDRY: An accident of a very distressing nature occurred at the Foundry here on the evening of Tuesday last week, when the workmen were in the act of raising a large vessel containing melted metal, for the purpose of pouring it into a mould prepared for casting some piece of machinery. The vessel containing the melted iron lost its balance when above the heads of the workmen and the buring contents were poured down upon two of the men, who, in attempting to escape, fell down and were both scalded in a very serious manner. Mr. William Finlay, foreman, was injured to a very lamentable degree. The burning liquid fell upon his face, and injured him otherwise very severely. The other man, though much scalded, was not so fearfully injured as Mr. Finlay, who died on Monday night last. - Fifeshire Journal.

    29th October 1847


    BIRTHS [02]  

    At 2 Clifton Street, on the 28th instant, Mrs Thomson, a daughter.

    At Moss Cottage, Dumbreck, on the 26th instant, Mrs John C Henderson, a son, still-born.

    At 6 Shuttle Street, on the 27th instant, Mrs Sutherland, jun., a son.

    At 23 Kinning Place, on the 26th instant, Mrs Daniel Ross, a son.

    At 12 Salisbury Street, on the 28th instant, Mrs Willox, a daughter.

    At Dunoon, on the 24th instant, Mrs Rowland East, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]  

    At Edinburgh, on the 27th instant, Mrs James R Allan, chemist, Greenock, to Mary Clark, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Ker, surgeon, Edinburgh.
    DEATHS [02]  

    At Calcutta, on the 31st August, Captain Thomas Brown, of the barque Nemesis of Kirkcaldy.

    At 119 Montrose Street, on the 26th instant, Agnes, daughter of William Bennet.

    At 23 Kinning Place, Paisley Road, suddenly on the 27th instant, Isabella Watt, wife of Mr Henry Maxwell.

    At Stockwell Street, suddenly, on the 20th instant, Mr Adam Turnbull.

    At Jordanhill, on the 26th instant, Mrs Smith of Jordanhill.

    At 91 Bridgegate Street, on the 23d instant, Mr Allan McLean, son of the late Mr Donald McLean, farmer, Arthur, Ross, Mull.

    At Lumsden's Buildings, Coatbridge, on the 27th instant, Mr William Hill, merchant.

    At London, on the 25th instant, Mrs Gavin Lawrie, wife of the late Mr Gavin Lawrie, builder, Glasgow.

    At Mavisbank, Hawkhead, Paisley, on the 14th instant, Mr John McGill jun., and on the 24th instant, aged 84, Mrs John McGill, sen.

    At 145 New Vennal, on the 28th instant, Mr Thomas MR Finlayson, late jeweller, Glasgow.

    At 18(?) Norfolk Street, on the 26th instant, Ann Henderson, wife of Mr James Stewart, sen.

    At 41 Bernard Street, Russell Square, London, on the 17th instant, John Bannatyne, Esq.

    At Calcutta, on the 16th August, Mr DG Shanks, son of Mr Charles Shanks, Springburn.

    At St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., on the 9th ultimo, Mr Alexander Morrison, aged 32 years, son of the late Mr William Morrison, merchant, Glasgow.

    At Glasgow, on the 25th instant, Mr James Miller, compositor.

    At the Wheat Sheaf Inn, Greenock, on the 27th instant, Mr John McFarlan, farmer, Stronachullin, near Ardentinny.

    At Falkirk, on the 27th instant, after a few days illness, Mr Maxwell Irvine, of the Red Lion Hotel, on the 49th year of his age.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: On Thursday last, the 21st instant, Thomas Waddel was accidentally killed ay the incline on the waggon road at Middledean, near Middlebank, the seat of James Kerr Esq. He had fallen asleep or lain down on the road, and it appears he had been fast asleep at the time the waggons came down the incline about 8 o'clock evening... the body was removed in a cart of Mr. Kerr's to Inverkeithing from which it was conveyed to Dunfermline the next day, where he resided. As the deceased had for some time past been too often under the influence of ardent spirits, though he had been at work through the day, there is reason to believe he was under their influence when he met with the accident, and that it may be ascribed to the effects of intemperance. - Fifeshire Journal.

    FATAL ACCIDENT AT ARDROSSAN: On the evening of Sabbath last, the 24th instant, about 7 o'clock, Richard Howell, an apprentice in the schooner Sarah, of Dublin, while stepping on board that vessel, presently lying here, accidentally missed his foot, and fell into the water... he was 17 years of age and belonged to Llanelly, Wales.

    FATAL ACCIDENT AT LEITH: An accident of a melancholy nature took place at leith on Monday, which resulted in the death of a young man, a painter, named James Swanson. The Victoria steamer is at present lying at the Custom-house quay for the purpose of receiving some repairs, and the deceased and two others were engaged in painting a portion of the vessel. They were seated on a kind of stage, formed by two planks of wood, suspended by a rope at each end, but the latter, having by some means lost its hold on the spar to which it was attached, the whole party were precipitated into the water... the deceased never appeared after he sunk below the surface of the water... Swanson was a promising young man, about twenty-one years of age, and belonged to Leven, in Fifeshire. - Edinburgh Advertiser.

    FATAL RAILWAY ACCIDENT AT DUNBLANE: Another fatal accident occurred at Mill of Ash on Friday 15th current. A ladened waggon running back on the driver Thomas Gow, he tried to stop its progress by the break, but was unsuccessful. The waggon ran to the end of the cat, where the gullet was so narrow that in endeavouring to escape by the side, he was pressed up against the perpendicular bank, and killed instantaneously. - Perth Courier.

    MAN KILLED: We regret to learn that a few days ago, a man named John Keith residing at Freswick, was killed by falling over the rocks in that neighbourhood. The body, although not found until the day after the deceased was amissing, was quite warm when discovered. The poor man was much respected in the neighbourhood. - Aberdeen Journal.

    MAN DROWNED AT ARDROSSAN: On the morning of Friday last, the 22d instant, while Angus McKay, carpenter with Messrs. Barr and Shearer, ship-builders, was working on a stage at the bow of the schooner James and Isabella of Belfast, presently lying in the wet-dock here, he accidentally overbalanced himself and fell into the water. Notwithstanding every exertion having been made for hos rescue, fifteen minutes elapsed before his body was found, but life was extinct. He was unmarried, about 24 years of age, and was much respected by his employers and fellow-workmen. He belonged to the North of Scotland. - Ayr Observer.

    MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT: On Thursday, a coach driver named Alexander Scott, while placing some luggage on the top of the stage coach at Hawick, preparatory to starting for Edinburgh, had his foot entangled in the reins and fell between the coach and horses. He however thought himself able to conduct the coach to Edinburgh and took his seat on the box as usual, but at the last stage he was obliged to procure another person to drive for the remainder of the journey. On reaching home he became worse, and died early on Sunday morning from the inward bruises he had received. [01]

    MR THOMAS SPARK: We deeply regret to have to announce the death of this gentleman, who died suddenly on Monday evening week. For many years he was a pretty regular contributor to the Aberdeen Chronicle, and in 1829, he, in conjunction with Mr. Duncan, started the Observer. In 1837 the Observer was merged in the Constititional, but for nearly a year previously, Mr Spark had broken off his connection with the press, and devoted himself, almost exclusively, to the prosecution of his own business. He had read much, and had a most retentive memory, which, with a great facility in composition, gave him a considerable advantage in controversy, particularly when sharp-shooting was required. In all his social relations Mr. Spark stood high, and his death will be long and deeply lamented by his family and friends. - Aberdeen Herald.


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