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November 1847


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[03] The New York Times
[04] The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Advertiser ( The Paisley Herald & Renfrewshire Gazette for listings from 20th May 1854)
[05] Glasgow Saturday Post &Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer
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    1st November 1847


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 3 Jane Street, Blythswood Square, on the 30th ultimo, Mrs William Gilmour jun., a son.

    At 21 Warwick Street, on the 27th ultimo, Mrs Thomas Ross, a daughter.

    At Cessnock Road, Govan, near Glasgow, on the 29th ultimo, Mrs WRW Smith, a son.

    At Montreal, on the 9th ultimo, Mrs Hugh Allan, a daughter.

    At 27 Union Place, Aberdeen, on the 24th ultimo, Lady Seton of Pitmedden, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 27 Kinning Place, on the 29th ultimo, by the Rev. James Gibson, Mr John Mowat, merchant, Glasgow, to Siblie Agnes, second daughter of the late Mr Daniel Gunn.

    At Bridgeton, on the 28th ultimo, by the Rev. Mr Wilson, Mr Robert Robin, wine and spirit merchant, Tradeston, to Janet, fourth daughter of Mr James McCartney.

    At St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth, on the 28th ultimo, by the Rev. John Hatchend, William Hoggan Esq., R.N., to Ann Mary, only child of Robert Brooks Esq., late of the HELCCS, Island of St. Helens.

    At the Cathedral, Manchester, on the 28th ultimo, by the Rev. Edward Birch of St. Saviours, Edward Vinicombe Esworthy(?) Esq., merchant, London, to Elisa, daughter of the late James Roston(?) Esq., of Grosvenor Square, Manchester.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 27 Rose Street, Garnethill, on the 29th ultimo, John Whitehead Esq., merchant, Glasgow.

    At 176 Hope Street, on the 29th ultimo, Elizabeth Reid, aged 60 years, wife of William Craig.

    At Glasgow, on the 20th ultimo, Mr John Cowan, compositor, aged 41 years.

    At 44 Trongate Street, suddenly, on the 28th(?) ultimo, Elisabeth, daughter of John Cameron, aged 2 years.

    At 73 Eglinton Street, on the 31st ultimo, Agnes McIndee, second daughter of the late Mr Robert McIndee.

    At Mavisbank, Hawkhead, Paisley, on the 14th ultimo, Mr John McGill, jun., and on the 24th ultimo, Mr John McGill, sen., aged 84 years.

    At St Thomas's Croft, Renfrew, on the 31st ultimo, Mr John Brown, formerly master of the Trades' School, in that burgh.

    At 18 Marchall Place, Perth, on the 27th ultimo, Robert Brown, son of Alexander Brown, merchant, aged 27 years.

    At 37 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, on the 26th(?) ultimo, Dr. William Tait, Surgeon of Police, aged 38 years.

    At Dinapore, Bengal, on the 17th August, captain James Cospatrick Alexander Dunbar, of her Majesty's 98th Regiment. second son of the late James Dunbar Esq., and brother of Sir William Dunbar, Bart., of Mochrum, aged 33 years.

    SUDDEN DEATH: On the morning of Thursday last, Mary Durrie, a respectable old woman, was seen sitting on a stone in a park in Tranay, by a bye-road which leads from the "Feuars" to the Towngreen. She was, when they went near her, found to be dead, and her countenance seemed very pleasant, as if she had suffered no pain. She had been the preceding evening at tea in Brucefield. On her way home she had taken the bye-road for nearness. It would seem, when at the place, she had felt weak or sick, had sat down on the stone, and expired. - Fifeshire Journal.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: At 5 o'clock on Thursday afternoon, a little girl about three years old, named Margaret McKechnie, residing in Wheel Street, Calton, was knocked down by a horse and cart which was proceeding along that street. The cart was heavily laden with coal, and the wheels went over the right arm and chect of the unfortunate child, inflicting such severe injuries that she died in a few hours afterwards. The driver, who seemed much shocked at the occurence, was taken into custody, and the case will undergo an investigation.

    MELANCHOLY DEATH: (abbreviated) With feelings of deep regret we announce the death of William Cullen, Esquire, Clerk of the House of Assembly, which honourable and responsible situation he held for upwards of nineteen years... - Prince Edward Island Royal Gazette. [The deceased was for a period of four years, clerk in the counting-house of the Glasgow Herald, which situation he left 37 years ago. He was for some time the Editor of the above-named Colonial journal.]

    5th November 1847


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 64 Abbotsford Place, on the 2d instant, Mrs Archibald Harvie, a daughter.

    At 184 St. George's Road, on the 4th instant, Mrs FJ Ferguson, a son.

    At 1 Clairmont Street, on the 2d instant, Mrs Anthony Hannay, a son.

    At Cragburn, Gourock, on the 3d instant, Mrs James Wylie, a son.

    At Bellary, Madras Presidency, East Indies, on the 23d August last, Mrs Thompson, wife of Rev. William Thompson, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 102 South Portland Street, on the 4th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Boyd, Mr. William Campbell, merchant, to Agnes, youngest daughter of the late John Cochrane Esq., of Glanderston.

    At 40 York Street, on the 2d instant, by the Rev. Mr. Allen, Mr John McIntyre, to Sarah, eldest daughter of John McIntyre Esq., Brown Street.

    At Gartnavel, on the 15th ultimo, by the Rev. Mr. Rassie(?) of Gartnavel, Mr Robert Fraser, keeper, to Miss Euphemia Spence, second daughter of Mr Spence, Laurieston, Falkirk. [ see correction below 8th November ]

    At Annanhill, near Kilmarnock, on the 28th ultimo, Colonel Patrick Montgomerie, of the Madras Artillery, C.B., and one of her Majesty's Aides-de-Camp, to William Henrietta, third daughter of the late James Haldane Esq., formerly of Auchans, Ayrshire.

    At Shefford, Lower Canada, on the 27th September last, Johnson Henry Littledale Esq., to Gertrude Murray, daughter of the late William Gibson Esq., surgeon, Lanark.

    At London, Upper Canada, on the 30th August last, Thomas David Hume Esq., M.D., 83d Regiment, to Caroline, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Slater, of that regiment.

    At Oak Bank, Missouri, on the 16th August last, by the Rev. RP Brooks, M.A., James Dawson Macdonald Esq., Lieutenant 39th Regiment, attached to Seindish's Contingent, eldest son of the late Captain Macdonald, Con#####, Strathspey, to Mary Ellen, only daughter of the late Captain RF Douglas, Bengal Cavalry.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 10 Great Hamilton Street, suddenly, on the 2d instant, Mr William Strang, sen., aged 46 years.

    At 124 Trongate, suddenly, on the 4th instant, Miss Macdonald.

    At 143 Ber##de, Garscube Road, on the 4th instant, after a short illness, Mr Walter Smith, grocer.

    At Calder Bank, on the 4th instant, of typhus fever, Jessie Corbett, wife of Mr Robert Terrance.

    At Edinburgh, at his grandmother's house, on the 2d instant, John, youngest son of the Rev. Robert Houston, Minister of Gorbals, Glasgow.

    8th November 1847


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 26 Monteith Row, on the 5th instant, Mrs William Dewar, a son.

    At Oban, on the 4th instant, Mrs Thomas Stevenson, a daughter.

    At 11 Abercorn Street, Paisley, on the 5th instant, Mrs William Murdoch, a daughter.

    At 63 Queen Street, Edinburgh, on the 30th ultimo, the Lady of Donald Mackenzie Esq., advocate, a son.

    At 3 Darnaway Street, Edinburgh, on the 5th instant, Mrs Cook, a son.

    At Kinnoull Cottage, Perth, Lady Charles Lennox Kerr, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At crown Street, Hutchesontown, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. J McLeod Campbell, Mr John B Young, to Margaret, second daughter of Mr William Ballantyne.

    At 270 George Street, on the 2d instant, by the Rev. Dr. Robson, the Rev. John Scott, missionary to Jamaica, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late William Snell jun., Esq.

    At 42 Hill Street, Garnet Hill, on the 2d instant, by the Rev. JR Anderson, Mr Forbes Anderson, Glasgow, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late William Stirling Esq., merchant, Paisley.

    At Glenochar, on the 4th instant, Andrew pringle, M.D., Esq., of Lann, to Janet Lean, youngest daughter of Robert Hunter Esq.

    The notice inserted in our last [5th November above], announcing the marriage at gartnavel of Mr. Robert Fraser to Miss Euphemia Spence, is incorrect, no such marriage having taken place. It was handed in to our office on Thursday evening by a person who represented himself as having been sent by the parties, and who signed his name as "Donald Cameron" on the back of the notice. We will, of course, use every means to find out and punish the perpetrator of this mean and heartless hoax.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 63 Stockwell Street, on the 5th instant, Robert Harvie Esq., mahogany merchant.

    At 2 Hope Street, Main Street, Anderston, on the 7th instant, Mr James McGregor, manager of the Glasgow Bread Association.

    At 36 Blackfriar's Street, on the 5th instant, Mrs Robert Neilson.

    At 33 Blackfriar's Street, on the 7th instant, William Marshall, aged 18 months, son of Mr David Meikle, tanner, Glasgow.

    At 47 Oswald Street, on the 7th instant, of typhus fever, Mary Young, wife of Mr James Ferguson, wine and spirit merchant.

    At 20 Nelson Street, on the 5th instant, Catherine Dickson, daughter of Mr William Dickson, fruit merchant.

    At Hillhead, on the 5th instant, Margaret Ferrie, aged 70, relict of Robert Stewart Esq., of Barbeth.

    At 166 Stafford Place, New City Road, on the 2d instant, Thomas, eldest son of the late Mr. Archibald Boag, Inverkip.

    At Port Glasgow, on the 5th instant, Mr Alexander Buchanan, teacher, aged 79 years.

    At Buchanan Manse, on the 5th instant, the Rev. William Freeland, in the 42d year of his ministry.

    At 457 Gallowgate Street, on the 3d instant, Mr John Nicol, wine and spirit merchant.

    At Northfield, on the 4th instant, Andrew Robertson Esq., Gallowflat.

    At 25 Dublin Street, Edinburgh, on the 31st ultimo, George LA Douglas, Esq., advocate, Sheriff-Depute of Kincardineshire.

    At Canstatt, near Stuttgart, in the kingdom of Wurtemburg, on the 29th ultimo, Mary Hamilton, wife of Major Thomas Stirling Begbie, aged 56 years.

    DEATH OF WILLIAM FINLAY, PAISLEY: We are truly sorry to intimate the death of Mr Finlay, one of the most devoted of our townsmen to literary pursuits, and that only for the pleasure they afforded, and the excellent impressions they enabled him to promulgate. Mr Finlay was, unquestionably, the oldest and ablest votary of the Muses in town, since the death of Tannahill. He composed with much point and fluency, and the sentiments which he promulgated always carried along with them liberal, or high moral impressions, for the benefit of his fellow-men. The works of Mr Finlay have frequently been presented to the public, both in a condensed and a detached form. He was diffident to an extreme in his manners, particularly well informed, and a most agreeable companion in conversation. He has fallen a victim to fever, and expired at his residence at Nethercraigs on Friday morning last.

    DISTRESSING OCCURRENCE: On the evening of Monday the 1st instant, Mr. William McCredie, Port-William, had gone, in the absence of his servant, to sort and supper his horse, when the animal had attacked him, and getting him down beneath its forefeet had trampled him to such a degree as to deprive him of existance. The horse had never before, we believe, shown any propensity to vice. Deceased was a quite, inoffensive man, advanced in life, in comfortable circumstances, and leaves a widow and family to mourn his melancholy fate. - Dumfries Herald. [see also 15th November below]

    MELANCHOLY EVENT: (abbreviated)... On Friday morning last, a younf man, named Philip Thompson, gardener and gamekeeper to Sir Robert Mowbray of Cockairney, was discovered lying at the door of the house in a dying state. Upon being taken up it was discovered that he had been shot through the leg and was bleeding to death... he expired about ten o'clock in the forenoon... before his death he stated he had been fired at by a poacher whom he was pursuing... a man belonging to Aberdour having been taken up on suspicion, admitted he had shot him, but by accident... they had both been at Aberdour that night and had gone to shoot rabbits and when they parted at Cockairney the gun accidentally went off, the trigger having caught a part of his dress, and the contents went through the leg of the unfortunate man... they resolved, thinking the wound was not dangerous, make up a story about the poacher, being afraid of getting into a scrape about the rabbit shooting... - Edinburgh Advertiser

    12th November 1847


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 102 Castlemilk Place, on the 11th instant, Mrs James Baird, a son.

    At 70 Great Hamilton Street, on the 11th instant, Mrs Slimmon, a son.

    At 34 Oxford Street, on the 10th instant, Mrs John Bogle, a son.

    At 10 South Portland Street, on the 10th instant, Mrs Thomas Corbett, a son.

    At 25 Lynedoch Street, on the 9th instant, Mrs Alexander Paul, a son.

    At William Street, on the 27th ultimo, Mrs Vadid Walker, a daughter.

    At Dalry, on the 7th instant, Mrs John Longwill, joiner, a daughter.

    At 7 Saunders Street, Edinburgh, on the 6th instant, Mrs Logan, a daughter.

    At Lucknowe, East Indies, on the 8th September, the wife of John Naismith Esq., M.D., Bengal Medical Service, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 42 Minto Street, Edinburgh, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Russell, Dundee, the Rev. David Russell, Glasgow, to Jane, daughter of James McLaren, Esq.

    At the Townhead WashingpGreen, on the 11th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Black of the Barony Church, James Shearer, Esq., merchant, Glasgow, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Angus McKay Esq.

    At 2 Morris Place, Monteith Row, on the 8th instant, by the Rev. Mr Anderson, Mr Thomas Ramsay, to Elizabeth, fourth daughter of James Cairns Esq., merchant, Glasgow.

    At St. Mark's Church, Shelton, Staffordshire, on the 9th instant, by the Rev. FB Grant, rector, William Cowan, brass-founder, Glasgow, to Jane Lawton, second daughter of Jesse Hulme, Esq., artist.
    DEATH [02]
    At James's Place, Dunoon, on the 7th instant, Parlane McFarlane Esq., late of Port Glasgow.

    At Ardrossan, on the 10th instant, suddenly, Mr John Tait, steam-boat agent there, much regretted.

    At 65 West Campbell Street, on the 11th instant, Margaret Ewing, wife of Campbell Naismith Esq.

    At Glenluce, on the 8th instant, Andrew Douglas, Divinity Student, son of Mr Peter Douglas, aged 20 years.

    At 118 Dalmarnock Road, on the 10th instant, John Smith, portioner.

    At 95 Nelson Street, Tradeston, on the 9th instant, Mr James Wilson, jun., of the firm Messrs. J&J Wilson.

    At 10 Wellcroft Place, on the 10th instant, Margaret Bell, aged 10 months, only daughter of James Buchanan.

    At Stonehaven, on the 31st ultimo, Mr Alexander McLaren, manager, Glen Ury Distillery.

    At Campbelton, on the 5th instant, Mr James Taylor, builder, aged 61 years.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: At half-part three o'clock yesterday afternoon, Malcolm Dymock, second mate of the barque Borneo of Greenock, lying at the south quay in the harbour, was engaged clearing out some ropes from the long boat, then on the deck of the vessel, when he over-balanced himself, and fell out of the boat into the hold of the barque. He was killed on the spot. Dr. Stewart of the Southern District Police was immediately in attendance, but his services were of no avail. Dymock was a native of Jura, Argyllshire, 28 years of age, and unmarried. The body was conveyed to the Clyde Police Office.

    SERIOUS CASUALTY: On Wednesday, as a cab, called the "Don Juan" was being driven very rapidly up Eglinton Place, it came in contact with a man named James Leary, a machine-maker who was knocked down, and so much hurt that he had to be taken home in a cab. It was however, found that none of his bones were broken. The driver of the cab which caused the occurrence has been called to account before the police for any culpability that may be due to him.

    15th November 1847


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 223 Gallowhill Street, on the 12th instant, Mrs James Henderson, a son, still-born.

    At Ewing Place, 357 Argyll Street, on the 10th instant, Mrs John Thomson, a son.

    At 5 Cumbernauld Place, on the 12th instant, Mrs Thomas Brownlie, a daughter.

    At Crofthill, Airdrie, on the 12th instant, Mrs James Paton, a son.

    At Rothesay, on the 11th instant, Mrs Dr. James McInnes, a son.

    At the parsonage, Witherslack, Westmoreland, on the 6th instant, Mrs TM Postlethwaite, a daughter.

    At Havana, on the 27th September, the lady of Joseph T Crawford Esq., her Majesty's Consul-General in Cuba, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Wandebeck, near Hamburgh, on the 5th instant, by the Rev. Mr Hanson, the Rev. R Koenig, of the Free Church Scotland's Mission at Constantinople, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of T. Gumprecht Esq., Glasgow.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Lietchbank, Campsie, on the 8th instant, Alexander Ewing Esq.

    At Rutherglen, on the 13th instant, Mr John McLay, aged 69 years.

    At 125 Trongate Street, on the 9th instant, Mrs William Robertson.

    On the 10th instant, of typhus fever, Mr David Eaglesham, merchant, Glasgow.

    At 223 Gallowgate Street, on the 14th instant, Janet Martin, wife of Mr James Henderson.

    At 28 Abbotsford Place, on the 12th instant, Catherine Sinclair, wife of Mr Alexander Fraser, in the 48th year of her age.

    At Port Dundas, on the 10th instant, Robert H Martin, ironmonger.

    Suddenly, at Paisley, on the 13th instant, Walter Dick, sen., Esq., Camphill. [ see article below ]

    At Coltness House, on the 12th instant, Jane Richardson, wife of Henry Mouldsworth Esq., of Cranstonhill(?), aged 79 years.

    At 5 Stockwell Place, on the 12th instant, Henry, fifth son of the late Mr George Sim, merchant, Leith.

    At Garrloch House, on the 13th instant, John, aged 11 years and 11 months, eldest son of Thomas Allan.

    SUDDEN DEATH OF WALTER DICK, SEN., ESQ., PAISLEY: Immediately before going to press, we were apprised of the very sudden and unexpected death of the much respected gentleman whose name heads this brief notice. He dropped down dead today in Moss Street, about two o'clock. As far as we have yet learned, it is not known whether the cause was apoplexy of disease of the head. Drs. Paton and McKechnie were shortly on the spot, but could not of course render any assistance, life being extinct. - Renfrewshire Advertiser. [see death notice above ]

    MELANCHOLY OCCURRENCE AT PORT WILLIAM: (abbreviated) ... On the evening of Monday, the 1st instant, Mr William McCreadie had gone at the usual hour to the stable. accompanied by his servant girl, to sort and supper the animal, and had ordered the girl to take up some turnips back to the manager, when the horse struck her and knocked her back from him to a considerable distance... the girl was struck again and the infuriated animal then attacked Mr McCreadie, got him down and the girl avers rose on his hind legs seven or eight times and came down with all his force upon him... the only words he uttered when being conveyed to his house were "Oh! dinna let him kick me."... Mr McCreadie was a quiet, inoffencive man, advanced in life (75) and leaves a widow and family to mourn this sad and melancholy bereavement. The servant girl was also seriously injured, several of her ribs being broken, but she is now in a fair way of recovery... - Ayr Advertiser. [ see also 8th November above ]

    MELANCHOLY SUICIDE OF A MINISTER OF THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND: A melancholy suicide occurred in the parish of Straiton on Thursday last, and which has caused the greatest consternation in that district of the county. The unfortunate gentleman was the Rev. Mr Nelson, formerly connected with the relief body, but now pastor of the parish of Patna. he had been observed to be in rather low spirits for the last week or two, but that he would have put violent hands on himself never for one moment occurred to the simple-minded peasantry among whom he was located. We have heard no reason assigned for this dreadful act. Mr. Nelson had been amissing for a couple of days, and on the day mentioned was discovered in a wood, near the village of Straiton, suspended from a tree. The unfortunate gentleman had been dead for a considerable time. He might be between 40 and 50 years of age, had a cheerful open countenance, and was stout in figure. This melancholy circumstance will cause the greatest grief, not only to Mr. Nelson's friends and aquaintances, but to the religious world in general. - Kilmarnock Journal.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: We regret to have to record a fatal accident which occurred at Ardrossan on Wednesday. On that morning, about five o'clock, when dark and very stormy, while the steamer Fire Fly was entering the harbour from Belfast, her bow got aground, and the stern rope having been got ashore, it was taken and attached to the capstan, and the vessel was thus brought nearer the quay. Orders having been given on board to back the engine, not knowing the rope was taut, and it having been done, the men at the capstan being taken unawares, were thrown on the ground, and one into the sea. All were more or less injured, save two, but none seriously, except Mr. John Tait, agent of the Company, who was standing near giving assistance, when, most unfortunately, one of the bars of the capstan struck him about the stomach. After being conveyed home and all medical attendion paid him, he lingered in great pain until 11 o'clock the same evening, when he expired. He was deservedly much respected by his employers, the servants of the Company, and the public in general. He has left a widow, but no family. - Greenock Advertiser.

    19th November 1847


    BIRTHS [02]
    At Clyde, on the 15th instant, Mrs Dunlop, a daughter.

    At 64 Buccleuch Street, on the 18th instant, Mrs Charles McHardy, a son.

    At 26 Canning Street, Calton, on the 16th instant, Mrs James Kerr, wine and spirit merchant, a son.

    At No. 17 Argyll Street, Calton, on the 15th instant, Mrs John Wilson, a son.

    At Mansfield, Airdrie, on the 16th instant, Mrs Jackson, a son.

    At Daisy-brae, Maryhill, on the 17th instant, Mrs David Swan, a daughter.

    At Maryhill, on the 16th instant, Mrs James Walker, a son.

    At 34 Gauze Street, Paisley, on the 16th instant, Mrs John Dixon, a daughter.

    At 32 Duncan Terrace, Islington, London, on the 16th instnt, Mrs Thomas Begg, a daughter.

    At St. John, New Brunswick, on the 21st ultimo, the lady of J Bruce Street Esq., a son.

    At Orchard Hill Cottage, Hamilton, on the 17th instant, Mrs John Boyes of Yuildshields, a son and heir.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At 41 Abbotsford Place, on the 16th instant, by the Rev. Alexander Fraser, Mr Thomas Lochhead, jun., to Catherine, third daughter of Thomas Lochhead Esq.

    At Rope-Work Lane, Glasgow, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. William Scott, Mr John Wilson, ginger beer brewer, to Sarah, eldest daughter of the late Mr James Wylie, mason, Paisley.

    At Hucknall Torkard, Episcopal Church, by special licence, on the 17th instant, by the Rev. William Thomas Hurt, rector of Sutton, Cumloend(?), William Miller Esq., merchant, Glasgow, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John frost Esq., surgeon, Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire.

    At Montreal, on the 21st ultimo, by the Very Rev. Dr. Mignault, cure of Chambly, and afterwards by the Rev. Dr. Mathieson, Thomas Wallace Esq., to Mathilde Virginia, daughter of EM Leprohon(?), Esq.
    DEATHS [02]
    At his house, 4 William Street, Paisley, on the 17th instant, Mr Robert Smith, grain merchant.

    At 53 Commercial Road, Hutchesontown, on the 13th instant, Mrs John Adair, in her fifty-seventh year.

    At 80 New City Road, on the 17th instant, Mr Andrew Reid Barr, son of the late Mr Alexander Barr, manufacturer.

    At 270 Buchanan Street, suddenly, on the 15th instant, Janet Lamb, wife of Mr John Brown, hosier.

    At 415 Gallowgate, on the 17th instant, of typhus fever, Mr Alexander Farquharson, saddler, aged forty.

    At 240 Argyll Street, on the 15th instant, Mr Robert Wallace, senior.

    At Port Dundas, on the 10th instant, Mr Robert H Martin, iron-moulder.

    At Springbank, Neilston, on the 15th instant, Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Malcolm Hunter Esq.

    Suddenly on the 17th instant, youngest daughter of the late Mr. James McAlaster, Dumbarton.

    FATAL ACCIDENT AT CARTDYKE: On Friday night, a young man, named Edward Harkins, lost his life in Mr Arbuckle's tan-yard, Cartdyke, under peculiar circunstances. He and a companion were suspected of setting fire to a hay and corn stack, on the farm of Finnieston, and the police were searching for them. In order to escape their vigilance, the two lads got into the tan yard in the evening, and lay down in the bark store under a loft filled with that material. About an hour or two after going in, a large part of the bark slid down upon them, fixing them firmly by the shoulders and arms. They struggled hard to effect their escape, but ineffectually, as towards morning the elder lad, Harkins, became exhausted, and was suffocated. His companion was discovered in the morning by the lad who had admitted them, and was rescued in time to prevent his death, although he also was nearly gone. His being saved was owing to his having lain down under the steps of a ladder leading to the upper part of the store, and thus some fresh air was admitted to him, while his less fortunate companion was lying over the steps. He was alive a long time after the bark fell, as the two lads were able to communicate with each other, and the younger one thinks the other lived till about an hour before he himself was rescued. - Greenock Advertiser.

    ACCIDENT AT GREENOCK: On Friday an accident occurred at the New Harbour Works here, to a man named John O'Neill. When employed in excavating a large mass of earth fell, burying him under it, and inflicting on him some severe injuries. He was immediately carried to the Infirmary, where he was understood to be in a fair way of recovery till next day, when he suddenly died. In all probability, death was occasioned by internal injuries. - Greenock Advertiser.

    FATAL ACCIDENT AT CULZEAN STABLES: A melancholy and fatal accident occurred on Friday week, at the stables of Culzean Castle. George Hunter, one of the Marquis of Ailsa's grooms, having been at his usual employment in one of the stables, was struck on the groin by one of the horses, and felled to the ground. The alarm was immediately given, and medical assistance speedily procured. Dr. Whiteside of Ayr, assisted by a medical gentleman from Maybole, did everything in their power to deaden the pain of the unfortunate. He lingered till Monday evening, when he expired. Hunter, who has left a young widow and an orphan, was about twenty years of age, and a native of Maybole. He was formerly in the employment of Mr Kennedy, at the Monument, and earned a good character. It is said the horse has since been shot by order of the Marquis. - Ayr Observer.

    MAN DROWNED IN THE HARBOUR: It is again our duty to report the loss of life in the harbour, here. About half past ten o'clock on Friday night as a sailor named David James, belonging to the schooner Margaret of Cardigan, loading coals at the lower hurries, was stepping on board, he missed his footing, and dropped into the water. The plunge and cry for "help" summined his shipmates to the rescue. Every human effort was used to save the drowning man, but, by the darkness of the night, it was ineffectual. Search was made next morning, when the first application of the grappling-irons brought the body to the surface. It was found immediately beneath the bow of the vessel. The unfortunate deceased was about 30 years of age - a native of Denis near Fishguard, in Wales - and has left a widowed mother. - Ayr Observer.

    22nd November 1847


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 5 Melrose Street, on the 20th instant, Mrs James Gourlie, a son.

    At 33 Rutherglen Loan, on the 21st instant, Mrs Thomas Bennett, a son.

    At Bank Top, Johnstone, on the 21st instant, Mrs James Finlayson, a son.

    At Jordanhill, on the 19th instant, Mrs Gore Booth, a daughter.

    At Ormiston, on the 13th instant, Mrs Bannerman, a daughter.

    At Kirkview Place, Dunfermline, on the 19th instant, Mrs jenneth mathieson, a son.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Stewartville, near Glasgow, on the 19th instant, by the Rev. TM Lawrie, Peter Niddrie Esq., MD., surgeon, R.N., to Grace, youngest daughter of the late Robert Thomson Esq., Edinburgh.

    At Orchardhill, Kilmarnock, on the 19th instant, by the Rev. JB Hamilton, Thomas Macknight Esq., MD, Dumfries, to Jane Morris, only daughter of the late Captain James Ralston of Torrshill, and grand-daughter of the late Ebenezer Smith Esq., of Pitcon.

    At Rothesay, on the 15th instant, by the Rev. Mr. McBride of Port Bannatyne, Mr John Bain, baker, to Anna Maria, edlest daughter of Mr Alexander Macrae, merchant.

    At the Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh, on the 16th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Hunter, Mr William Millar, writer, to Rosina, daughter of the late Mr. Robert Armstrong, merchant, Edinburgh.

    At 12 Maitland Street, Edinburgh, on the 17th instant, by the Rev. Robert Ross, of Cruden, David Robertson Souter Esq., accountant, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late John Leith Ross Esq., of Arnage, Aberdeenshire.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 13 Columbia Place, on the 20th instant, of fever, Mrs William Milne, relict of William milne Esq., merchant, Glasgow.

    At 20 Oxford Street, on the 19th instant, James Bland Hutchison, aged 2˝ years, son of Mr James Hutcheson, manufacturer.

    At 43 Bell Street, on the 19th instant, Mr Thomas Thomson, victualler.

    At 136 Wellington Street, on the 19th instant, Helen Sandeman(?), aged 84, relict of Mr John Glen Sandeman(?).

    At 76 Villafield Place, on the 19th instant, Mr Thomas McNie, sen.

    At 3 Bloomfield Place, on the 15th instant, Miss Elizabeth Steuart, daughter of the late James Steuart, Esq., of Williamwood.

    At 170 Saltmarket, on the 19th instant, Susan Robertson, wife of Mr Charles Gerletti, looking-glass manufacturer.

    At 170 Saltmarket, Cecilia Scott, aged 28, wife of Mr William Ballantyne, spirit merchant.

    At 44 Rankeillor Street, Edinburgh, on the 14th instant, Miss Mary Robertson.

    At Belfast, on the 14th instant, of typhus fever, James Trevanion Bettesworth Esq., Aide-de-Camp to Major-General Bainbridge, C.B.

    At Liverpool, on the 14th instant, Mr James Stuart, second son of the late Mr James Stuart, Kirkintilloch.

    At Gibraltar, Mr John Neilson, brewer, son of the late Mr John Neilson, glue manufacturer, Linlithgow.

    At Brussels, after a painful illness, Captain Groves, whose generous and unwearied exertion in the cases of Colonel Stoddart and Captain Conelly will be fresh in everybody's recollection.

    DEATH BY BURNING: On Saturday night or Sunday morning, an aged female, Janet Wilson, who resides in London Kirk, lost her life, in consequence of her clothes having caught fire. In what way this occurred is only matter of conjecture, as she resided alone. In the morning when she was found, the body was lying in a position that indicated that she had been endeavouring to reach the door, no doubt with the view of obtaining assistance, this unfortunately, she had been unable to do, and thus periched alone and unassisted. The event has caused a great sensation. - Kilmarnock Journal.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: Another of those fatal occurrences took place this week at Legbrannock Colliery. James Mathers, one of the miners, about 16 years of age, got on the cage to ascend the shaft after his day's work was over, when the cage is said to have been driven up at so rapid a speed that when it came in contact with the frame work which supports the pulleys, the unfortunate young man was precipitated down the shaft, a depth of about 40 fathoms. When taken up, life had fled. - Saturday Post.

    FATAL EVENT: On the morning of Sunday, the 7th instant, Anthony Yeoman, sheriff-officer at Annan, was found near the farm house of Swordwell, about two miles from Annan, quite dead. It appears that the unfortunate man had gone on the previous day to Gretna, and in returning home had called at a number of public houses, drinking at each, until he became much intoxicated. He called last at the Crown Hotel, Dornock Village, where he was put to bed, but after remaining there several hours, he went away at 10 o'clock p.m. On reaching Swordwell he had sat down on the side of a dry ditch which runs past the back of the farm house, with his feet in the ditch, and either from fits, to which he was subject or the effect of the liquor he had taken, had fallen against the wall of the house without being able to recover himself. In this position he was found in the morning a lifeless corpse. - Dumfries Herald.

    26th November 1847


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 20 Oxford Street, on the 2#th instant, Mrs James Hutcheson, a daughter.

    At Hospital Street, on the 20th instant, Mrs James Forrester, watchmaker, a daughter.

    At 60 Oswald Street, on the 25th instant, Mrs William Spence, a daughter.

    At Hallside, Cambuslang, on the 19th(?) instant, Mrs Robert Murdoch, a daughter.

    At Wigtown, on the 21st instant, the wife of the Rev. James Falconer, a son.

    At T######h, near Bombay, on the 9th October, the lady of Captain H Watkin, HEIC Service, a daughter.

    At the Free manse, Coupar-Angus, on the 23d instant, thewife of the Rev. Thomas Bain, a daughter.
    MARRIAGES [02]
    At Bridgeton, on the 23d instant, by the Rev. George Jeffrey, Mr Robert W Hetherington, steel merchant, Glasgow, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Mr James M####y, Nottingham.

    At Earnock, near Hamilton, on the 19th instant, Mr Alexander Noble, forester, to Miss Margaret Petty#row.
    DEATHS [02]
    At Gateside, Cambuslang, on the 24th instant, Allan Granger Esq., surveyor, aged 58(?) years

    At 20 Whitevale on the 23d instant, Janet, only child of Mr James Guild, aged 7 years.

    At 184 Gallowgate, on the 25th instant, Mary Martin, aged 50(?) years, relict of Mr Joseph Cockfield.

    At Sandyford, on the 19th instant, John, aged 12 months, only son of Mr John Lindsay, farmer, Fullwood.

    At Mile-end, on the 23d instant, Mr John McGregor, sen., late of Kelvinhaugh.

    At 90 Nelson Street, Tradeston, on the 23d instant, James, eldest son of Mr James Wilson, tallow chandler.

    At 333 Dobbie's Loan, on the 21st instant, Daniel, youngest son of Mr Daniel McMillan, blacksmith.

    At 24 Adelphi Street, on the 25th instant, Mr Hugh Muir, teacher.

    At 10 Nicholson Street, of typhus fever, Sarah, wife of Mr Maxwell Allan, painter, late of Maybole.

    At Woodhouse, Blantyre, on the 23d instabnt, Mr William Steel, writer, Glasgow.

    At 15 Graham Street, Edinburgh, on the 23d instant, Mrs George Inglis, sen.

    At King Street, Aberdeen, of typhus fever, on the 13th instant, Mr Alexander Munro, fishing rod maker.

    At the Manse, Carnoustie, on the 18th instant, George Mackenzie, minister of the United Presbyterian Church, in the 27th year of his age and the first of his ministry.

    At Ayr, on the 18th instant, John, eldest son of Mr Matthew Highet, ironmonger.

    DEATH FROM DESTITUTION: On Monday night, about ten o'clock, a woman was found in Stockwell Street in a very destitute state, but who had apparently been drinking. She was conveyed from thence to the Police Office, where she remained till next morning. She was then, after getting some refreshment, ordered to be sent to the Town's Hospital, bu the porter, in going up North Frederick Street with her, discovered that the poor woman was dead. The name of the deceased was Sarah Cockfield, and she appeared to be about forty years of age.

    SUDDEN DEATH: At Alyth, a travelling wool spiner from Kenmore, named Margaret Haggart, left a lodging house here on Monday morning, but feeling unwell she returned again and went to bed. She complained but littleduring the day, but in the evening when offered a drink of water, which she had asked for a few minutes previously, it was found that life had fled. Her sudden demise is attributed to the effects of cold. - Perthshire Courier.

    29th November 1847


    BIRTHS [02]
    At 5 Douglas Street, on the 25th instant, Mrs Andrew Millar, a son.

    At Melbourne, Port Philip, on the 12th June, Mrs Andrew Russell, a son.

    At Druinenamacuhtach, on the 16th instant, Mrs Campbell, a son.
    DEATHS [02]
    At 5 North Street, Anderston, on the 27th instant, Miss Isabella Sinclair.

    At 78 Abbotsford Place, on the 26th instant, of typhus fever, Miss Mary Cameron, daughter of the late Mr Angus Cameron, contractor, Balfron.

    At 168 Gallowgate, on the 28th instant, Mrs Dr. Wotherspoon.

    At East Park, Garscube Road, on the 27th instant, Mr. James Aitken, ironfounder, Maryhill.

    At Woolwich, on the 23d instant, William Lyon, eldest son of Mr William Lyon, late coach proprietor, Glasgow.

    At Kingston Cottage, Dundas Street, on the 28th instant, Mary Stedman, relict of Mr Charles Randall, bookseller, Stirling.

    At Newton Villa, Felton, Northumberland, on the 25th instant, Thomas Jamieson Esq.

    At Eglinton Arms Inn, Eaglesham, on the 26th instant, Matthew, aged 20, youngest son of the late Alexander Bryson.

    At Augusta, Georgia, U.S., on the 7th ultimo, James Gardner Esq., formerly of Glasgow, in the 80th year of his age.

    FATAL ACCIDENT: On Friday morning, about three o'clock, a private soldier belonging to the 71st Regiment, now in the barracks here, met his death in a stair in Deacon's Close, King Street, Calton, by a casualty of a somewhat singular nature. He had been in the act of descending the stair, in a state of intoxication, as is supposed, and on coming to one of the landing-places, fell through between it and a cross spar of the rail by which it is guarded, and his chin having been caught by the latter he was suspended by the head in such a way as must have dislocated the neck, or produced strangulation. When found he was still warm, but quitre dead. His name was William McLeod and he was a native of Glasgow.


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